There are various types of bun hair dos that can be done and sported for various fancy occasions for hair that is medium in length. There are various trendy and funky styles that can be easily done. For more professional look these can be done from salons.

Below are the top 9 types of bun hairstyles for medium hair that a person should definitely try out.

Bun Hairstyles for Medium Hair:

1. Sectional Bun Look:

This is a very popular hairstyle which can be easily done if the length of the sections is not very short. If those are long then also this can be done but if those are very short then this cannot be done. This is also easy to wear and keeps a person sweat free during warmer season or for day out occasions.

2. Top Puffed Look:

This is a top puffed style which can be done by crunching and also some blowing with a dryer. This is also easy to sport done can keep a person from sweating during the summers. A person can sport this with casual get ups.

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3. Low Rung Party Look:

This is a very stylish look that a person can sport at a party. This can be sport with bold makeup and a Smokey dark eye. This can also be done with nude lips so that the focus is brought more to the eyes and the stylish look. This can also be easily done without excessive styling. This can also be done with product build up and also without washing the head.

4. The Thick Afro Look:

If a person has very dry and rough texture which is difficult to manage, then that person to change the look, can do something like above. This is how instead of normal long styles, a person can take the sections upwards and then make a thick hive out of it. This can be good for almost all type of occasions like parties or casual day out with friends or even for family or traditional gathering. This is good for warm seasons and will not be sweaty or give back rashes if a person has the habit of getting those from flakes.

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5. The Conch Shell:

This is a popular look which is almost always in fashion. The sections are made with a damp at the central portion and then another section is taken out to be used as elastic over the normal elastic for a more defined look. This can be sport for parties and also for almost any formal gathering or functions. This is also good for girls going to college.

6. The Bow Girl Look:

If a person wants something that is quite funky and also quite stylish, then making a bow like shown at the above image can be quite good. This is also quite fashionable and will be goof ro day out functions.

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7. Messed Low Bun:

This looks good when the sections are neither very short nor has excessive product build up. If the sections are shiny and moderate in length then this can be easily sported. A person can sport this easily for any type of function.

8. Stepped Bun:

This is another stylish look that can be done for occasions like parties or gatherings from salons. This is a professionally done look.

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9. Accessorized Prom Look:

This is a look that can be done on medium length of hairs for proms or other parties. Pearl or other accessories can be bought from stores and used for these.

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