Welcome gifts are always special as they should be liked by the people who you are giving them to. There are a lot of housewarming gifts that can be given, say from kitchen utilities to bathroom utilities to house decorative gifts. Now some of you might be thinking about what to give as housewarming gifts, but there are many options from which you can choose,

Best Gifts For Housewarming:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 15 housewarming gifts and unique ideas for new homeowners.

1. Welcome Gifts:

What will be more pleasing than receiving the goodies that you need in your new home? Well, this welcome basket is one of those. This basket can have anything that new house owners won’t have. You will accept this unique housewarming gift with an open heart.

2. Fancy Bottle Opener:

This gift is well suited for those who like to drink; these are mostly newly married couples who have just taken it home. So to add some glitter to their joy, you can gift them this fancy bottle opener that can be useful while having parties at their new home.

3. Artistic Sand Clock:

Sand clocks are very beautiful and old as well. Gifting your friends a sand clock may be the best traditional housewarming gift. This can turn into a beautiful decorative item in the hall or bedroom. This gift is elegant and will surely bring a smile to the owner’s face.

4. Tool Utilities:

What can be more helpful than a tool utility and a bottle of wine? This could turn out to be the best housewarming gift as well. If your friends like to drink, then this will surely help them out. It is also very easy to gift them. Just pick a wine bottle and any utility tool, and there you have a useful gift.

5. Welcome Frame:

Welcome frames are the most basic gifts for housewarming. Well, it is not hard to find as well and is very useful for new house owners. You can add pictures to it as well or just keep the family name in it. This gift is very easy to buy all you have to do is pick a frame and add the name.

6. Designer Glasses:

Glasses are commonly given as housewarming gifts, but you can twist a bit of how these glasses look. These are designer glasses that will make a perfect homecoming gift, and the people whom you are giving will also like them.

7. Interesting Tea Decorative:

Have friends who love tea? Well, this can be the perfect gift for them. This is an interesting way of giving housewarming gifts. This is a fantastic way to give a present that your friends will need. It also makes the kitchen look better plus puts a smile on their face.

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8. House Utilities:

Well, who doesn’t need these? A bunch of house utilities is the best housewarming gift you can give to anyone. This gift comes in handy and is also a good idea to give something useful as well. If you want to plan a gift for your mother, then this one bunch gift will surely love by your mother.

9. Kitchen Notice Board:

Another artistic gift can be a kitchen noticeboard. Yes, it comes in handy, and this housewarming gift idea will be loved by the ones who accept this. You will get one full glass decorated with some kitchen cheat sheets mentioned. It is a very elegant piece to brighten the kitchen with something useful.

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10. Cutlery Set:

Who doesn’t have a cutlery set? And this can be the best housewarming gift. Everyone needs this, and anyone gifting this will be appreciated. These gifts are well preserved and utilized. So if you want to be the person with the best gift then you can surely go for this. This type of gift you can give to your girlfriend too.

11. Knife Set:

Thinking about the best housewarming gifts for a first home? Well, this can be it. Trust me, this is very handy and very easy to think of as well. The new house owners will be very happy to accept these as they also have thought of getting these for themselves. This gift comes with a bunch of small to big knives in one set of collections. Gifting this set to anyone will surely get you a good review.

12. Crockery Set:


This is another item that can be perfect as a housewarming gift for an Indian family. People who move into a new house will need a lot of this kitchen stuff. So this option is also an easy pick, and there you go, you can also pick these up at last minute gifts as well.

13. Tea Set:

This is the second most common gift that people get at their housewarming parties. It is very easy to find and comes in very handy. Even if you do not the people, then also you can give them this gift which is not at all personalized and very accepting.

14. Home Decorative Items:

This decorative item can be a unique housewarming gift. It is beautiful and very elegant to keep in the hall as a decorative item. You can seriously win hearts by giving this beautiful item as a housewarming gift. The new house will easily adjust to this, adding to the elegance of the place.

15. Glass Set:

These are, again, common gifts that can be given to new house owners. These can also be given with a wine bottle or champagne. As the people in the house will need these I am sure they won’t hesitate to accept this gift.

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Above listed are so many options that you can give at a housewarming party. There are also lots of options available to be given, but that also depends on your budget, taste, and liking or disliking towards people to whom you are gifting these.


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