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How to Use Protein Powder for Weight Gain?

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Tired of eating food throughout the day and yet not putting on weight? Are you working out in the gym rigorously and yet unable to beef up your muscle content? Well, then your solution lies in the use of protein powder. There are ideally three types of protein powder available in the market but the best powder is Whey to Health. They are a little heavy on the pocket but it is known to be excellent as they are organic and very effective in gaining weight. This article explains the reason behind choosing whey as the best protein powder for weight gain. It also gives details about its composition, efficacy – factors responsible for optimising its effectiveness, and the instructions for using the best protein powder.

protein powder for weight gain

Protein Powder for Weight Gain?

Why is Whey the Best Protein Powder?

The few basic reasons for “Whey to health” being the best protein powder are mentioned below

  • Calories are sourced from proteins only.
  • Whey to health possesses a concentration of protein where in all the calories are sourced out from this protein and not from carbohydrates or fats. It is devoid of artificial sweeteners or other trademark ingredients.

It is Well Certified:

This product is certified by the USP and is labelled USDA certified organic. Often protein powders that claim to be the best are not certified and contain impurities that are toxic. Possessing a label ensures the absence of such impurities.

It is Manufactures in USA:

Since it is prepared in USA, the standard and quality outshines the other protein powder that could give harmful side effects.


Whey to health is a protein powder that is consumed for gaining weight by gaining muscle mass. Translucent and liquid in appearance, It comprises of globular proteins. The collection of these globular proteins have to be separated and isolated from the whey which is a by product cow’s milk’s cheese. It is a mixture of serum albumin, alpha-lactalbumin and most importantly beta-lactoglobulin that are soluble independently.

It’s Efficacy- Factors Responsible for Optimizing its Efficiency:

Its efficacy lays in the fact that it readily digestible and easily absorbed by the body. Since it has good quantity and quality of essential amino acids (branched-chained), it helps in growing muscles very fast as the muscle protein synthesis gets stimulated very rapidly as compared to caseins. Factors like correct timing of consuming whey, the correct amount of powder to be consumed and its unique ability to act as a supplement are some of the factors that promote prompt muscle building followed by good weight gain.

Instructions for Using the Best Protein Powder:

Only buying the best protein powder is not a good enough for gaining weight, you have to follow the instructions accurately for optimum results.

The first step to using the best protein for weight gain would be to calculate the accurate amount of calories required for weight gain. For this first find out your daily calorie intake, based on this calculate the dose that will give you the required amount of surplus calories for putting on the weight.

Once you are aware of the exact requirements, prepare you milkshake by adding the recommended dosage according to your requirements. Preparation of the milk shake can be used by either adding milk or substituting it with soy milkshakes. They are most effective when stirred properly otherwise the powder tends to remain at the bottom of the glass thus affecting the exact proportion of the powder.

Drink this shake after a rigorous work out so that the muscles get sufficient fodder to build up.

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Please ensure that this protein powder has to be consumed after a workout for boosting the energy levels. If your goal is to achieve ultimate fitness by gaining weight then the best protein powder ‘whey for health’ is what you need. It is available in the markets readily. It is a complete supplement itself and gives fantastic results.

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