People can have a variety of problems due to stress. These days every person has busy routines and excessive work pressures. There are also various other factors like for students this can be the pressure of studies and for others it can be in their relative field of work be they are sports people or a tv personality. Therefore there are various forms of pressure that a person can go through. These take a toll on the health and people get sleepless nights. Another problem that occurs is that a person gets less sleep than that person should if they are in a relaxed mind.

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These therefore cut on the sleep and a person who should normally get 8 to 10 hours of sleep gets a maximum of only 4 or 5 hours of sleep in a day. These all cause health problems. These can be problems to absorption of the food that they take in or this can also lead to poor metabolism.

A person who stays under these problems they often neglect drinking enough water as well. Therefore the body does not stay hydrated either. These are several causes for which the hormones can also start to function improperly leading to weaker roots and flakiness.

Can Stress Cause Dandruff:

Dandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia which is why many people try getting rid of this with the help of anti fungal remedies. However, if a person has poor hygiene and other health complications, this will not be helpful.

According to scientists research says that when a person is under heavy pressure and their mind is not in a relaxed position, the body can produce glucocorticoid which helps to sooth the brain cells. This hormone can make it easier for fungus to get deposited on the head. This is one of the main factors how these work in a cyclical fashion and therefore these are said to be a fact.

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Studies also suggest that people who have more mental anxiety are the people who have more flakiness than others. However, there are several other factors which are responsible for the cause of dryness which can be internal as well as related to what a person consumes. The poor health habits like drinking or smoking or even less hydration can cause these problems. These are quite common in those people who do not take care of their roots.

There are a few remedies which can be tried out. The most popular of these are the hot oil massage. This can also be done on a head full of oil which is not that warmed up but only at room temperature if a person does not have the time to do it otherwise. This helps in a very common fashion. The process is quite effective as this helps to sooth the head. This increases blood circulation and inhibits the growth. This helps to make the head less flay as the body gets calmer.

Another thing that can be done for this is to get have a treatment or counseling for anxiety. Even blood pressure problems can lead to other types of problems. Excessive of pressure is also not the proper thing. A person should consult a counselor and then get some medicines which can relieve this.

Other methods will include having proper herbal and other prescribed medicines which can treat this.  Person can also do yoga and meditation for soothing the body. A person can also seek some benefits of music and others. Some natural herbs and other fresh fruit juices can also detoxify the body and give an internal boost.


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