12 Latest Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair

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Updo hairstyles are one of the best inventions that led women to secure their hair in numerous ways. While styling and updo, no hair strands are left loose. The whole hair is tied and arranged properly so that it doesn’t fall on the face or the forehead. An updo could be the classic ponytail associated with other intricate styles. Following are some of the best updo hairstyles which are suitable for medium length hair.

Hairstyles need to be done the right way. In case you have a wavy textured hair, a layer cut will look beautiful, with the curls falling beautifully over the shoulders. Medium length hair updos will ensure you hair summer ready, will prevent knots and tangling, keeping your hair look beautiful and kept. In case you have a prominent forehead, bangs are the good solution to bank on. Check out some of our favorite and highly recommended bang hairstyles that you sure must try.

1. Princess Braid Updo:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 1

In the first place, the princess updo is one of the most complicated and trendy designs for a medium length hair. This cute and sassy look can be obtained by pulling the hair from the sides and braiding it at the back. Going out for a party? Here is our hair updo ideas for medium length hair.

2. Romantic Updo Hairstyle:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2

The messy medium hair can be styled efficiently to take this structure. This is one of the most creative hairstyles for medium hair. Women with curly or wavy hair can sport this look as well. Here the messy hair is tied at the back by pulling the hair gently, which pretty much looks like a bun. Women with naturally red or blonde hair will rock this look. After all, being messy is the trend!

3. Braided Updo:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 3

Women with long to medium length hairstyle can sport this look easily. The hair has to moderately smooth and might be layered as well. Your forehead will be covered by the front part as it hangs over the face. At the back, the rest of the voluminous hair will be tied to form an updo. This haircut will look fantastic with a cute dress.

4. Low Rolled Medium Hairstyle:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 4

This is the look where you can twist your medium length hair and push it to the back. Then the rolled hair is assembled together to form look like a low rolled bun. This is one of the most creative looks for office going women. You can maintain this hairstyle easily and hence styling hair in this way means saving time. Try out this easy updos for medium hair to do yourself.

5. Fascinating Braided Updo:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 5

This flawless hairstyle comes with tons of braided hair. The whole hair is tied to form braids and pushed at the back where they are secured by locking the hair strands. Without a doubt, this is one of the most attractive hairstyles for medium length hair. This look is acceptable for all face types.

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6. French Twists Up do:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 6

This updo hairstyle is a show stopper. Being inspired from the French hairstyles, this look sports fabulous French twist. The twisted hair goes over the head and is finally tied and locked at the back. Women with medium length hair will absolutely rock this look. Try out this easy updos for medium hair.

7. Upside-Down Braid And Bun:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 7

The medium length hair can be made complicated and beautiful. Here the hair is pulled up from the nape and tied at the back like a bun. A floral attachment will make the bun look more alluring.

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8. The Double Braided Up do:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 8

This fantastic updo hairstyle will look perfect on medium length hair. Here, the hair is braided twice which makes this hairstyle look like a French Braided hair. The sides of the hair are braided which are pulled gently at the back. For adjusting the look, you will have to use a pin. Classy and messy bun in one!

9. Shaggy Hair Roll:

Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair 9

This is another saggy updo hairstyle which has been considered as the hottest rolled hairstyle for medium hair this summer. The messy hair is gathered together and pushed at the back in a trendy way. It is then rolled and secured properly to the rear of the head.

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10. Updo Style with Bangs:

This is a simple updos for medium hair. The bangs cover the forehead in such a way that it doesn’t seem big. The loose ends are secured in the form of a low bun and the bangs are brushed neatly to fall over the forehead.

11. Side Updo:

The next preferred style is the side updo. You could either choose to get a braided updo for medium hair by braiding the sides and also the bun with braids. Leave it a little messy and blow dry your hair before you start trying it out for a dense effect.

12. Updo for Curly Hair:

In case you have a curly hair, we have a solution for that too! Curly hair updos look beautiful and need no special effect to make the hair looks curly. Go for a bridal look on a very special day or simply try out a minimal bun for the curly hair on any normal day.
Easy updo for medium hair to do yourself

How about some DIY on easy updos? One of the classy hair up styles for medium length hair is the Headband Updo. They give you ramp ready looks and you could also try them when you decide to step out for a wedding. They are not tuff and some of them are really about the way you carry yourself with it.

Give it a try! We have got your back and we’ll guide you step by step to get that look.

What you’ll Need:

  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Headband made of cloth
  • Hair elastic

How to Do:

  • Spray the hair texturizer all over your hair. Spray them in and out and make sure you cover all the parts.
  • Next, leave your bangs alone and tie the remaining hair into a neat pony tail. Well, it is okay even if it is not neat, we can make the classy messy updo!
  • Gently twist the ponytail making sure you make a low bun. Secure it properly in the head using the bobby pins. Pin it from all sides and make sure it is tight and low.
  • Now to the bangs! Part them well and comb them. Now, bring the bangs to one side.
  • To complete the look, place cloth band behind the bangs.

That’s all. It is as simple as this!

Medium length hair is the best, next to short hair. They make sure your hair does not sweat much. The updo invention is truly a blessing in this regard. They let you pull up your hair, some of them in swag style as above. This way, you tackle the heat and you are also trendy and party ready! Our hairstyles will show you the way!

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