We all agree that braids are among the most versatile and timeless hairstyles. How about accentuating these looks, exuding a more sophisticated and classic glam quotient? All we can think of are these braided bun hairstyles trends! The braided buns look immensely elegant, exquisite and feminine. They can be styled in vintage and contemporary ways and will never fail to deliver the most mesmerizing and ravishing appearance on any occasion.

Today, we have compiled the latest and most beautiful trends in braided bun hairstyles. These braided updos are perfect for women across age groups and will never disappoint you in giving a charming style statement. Continue reading to learn all about them today!

Best and Latest Braided Bun Styles this Season 2023:

If you assume the braided bun looks are mostly uniform and look all the same, you are mistaken. There are varieties of braid styles, and every single braid is made to exude a different charming appearance. From French braids to fishtail and Dutch braids, cornrow braids, dreadlocks and even more, these braid bun styles will never disappoint you. So here we go with the latest trends this season.

1. Modern Messy Braided Bun:

This new age braided bun looks are quite making noise in the fashion market. Well, we obviously love them for the reasons known – the hairstyles exude modern and sleek vibes and are pretty chic to deliver a youthful appearance. We love this simple messy, and modern high-braided bun. The hairstyle features a side braid with a top bun and looks immensely gorgeous. Women with oval, diamond and heart face shape with curly or wavy hair texture can try this look.

2. Unique Pigtails Braid Bun:

Do you have a party or special event coming up? What better than checking out this unique and trendy braided bun hairstyle? We love how authentic and creative the hairstyle turns out to be! The hairdo is all about the plaited pigtail look with a sleek bun on the top. It is perfect for women with round, oval and heart face shapes and smooth and straight hair texture. What do you think of such a unique style?

3. Cornrow Braided Bun:

How about this cornrow braided bun? This lovely look may not be new in the fashion town, but it is always timeless and relevant, especially if you have an eye for intricate fashion sense. The beautiful look is versatile and can match women in any face shape and hair texture. This is also a protective hairstyle bun that helps the density and health of your tresses. How cool is that?! Women in the middle to older age groups can try this look!

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4. Reverse Braided Back Bun:

We must agree – this is a favourite braided bun hairstyle this season. We can never get over drooling on this look for all the obvious reasons. The braided back bun looks sleek and chic, and exudes classic vintage vibes and stays relevant to the upcoming party season. It matches amazingly with any partywear outfit or gown and makes you look no less than a diva. If you have a straight, smooth hair texture, you must try this look. Young women, particularly, must not miss this hairstyle!

5. Upside Braided Bun:

This upside braided bun will undoubtedly suit you if you have long hair. The buns hairstyle will always look fluffy and dense with long thick hair, and this upside braided bun will look epic and seamless. It is perfect to further accentuate the hairstyle by adding hair accessories and trendy ornaments. The look can be suitable for both western wear and ethnic wear outfits, and women with oval or diamond face shapes can check it out! Women younger than 25 years must check this look for a quirky fun statement!

6. African American Inspired Braided Half Bun:

While there are numerous looks and possibilities for braided bun hairstyles for black hair, we particularly love this African American inspired bun hairstyle look. The look exudes of diva inspired fashionista appearance, and we can never turn our eyes away. You can try this look with completely black colour hair or add on a blonde highlight, as shown in the picture here, to look further beautiful and hot. What do you think? This is a perfect choice to turn heads and attract the crowd’s attention at any party or gathering!

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7. Braided Chignon Bun:

This braided low chignon bun is yet another perfect choice if you love elegant and classic timeless style statements. The hairstyle exudes sophisticated and rich royal vibes, and will never disappoint you on any occasion. The hairstyle is ideal for women with medium to long hair length and with any hair texture. You can replicate the hairstyle and add hair accessories to further accentuate the look! What do you think of it?

8. Side Braided Twisted Bun Hairstyle:

How about a twisted side bun hairstyle? You can replicate a messy bun with side braids and a twisted look, as shown here, for a classic and youthful style statement. If you have casual outings or parties, this side twisted messy bun will undoubtedly amplify your style quotient and deliver charming vibes. Women with wavy or straight hair texture and round, square or oval face shapes can try this look. Isn’t it truly ravishing?

9. Two Braided Messy Buns:

If you like a fun and quirky choice of looks, this 2 braids with bun hairstyle can look amazing. The double messy double braided bun knot hairstyle looks perfect for any casual day outing or everyday wear. It can suit your casuals and makes you appear youthful and sleek with chic, vibrant hues. Women with any hair texture can try this look. The huge advantage of this double braided bun hairstyle is that it can be done even with short hair length.

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10. Dreadlocs High Braided Bun:

You can also check out this dreadlocks braid with a bun on the top hairstyle. This modern beautiful hairstyle looks bold and creative, with intricate braids adding charm and exquisite vibes. It is ideal for women with elongated, oval or diamond face shapes and those with thick healthy hair texture. Do try it out!

Additional Tips:

We have given you the choice of amazing and latest beautiful braided bun hairstyles. You can try the braided bun looks with various braid styles such as French braid, dutch braid, plait, dreadlocks, box braids, crochet braids or even scalp braids. These braids in a bun hairstyle will always look elegant and charming. However, you must also remember a few additional tips to make the hairstyle look relevant and perfect.

  • It is crucial always to maintain the hairstyle and the health of hair so that the look can always exude an elegant and sophisticated appearance.
  • Always remember not to work on too tight hairstyles, which can damage hair.
  • Remove the braids in a timely manner, and do not sleep with the braids (except for protective, long-lasting braid hairstyles)
  • Condition the hair regularly to moisturize and revive the hair texture and tresses.
  • Make sure the hair is not stripped of natural oils. A good scalp massage regime can help you achieve this.

So, how did you enjoy exploring these latest and our favourite braided bun hairstyle ideas? We hope you truly love these latest fashionable looks. These are perfect for women across age groups and will never disappoint you in exuding the fashionable glam quotient. Which is your favourite choice of braided bun?

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Can we do the braids into a bun hairstyle with natural hair?

Ans: Yes, several of these braided bun hairstyles can be worked very well with natural hair texture. They look timeless, classic and always elegant. Make sure to maintain the hair well with regular cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning and massage. It can help to make you look sleek and shiny.

Q2. Which braided bun hairstyle is suitable for teenage girls?

Ans: Teenage girls can look amazing, and fun with braided bun looks such as messy braids, top knots, double braided buns, and half braided buns with half hair down.

Q3. Which braided bun hairstyles look beautiful for weddings?

Ans: Several braided bun looks can look exquisite, charming and mesmerizing for special occasions such as weddings. A few very trendy options are low chignon buns, braided messy buns and sleek double side braided buns.


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