This is a much known phenomenon that many people these days suffer from hair thinning and they mostly have dandruff on their heads as research shows. Most people suffering from this type of problem are usually young adults and also this can happen in any individual. Usually, we see that people who have a busy schedule, they do not get time to regularly wash the head and to take the dirt and grime off. The sebaceous glands regularly secrete oil which also gets deposited. When these are not properly cleansed, this can lead to more deposition of dirt and other oily substances which are harmful. Therefore keeping these clean is the basic thing that can be done to prevent the problems. Also if the problem aggravates further, it can lead to itch and also regular loss of strands which may lead to extreme thinning.

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How Fungal Infection Spreads and Leads Damage:

Malassezia is the basic flake causing fungus in most of the cases. When the immunity from the internal causes of a person body reacts to various types of chemical treatments or even some hormonal imbalance, it starts to fight off this and this can lead to various flaky growths and in turn increases the dandruff.

This is also a common cause for itch on the face or even on the eyebrows. There can also be other problems which can lead to itch and also boils which are very painful. Often people try to prick these and this aggravates the condition further. This is also then a cause which can lead to more such swollen pores and these are quite painful. There are also bacteria inside these so when a person pricks these, this attacks the roots further and can lead to more such painful swellings.

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There have been researches which show that when a person does not keep the top clean and also they do not use proper tools for keeping the sections dirt free, this can be a cause for which they may start to see the damage. Often it is seen that people who has a busy routine and do not get the time to wash the head they are the people who get affected by this. This can be better shown to a patient who is suffering from this type of problems if a thorough examination of the head is done. This can be performed by a certified trichologist with their microscopic equipment’s which are meant for these types of evaluations of the patient.

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Things That Can be Done to Prevent This:

1. To keep the head cleansed with a deep cleansing shampoo so that the oil and dirt does not get deposited.

2. Use of anti-dandruff lotions and creams. If required a person can get medical cleansers and anti-bacterial cleansers.

3. Regular treatments like massage and proper routine application of medicines.

4. If the problem persists then a person should take the medical examination to know the extent of the problem. These days there are several speciality clinics and these types of examinations can be done once a while to know the condition and health and also the hygiene of the head. Various procedures can also be taken with these and a person should use the advised medication.

5. Stress is another known factor which can trigger this problem. This can also make the condition of the patient worse. Proper counselling should be done for this.

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6. Often it is also known seen that hormonal problems can be the reason behind the abnormal functioning of sebaceous glad. Therefore this should also be examined.


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