People are very much fond of wearing jewellery items which include all the jewellery accessories like – rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces, etc. Nowadays, one of the most demanded types of jewellery is Platinum Jewelry. Platinum has turned into the celeb’s first choice, especially when they have an occasion of their wedding or engagement.

The best thing about platinum jewellery is that it gets suits with all kinds of dresses and increases a person’s style richly.

Platinum Jewellery for Men and Women:

Here we have a quick list of the top 15 platinum jewellery sets in today’s Indian market are as follows

1. Platinum Rings For Women:

Nowadays, Platinum rings are very popular among women because of their astonishing look and feel. These rings give an elegant and stylish look to a woman. You will never get any problems wearing platinum rings as they don’t leave any marks or linings on your fingers. Platinum rings are available in the market with different designs and styles.

2. Platinum Rings For Men:

We can see the maximum usage of platinum in engagement rings. So, if you have an Engagement Ceremony, there will be nothing better than platinum jewellery for men. Platinum rings are available for men also, and there is a wide variety of designs for men. You can get the rings with stunning diamonds and other stones as gems.

3. Platinum Necklace:

The necklace gives a magical charm when a woman wears this around the neck. These platinum necklaces can be worn on special occasions to get an elegant look. These necklaces are hard, shiny and reflective and mostly come with colourless diamonds. You can wear these kinds of platinum necklaces with any Indian or western outfit, and they will always get suit your attire.

4. Platinum Earrings:

Earrings have been a part of women’s jewellery from the past to this century. It is one of the most desirable jewellery among women. The platinum earrings are suitable to wear on every occasion. They are designed so that you wouldn’t get any stress on your ears. These stylish, fashionable and trendy earrings are enough to give you a diva look.

5. Platinum Bracelets For Women:

Women’s hands are not complete without the beautiful and glistening bracelet. Nowadays, extremely stylish designer bracelets have been created for women. This jewellery platinum bracelet comes in different designs and styles with an adjustable lock to get fit on your wrist. It can be a perfect gift for yourself or your friends on any occasion.

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6. Platinum Nose Rings:

As we can see, nose rings are very popular among women, especially young girls. Your nose will love to have this platinum nose ring on your nose. The Platinum nose ring can bring a charm and can complete your whole attire.

7. Platinum Chains For Women:

Platinum chains for women are available in various designs and styles. The platinum chain’s complete finishing and modern design add an extraordinary look to your attire. This platinum chain will make you catch the eye of anyone who can appreciate its beauty.

8. Platinum Anklets:

Anklets have their special place for decorating a woman with jewellery ornaments. Anklets look attractive and can easily attract attention to the feet of the wearer. Platinum anklets can add a different style to your look with just an easy step. The platinum anklet is an ideal piece of jewellery to wear. It can be worn with any dress, and it will be enough to complete the look of your pretty feet. These trendy anklets can easily prettify your appearance.

9. Platinum Bangles:

Bangles are the most important ornament for a woman, and it becomes a must-have accessory for an Indian woman. The Platinum bangles are very shiny and gorgeous looking, which can complete a woman’s clothing. Add this beautiful platinum ornament to your style, and get ready to flaunt a new look. You can make your style statement by wearing them with other bright colour bangles.

10. Platinum Pendants For Women:

Platinum Pendants can be easily purchased in many designs and styles. Get the beautiful platinum pendant and select a chain to suit your needs. After hanging this pendant on her neck, the wearer can show off their wealth. Grace yourself with this designer platinum pendant and showcase your liking for high-class jewellery items.

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11. Platinum Wedding Bands:

A wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life, and all people wish to make that day memorable forever. Wedding bands played a very important role at the wedding as these are an expression of love and commitment. You can find a wide variety of wedding rings in platinum. So, tie your wedding vows with these beautiful platinum wedding bands.

12. Platinum Ear Studs:

The beautiful platinum knot stud earrings can enhance the beauty of a woman. Your ears will love to have these platinum studs. As platinum is a pure metal that doesn’t irritate the skin, that’s why platinum ear studs are the perfect choice for people who have sensitive ears. These highly finished and stylish studs can make your looks complete for any occasion.

13. Platinum Bracelets For Men:

Platinum bracelets are one of the most famous ornaments in men’s platinum jewellery. Men can be well accessorized by wearing a trendy and stylish bracelet around their wrist. Add glamour to your overall look with this shining platinum bracelet. It can signify your status and show your power and pride. The platinum bracelet will go with the formals and as well as casuals.

14. Platinum Chains For Men:

Platinum chains are very popular among men, which is why the increasing demand for men’s chains day by day. There are various patterns and designs are available for platinum chains. Some of them are rope chains, link chains, etc. This platinum jewellery for men can be the best gift to your father, brother, or husband. The platinum chain can maintain and show your rough and tough looks and depict a unique sense of your styling.

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15. Platinum Cuff links:

Cuff links are the best accessory in men’s platinum jewellery. Elegant platinum cufflinks with diamonds can add a high impression to your personality and reflect a signature of your unique style statement. Platinum cufflinks can be found in several designs and varieties, so select the best cufflinks that suit your mood.

One of the best things about platinum is that the jewellery is made from very pure platinum. Also, jewellery, platinum, wouldn’t get damaged from any scratches like the other metals. Platinum jewellery products always hold their finishing, colour and their lustre. Pair your Platinum products with valuable gemstones like diamond, and you will be ready to look more appealing and attractive.


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