Clocks are the first thing that comes to most minds when thinking of a housewarming gift. Ever imagined the reason – none of us could have a living room or a home without clocks! Antique clocks especially have been gaining special attention, given their vintage looks and classic appearance. So today, we are here before you with the latest collections and trending models in antique clocks!

The mechanical clocks came into existence right from the thirteenth to the fourteenth century in Europe, and these were among the most classic machines in the world back then. Moreover, they are among the first in clock machines, thus resembling the authenticity of the age of antique clocks. However, with clocks being widely available around us today, let us find similar showcases of old clock designs that can enhance our living room and satisfy our preferences.

Buying Guide and Types of Antique Clocks:

Antique clocks are definitely among the standalone pieces that are highly valued and add to our homes’ glory. If you are a beginner or looking for an authentic antique clock that gives you the satisfaction of buying a collectable, this guide will help you get started. Below are the most common types of antique clocks you will find in the market, and once you get to know about them, you can understand what kind of piece you are looking to invest in!

Antique Wall Clock:

We have often seen vintage clocks in several shows and cinemas, even some homes. As the name suggests, the wall clocks were famous in the 17th and 18th centuries and hung in assembly rooms, public buildings, inns, etc. These clocks can be visible even from a distance, primarily manufactured with wooden dials.

Grandfather Antique Clocks:

The grandfather clock designs are super tall and are standing, driven with a pendulum. These are antiques that are popular around us today. However, they are present as back as 1660. These clocks were made with crested tops and square brass dials. These longcase clocks are pretty popular given their tall length, which even went up to eight inches in most cases. These grandfather clocks look pretty in large rooms.

Antique Carriage Clocks:

As the name suggests, the carriage clocks are very easy to carry. They are portable, easy to handle and carry around us. These were developed way back in France by the clockmaker Abraham Louis Breguet.

Antique Bracket Clocks:

These bracket clocks’ speciality is that they are easily portable. They are dated back to the 17th century. However, they show a similar design to longcase clocks. But these clocks, on the other hand, are spring-driven pieces when initially designed. Thus, the bracket clocks are also called table or mantle clocks.

Novelty Clocks:

The novelty developed antique clock designs way back in the 19th century from France and other European regions. These clocks are unique with their design statements and detailed looks. The novelty clocks are made with marble or wood, white enamel dials and bronze mounts.

Different Types of Antique Clock Designs In India:

Here are our 20 simple and modern antique clock designs with images. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Antique Big Wall Clock:

This beautiful vintage wall clock in antique design from Pepper Fry is a perfect choice to add to your living room. Especially if you are someone who has large rooms and huge empty walls, fill it up with this beauty. This will add a standalone piece that brings the perfect classic and elegant feel to your home. The 15-inch analog clock indeed replicates the antique design!

  • Design And Type: Brown Antique Analog Clock In 15 Inch
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Engineered Wood

2. Antique Standing Grandfather Clock:

Grandfather clocks are among the fast-selling antique designs around us. They give the charming and vibrant vintage style feel effortless. We have this wooden grandfather long clock right here. This beauty is a perfect blend of looks and functionality, adding to the exquisite design and decorative timepiece.

  • Design And Type: Grandfather Clock Without Pendulum
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wooden

3. Vintage Metal Wall Clock:

This double-sided metal wall clock is just what you need to fill up those tiny empty corners and add to the beautiful effect. The classic appearance and design bring perfection to the space you add it in and further deliver you the lovely trendsetting appearance gracefully. This antique wall clock is just the one that can fit in any room.

  • Design And Type: Circular Double Sided Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Metal

4. Antique Wooden Wall Clock:

This wooden wall clock is an apt choice if you are looking for the perfect blend of modern look besides the vintage effect. The antique-style clock from Craft Tree of Pepper Fry gives you the perfect timepiece. It is functional, gives you a clear vision of the time, yet brings you the fine classic authentic look. The intricate detailing and brass design are significant additional factors for a vintage look!

  • Design And Type: Brass Fitted Round Analog Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wood And Brass

5. Antique Alarm Clock:

If you are looking for a miniature antique wall clock, this is the right choice. It’s not just a simple wall clock but also has alarm features, adding great value and utility to the piece. In addition, the vintage design and retro look add to the timeless appearance, besides the pendulum moving gracefully and the old-style feel.

  • Design And Type: Vintage Alarm Clock With Pendulum
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wooden

6. Antique Cuckoo Clock:

Tell us one person who doesn’t like the cuckoo clock?! It reminds us of the good old movies and classic series. We love this antique cuckoo design clock. The hanging clock is a perfect choice that blends well with the traditional design yet gives you a pleasant and graceful look. The sound delivered from the clock gives us a mindful feel too!

  • Design And Type: Antique Cuckoo Design Clock
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood

7. Ajanta Antique Wall Clock:

If you are looking for a vintage design wall clock on a budget, there is nothing better than the Ajanta series! This lovely wall clock from teak wood effortlessly erupts with elegance and charm. The intricate design around the analog stands tall uniquely. This simple clock adds to the glamour with its matte finish look and design.

  • Design And Type: Ajanta Antique Wall Clock Series
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Teakwood

8. Antique Pendulum Wall Clock:

This is a classic design of the pendulum wall clock we all know. The pendulum wall clocks are perfect if you are a fan of vintage style yet prefer a simple look and design. It adds like a perfect timeless artefact and display piece in your living room, giving you the feels of the old-school country time! It is indeed a visual treat to have these vintage-looking clocks fixed in our living space!

  • Design And Type: Antique Wall Clock With Pendulum
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Wood

9. Antique Table Clock:

Can you even have the antique feel clock on your table too? This mini table clock design is a perfect vintage element to add to your workspace or cupboard, giving it a vibrant feel and a classic appearance. This table clock from Fab India is an ideal choice in a miniature version of antique feels seamless.

  • Design And Type: Small Table Clock In Antique Design From Fab India
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Metal

10. Antique Hanging Wall Clock:

How about an antique wall clock with a funky feel? This peacock design hanging wall clock is a good choice for those who prefer a blend of funny looks besides antique feelings. The clock comes with a bright colour design and combination, giving it an exquisite and plush appearance with an appealing look. If you are willing to invest in one classy piece, this is the one you can try out!

  • Design And Type: Blue Peacock Hanging Antique Style Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic

11. Solid Wood Antique Mantel Clocks:

Get this solid wood antique clock to make a decorative statement if you have more furniture at home and plan to add more decoration. This is a great option for tables, try this clock to gift to your dear one, or this is a cool gift for your grandfather too on his next upcoming birthday time.

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12. Easily Portable Antique Carriage Clocks:

These small antique clocks look elegant and handsome on a mantle shelf and a desk. It measures 11cm high or 14.5cm with its handle standing up. The clock measures 8cm across and 6.7cm deep with a white enamel dial. The side’s panels, rear and top of the clock are glass material that allows you to view the fantabulous mechanics of the carriage clock.

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13. Carved Antique Wooden Clock:

This piece of carved wooden clock is an antique craft that is handmade and is an excellent item for gifts and home decor. It achieves the final shade of antique brown and measures about 18*18 inches. Everyone would like to have these antique-looking wall clocks as their ideal home decor in all seasons.

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14. Timepiece Model Antique Bracket Clocks:

This antique-style clock is with well proportioned compact ebonized inverted bell-top case. It measures W 2.54 mm x D 2.54 mm x H 34.29 cm in dimension. It has a brass handle with pierced type wood frets both at the front and rear doors. It also comprises a wonderfully engraved backplate on which the maker’s signature is written.

15. Schoolhouse Style Antique Regulator Clock:

Image Source: Pinterest

This clock has a round dial with an octagonal outer shape. It possesses a Roman numeral with a white background. The pendulum is made using brass, and a winding key is provided. The entire outer case is made with hardwood that elongates the total life span of the clock.

16. Analog Antique Gold Clocks:

Image Source: Pinterest

This antique-looking wall clock features a conventional analogue display with large gold numerals. This antique clock has a resin case for itself and a smart antique gold finish that adds to its appealing look. The hands of this clock make you read the time from any corner of your home with no difficulties. It is entirely made with a resin material, and the colour resembles gold metal with an open dial for a stylish look.

17. Wall Mounted Antique Kitchen Clocks:

Explore this old antique clock that has overall dimensions of 15″ X 15″ (38 Cm X 38Cm). The display size of this clock is 10 inches. It provides a shiny golden metal touch with a wall mounting provision. This particular model is ideally suitable for the kitchen environment. This round-shaped dial clock has a white background with embedded brass numerals. And has not a very large minute and hour hands.

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18. Side Wall Mounted Vintage Antique Clocks:

This is a range of analogue antique wall clocks to create that perfect wall attraction that everyone would like to have. The features of this wall clock, including the style of the handing model and the dial design, will add character and charm to any wall of your home. This side wall-mounted design clock would be 3 feet apart from the wall. It measures 86 cm x 94 cm x 110 cm in its dimensions.

19. Forest Cuckoo Antique Clocks:

Image Source: Pinterest

This antique wall clock has the dimension of about 19” H x 13” W, which is taken from the top of stag horns to the bottom of the game pouch. There is the options game of 8” hanging rabbit and pheasant large game pouch at the base. It features a dark walnut case with green-toned leaves. It is specially imported from Germany to get the original antique touch of the country.

20. Metal Table Antique Clock:

This is a vintage piece for your home decor that has a three-legged table with an antique finish clock. It adds an old-world charm to your home or your living space specifically, wherever it is kept. The clock features a burnished finish. The handcrafted detailing of this antique version makes the clock a rustic and elegant designer piece. The off-white background of the dial displays standard Roman indices. Moreover, as complementary, hour and minute’s hands add classic elegance to the space furnished.

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What else do you need still? All the antique clock designs discussed above have specialities and features that give it the perfect stand in this modern world. A wide diversity of models can be used in every home style with vibrant interiors. You have tabletop clocks, large grandfather clocks, vintage ones, bracket-type clocks, alarmed feature clocks and also made with metals such as Gold, Bronze and Copper clocks.

Again, you can choose the dial’s background and the dials’ shapes themselves. You have the model displaying both Roman numbers and also contemporary numerals. You can choose according to the interiors that are themed in your home. Those wise people choose these antique clocks, but the young generations are interested in these showpieces.

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