Tradition of exchanging wedding rings dates back to 4800 years during Egyptian times. You can celebrate your love and beginning of your new life with wedding rings. These rings are expression of love towards your partner. Rings will be your lifetime commitment of love between you and your partner.

Amazing Wedding Rings by Designer:

Here are the enlisted the famous designer wedding rings. that always show the love between couples.

1. Floral Designer Wedding Ring:

This designer wedding ring is made of gold and several small diamonds. The design is created in a very attractive and interesting manner.The ring is designed having numerous flowers that are arranged in three circular rows. These flowers have petals made of gold. The centres of the flowers are made of a bunch of small sparking diamonds.

2. Wedding Ring with Two Diamond Hearts:

This designer wedding ring is made of gold and two diamond hearts made of diamonds. The centre of the ring is absolutely like any plain band and made of gold. This band separates on either sides stretching to two separate arms. These arms have two distinctly heart shaped diamonds. These arms with hearts appear to be embracing the plain gold ring.

3. Indian Designed Wedding Ring:

This designer wedding ring is made of gold and diamonds. There are several hollowed mango ‘s shaped or Kalka designs used in this wedding ring design. Hence, the design is very Indian in style. The special Indian design is found predominantly on the top of the ring

4. Woven Gold and Diamond Studded Wedding Ring:

This designer wedding ring is made of gold and diamonds. On the upper surface of the ring the special intricate design is present. The design is of weaving of two strands. Of these strands, one strand is made of plain gold and the other strand is studded with diamonds.

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5. Unique Wedding Band:

This designer wedding band is made of gold. This is very unique because on its outer surface there is an individual’s finger print. The finger print may belong to the bride when the band is gifted to the groom and vice versa when gifted to a bride. Generally, the ring is gifted to the bride so the finger print of the groom is added.  Inner surface of the ring has two dimensional inscriptions of the names of the couple.

6. Awesome Unisex Wedding Bands:

This designer wedding band is made of gold. It is very special because it is meant for unisex and both bride and groom can wear it. Also, the design of the band is very unique and special. The interesting part is this ring has a three dimensional look and feel.The ring is made of solid gold and golden powdered finish. Both alternate with each other giving an interesting texture.

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7. White Gold and Green Enamel Wedding Ring:

This designer wedding band is made of white gold and green enamel. There is no relief or engravings on this design. The band is two dimensional plain surfaces. However, there are two golden bands on either edge. In the middle portion there is lower white gold band. Above this band, there is the green enamel that breaks the monotony.

8. Couple’s Designer Wedding Rings:

This pair of designer wedding rings is made of gold and diamond. The ring for the groom is more plain but thicker than the ring for the bride. It is made with only gold. As for the bride’s ring, it is thinner. Also, only the bride’s ring is studded with big diamonds.

9. Blue Stones on Silver Designer Wedding Ring:

This pair of designer wedding ring made of medium blue Spinal stones set in oxidised silver. The stones are laid in a special manner to one side of the ring. The inner surfaces of the rings are plain. The side of the rings that sits near the palm is made plain. Both these rings are created identical.

Depending on your choice of designer wedding rings, you can choose different kind of designs and shapes of rings for your upcoming wedding. You can surprise or gift customize wedding ring to your loved one too.

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