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How to Use Fenugreek for Dandruff Cure?

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From ancient times, fenugreek (Methi) was believed to be a very good natural agent helps to fight flaky scalp conditions. This is a very easily available and extremely cheap low cost alternative to costly products which can also harm a person.

fenugreek for dandruff

How to Treat Fenugreek for Dandruff:

Fenugreek seeds which a person can get from their kitchen shelves and if often used for making food tasty, especially in most households, can be used in several beneficial methods. This contains the slippery substance. This is present in the seeds and this creates an emulsifying agent which can be helpful in curing any type of dryness problems. This is therefore also good to hydrate and moisturize the pores. This leads to soaking up of any sebum and at the same time, this can also make the strands more manageable.

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This mucilage is very good for the health of the pores as these gets soaked into these and then it hydrates from within. This therefore works as a natural shining agent. This has no side effects and when used on a regular basis can give healthy lustre. This is also very popular and is widely used in various types of oils and other products which claim to remove scaly conditions. The proper way to take this out of the seeds is by soaking a handful of these in plain water overnight.


This should be as much water as is required. The seeds should be about half cup for shoulder length volume. These should be soaked in water which is more than the quantity of the seeds in a container. Usually people use iron containers for these. However, since this does not contain excessive acidity, therefore this can be soaked in a plastic or wooden container. The water should cover the seeds and then let this sit for at least 24 hours for the mucilage to come out of these. The water can be taken in the palms the next day and then

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How to Make The Fenugreek Hair Packs For Dandruff Treatment:

There are various methods by which a pack can be made for hair dandruff. If a person does not have the time and has busy routine to soak and then grind the seeds, then the proper way to do this is by buying a pack of powdered seeds which can be soaked easily without the problem of grinding these. This also is helpful for readily making the mixture which can be easily used. A person can also grind these by soaking these in a bowl of water which covers these and is more than the quantity of the seeds.


These should then be left overnight and the next day can be grounded to a fine paste and then this can be applied by sectioning. To make this with the market available ready made powder, a person only will need to heat some water in a bowl, then pour this into the container and then put a few teaspoons of the powder into it. This should be left for about 20 minutes and then applied by sectioning.

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To make this even more effective for those suffering from itch, a person can apply some neem leaves powder and some amla powder to this. This will increase the effectiveness of this whole thing. To make this into something that can be more useful for giving lustre and shine, a person can use lemon juice about 6 teaspoon by squeezing a freshly cut lemon and also some beaten curd about half a cup can be good for this. These will provide strength and also boost the shine of hairs.