30 Different Types Of Bra Designs With Pictures

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Inner wear are something that every woman likes to invest in. A good bra makes you feel confident to carry your outfit, elegantly and comfortably. Sexy inner wear also forms an important part of any lady’s wardrobe for those naughty moments!

Different Types Of Bra Designs

Different Types Of Bra Designs:

Do you know how many types of bra designs? There are several types of bras in the women fashion world. This article would educate you a bit more about 30 different types of bras designs available out there in markets & Online shopping sites.

1. The Bridal Bra:

A bridal bra is also known as a corset. It is supposed to hold up the weight of your bust. It gives an illusion of perfect shape of the upper body. The bridal dresses are mostly off shoulder ones so, a good bra support is a must for flaunting your figure in such a dress.

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The bridal bra also helps to make your posture look very smart & Elegant. This bra is light and comfortable to wear and walk around with. It is always advisable to try a couple of bridal bras along with your wedding outfit to get a perfect idea of the fit & Comfort of bra.

2. The Adhesive Bra Or Stick On Bra:

The name of this bra is self suggestive, it can stick on to your breasts. Stick on bra is a strapless variety and there is no bands as such only a small tag that connects the bra cups together.


This variety of bra is suitable to wear along with backless dresses, dresses with a sheer fabric at the back or deep back blouses. It only helps to define the shape of your breasts and cannot be expected to provide much support to your breast.

3. Stick Bra:

The stick on bras are of roughly two types. Use and throw ones which are made up out of paper and can be disposed off after one use. Of you believe more in recycling then, you may opt for the silicone ones. These are washable. The silicone ones usually extend to the sides as wings which allows additional area for these type of bra to stick on to. They come with an adhesive and you should always do a patch test with the adhesive to rule out chances of any allergies that might be present.

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After removing this type of bra, you might have a sticky residue left behind that can be removed with a baby oil or some alcohol based cleanser just like you remove your makeup products.

4. The Quarter Bra Or Shelf Bra:

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The bra cups are very small in size and barely cover your nipples & In.many patterns, not even nipples too. These bras also act as push up bras so, lie more under seductive lingerie than functional one.

5. The Belly Dance Bra:

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The name explains, itself. These bras come in variety if bright and catchy colours with beautiful embellishments and Feather and beady hangings. These provide good support to bust & Make your breast look shapely. Usually, the belly dancing bra varies a little in size as compared to a normal bra. A lady who wears a 32c cup of normal bra can fit into 34a or b of belly dancing bra with certain minor adjustments, here & there.

6. The Bandeau Bra:

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This one of the most comfortable & Simple bra designs that was popularly worn by Indian women in past. This bra design has a simple band of cloth piece wrapped around the breasts. There might be a knot or hook mechanism at the back. This type of bra holds your breasts in place but is capable of providing somewhat little support. This might be one of the best options for those teenager girls who are just starting to wear bras as there are no shoulder straps. These are comfortable to walk around with. You can wear these types of bra designs when you are casually roaming about in home or retiring to sleep.

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