The heavy wrist wears are now replaced with cute and simple bracelet designs. They are made from metals like gold, silver, bronze, copper, wood, leather etc. while decorated with beads, shells, buttons etc. to give them a unique design. Among all the bracelets, charm bracelets are quite trendy among the women these days.

This kind of bracelets comes with personalized charms in it. Women generally use trinkets or pendants to make their favorite design. In the ancient times, charm bracelets were worn as a good luck charm or say talisman to protect the loved ones from the evil spirits. However, with the change in the fashion accessories, bracelets with charms are accepted for a simplified look to the wearer.

Latest Charm Bracelets in Fashion:

Here are some charm bracelet designs that might win your heart with a single glance.

1. The Caveman Charm Bracelet:

The caveman charm bracelet gives an ancient touch to your accessories. Made from bones and skull designs, they are worn to for protection against the evil. It is widely adopted by women as a sign of danger or for protesting against something evil on casuals.

2. The Promise Charm Bracelet:

Want to promise something very crucial to your beloved! Gift her promising charm. The charm bracelets for girls come with in sterling silver and are given three different pendants. One contains the initials; the second is a sapphire gem, while the third carries a pink promise crafted on it. In short, all the three pendants symbolize deep love and truth.

3. Angel Wing Charm Bracelet:

Angels are defined as guardian spirits who are the messengers for the heaven and earth. The angel wing charm bracelet charms hereby symbolize love, protection and spirituality. It is one of the best gifts for your friend or beloved to make them feel cared in any kind of situation.

4. Key Charm Bracelet:

Want to gift something that really works for your family or friends! Here is a good luck charms for charms bracelets, key charm bracelet. The keys in the bracelet represent knowledge, curiosity, awakening, opportunity and a new beginning. It is the best gift to someone who is shifting or moving to a new start in life.

5. Tree Life Charm Bracelet:

This bracelet is a perfect gift to your mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day. The charm bracelets for women represent knowledge, interconnection and wisdom. Just as the tree has deep roots in the soil and nourishes each branch towards the sky, similarly, this charm is the best for the backbone of anyone’s life.

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6. North Star Charm Bracelet:

The North Star was priory used as a navigator by the sailors. And hence, this gold charm bracelet is a symbol of protection, guidance, security, direction and luck. It is the best gift for any one traveling to a long journey for safe return.

7. Flower Charm Bracelet:

The flower charms for bracelets have been the favorite for women of any age. In the initial stages, flower charms were used as messages and hence, each flower has its own diverse missive in it. The flowers signify love, new beginnings and hope.

8. Heart Charm Bracelet:

The silver charm bracelet when given a lovely charm in heart shape would grab the heart of any lady in fraction of seconds. As everyone knows, heart is a classic denote of passion, femininity, sensuality, adoration and love. For the lovers, heart is an archetypal gift which also represents the true side of life, listening to the heart.

9. Locket Charm Bracelet:

Remember your first locket gift with some photo in it! Yes, this design is also adopted in making a lovely charm bracelet. Lockets are gifted to someone who reside beside your heart, and giving them a locket means you are conveying the same message to him/her. The lockets symbolize romance, time and treasured memory.

10. Simple Star Charm Bracelet:

Similar to heart, stars have always remained in trend for any kind of jewelry design. A combination of gold and silver, the bracelet is a great gift to the ideal of your life. The stars embody good luck, ambition, self-fulfillment, femininity, and fame.

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11. Feather Charm Bracelet:

Since the beginning, feathers have always been a good luck charm. They are also considered and a communication means between the human and the spirits. The adjustable feather charm bracelet henceforth is the best gift to someone who means the world to you which means hope, faith and charity.

12. Bee Charm Bracelets:

Might sound funny, but yes, bee charms for charms bracelets are considered to be very useful for the people who keep themselves busy in some or the other way. The bees are well appreciated for their hard work in making honey and as a messenger between the flowers and honey. Henceforth, this charm epitomizes diligence, community and hard work.

13. Dove Charm Bracelets:

This charming combination of beads and dove is the best for the newly married couples for a new start. The dove symbolizes hope, peace and eternal love. It is widely gifted to the lovers as a pair of doves for a never-ending relationship. It is also the best gift to mothers to thank for their sacrifice and love.

14. Eternity Knot Charm Bracelet:

A dramatic design in the silver charm bracelet category is the eternity knot charm bracelet. The design of the charm is no doubt simple, but it means very strong for any kind of relationship. It is a powerful symbol which means there is no start or end, but eternal love with faith. It is the best thing you can gift to your beloved or true friend.

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15. Apple Charm Bracelets:

Apple carries a broad meaning within from enticement to youth. The apples are symbol of knowledge, youth, rebirth, beauty and sustenance. This can also be figured out by several stories which show its importance. It is a perfect gift to the energetic individual who has always served with his duties without fail and is caring too.

The charm bracelets charms hold an important role in the bracelet. It cannot be chosen randomly for wearing. Other charms like owl, peacock feather, horseshoe, leaf, geometric shapes etc. also have their own prominence for gifting something meaningful to someone.