Wall clocks are extremely important timepieces put up on walls everywhere. They not only show time but are beautiful decorative pieces as well. Round clocks are most commonly found. What is different however is square-shaped one? The patterns available in these might be simple but they look really stylish because of the shape. Square clock designs are not that easily found and thus show how much searching has been done to find the right one that is hanging on the wall.

Given the fact that these are a rare sight, it is thus assumed that they do not have a lot of options. It is a myth. If looking at the right place, square-shaped wall clocks are pretty much there everywhere.

Modern Square Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 simple and latest square clock designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Square Wood Wall Clock:

The large Square clock has become very popular these days. These large square wooden wall clocks are made out of blocks which make them look extremely appealing. Wooden clocks in square shape are generally used in rooms which have exclusive wooden décor.

2.  Square Metal Wall Clock:

Clocks made out of metal look super trendy. They can be in any colour say white, black or metallic like silver or gold. They complement any kind of décor. Large or subtle, square-shaped such metal clocks make them even fancier.

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3. Oversized Square Wall Clock:

Oversized wall clocks look really pretty in large rooms like banquets or apartment lobbies. They are generally used commercially owing to their big size. Square shaped oversized clocks are way fancier than their round counterparts. This large square wall clock is a customized one.

4. Single Colour Square Clocks:

For really colour specific choices, black square wall clocks or white square wall clocks or any other colour for that matter are easily available. The colour looks extremely elegant whereas they also enhance the colour theme of the room.

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5. Small Square Wall Clock:

Small clocks are generally used on desks. They are square-shaped and also have an alarm feature in it. They can be used on office desks or nightstands or even study tables where time tracking is extremely essential. This small square clock is designed beautifully and you can select as an option this clock.

6. Digital Square Clocks:

Digital clocks are almost always square-shaped. They have a lot of features in them. They show date, time, day of the month, have an option of 24 hours format and 12 hours format. It is convenient for people who work in industries which specifically use 24-hour formats.

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7. Square Kitchen Clock:

Clocks used on kitchen walls can be termed as kitchen clocks. They generally have kitchen related patterns on them. What is special about these square kitchen wall clocks is that they are really fancy, to spice up those otherwise drab walls.

8. Designer Square Clocks:

Designer clocks are custom designed wall clocks which are specifically made on order. They can be any shape but are often square-shaped as the shape in itself is not that common. Designer clocks have differently used materials or differently shaped clock hands. Everything about them is bespoke. They are unique in every sense of the word.

9. Large Silver Square Shaped Clocks:

These are made out of silver. They have elaborately engraved frames. Very royal to look at, they belong to rooms which are elaborately decked up and have Royal décor. Ideal for places which are heritage properties, these clocks are a fortune in themselves.

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It is obvious that options available in the square clock designs are numerous. We need to look for it in the right kind of place. It is essential that we don’t get carried away in preconceived notions about what is pretty and a rare sight. Hung on the wall, a square clock looks equally beautiful as its round counterpart.

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