9 Best Indian Updo Hairstyles

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To beat the summer hard, updo hairstyles are the best in the lot and when we are talking sultry India and hazed summer noon’s, a knowledge or two about the best of the Indian updo can help you go a long way into beating the summer in fashion. The summer however is just an excuse, and a real good hair updo can be your religion in every parties and occasions that you attend. In fact, an updo is even a quick fix, your friend for those bad hair days and mixing them all together in a pot, here is a list of some of the quick Indian updos that you can take a cue from.

The Looped Low Bun:

indian updo hairstyles1

This is probably the quickest trick to an awesome bun that will take up not more than a few minutes of your morning schedule. Start with a soft low pony and manually create a loop right above the tie using your fingers. Now pass the pony through the loop and curl up the end to pin it just where the loop is. Your awesome bun is ready.

The Under Braid:

indian updo hairstyles2

Once you have gathered your hair into a soft pony, leave the underneath chunk of lock free and gather the rest into a normal bun. You may use hair extensions to add volume to your look. Follow the loose chunk now into a braid and wrap it around the base of the bun to get this look.

The Side Pin Up:

indian updo hairstyles3

This is a simple side bun which is both elegant and trend setting at the same time. Gathering all your hair towards one side, individually tuck each hair into a messy coil and pin them to the side. Prior to this look, your hair may use soft curls to add personality to your look.

The Braided Bun:

indian updo hairstyles4

This is a good way to keep the weary locks out of your forehead while giving your hair a new look. To get this look, start with a soft braid, preferably French from the top of your head and snake it all the way across to the middle of your head where you can tie it into a small bun.

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