Can you imagine a day without keeping track of time? Our life will go haphazard without the practice of timekeeping! For many centuries, humans have measured time using various instruments like sundials, hourglasses etc. However, after introducing modern clocks like electric, pendulum etc., timekeeping became more reliable and accurate. The earliest known mechanical clock was installed on a church in 1283 to remind people of prayer times. The manual ringing of bells each hour signalled people to gather at the Church and maintain discipline. This is how the timepieces got the name “Clock” from the Latin word “Cloccca”, meaning bell.

Gradually, the demand for advanced timepieces gave rise to modern clocks, which we are using today. The current day clocks use futuristic technology to measure time with high precision and accuracy. Fascinated with all the details about Clocks? There’s more for you! Read along to explore 50 Latest Clocks of various designs with pictures to give you a peek into the evolving world of timekeeping!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Clock:

If you are planning a buy a clock for your home or office, we recommend you keep these points in mind before making a selection:

  • Visibility: No matter how much your wall clocks scores in the looks department, if the numbers are not visible, the purpose is not served! So, make sure the front glass doesn’t reflect light and conceal the digits. Go for a piece which ‘clearly’ tell you the time.
  • Size: Another important feature to look out for is the size of the clock. The timepiece should not be too big or too small on the wall. When buying a clock, do keep in mind the place you are planning to put it up.
  • Type: Do you want an analogue clock or a digital type? Digital clocks are ideal for Soundpeople who prefer numbers over hands and know the time accurately in seconds. They are either battery operated or require a direct electrical connection. Analogue pieces are classy and conventional. They also look quite attractive compared to the monochrome designs of digital clocks.
  • Sound: Some people find the ticking sound of a clock too creepy, especially at night. In such cases, pick clocks that operate in silence. You can ignore this aspect if you are going for a digital clock.
  • Fancy Features: A clock can also serve decorative purposes. Models like a cuckoo clock, old-school pendulums and musical clocks combine fancy with functionality.
  • Colour: Modern clocks come in myriad colours to suit the interiors of a room. Depending on the colour scheme of your space, you can pick matching or a contract colour dial.
  • Material: Durable materials like wood, acrylic, or metal last for a long time and add a sophisticated look to your room.

Latest Types of Clocks With Images In India:

Without further talking, let’s jump onto the long list of different types of clocks with names. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Loud Bell Alarm Clock:


Are you a heavy sleeper? Do you face difficulty in waking up on time every morning? Then gift yourself this loud bell alarm clock that can shake you out of bed with its ringing sound. This Quartz analogue clock comes in an old school mini-hammer design. It rings so loudly that even deaf and impaired people can hear the noise and get up on time. The night light button lets you check the time even in the dark. Did we say this clock has no snooze button?

  • Design and Type: Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Metal

2. Wall Designer Clock:


This attractive wall clock design combines beauty with functionality. The striking features are the diamond frame plastic, the big, bold numbers and the easily visible clock hands. The 11.75-inch clock lets you check time from the corner of the house. It is an ideal pick for living room, bedroom and even office spaces. This solid piece is made with high-quality materials which last for quite a long time.

  • Design and Type: Diamond Frame Plastic Quartz Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic

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3. Wooden Analog Clock For Living Room:


Here is a minimalistic analogue wall clock design that perfectly suits the interiors of your modern home. The sleek and stylish looking clock features a monochrome look with a black background and white numerals. Metallic hands add a decorative look to the timepiece. This battery-operated wall clock has no outer glass cover yet can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. This timepiece is handcrafted entirely using the finest wood and is also good for gifting purposes.

  • Design and Type: Round Shape MDF Wooden Analog Wall Clock for Home
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wood

4. Digital Clock with Date and Weather:


If you have a habit of tracking time at night, getting a digital wall clock is a good idea! This multi-functional wall clock displays time with accurate details of hours, minutes and seconds. It replaces your typical calendar by telling you the date, year, month, day and temperature. The soothing hue of the green LED display offers better visibility even in the dark. This electricity operated wall clock is a one-stop device to track all essential details.

  • Design and Type: Ajanta Quartz Digital Green LED Square Wall Clock
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Glass

5. Classic Pendulum Clock:


Bring home this classic pendulum clock to add a timeless look to your room. The exquisite design features a marine design with an anchor-shaped pendulum. Elements like rope, metallic accents add a realistic look to this beautiful timepiece. Although the material looks like aged wood, it’s plastic moulded to perfection. With each second, the pendulum oscillates gracefully in silence, while the display gives you clear visibility.

  • Design and Type: Pendulum Classic Design Anchor Plastic Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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6. Traditional Sand Hourglass:


This vintage brass sand timer can be an excellent addition to your collectables. The handcrafted piece features a brass frame and vertical glass bulbs filled with sand. Placing the bulb containing sand on top allows it to trickle down to the lower one in a stipulated amount of time. You can reverse the timer to set it all over again. Gift this timepiece to educate your kids on traditional time devices and the underlying philosophy of this design.

  • Design and Type: Art Swag Antique Brass Sand Timer
  • Shape: Hourglass
  • Material: Brass and Glass

7. Grandfather Floor Clock:


Give an antique touch to your living room with this 5 feet+ grandfather floor clock. The longcase clock is made with premium quality Mahogany wood to give it a grand appearance. The design features a long golden colour pendulum enclosed in a glass case within the wooden frame. Don’t get worried about the creepy ticktock sounds at night! The advanced mechanism rhythmically ensures silent sweep movements.

  • Design and Type: Grandfather Series Rhythmic Pendulum Clock
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: Mahogany, Glass

8. Cuckoo Clock:


Cuckoo clocks are usually quite expensive and out of reach for people on tight budgets. Fret not! This plastic Cuckoo clock is a refined remake of the original German design that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The wooden finish clock features a pendulum and a classic Cuckoo “call” every time the minute’s hand strikes twelve. The lightweight design makes for an ideal fit in the living room and office room.

  • Design and Type: Plastic Pendulum Cuckoo Wall Clock
  • Shape: House
  • Material: Plastic

9. Bedside Table Clock:


Check out this simple clock design you can neatly place on the bedside. The digital clock features a super large display with bold fonts and backlight to offer better visibility even at night. Along with time, the clock also shows the date and temperature. An intelligent alarm control system lets you set the alarm with just one tap of the button on top. The sound progressively grows from low to loud, making it an ideal pick for both light and heavy sleepers.

  • Design and Type: Digital Smart Backlight Battery Operated Alarm Table Clock
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Plastic

10. Victorian Side Wall Hanging Clock:


Doesn’t this timepiece remind us of the big hanging clocks in railway stations? The Victorian clocks are quite popular for their timeless vintage look. Seen here is one such piece made in plastic for better durability and price benefit. The dial features Roman numerals for an old-fashioned look. The tastefully designed holder secures the timepiece in place and offers better visibility of time from all corners of the room.

  • Design and Type: Vintage Product Victoria Dia Plastic Double Sided Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Plastic

11. Talking Clock with Projector:


Did you ever wish you had someone to read out the time while you struggled to open your eyes? Your wish will come true with this innovative talking clock! The cube-shaped bedside clock is loaded with features like a projector, talking function and alarm. What’s more? You can adjust the projector lens, and the image lasts for 10 seconds. Don’t you think you just got the perfect solution to your midnight timekeeping woes?

  • Design and Type: Digital LCD Talking Alarm Clock with Projector
  • Shape: Cube
  • Material: Plastic

12. Roman Numeral Round Clock:


If you find Roman Numerals ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’, then here is a perfect timepiece for you. The natural wooden round the clock features big-sized Roman numerals for good visibility. The gold finish of the numerals looks quite striking against the vintage wood background. What separates this piece from the rest is fine-grained wenge wood that gives a regal look to the clock.

  • Design and Type: Natural Wooden Wall Clock with Golden Roman Numerals
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wenge Wood

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13. Wooden Clock with Peacock Design:


Art lovers will find it hard to resist this beautiful wall clock. The wooden clock featuring a peacock design is entirely handcrafted to perfection. The use of superior quality wood and attractive colours add a lively look to the bird. This hanging wall clock not only shows you the time but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. The radium coated dial glows in the dark to tell you the time even after the lights are off!

  • Design and Type: Multicolor Peacock Design Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wood

14. Quartz Battery Clock:


Here is an old-school, minimally designed watch that serves practical purposes. The big and round dial features numbers in bold black. The clear marking lines against the white background offer good visibility of time. We recommend this clock design for offices, schools and large halls where functionality takes over aesthetics. Plus, the imported glass dial is easy to clean and maintain!

  • Design and Type: Ajanta Quartz Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Metal

15. Vintage Antique Clock:


This Vintage clock is a charming reminder of the bygone era! If you wish to ‘turn the clock back in time’, then get home this timeless treasure. The round frame is made with solid wood and polished to perfection. The light yellow background with brown Roman numerals adds an antique feel to this gorgeous wall clock. Among the many artefacts in your living room, this colonial-style wall clock is sure to stand out!

  • Design and Type: Antique Vintage Analog Wall Clock
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Wood and Brass

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16. Swagger Clock:


This is the best option for the outdoor home interior; you can use this in your home as per your interior. This outdoor clock is the best wall clock, and it looks funny. In this clock dial material is glass type and hour’s marker has made using roman style. Material is metal, so easy to use for your home decor collection.

17. Digital LCD Alarm Clock:


This black clock is made using plastic and is easy to read because the screen is LCD with the clock. You will get a stand on the back so you can put this clock on the table too. If you plan to go out with your friends, this one clock will be the best idea for travel and a night out. This is useful as a timer, too, so you can gift it to your student or kids.

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18. Hand-Painted Clock:

This is a brown coloured wall clock, and this is without a glass type of clock. This decorative clock is handcrafted, so it gives a proper soft touch to creativity. The display is analogue and easy to clean too. This is nice natural made, so it gives uniqueness to this wall clock.

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19. Kids Room Clock:

When we plan to decorate our home, we surely decide how to decorate special kids rooms; we like to teach them every aspect. Clocks with this type of Sun symbol and a smile on the face will surely catch the attention on the wall.

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20. Cool Apple Clock:

The funny but attractive clock will be a suitable option for your kitchen or baby’s room. If you want to apply a modern touch to your room, then the apple-shaped clock will be a good choice for your interior room or kitchen. This looks a little funny, but you can personalize it with any thoughts.

21. Lighthouse Clock:

Some clocks come in different shapes and prices too. This lighthouse design of the clock had arrived in the 1800s, and this clock has designed using a very low budget, but on that day, people sold them at a high price. This alarm clock was made the first time in the United States of America. The material used for this clock is brass as well as mahogany.

22. 12-Photo Frame and Clock:

This is a clock picture frame model with a huge 12 photo frame option. The frame option also comes with a clock in the centre as well. This can be a special gift for someone or can be used for home decor as well. This special design frame, as well as the clock, looks beautiful.

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23. Picture Frame Table Clock:


This square clock picture frame model comes with a brushed aluminium frame which looks just exciting. The frame is hinged at the centre, and it can hold up to 3.5 Wide by 5 Height inch photos. It will require just one AA battery to operate. It looks great for you and your spouse.

24. Family Picture Frames Wall Clock:

This clock picture frame-based model is made up of wood and has a round wall clock face. This is a unique clock as it can house 4 round photos and looks vintage with that wood. Handcrafted by artisans, this clock keeps accurate time and is perfect for Christmas, housewarming, or even holiday gifts.

25. Modern Decorative Wall Clock:

This 14-inch decorative modern clock features a plastic frame along with that red wine look dial and gold analogue and scale, which perfectly contrasts, making it easy to see and read. It features silent Quartz movement, giving you precise time as well as no noise environment to work or sleep. Perfect for home or office, or can be given as a gift on birthday, housewarming, etc. or to your loved ones.

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26. Modern 12″ Wall Clock:

This large rose gold coloured modern clock with a white background looks just stunning. It is 12 inches in diameter and has large numbers that are easy to read and see. There is a front glass that gives it a perfect view. Powered by a single AA battery, this clock is perfect for any room in your home or office.

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27. Antique Faux Gold Clock:


This stunning antique clock design features a faux gold type of finish on the clock. Hand made by real crushed stone along with high-quality resin, every individual piece is hand-painted in antique faux gold finish. Perfect for home or garden, this old clock is very good for home decor.

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28. Beautiful Sands of Time Wall Clock:

This beautiful clock adds a touch of coastal style to any space in your house. It features real seashells suspended in mid-air, in clear resin, along with easy to read Arabic numerals. Measures at just 7.5 inches in diameter, this clock needs one AA battery to operate.

29. Rustic Vintage Metal & Wood Clock:


This distressed, retro type, the rustic, beautiful clock looks great and stunning. Made up of dark metal and natural wood. The large dial size features Roman numerals and also features no ticking, noiseless operation while still keeping accurate time. Best for home decor or even can be given as gifts to your loved ones.

30. Wood Wall Clock In Square Shape:

This beautiful small clock is made of solid wood and is compatible with various decor styles in your home. The clock is silent in its operation and also gives out accurate time. This clock has a distressed finish and would be a great piece for your home. The clock also has metal panes, which will bring a lot of aura of art and nostalgia to your home.

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31. Classic Oak Day Clock:


This classic clock is perfect for someone who wants to measure time in days and not hours. It’s very beautiful yet very functional. Great for giving gifts and is perfect for decorating your home with a unique piece of the clock. It can match any space in your home.

32. Marlow Clock:

This beautiful classic industrial clock has been under an aged verdigris finish. This looks not only great but also attractive and gives it a vintage appearance as well. The clock face is truly under glass, thereby protecting the dial and the hands. The clock is fairly big at 24 inches in diameter. Perfect for taking your home decor to the next level.

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33. Spiral Wall Clock:

This is one of the most contemporary styled unique clocks you can get on the market right now. It is about 9.5 inches in diameter and has a durable black plastic case along with a clear lens, which gives it a clean look and can be easily seen. The modern Quartz movement will surely keep you up to date with accurate time. The unique face design is truly wonderful and will give your wall a huge decorative makeover. Perfect for giving as a gift for birthday or housewarming, etc.

34. Da Vinci Clock:

We get more shapes or patterns in clocks as per our requirement, but few clocks are tough to find; the Da Vinci clock is one. This mechanical clock looks luxurious, and it gives a more decorative touch to your living room; you will get a pendulum in it. You can experience there is no use of paint, glue or any battery for this.

35. Weird Eye Wall Clock:

This is one of the best unique clocks you can buy. Its contemporary hanging style is really beautiful, and the clock is 9.5 inches in diameter. It has a durable plastic case with a clear lens with easy to read and see timings anytime. This novelty clock also features a Quartz movement which gives you precise movement and accurate time. Perfect for giving gifts and requires just one AA battery to operate.

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36. Super Large Display Alarm Clock:

This is one of the best types of bedside clocks, which is digital. It features 1.8 inches of LED display, along with simple buttons for easy usage. There is also an option for increasing or decreasing the brightness as well. The clock comes with a standard alarm and snooze features and also features battery backup as well.

37. Atomic Wall Clock:

This is another type of clock you can find on the market: the atomic clock. The clock sets the time automatically, with the help of radio signals for maintaining accuracy. It can automatically adjust for daylight time savings as well. The clock has 14 inches in diameter, is analogue and has a plastic frame. It can work with one AA battery. Great for atomic clock lovers.

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38. 20″ Vintage European Style Rectangular Clock:

This is also one of the best looking types of clocks due to its vintage style. It’s fully made up of solid wood, a surface that is waterproof and damp-proof as well. The clock is unframed and has no glass on the front. This retro-looking clock will keep you in fashion, in your kitchen or your office. Also, it’s pretty easy to install and has beautifully crafted, large Roman numerals for easy viewing. Great for any home decorations.

39. Decorative Meta Aluminium Analog Wall Clock:

This is one of the unique analogue clock ideas to build a perfect piece of a stunning new decor item. With its classy, simplistic and elegant design, inspired by the greatest designer George Nelson, the oversized clock features 12 crystal shine acrylic balls on the dial. It stands out compared to the other clocks. The quality is very good, and the aluminium casing is noteworthy too. This big clock is very decorative yet a very good functional piece of art. It takes only one AA battery to operate.

40. Kitchen Wall Clock:

One of the greatest kitchen clock ideas is building a clock out of various kitchen utensils. This funky clock will be a unique present for your loved ones. The wall art on the clock is handmade, and it comes in modern and vintage style as well. It can be used in the kitchen or any other room just to showcase its beauty.

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41. Wood Table Alarm Clock:

This cute clock has a total cat face on its front. It also resembles the cat ears as well. The clock is made up of high-quality textured wood that is not at all harmful. The cat appearance will make your kid smile with enjoyment. Also, the clock comes with an alarm as well as snooze features as well. Very great clock for children and alike.

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42. New Classic Vintage Cat Clock:


This is a nice option who want to buy a new clock for either their home or office. The clock is a vintage, retro-styled cat clock. Fully battery operated and can be highly used in increasing the decor of your home. It can give enjoyment to kids as well.

43. Projector Dual Alarm Clock:


This is a unique clock if you are in the market to buy a new clock. The clock projects the time onto the ceiling of your room or wall. There is a separate alarm feature – one for you and one for your partner. Comes with a snooze feature as well. It also has built-in FM radio and an extra USB port to charge all your mobile devices. It can run on power from the mains as well as on lithium battery backup.

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44. Modern White Round Wooden Wall Clock:

This simple white clock is made up of natural and engineered wood, fully out of Scandinavian style. Clock hands are of natural wood, while the dial is of engineered wood. The silent, non-ticking operation will help in a no distraction work and sleep environment. This modern clock runs on just one AA battery.

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45. Modern Simple Wall Clock:

This is the best looking simple clock, purely in terms of looks and elegance. The clock can be found in different colours, like teal or rose colours, and the clock houses big Arabic numerals for letting you know the time. The clock also comes with Quartz movement for precise and accurate time, while its silent operation creates a noiseless environment. It needs one AA battery to operate.

46. Simple Elegant Glossy Aluminum Wall Clock:

This is a very simple clock. The simplicity and elegance of this electric clock will help it blend with any decor in your home. The clock hand are not protected by any means and are bare and only connected to the main motor. Perfect for keeping your wall very simple yet very sleek and stylish.

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47. Retro Flip Down Clock:

This flip clock is one of the cool clocks you can find on the market. The numbers are big and are easy to read as well. The clock features accurate Quartz movement, which is precise and also very silent in its operation. The construction of this clock is very much made with quality components, and the clock shows both AM and PM time as well.

48. LED Clock Fan:


This is one of the cool clocks to have in your collection. The clock consists of PVC made soft fan blades, which are flexible and rotates while giving out the time. It can be easily plugged into a USB port on your PC or laptop. The fan neck can be adjusted for the cool breeze that flows onto your face. The clock delivers real-time display without any need for drivers. Best for use at the office or can be used anywhere you wish.

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49. Alarm Clock Memo Board Creative with Highlighter:

This is one of the best looking, cool, fancy clocks you could ever find. This clock features a backlit LCD, along with an alarm and snooze feature as well. The alarm can be selected from an option of 15 songs. The USB Hub is great for connecting 4 USB devices. The clock has support for calendar and temperature function as well. The coolest thing about this clock is the message board – you can display whatever sweet message you want to for your loved ones, and they’ll know. Just the coolest clock you’ll ever experience.

50. Wooden Blocks Toy Clock:

This is one of the most different types of clock pictures type kids clock for your lovely children. Suitable for kids aged 3 or more, this is a great puzzle type clock. The clock is fully made of wood, which is high quality – so rest assured it will not be harmful. These children’s clock parts are removable, including all the 12. Therefore, it can also be a brilliant play set for your kids. Highly recommended if you have small kids at home.

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Above different clocks, the list is some of the greatest examples of how varied and good looking clocks can be. They serve as a style statement for your family and the functional thing to keep you updated with the latest time. And sometimes, it can be a beautiful playing thing for your child.

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