39 Simple & Easy Braid Hairstyles with Pictures

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Long time ago, women had long tresses, which they loved to flaunt. A nicely long braided hair always caught the eyes of on lookers. Braid hairstyles have been in trend for a very long time. There are different types of braids as well as braid hairstyles.

Braids are one of the easiest and comfortable solutions for styling hair. They can be simple and sophisticated at the same time. Braided hairstyles also protect your hair from external damages. Good quality thick hair is always a plus point for styling braid hair. Choosing the right hairstyles for yourself is definitely a tedious process. Thus we have cut down the harsh procedure and brought you the best braided hairstyles suitable for girls.

braid hairstyles

In the present scenario, most women like to keep their hair short and stylish. If you think braids are not for short hair, then you might want to think again. Here are some braid hairstyles, which includes styles suited for both long hair, medium hair and short hair also.

Beautiful Hairstyles in Braided With Pictures:

This article gives the list of braided hairstyles along with images that make your presence more alluring.

1. A Simple French Braid:

Braid Hairstyles 1

If you have been braiding your hair to school, then you surely know what a simple French braid is. This is the most common braid hairstyle of all. This is gives a very classy look. This mostly suits ethnic outfits like salwar kameez and sarees. This would also blend in, if you are trying to pull off a fusion outfit.

2. A Fishtail Braid:

Braid Hairstyles 2

Fishtail braids seemed to be the one of the trendiest braids at the moment. The braid resembles a fish tail – the reason for which it is named a fishtail braid. Be it a casual evening or day out in the heat, fishtail braids are the fun thing to pull off. Wear a strapless or one shoulder or noodle strap top and let your braid fall on the open shoulder.

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3. Side Braid With Half Pin Curl:

A half pin curl though slightly vintage is a completely hot hairstyle that could never go out of fashion. Team it with a side braid, and see how classy you can make the whole look seem. You can try this look for a fine evening get together or an event.

4. Messy Fishtail Braid, With Asymmetrical Bangs:

The trend at the moment seems to be having a slightly messed up hair. A messy fishtail braid hairstyles is usually very edgy and casual. Now, if you have asymmetrical bangs, this would just make the look even more astounding.

5. Braided Bun:

braid hairstyles2

Buns are another very common hairstyle. But here is a hairstyle that mixes two hairstyles together. A simple French braided hair is simply tied into a bun, in this hairstyle. This is a very formal style. This would work great for working women, who like to wear suits and formal attires.

6. Braided Updo:

Updo is a messy hairstyle, which is usually hair pinned and held together with clips and pins. Updos have been in trend for being one of the messy yet arranged hot looks for this season. Take a small portion of your hair from the side, braid it and line it across the front of your head before you do an updo, and this style is set. Casual day or a fine evening this look would definitely draw some attention.

7. Messy Bangs With Milkmaid Braid:

braid hairstyles7

The milkmaid braid is also known as crown braid. The braid usually encircles the head, making it seem like a crown, which is the reason it is called so. Women who have bangs can pull off a much cooler look with a milkmaid braid, by letting the bangs look slightly messy, and undone. Yet again, this is a very casual for evening events.

8. Low Sided Braided Bun:

Braid hairstyles 8

Braided bun as mentioned earlier is one of the most formal looks. Buns are usually experimental and braided buns can be experimented too. Here in this case, you can braid your hair to side, and then roll up your hair into a bun hanging lower. Since it is braided to one side, the bun also appears on one side. And there you have the low sided braided bun.

9. Long Bangs In A Braided Fashion:

In case your bangs have started to grow longer and you don’t plan to cut them but still want your bangs to seem amazing, then braid your long bangs and pin them to one side with help of clips or pins. This would give the effect that you have hair band across one side as well. Let the rest of your hair loose, and pull off a casual look with t-shirts, kurtis, etc. This could make an ideal college hairstyle.

10. A Braided Band:

Braid hairstyles 10

This is one of the easiest braid hairstyles to do. The hair braids are made to appear like a band over your head, which is why it is called a braided band. The braided band can be done by parting the hair into two sections, braiding them separately and then crossing them across the head to make it look like a band.

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11. Hippie Braid:

Braid Hairstyles 11

This type of braided hairstyles for perfectly suitable for girl with long hair and spades and modern dress. With bohemian and hippie cultures making trends again, a hippie braid is hard to be out of trend. This is a very simple braid hair style. The braid is usually done by taking few locks of hair and then braided and pinned to look like a band across the forehead.

12. Casual Braids With Open Hair:

Braid hairstyles 12

This would be an amazing hairstyle for college girls. This is done simply by partitioning the hair in the middle and taking small locks of hair on either sides and then braiding them. The rest of the hair is left loose, and the braid mingles in with the rest of the hair. this types of hair braids are so beautiful with curls and suits for any type of parties.

13. A Simple Side Braid:

This is different from a total side braid. In this style, the hair is let loose. The hair is partitioned to one side and taking a small lock of hair, you braid it and pin it in such a way that it circles almost half the head. This is another style that best suits college goers.

14. A Bun With Braided Band:

Braid hairstyles 14

As mentioned earlier, a braid can be made to look like a band by braiding it across. But this time you must ensure to make the braid using very few locks of hair. The remaining locks would be later tied up as a bun.

15. Fishtail Braided Bangs:

You can also try a fishtail braid for longer bangs and let the hair loose. You might need the help of a friend while doing this, since it would require lot of work. But if you could get it done, there is nothing better than his hairstyle for an evening or a gathering. It would look amazing on cocktail dresses.

16. Dutch Braids With Bohemian Twist:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 16

When you are looking for braid hairstyles, make no mistake about this Bohemian hairstyle that you are bound to fall in love with. To begin this one, all you need to do is put each section of hair into braids, which is usually two sections. Once the braids are done, pin them back together at the back. There will be some hair left in the end, use a curling iron to make them soft, and put up a beachy look.

17. Crowd Bread:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 17

Too lazy to take care of how you step out of home, are you? Don’t worry; we have easy braided hairstyles to sort your dilemma as well. This one needs no prominent hair care and can be done with in no time. You can just try out a simple twist first, and there after take it back to your crown and pin it up there. With that your crown braid comes to an end.

18. Double Dutch Braid:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 18

You probably still aren’t over the first hairstyle that we just discussed on the number 16th one. Well, the two strands on your hair has Dutch braid, you shouldn’t be the one to complain. This braiding hairstyle is really easy and you can literally wave goodbye to your headbands and useless accessories, and step out in style.

19. Pull Through Braid:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 19

The next braid hairstyle on our list is very stunning and you will literally leave others guessing how you got the whole thing going. Tie your hair first into a high ponytail to begin. Next, divide your ponytail into two separate sections. Use elastic to secure your hair and pull it through the middle. Braid until the way down and use this method till the end. That should be all you need to know to look good.

20. Low Knot Braided Hair:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 20

Braided hairstyles are many, but this cute one features double braided bun is a great way to escape the heat while you still can. You don’t have to look weird in doing so. When you pull your hair back into this knot you literally open a quirky style and chic up do. It is easy to recreate this hairstyle and simply feed the whole braided hair into the bun to transform your look.

21. Milk Maid Braids:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 21

The good old vintage days are back and look what it brought along the milk maid braids. Popularized by Shakespeare, this one is an easier version, and it features a crown braid. It gives you a very relaxed look, and a wavy vibe. You don’t have to undergo all that hassle of the French braids either. From work to school, this up do is super easy for all occasions. This is one of the easy braid hairstyles with medium hair that looks so beautiful.

22. Messy Braided Ponytail:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 22

Messy braids are quite popular these days. You don’t want us to explain why it is so to you either, because we can assume you know. But, let’s get into the hairstyle with your preference. It can become your go-to style. For a charming up do, you can pull some strands from your neatly stacked braid to get this look and give off a ‘I woke now’ look.

23. Macramé Braid:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 23

Now that you have finished looking into the simplistic beginner braids, let us introduce you to the first advanced one on the list. This is something different than the previous ones and perfect for your long hair that gets so hard to manage in a ponytail with all the strands flying around. In case you are bored of the same old hairstyle, here’s one to die for.

24. Wired Hairstyle:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 24

This braided hairstyle is an easy up do, but one of the lesser known ones among the braided hairstyles. It is more casual than formal and different. Try this hairstyle with flannel shirts and high tops to look your best. Don’t forget those big nerdy glasses though.

25. Braided Bangs:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 25

When you are not ready to have your hair cut short, but envy other girls flaunting their bangs, this hairstyle is for you. You can also try this one out if your hair has reached that awkward phase where it is mid length and nothing suits your look. Just plait like usual and bring your braided hair in front to secure with a clip. That’s it!

26. Easy Twist Braid:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 26

Among braiding hairstyles, this twist braid is super easy and just perfect for your date night. You can wear anything at all, but this hairstyle will still steal the show in the end. This is one of the most excellent braid hairstyles with medium hair that makes you look awesome.

27. Different Pull Out Hair Braiding:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 27

The previous pull out braid we showed has a unique take to it, and this is this one. It gives your hair the uniformity and neatness it needs, while adding the reckless strands along to give a more casual look. Try it and you will realize your hair is nothing less than a piece of art.

28. Messy Hair Braids:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 28

This is one of the ideal hair braids for teenage girls with long hair. This hair braiding style is a different alternative to the ones you are so accustomed to. It is unique and has only two essential twists, with the remaining section of your hair tucked into the nape of your hair for a cute up do.

29. Pulled Back Crown Braid:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 29

This one is nothing like the crown braid you were probably picturing. Instead, it is better than the traditional one, with a twist in the tail, literally!

30. Easy Plaited Hair Updo:

Simple and Easy Braid Hairstyles 30

While back in the 70s this style was a rage, among hairstyle braids, it isn’t a bad one to choose. From weddings to date nights, you can easily be the dive you wish to be with this hairstyle. Don’t worry this type of hairstyles braids with long straight hair is surely attracts the others at any where.

How To Do Braided Hairstyles for Girls Step By Step:

Let’s find here with mentioned step by step procedure to girls braided hairstyles.

31. Marley Twists:


It is the best braided hairstyle for young girls. If you have thick and long hair you can style your hair in this way. It comes with long strands which extend beyond shoulder length. This effortless look can be worn anywhere. Women with almost all face shapes can avail this hairstyle.

32. Crow Braid:


Girls with long hair will rock this look. There are a few steps for styling the hair in this way. Firstly you should comb the hair for avoiding tangles and straighten it properly. Then you should pull the hair back or part it, according to your preference. Make a thick braid with the pulled up portion of the hair and set is loose or shift it to the side. By now you hair will look pretty much like a French Braided hair and there will be small parts of hair which will come out from the top and make the upper portion of your hair look like a crown.

33. Jumbo French Braid:


This braided hairstyle for girls is a masterpiece. Here the hair is styled like a casual French Braid hair but there are some minute variations. The volume of the hair makes all the difference. If you have dense and voluminous hair then you will be most benefited from this look. The lengthy part of the hair will make the braid a look thicker and wider.

34. Braids With Open Hair:


For attaining this look, you will have the part the hair in middle equally. Then you will have to create natural braids (with fingers) and take hair sides and do a braid. The braids should not be heavy. Use an elastic band and tie the hair at the back and keep the rest of the hair open.

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35. Hipster Braid:


These are relaxed braid styles for girls which is suitable for summer. It gives you a beach look which allows you to put the hair in the middle and tie a braid outlining the forehead. This girls braids hairstyle will be suitable for a wedding ceremony.

36. Updo Hairstyles For Cornrows And Twists:


It is a combination of braids and twists and a cute updo. Here the different styles are mixed together which produces a complicated look. Black women often wear this look.

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37. Braided Bun:


This is a vintage look which is suitable for family occasions. For having this look, you will have the part the side hair and take the large portion of the hair and do a braid. After bringing the braid to the back, establish it with an elastic band. You can tie the rest of the hair to form a shaggy bun at the nape.

38. Regular Braid:


The regular braid is a cute girl hairstyle which will suit almost all faces and hair types. However, it goes best with medium length hair where the hair is well-parted and braided to one side.

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39. Double Braided Hairstyle:


Last but not the lease, the double braid hairstyle will look good on women with long faces. Here the hair is well parted on the side and set loose to take a wavy structure. You will have to establish the hair with the help of an elastic band.

You can team these hairstyles up with any casual wear to look classy and sophisticated. If you like low maintenance hairstyles, that are cool and relaxed, these braided style will be your token to the zone.


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