Isn’t it thrilling to have many variants in the bun hairstyles for women that let us try different looks according to different occasions?! Recently, we have been particularly thrilled and in awe by how our celebrities are trying out bun hairstyles in ethnic fashion! Indian bun hairstyles have been gaining trend in recent years; however, this year has witnessed too many variants and designs within the bun makeover look that we can’t wait to try them out. These Indian bun hairstyles are specifically charming and apt for ethnic events, festivities and weddings. If you have grandeur occasions in hand, there is nothing like an Indian bun hairstyle that can accentuate your ethnic attire.

Are you too excited to check out these recent trends? If so, continue reading to learn about lovely new trends in traditional and modern Indian bun hairstyles.

Best Indian Bun Hairstyles Trends in 2022:

Let us get ahead and check out the lovely and beautiful Indian bun hairstyles variants. From traditional looks to modern and contemporary trends, from north Indian inspired buns to south Indian bun hairstyle looks for weddings and festivities, we have covered you all. Here we go!

1. Indian Wedding Bun Hairstyles:

In North India, bun hairstyles are quite a common trend during weddings. The bride flaunts a beautiful hair bun for the wedding festivities with the lehenga, and it looks ravishing. In contemporary times, we often notice unique and modern variants within the hair buns to match the likings and preferences of the bride. This is one such gorgeous example to check out. This is among the top trending Indian bridal bun hairstyles, and we love how it looks elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The dual colour combination gives a plush and edgy look; without compromising on the Indian ethnic style statement.

2. Indian High Bun Hairstyle:

You may assume high bun may be a common and casual trend in several regions across the globe, but it all depends on glammed-up style and peppy look that can turn and twist a simple appearance into a diva-inspired feel. This Indian top bun hairstyle is a perfect choice to try out for cocktail parties, wedding receptions and similar western-themed events. The high bun hairstyles, in general, are a perfect choice for women with medium hair to long length hair, and this one is no exception.

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3. Half Bun Hairstyle:

Another gorgeous choice if you prefer a youthful and light look is a half bun hairstyle. Indian half bun hairstyle is a noticeable trend among youngsters, and it doesn’t compromise in giving contemporary and sleek vibes. This particular half bun hairstyle is a great pick if you wish to wear it for parties or even casual outings. Women with short hair or medium-length hair can try this Indian bun for a mesmerizing look. What do you think?

4. Braided Bun Hairstyle:

Talk about Indian bun and not discuss braided bun? Well, we definitely cannot do that! Braided bun is a specifically charming and trending hairstyle in India; women across age groups love the elegance and sophistication delivered by this look. We have the gorgeous Indian hair bun with a jasmine flower look, and we are in love with it. The hair bun with flowers is a charming choice for festive occasions, and it can instantly accentuate your looks to look beautiful and mesmerizing seamlessly. Women with long hair length can try it out.

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5. Side Bun Hairstyle:

Like a low bun or top bun, a side bun hairstyle is another perfect choice. The side bun hairstyle gives an edgy and contemporary chic vibe without compromising on the elegant and feminine hues. The hairstyle is perfect for parties, Christian-themed weddings with gowns, or gatherings. It is simple, charming, plush and gives royal vibes too. Isn’t it thrilling?

6. Indian Low Bun Hairstyle:

This is pretty simple yet adorable if you do not prefer a too bold or high-end bun hairstyle look. The Indian low bun hairstyle is paired with a flower, and we love how gorgeous it looks even without heavy hair accessories. This hair bun with flower attachment can be otherwise also replaced with different designs of floral accessories as per your choice. You can wear this hairstyle for pre-wedding festivities or casual, festive events. This is even a great bridal choice bun.

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7. Traditional Rose Bun Hairstyle:

This is yet another great choice as bun hairstyles for a wedding in India. This hair bun is made by bringing out puffy hair with roses attached at the end, giving it a traditional timeless design without compromising on the modern outlook. The red roses add glamour and a hot stylish vibe, while the hair bun remains traditional. This is a great combination; don’t you think so! Pairing this hair bun on traditional sarees for festive occasions is perfect.

8. Simple Braided Low Bun:

This low braided bun can accentuate your style statement seamlessly. From your casual outings to workplaces and colleges, you can try this simple braided bun to give an effortless edgy and feminine vibes. You don’t need fancy hair attachments to steal the look; this hair bun proves the same. Pair it with your western outfits or kurtis for a myriad of occasions and see how magically it can transform your appearance. The braided bun can be perfect if you have medium to long hair length.

9. South Indian Festive Hair Bun:

This is a perfect pick if you would love to look like a South Indian at festive events. The simple hair bun is decorated with artificial floral attachments, and the intricate designs within the floral attachments add to the style statement. It is perfect for family gatherings, pre-wedding festivities, festivals, and multiple occasions. Women across age groups and hair textures can try this hairstyle seamlessly.

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10. Messy Top Bun:

Discussing about Indian hair buns and not talking about celebrity styles? We cannot do that! The Deepika Padukone inspired messy top bun is a perfect pick for all your busy days. When you are on the go and have no time to get ready, this simple and quick one-minute top bun is the perfect pick. It can instantly rise up your glamorous looks and give a peppy and edgy-chic feel. What do you think?

Additional Tips:

Now that we have explored some gorgeous Indian hair bun hairstyles and looks, let us also learn some hair care tips and suggestions to pull off the makeover seamlessly.

  • Always prep your hair beforehand to do a hair bun. Do not wash hair moments before doing a hair bun; instead, prefer to work it on dry hair.
  • Do not sleep with a hair bun. Always remove the hairstyle at the end of the day.
  • Do not tie up hair bun or hair attachments too tight, as it can risk damaging your hair.
  • Add on hair spray at the end as it can give a glossy finish and help to keep your hairstyle in place for a long.
  • Do not use too many bobby pins as it can lead to hair breakage.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of Indian bun hairstyles. These hair buns are perfect for an array of events and occasions in hand, from weddings and bridal makeovers to ethnic events, festivities, or even casual parties and gatherings. They sure will raise your style statement and give you a seamless look. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below!

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