30 Most Beautiful Updo Hairstyles

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Updo hairstyles are neatly arranged. These hair updos range from simple pony hairstyles to slightly messed-up hairstyle. A good hair Updo looks elegant and stylish and is sure to draw the attention of any person. The hair Updos usually work for any sort of hair, be it short or long, curly or straight, since the focus in however giving a very neatly arranged look. Hair updos usually stay longer if done correctly and hence are mostly the best hairstyles to go for, for occasions like parties and evening get together.

Updo hairstyles - MAin

Updo hairstyles are usually great for summer season. Since the hair is done in a neat and elegant manner it is mostly best suited for event like weddings and proms. Most hair updos require the help of a stylist as they require a lot of time since it targets at making the hair look neat (despite some of the messy Updos). But there are also some hair updo hairstyles that can be done easily at home, but would still require the help of a friend or a partner.

Simple Updo Hairstyles With Pictures:

Listed below are some of the best hair updo hairstyles with images that definitely inspire you.

1. Chignon:

A chignon, also a bun hairstyle is one of the most common hair updo. This hairstyle is usually achieved by tying a knot at the back of the head – mostly near the nape or the neck. You could also try many variations to this particular updo hairstyle.

2. Pony up:

This hair updo is a very interesting and sleek look. This is common hairstyle among women equestrians. The hair is straightened. It is then combed and gathered back into a simple pony at the centre back of the head. The loose hair is then tied into a knot bun.

3. Messy Bun Updo:

This is one hairstyle updo that would suit any sort of outfit. You can do it at home by making a ponytail and then wrapping the loose hair around the base of the pony tail.  While doing so, you need not be very neat with the look. Do not anything to the natural curls and waves of the hair.

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4. High Bun:

A very classic hair updo that always remains in trend is the high bun. They are very elegant and formal too. This can be done easily by grabbing your hair into a puff pony. The pony must be almost at the centre of the head. Now twist your hair and wrap it around the base of the pony and secure it with a band.

5. French Knot:

One of the neatest and sleekest updo hairstyles is a French knot. This updo hairstyle still continues to be in trend. The French knot can be done best with the help of a stylist. The hair is usually rolled in a vertical form and is considered to be a highly dramatic style.

6. Sided Fish Tail Braid:

The fishtail braid seems to be hit among celebrities these days, with many of them sporting at various events. The hairstyle looks best for people with medium length hair. The hairstyle can be made to look slightly messy, by giving it an unfinished look. Braid the hair to one side and let the hair fall on your shoulder.

7. Headband Braid:

The headband braid gives a very girl yet pretty look. The braids are made to appear like a band over your head. The braided band can be done by parting the hair into two sections, braiding them separately. The braids are then crossed across the head to make it look like a band.

8. Rolled Over Updo:

Rolled over Updo are slightly hard to get, but with help of few friends or a stylist, you could get this done in a flash. The hair is divided into different sections and using a wire roller, the sections are rolled up and then held securely on the head with help of clips or pins.

9. Sided Hair with French Braid:

The sided hair has been in trend as well, with many celebrities sporting them. Comb your hair to one side and French braid your hair loosely. Once this is done tuck the braids under your hair and secure them with pins, giving it a very interesting look.

10. Half Updo:

The half Updo hairstyle is suited for any outfit and any face shape. It is very elegant and is half bouffant look. The front few locks are combed to one side and pinned just above the ears. The rest of the hair can be curled or made to look wavy. You could mix few twists and curls to give it a bouncy look. This is one of the hair updos with medium hair for girls.

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11. Blunt Bangs Updo:


You could blend your bangs with any sort of Updo. Mostly eye-grazing bangs or straight bangs are always stylish. You could tie the remaining hair in a bun or give the hair a slightly bouffant look. You could also do a side braid to complete this look.

12. Banded Bun:

This would be the best hairstyle to go for, if you are in a hurry. You could just tie a simple high bun and cover it up with a simple yet stylish headband. The headband would add more elegance to the simplicity of the bun. This is one of the simplest and easy updo hairstyles for short hair girls.

13. Crashing Waves Look:

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this Updo would work well on you. Instead of trying to tame the natural curls and waves, use them to your advantage. Twist them in their natural way and hold them with pins in the form of a halo circling the face, for an almost “Marilyn Monroe” look.

14. Side-parted Bun:

A complete neat look, which goes well for straight hair is a sided bun. You could have naturally straight hair or straighten it with an iron. Side part your hair, such that it swoops slightly over your forehead. Then tie a low centre bun suited to your choice.

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15. Fallen Down Updo:

Fallen Down Updo

If you do not like to have your hair fully combed back, then you could go for this type of hair updos. This hairstyle gives an illusionary bob effect. The hair is tied into a bun, in such a way that the hair is left loose hanging on either sides of the face giving a bob look.

16. Flower Power Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 16

For this hairstyle, add white flowers to your hair and with that, you can grab everyone’s attention right away. You not only stand out, but the braiding of your hair brings out the best of your hair texture, which is perfect for all occasions. The bun in itself is super cute as well, and while it may look messy, the up do is really easy to do once you get the whole deal.

17. Messy Hair Updo with a twist in the Center:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 17

If you love easy hair up dos, you will love this fancy one that will take you back to those days when it was your childhood and your mom would favor you with fancy braids on your oh so long hair. This one yet again is a messy hairstyle, which makes use of the twisted braid and is perfect for the summer. It is very casual, yet trendy, which is like the best part of the deal.

18. Crimped and Braided Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 18

Is the whole crimped and braided style your favorite? Well, now you can combine that hairstyle and look so chic in no time. This look is beautiful and stunning at the same time and for long hair, especially if you have highlights to brag of.

19. Knotted Bun Hairstyle Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 19

In case you can’t get over how gorgeous you look with a deep side part, you will love to try out this type of updo hairstyles on long hair. This hairstyle is not only elegant but also simple and stylish. With the soft curls you get along to brag of, the updo is ready to be sported to any upscale event you are invited do. Do not worry though – the style holds way longer than you think it will, sometimes even for hours if left undisturbed.

20. Beautiful Twisted Up do:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 20

This one is yet another of the simple updo hairstyle. It is elegant and holds a lot of grace. You can easily get this look in no time with the twists you make and by placing them at the back of your head to create a wonderful bun in place. You can go out on dates with this hairstyle on and will notice how your loved one cannot keep his eyes away from you. This is one of the most popular hair updos with long hair that makes your look more beautiful.

21. Fishtail Bun:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 21

Braid wrapped with a bun together. Sounds like a nice fascinating hairstyle doesn’t it? This updo hairstyle as usual embraces you with a stylishness and perfection. The only challenge that you might be facing through the deal will probably be managing the fishtail braid, but if you can master the braid, you can pass out as extra impressive to everyone around and challenge other people as well.

22. Bouffant Back Bun:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 22

The bouffant easy hair updo is not all about being relegated to the top anymore. You can easily take this with a new style back bun as showed in this one. You should be sure that before you begin, you hair needs to be straight, and if you want the same down to perfection, keep a smooth flat iron around. Most of the indian females love to flaunt this type of traditional updo hairstyles.

23. Three Minute Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 23

Another of the complex looking hairstyle that is actually quick to make, this is equally elegant as the last ones on this list. To begin, section off your hair first from your crown, and take the strand above your ear line for the same as well. Twist and secure this in all directions and that is all you need to do to get the woven look perfectly.

24. Ultimate Elegant Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 24

While elegant updos take time and you have been experiencing the delay every time you get invited to a classy event, this hairstyle is easily achievable. For this one, start by the division of your hair into 3 sections. Backcomb the central section, twist and pin.

25. Regency Ball Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 25

Looking for something complex yet elegant for the day? Well, here’s one that works on so many levels on thick and curly hair both equally well. Pull your hair into a mid length pony and then leave a section of your hair untied. Braid it all into a bun with a twist. And that’s it.

26. Headband Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 26

This next updo hairstyle might look difficult but is actually simple enough for daily year. It can be chosen for any fancy formal occasion. The headband you choose in the end will determine how elegant you look, and the flowers and jewels will add to a fancier look. This type of hair updos are very suitable for all the occasions which are more attractive in indian traditional sarees.

27. Elegant messy updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 27

From celebrities to fashion stars, messy locks are quite the trend these days and this updo is no different. Remember to not brush your hair when you’re choosing this hairstyle. That will make your air look thicker and get it the volume it needs.

28. Circular Twist Updo:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 28

Twists and braids are a good idea to show your style statement with grace. This one looks like an endless loop, but with a twist that is rolled into a bun. The hairstyle might be tricky if you have curly hair, so make it a point to work on that bit beforehand.

29. Mullet Updos:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 29

It is one of the best and perfect braided updo hairstyles with long hair that makes your post so brilliant. This is a mullet updo, and party in the back with a formal look in front. The front has an elegant updo done in brownish red hair. This is a stunning style and features many braids on the overall look.

30. Second Day Messy Hairstyle:

Beautiful Updo Hairstyles 30

The best part of this hairstyle is if you have two events to attend on the same day, leave with this one on, and when you undo the updo, you will be left with beautiful wavy curls. No doubt this would be one of the most natural and best updos for short hair which is tremendously matched with cool spectacles.

That brings us to the end of this list of beautiful hair up do. You will love what you see hair change and become after you choose to implement one of these perfect hairstyles from our list.

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