A wedding is on the cards, and this time, your best friend is getting hitched. You are now all anxious, running around to help him or her makes this the best day of their lives, but what’s worrying you the most is the gift. They have everything that money can buy, so what is it that you would want to give them which they would treasure above the rest for the years ahead? It is indeed a catch twenty two situation here. You really want to get them something special but simply don’t know what. Here are the memorable gift ideas for the wedding couple.

Best Memorable Gifts for Wedding:

D.I.Y is the way to go:

Let’s rummage through Grandma’s old secret diary; there could be some gift ideas there.

1. Picture Frame:

What about something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? That’s it; something old could be a memorable picture framed well and presented to the couple. Something new would be the frame embellished in gold or silver, and if you can afford it, platinum. Something borrowed, well, this is going to be funny, but check your wardrobe, and you will find something borrowed from your friend a long time back, pack it and gift it too. Finally, something blue. What better option than wrapping paper in blue? There you go, you have one memorable gift which would make them smile and laugh, remembering the lovely you always.

2. Chocolate Basket:

You could also make your own chocolate basket or a basket of goodies which they can share or munch on their honeymoon. Couples get hungry for food after the wedding, and this would be a gift that could satiate their mind, body and soul. Pack in a bunch of goodies, such as crackers, chocolates, a bottle of the finest wine, napkins, paper towels, cheese, fruits, some bacon strips and anything else you like. The base of the wicker basket should be filled with clean hay or cotton. Place the items as you please, and cover the whole basket, enveloping the handle and taping it in the end with a nice bow. Keep the wrapping paper in blue and the bow in pearly white with ringlets or flows.

3. Video Album:

Make a video album of the couple and their journey from childhood to marriage. Bring in old photos or videos of them individually as kids, up until they both met for the first time. Check their Facebook profiles for photos of the two of them together, maybe at a party or at a dance. Gather such memorable photos and make a video of them together. The couple would appreciate the time you took to show them how much you appreciate and admire their togetherness.

4. Wedding Photographer or Planner:

Be the wedding photographer or the wedding planner. It takes almost half a year to plan, organize and get things right for the wedding. There is too much pressure on the family for the same, and you can only imagine how stressed the bride and groom would be. Be a darling and take the burden off their shoulders. Help the groom and bride shop for their wedding clothes, arrange the venue, work on the budget lines, be the MC of the wedding, and arrange the bachelor and spinster parties.

5. Emotional Support and Presence:

Brides and grooms go through an anxiety phase before the wedding. As a friend, you could be the best gift for them, be there when they need you the most. Be the shoulder they need to cry on, the helping hand they need, or just be there and let them know everything will be alright.

Finally, if you really are confident about this, go ahead and get the triple-layered wedding cake baked with your own hands. Surprise them with this. They will thank you tons all their life.


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