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50 Successful Homemade Natural Tips for Glowing Skin

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Do you believe looking good or having that magical glow on your skin costs lot of cash, if yes then you are wrong. You have a lot of things around to help you to have a glowing skin and you don’t even have to empty your pocket. Getting that glow on face naturally is the most secure way to deal with skin and that too with the help of some extremely simple and natural homemade remedies for glowing skin with images along with face masks.

for glowing skin

You just have to invest a little time and put in some of your efforts. Always remember the mantra “an excellent beauty regime and healthy diet are the solution for getting healthy and glowing skin”. So here are simple steps to achieve a glowing face, Follow the steps and you will have glowing and perfect skin naturally in few days.

50 Historical Natural Secrets to Get Glowing Skin at Home:

Here we provides how to have glowing skin by using homemade natural ingredients.

A. Cleansing:

Cleansing skin is a primary step on the way to achieve a glowing face. A proper cleansing habit helps to remove dirt from skin which gets settled during the day. Instead of soap make use of a face wash or cleanser apt for your skin type, or you can immerse a cotton ball in cold water or rosewater. Wipe up your face and neck to take out dirt.

B. Open Up The Pores To Make Way For Nourishment:

Heat water in a vessel, enough to dip a finger into it. Now take a clean towel and soak the heated water in it. Make sure to squeeze the towel so as to take out the excess water then cover up your face with it for 3-5 minutes. Repeat this action at least 4 times to open the pores.

traditional home tips for glowing skin in short time

C. Pack To Glow:

It’s time to pamper your skin with face mask that can easily be made by using basic ingredients found around the house. These face masks are inexpensive and have no side effects.

1. Grate raw coconut and squeeze milk out of it. Apply this mask over your face. It gives glow to your skin.

2. Application Olive oil and aragan oil on face has resulted in glowing and fairer complexion skin.

3. Honey is well-known as a natural cleanser. It exfoliates skin to take out a healthy and glowing complexion.

4. Make a paste of neem leaf, almond, sandalwood, turmeric and poppy seed with milk and apply the mask for 15 minutes. Take out the dried mask by massaging in spherical motion on your face and wash off with lukewarm water.

Face packs Ingridents for glowing skin

5. Take some ripe bananas and mash them, then add curd and apply on face for around 15 minutes. This face pack adds a lot of glow and improves the texture of skin.

6. Mix 1 tablespoon of curd and 2 drops of honey and apply it on your face as well as neck. Leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off with water.

7. Take Bengal gram flour/chickpea flour mix some curd or lemon juice and turmeric, this pack reduces tan and enhances the skin complexion.

8. Take 5-6 almonds and a teaspoon of urad daal and soak them overnight. Grate them together to a fine paste and put this protein face mask on face and clean it off after ½ hr. This mask enhances the skin tone and additionally nourishes the facial skin.

9. Mix equal quantities of cucumber juice, lime juice and rose water. Wash your face and apply it overnight. Rinse off in the morning. This cleans the complexion and keeps it healthy.

10. Take 50 ml of tomato juice and mix with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Put on this mixture to the face. It makes the skin soft and glowing.

11. Apply a piece of papaya to your face and neck, rubbing it for 15 minutes until you feel difference on the tip of your fingers. You will have a golden glow in minutes.

12. Mix 2 tablespoon of orange juice with 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder. Use it as a scrub to your face and neck for a golden glow. Apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes and wash off with water.

13. Make a paste of mint and almond with warm water. Apply on the face and wash off after 15 minutes.

14. Make a smooth paste using 4 tbsp of fuller’s earth, ½ tsp of powdered camphor, 10 crushed mint leaves and rose water. This paste helps to reduce oiliness, aids blood circulation and brings instant glow.

15. Combine 1 tablespoon of milk powder, honey and lime juice with ½ tbsp of almond oil and mix them to form paste and put it all over your face and neck. Let it dry then rinse off to get a perfect glowing skin free from dirt and other spots.

16. Soak 4-5 almonds in water all night. Take out their skin in the morning and grind them to a fine paste. Add 1 teaspoon gram flour, 1 teaspoon of milk and 4 drops of lime juice. Mix well and massage your skin with this paste for about 5 minutes to get a long lasting far and neat skin complexion.

17. Take 1 tsp each of milk and olive oil, add ½ tsp honey. Blend them well and apply it on skin. After 10 minutes dip a cotton swab in lukewarm water and wipe off the paste from your skin.

18. Add glow to your face by making a pack of gram flour (besan) with turmeric, lemon drops and some milk cream (malai) which has various benefits.

19. Another way you can bring glow in your face in home with potatoes this is for people who want to get rid of scars and blemishes. It is a cheap and simple remedy for fairer skin first of all Peel off the skin of the potatoes and finely chops it. Take grind potatoes and 3 spoons of rose water to a fine paste. Add honey and lime water.  Apply this paste on face for 15 minutes then wash with cold water.

20. Add radiance to your skin by mixing orange peel with ground pink daal (masoor daal) and a little bit of honey and curd. This will not only give your skin a glow but also exfoliate it.

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21. Another homemade remedy for glowing skin of oily type is Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Scrub Mix- take aloe Vera juice and add to fine paste of oatmeal and rub gently and make a soft massage on your skin. After 10-15 minutes rinse with water.

22. Use Gram Flour And Turmeric Powder To Make A Face Pack for Getting fair And Glowing skin:

Mix 1 tbsp Gram flour and 1 tbsp turmeric, add 1 tbsp lemon juice and rose water to make a thick paste. Apply this on your face and leave it till dry. Clean properly using cold water. This face mask is useful for all skin types and gives good quality result for attaining naturally fair and glowing skin.

23. Almonds Soaked In Milk Face Mask for Fair and Glowing Skin :

Homemade face mask made from almonds is very useful in enhancing colour of your skin. Almonds are excellent for dark circles treatment. Soak 3 or 4 almonds in the milk as per your skin area requirement. After 15 to 20 hours, mash the soaked almonds in the milk. Crush it thoroughly into a fine paste; you can also add some more milk. Put this paste on your face and allow it to relax on your face for whole night or equal time. Clean your face with cold water. This face mask makes skin complexion lighter as well as glowing.

24. Home Remedy Prepared From Milk Cream And Saffron For Getting Fair And Glowing Skin :

Milk cream and Saffron

Soak few strands of Saffron in 2 tbsp milk cream for the night. In morning blend milk cream and saffron with fingers and apply it on your face with soft hands. This home remedy will lighten your skin tone and will give a healthy flawless glow to your skin.

25. Face Mask Made From Jasmine Flowers for Getting Fair And Glowing Skin:

Jasmine flowers

Mash the fresh Jasmine flowers and add 2 tbsp of curd and 1 tbsp sugar. Apply this mask for 15 minutes. Jasmines are natural remedy for getting sensitive skin whereas sugar helps in removing blackheads.

26. Blend of Honey and Lemon Juice For Instant Glow on Your Skin:

Mix 2 tbsp honey along with 2 tbsp lemon juice and apply them on face for half an hour. Clean your face after 15 minutes. This remedy is for getting fair and glowing skin naturally and instantly.

27. Face Mask Made From Oatmeal Blended With Tomato Juice And Yogurt For Getting Fair And Glowing Skin at Home:

Prepare a paste of 2 tbsp oatmeal, 2 tbsp yogurt and 1 tbsp tomato juice. Put this on your face for approx 20 minutes. After drying clean your face with chill water. Oatmeal scrubs the dead skin and dirt from face, thus making skin supple and healthy.

28. Home Remedy Made With Flower Blossoms and Buttermilk Helps in Getting From Fair And Glowing Skin :

Buttermilk fr gs

Take 1 cup buttermilk, add 3 tbsp and cook it for 30 minutes on low flame. Let the mixture to cool down then apply the mask. This will help in cleaning the pores and will give a fair and glowing skin.

29. Natural Home Remedy With Juices of Cucumber, Watermelon and Yogurt For Glowing Skin:

Mix 2 tbsp Cucumber juice, 1 tbsp Milk Powder, 2 tbsp Watermelon juice and 1 tbsp Yogurt. Apply this mask for fifteen minutes. This amazing mask gives fair and glowing skin.

30.  Aloe Vera Face Pack for Glowing Skin:

aloe vera for gs

Make a paste with a bit of turmeric, a teaspoon of Honey and teaspoon of milk and few drops of rose water. Add the aloe Vera gel to the paste and blend it well. Put the paste on face evenly for around 20 minutes. Then clean if off with lukewarm and pat dry with a clean towel to get glowing skin.

31. Apple Juice for Better Skin:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Apple juice

Where honey is already and independent contender in the list of home remedies for glowing skin, on the other hand it is even mixed with a variety of other ingredients to make masks which are very beneficial for hair as well as some supple skin. Honey is a natural moisturizer and this is what makes it so important in face masks. For this you will need to mix apple juice with some honey and massage on your face and neck to get glowing and soft skin.

32. Glycerin for Skin Whitening:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Glycerin

Glycerin is something which can make your skin soft like that of babies and is also one of the homemade remedies for glowing skin. Now the commonly made mistake is that we are mostly unaware of the fact that going out in the sun with glycerin is equally harmful. So, for some glowing skin, mix a little bit of honey, lemon juice and some glycerin and apply this to your face which you will have to leave overnight and then see the difference the next morning.

33. Grapes for Glowing Skin:

Grapes for gs

The seasonal fruits are always best when it comes to health and beauty benefits. Same is the case with grapes. It is a seasonal fruit and is also a home remedy for glowing skin. It is also very easy to us. You will just have to take a handful of grapes, crush it with your hands and simply apply that on your face and neck. Do not forget to follow this almost every day till grapes are out of availability.

34. Cucumber and Curd:

cucumber and curd

No we are simply not telling you to eat raita every day though it is also very good for health. Here we are talking about a face mask which is inexpensive and can be used the whole year round as one of the glowing skin home remedies to lead an absolute blemish free life. For this, you need some nicely whipped curd and to this add cucumber juice which you can take out after you have crushed the cucumber and then apply this mask.

35. Apply Juice Mixture:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Juice Mix

Fruits and vegetable juices are some of the best home remedies for fair and glowing skin. Same is the case over here where you can make a juice cocktail with three different ingredients. For this we need a little lemon juice, some apple juice as well as some cucumber juice which you can blend well and then apply it as an effective toner to freshen up your skin and also to make it fairer with regular use.

36. Sugar and Orange Mask for Glowing Skin:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Sugar and orange peel

I know that must be sounding very tasty. Yes this just the same way you would make an extra sweet orange juice but a little different of course. Here you will have to boil orange juice with some sugar and make a perfect concoction which you can then cool down and you can use it as a face mask. This is more of a peel off and you can get extremely radiant skin with the use of this home remedy for glowing skin.

37. Potato and Lemons Pack for Glowing Skin:

lemon and potato

This is one of the very common tried and tested home remedies for glowing skin. The two main ingredients needed for this solution is very easily found in all households and is not even very expensive that people will think before buying them. Both of these are everyday use items and so can be used regularly. Just take a potato, grate it nicely and then squeeze out the juice to mix with some lime juice and apply on to your face.

38. Sandalwood for Glowing Face:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Sandalwood

This face mask is one of the homemade remedies for glowing skin and is especially meant for people with oily skin types. The three main ingredients needed here are sandalwood, rosewater and turmeric of course. Sandalwood is useful to take away the oil, rose water is a great toner and turmeric is the ingredient which helps to make the skin glow. Take a little amount of each and then mix them very well and then apply as a face mask.

39. Apricots for Skin Whitening:

Apricots fr gs

For naturally glowing skin, you will have to use natural ingredients for your face on a regular basis switching over from the synthetic ones. For this, you will need apricot, yoghurt and honey. Now take the apricot pulp and mix it with some yoghurt and a little honey and make it in a little more amount. Now apply this mixture like a layer on your face and neck leaving no gap at all. Let it rest for some time and then wash off.

40. Sun flower Seeds for Skin

sunflower seeds for gs

Take a handful of both sunflower seeds and simple poppy seeds and use for this home remedy for glowing skin. What you will have to do here is just soak both of these in milk and let it rest for the whole night. The next morning you will notice that these seeds have risen up and soaked in the milk. Now scrub and massage your face and neck with this seed mixture to improve skin texture.

41. Rice Powder for Glowing Skin:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Rice powder

This is one of the best natural home remedies for fair and glowing skin in just a few minutes time. For this you will have to take a spoon full of rice powder and nicely mix it with fresh milk cream and then with the help of your hands make a fine paste with no lumps out of these. Now take this mixture and apply it nicely on your neck and face and let it dry. Once dried, wash your face with lukewarm water and see the instant difference.

42. Bananas for Glowing Skin:

bananas fr gs

Ripe bananas have a lot of benefits for the hair as well as your health. Now bananas are also great nourishment’s for the skin especially when you need softness and glow instantly. This is one face pack which can be used to get a glamorous look in just a few minutes. For this you need to take half a ripe banana, mash it and then mix with some milk. Make sure the paste is not runny at all. Now massage and apply this to your face and wash it off after some time. Remember, this is not for those with oily skin.

43. Egg Whites Remedy:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Egg whites

Egg whites are high in protein and are also very good sources of calcium. If you are weight conscious then the white portion of eggs is what you should consume for best results. This one is one of the effective homemade remedies for glowing face skin where you need to beat together milk and egg white till a little frothy and then applies this one as a face massage. The smell is not really good but that much is okay in order to obtain really nice skin. This one is especially for people with dry skin.

44. Oatmeal for Glowing Face :

Oat meal fr gs

A natural scrubber to exfoliate the skin on your face is necessary at times and this face pack does the same job very well and gifts you with glowing, soft skin in just a few minutes. Take some oatmeal and mix with it some fresh milk, egg yolk and a little honey. Now mix all of these really well and then apply on your face to dry. When it is dry start with a little water so that you can scrub properly and after around 20 minutes you can wash off your face with lukewarm water.

45. Carrot Juice Helps to get Skin Glow:

Fresh-squeezed carrot juice on wooden background

This is also good news for boys who feel beauty treatment is just meant for girls. Now you can also get a blemish free skin to impress every one. This is extremely easy as you have to do almost nothing. Just take some carrot and grind it in a mixer nicely. Take it out in a bowl and now take a little at a time and start rubbing this on your face regularly. You can also mix curd and olive oil with this for best and perfect glowing skin results.

46. Olive Oil Remedy for Glowing Skin:

Olive Oil

Another home remedy for glowing skin, this one needs some olive oil, milk cream and a small amount of turmeric. Just make a blend of all the ingredients and then you can simply apply it on your face like a light face mask and then rest for about 15 minutes and then wash it off nicely and then feel your skin.

47. Groundnut Oil to Get Fairness Face:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - Groundnut oil

There are certain vegetable and nut oils which are very essential for our skin but are not used in the treatment by use of aromatherapy since these do not have exotic fragrances. For this oil mixture you can just take some groundnut oil and mix this with some lemon juice and then apply it on your face and neck. Not only does this mixture give you glowing skin but also helps in the cure of black heads and acne.

48. Ghee and Glycerin:

ghee and glycerin

It is sometimes really surprising to know that there are so many glowing skin home remedies and we are still lazy to try these. The good part is that we will not even get bored trying a new one every week. For instant moisturizing just mix some ghee and glycerin and massage your face and hands with this before a shower and watch the difference just after you have stepped out of the wash room.

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49. Marigold Remedy for Glowing Face:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - marigold

This is an age old Ayurveda face pack which is good for all skin types and assures a glowing face in a very short time. For this you will have to take two marigold flowers and then put some raw milk and honey to this and blend it nicely to make a puree in a mixture. Now apply this one to your face and then rest it for at least 15 minutes. Now you can wash off your face.

50. Lemon Grass:

Home Remedies for Glowing Skin - lemongrass

This is one fast home remedy for glowing skin and is also perfect for people who cannot take care of their skin due to lack of time. Just boil some lemongrass in water and then freeze this water in ice trays to make lemongrass ice cubes. Now just take these cubes and apply on your face as and when possible. This acts like a toner and makes your skin look fresh and glowing. This is a good one for people with combination skin.

D. Healthy Food Tips for Glowing Skin :

A healthy diet is essential for body and skin. Keep a proper check on what you eat.  Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet as they have vitamins and minerals that are essential for our skin:

51. Drink Plenty of  Water:

plenty of water fr gs

Drinking six to eight glasses of water everyday enables the toxins from the body to get flushed out more efficient way, making the skin appear glow, fresh and hydrated.

52. Aloe Vera Juice for Skin Care:

aloe vera juice fr gs

Aloe Vera juice is a natural supplement and consumption of its juice on a regular basis helps to nourish and detoxify the body from the inside. One of the most fundamental payback of consuming aloe Vera juices is a glowing and clear complexion. The plant contains nutritionally detoxification properties that remove toxins and waste from body. But as they are natural supplement, they must be used in tiny doses.

53. Wheat Grass Juice:

wheatgrass juice fr gs

When it comes to natural way to get skin glow. Wheat grass juices are good for deep inner cleansing. Drinking freshly made wheat grass juice present a glowing complexion. Don’t forget to have it within 15 minutes of its preparation as it begins to lose its nutrients after that.

54. Avoid Fried and Salty Foods:

Fish fry FR GS

For better glowing skin results first to avoid deeply fried and salty food, foods with too much sugar and of course junk food. Having this kind of food is a way to welcome the skin problems like acne, pimples breakouts, blackheads etc.

55. Eat Nutritious Food:

Diet and nutrition fr gs

Eat nutritious and healthy food loaded with antioxidants. Avoid oily and fatty foods; replace them with green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. It is an important as it leads us towards a healthy and glowing skin.

56. Carrots for Glowing Skin:

carrots gss fr gs

Carrots have great amount of beta- carotene which is transformed into vitamin A by body. Vitamin A revitalizes the skin and also lends a hand to fight against wrinkles. Carrots are well known for their glowing properties.

57. Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Vitamins C Foods fr gs

Vitamin c foods are very effective and improves your skin glow. So increase intake of vitamin “C” rich foods in your daily routine to get best results for glowing skin. (like orange, lime, Indian goose berry, guava etc ) assist in collagen production.

58. Vitamin E Rich Foods for Glowing Skin:

Vitamin Rich Foods E Foods fr gs

Vitamin E foods are major role to play best results for glowing skin. Consumption’s of Vitamin E rich foods like almonds, walnuts, whole grains, cereals etc make our skin glow and soft quickly.

Time is something which is limited almost with everyone and the one weekend that we get as an off is spent lazing around. Now with these homemade remedies for glowing skin you can simply look after your beauty regime without going anywhere.