Uses and Benefits of Garlic for Dandruff

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Garlic controls dandruff? Is it possible? Yes, garlic is one of the oldest herbal therapies to control dandruff. As you know that, garlic contains huge culinary applications plus is use as a flavor agent in roughly all cuisine of the world. Nowadays, all ages of individuals facing the dandruff problem. The dandruff is caused by dry scalp as well as seborrheic dermatitis that are a skin condition which causes scaly scalp. It results into itchiness plus flakiness of the scalp.


In order to control dandruff garlic plays an important role and thus, in this article I have shared some of the best tips to control with the help of garlic.

Importance Of Garlic For Dandruff:

  •  Garlic contains great concentration of allicin an antifungal compound that controls dandruff.
  •  It possess cardio-protective, anti fungal, anti bacterial properties and anti inflammatory properties that cures dandruff.
  •  Garlic is full of Phytonutrient that encloses Vitamin A, C and B, Phosphorus, Calcium, Zinc etc.
  •  A sulphur complex is also present which offer sustenance to the hair as well as scalp, clear scalp contamination moreover thus is an perfect cure to treat dandruff to create clean plus healthy scalp along with hair.

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Use Of Garlic To Prevent Dandruff:

1. Honey- Garlic Anti-Dandruff Mask:

For this, Make a paste of 6 garlic cloves and kept in a bowl for around 15 minutes to form allicin that is a good anti- dandruff agent. Then mix seven tbsp. of natural honey into the garlic paste and blend well. Honey has anti-fungal properties which hydrate as well as cleans scalp. Smear this on your hair and scalp and rub spherically. Allow the mask about 10 to 15 minutes. Shampoo you hair and wash with clean water.

2. Oral Treatment:

Involve garlic cloves in your regular diet, in order to control dandruff. Avoid eating garlic more than 10, after consuming this immune system otherwise your battle to disease is encouraged. It is usually crushed plus this paste is pit in to spice up the food. Allicin is produced that perform in opposition to dandruff.

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Benefits Of Garlic To Control Dandruff:

1. Enhance Immunity:

Garlic is develop with antioxidants along with essential nutrients, to battle plus stop diseases by civilizing as well as strengthening the immunity system of the body thus plateful to avoid diseases like Seborrhoeic dermatitis moreover dandruff also. Garlic controls the manufacture of antigens plus white blood cells in the body that facilitate to fight and stop illnesses.


2. Prevents Fungal Plus Bacterial Contamination:

Dandruff occurs by fungal infection on the scalp via the fungus Malassezia furfur. The Allicin which is anti biotic, as well as other antioxidants exist in garlic contain outstanding anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties which hydrate the scalp, clean the infection, in addition to ease the itchiness plus scaliness of the scalp, seborrhoeic dermatitis and dandruff.

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3. Treating Diseases With Improving General Health:

Phytonutrients and Antioxidants exist in the cloves assist in treating a variety of diseases to develop general health moreover well being of persons. Garlic is deepen in essential vitamins, oils and minerals that benefits in strengthening the resistance of the body and thus avoid health issues like, cardiac issues, high cholesterol, cold and cough, skin infections, inflammations, arthritis, dandruff and ensure a healthy body, hair plus scalp.

4. Controls Sebum Production With Increasing Blood Flow:

The vital nutrients in garlic facilitate to normalize furthermore manage sebum production on the scalp, thus help to treat dandruff successfully. Garlic also recover blood circulation in the scalp furthermore build up the hair roots and defend the hair follicles to create strong, shimmering, thick plus beautiful hair.

These are the uses and benefits of garlic to prevent and control dandruff. So, lets prepare your diet plan with garlic and be free from dandruff.