Shopping for women in itself can be a challenging task. To add to this, shopping for pregnant women can really wear you out of options. Gifting is always an expression of love or thanksgiving. When you gift a pregnant woman, you are actually comforting the person and taking part in their happiness. Comfort gifts like pillows and cushions are a sure smile factor. Pregnancy is a stressful period for a woman. They probably deserve more gifts and love. Let’s move beyond the usual congratulations gift. But, how do you make sure that you are choosing the right one?

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What Should you Know When Choosing Gifts for Pregnant Women?

As we said, we know it could be a real challenge to pick up one gift. So, we thought we’ll give you some ideas and tips so that you head the right way.

  • Hear Their Needs: the best way to go about it could be to listen to their cravings. Sometimes a piece of cheesecake can solve all their mood swings and discomfort. Cravings are a part of being pregnant, and the urge to eat increases with time. Pick a good restaurant that will appease her taste buds. Food is probably everyone’s way to the heart.
  • Filling The Air with Positivity: If they are avid readers, you could think of a book that has positivity resonating with it. Surrounding themselves with positivity is the real need of the hour. Always look for books, music or places that are filled with a lot of positivity and vibrancy.
  • Look for Their Comfort: Place their comfort first. You can consider things that will put them in comfort or give them relief from pain or pressure. If you think they need a good massage, so be it. The key is to look through their talks and find things that will put them at ease.

Gifting ideas basically revolve around making them feel good. Once that is taken care of, you can be sure you have done the best for them.

8 Best Gifting Ideas for Pregnant Lady:

Searching for a little something for your pregnant wife or friend? Do you want to gift her something unique that will excite her? Check out this top pregnancy gift list that is surely going to bring a huge smile to her face and make her ready to welcome the baby.

1. Snoogle Total Body Pillow:

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One of the best forms of comfort actually comes from lying cosy on this body pillow. You can trust the comfort offered by this one because a nurse and a mother reportedly designed it. Place your bet on this for a nightlong comfort and one that will pull out the stress from your pressure points in the body. This is one gift for a pregnant sister, through which you convey her well-being and comfort.

2. Nursery Glider Chair:

Nursery Glider Chair Save

Here is an excellent gift for pregnant wife from her husband. The nursery glider chair is another comfort factor you can gift her. The padded and thick seat of the glider will ensure absolute warmth and comfort for the tired mother. This chair will also come in handy when having to nurse your baby. Some of these pregnant chairs come with a stool for your leg to rest on.

3. Maternity Wear:

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what else could give you a relaxed feeling than loose-fitting comfy home clothes? The maternity wear is designed to be light and to offer maximum comfort. The loose clothes will ensure you have a good night’s sleep. The fabric of the cloth also has a role to play in supporting your tired body. You can also pick some classy wear for the outdoors that is specifically designed keeping in mind your needs. This one could be a perfect gift for a pregnant friend.

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4. Pregnancy Journal:

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A pregnancy journal is an excellent gift you can give an expectant mother. This cute journal will enable the mother-to-be to record all her experiences of the beautiful 9 months that she spends with her baby. The journal will be an eternally memorable collection of all her feelings, including her happiness and pain. Years later, a sneak into this will surely bring a smile to both the grown-up and the mother.

5. Brunch Kit:

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Cravings are real when pregnant. What else is the way to anybody’s heart than food? Here is something homemade and handmade you can gift her. Make boxes of her favourite snack and pack them beautifully. That’s probably the best way to surprise her.

6. Body Oils:

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body oils are another useful thing to gift a to-be mother. Since the ultimate aim is to ensure comfort and keep her relaxed, body oils will do the job right. Mildly scented body oils, when added to warm water, will make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable. Try out one before you go to bed.

7. Pregnancy Care Kit:

Pregnancy Care Kit Save

The pregnancy care kit will have all the right accessories and things that an expectant mother needs. This will have some essential oils, tea bags, tissues and everything to make sure you feel right. The box is also an ideal one to carry when you are travelling.

8. Belly Stickers:

Belly Stickers Save

This one is fun! You could gift her a pack of belly button stickers, just for the fun of it. The collection will have a lot to choose from, starting with mickeys to animals, all of which are downright cute. They will also come useful when having to do a maternity shoot.

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Heading out to pick the gifts? Here are some caution points you need to consider.

  • Make sure the oils you choose are organic and safe for the skin. A good oil will add a moisturizing effect to the skin and keep it hydrated.
  • When choosing maternity wear, choose the right fabric. Do not settle for anything less, lest the expectant mother might fall prey to infections.
  • Keep in mind, the gifts are meant to put her in a comfortable spot. Once you know what she likes and needs at the moment, ideas will come in naturally.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of any women’s life. While pain and discomfort are factors that could cause worry, there are greater moments of happiness starting from the first kick to the day of his/her arrival. The journey is sure fun. Our ideas will also enhance your experience forever.


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