Amla Juice Benefits And How To Make It

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We all must have heard about Gooseberries on Indian television. Every time a hair oil company launches its new product, the first they do is speak about amla juice and the benefits it contains. Indeed, amla is full of health benefits. But the best part is that it is never confined to just your hair, it goes way beyond that. Amla juice has been used and is still used for different purposes. The amla juice great for your eyes, your skin, hair and digestive system. You are going to be gaining a lot if you use amla juice daily. Since it is so healthy and helpful, we have come up with this amazing article that will help you learn more.

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Amla (Amalaki) juice, the most valuable natural product for well being and magnificence as indicated by Ayurveda. Ayurveda says that, as well as even cutting edge therapeutic science has acknowledged this and distributed numerous articles with respect to it’s significance. It has numerous different names like Indian gooseberry, Phyllanthus emblica, Amalaki, and numerous other. Amla is one among the Triphala, which implies three natural products which are viewed as essential and valuable in Ayurveda. Such is the significance of it.

What Is Amla Juice And How To Prepare It:

Amla juice is a healthy drink that will provide you with energy whenever you feel lethargic. You can have this at any time of the day and boost your energy within some time. Amla is full of Vitamin C which is known for its health benefits and has been used in several ways all across the country. Preparing amla juice is very easy as it does not require you to go through any difficult process. Just follow the instructions and you will be ready.

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  • To make amla juice, you will need one big amla or gooseberry.
  • Take a cup full of sugar as well. Add another pinch of salt to it.
  • You will also require some cardamom powder.
  • These are the basic ingredients you will require while making amla juice.
  • Most of them you will find in your kitchen. Only the gooseberry itself will require you to go the market. But that is also very easily available you there is no need to worry about how you are going to arrange all the items.

Wash Your Gooseberries:

  • The next thing you need to do is wash your gooseberries.
  • Take all the gooseberries in bowl and place it in a bowl.
  • Now take this bowl and keep it under the water tap.
  • Let the water fill up to the brim and then you can wash the gooseberries gently but thoroughly.
  • Washing these gooseberries are necessary. Having dirty or unwashed gooseberries can be injurious to your health and cause stomach infections.

Use The Pressure Cooker:

  • The next thing you need to do is use the pressure cooker. Take all the gooseberries and place it in the pressure cooker.
  • Now put the gas on. You should also add a little water since we are going to boil the gooseberries.
  • You have to wait till you see steam emanating from the pressure cooker. This is when you should be ready to turn the gas off.
  • After one whistle, you need to do the needful and take all the gooseberries out and place them separately in another bowl till it comes to room temperature.

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  • Now you will have to grind the amla juice. Simply touch the gooseberries first and check whether they are too hot.
  • If they aren’t then slowly take the seeds out. Now grind these gooseberries into a fine paste.
  • If it is difficult to grind them, use some sugar powder to make the process easier.
  • Mix the gooseberries well along with some salt. In this way, the gooseberry concentration shall be ready.


  • Now it’s time for you to use your freezer. Take your gooseberry mixture and place it in the freezer.
  • Store it in a box. Whenever you need to make a juice, simply add some concentration to a glass full of water.
  • Add cardamom powder and mix it well. Your amla juice is now ready for consumption.
  • Always remember this tip. If you don’t keep it in a freezer, the colour of the mixture will slowly start to change. You can also try several varieties of this juice, just make sure you don’t use too much of sugar.

Since Amla Juice has numerous uses and benefits for health, skin and hair, we have researched  into on Benefits of it through some ayurveda books and articles and recorded 30 noteworthy health benefits of amla Juice. To know about the unique advantages of amla juice take a glance at the article provided below.

Amla Juice Benefits And Advantages For Skin, Hair And Health:

Below is a list of wonderful uses and benefits of amla juice for skin, hair and health.

Health Benefits Of Amla Juice:

1. Increases Immunity:

  • Amla raises the level of your immunity as it is rich in vitamin C.
  • Raw amla consumption also helps in boosting the immunity.
  • It also helps in curing cold and sore throat. For better results in one day, it should be consumed around 3-4 times.

2. Improves Digestion:

  • Constipation is reduced with the consumption of raw amla as it acts as good laxative and its fibres content is also good. Only raw amla will help in constipation.
  • Pain killers, medicines and alcohol consumption increase the amount of toxins to a higher level in our body.
  • Amla maintains proper bladder and liver functioning and all toxins are flushed out. Intake of amla juice empty stomach daily in the morning is very beneficial.
    It also maintains the levels of acids of stomach and improves digestion.

3. Anti Oxidants:

  • Amla is also known for being the power house for anti-oxidants.
  • It helps your body to fight off all free radicals.
  • Consumption of raw amla also reduces the danger of many diseases like cancer.

4. High Metabolism:

Gooseberry juice is great for increasing your metabolism and thus reducing the amount of fat in your body. The Vitamin C will detoxify your body and promote great health. This is one of the major reasons why people like to use amla juice. It will definitely help you lose weight and burn fat.

  • If you have keen interesting fitness then amla acts as your best fitness partner.
    Your protein metabolism is increased with the help of amla. High metabolism helps you a lot in losing your weight at a faster pace.
  • Intake of amla daily is beneficial for those who want to lose weight as it increases the metabolism.

5. Treats Arthritis:

  • Amla also benefits you in decreasing your arthritis pain.
  • It decreases the joint pain and swelling of knees caused because of arthritis as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Take amla juice or in raw form daily in the early morning.
  • Amla Juice USES

6. Balances Cholesterol Levels:

If you are suffering from cholesterol problems and want a natural alternative then go with amla. High levels of cholesterol increases the risk for stroke and heart attack. It gets deposited on the walls and thus clogs the arteries completely. Take amla powder with glass of water daily before sleep in the night.

  • It reduces the levels of LDL called bad cholesterol, triglycerides and VLDL levels by more than 40%.
  • It also increases the good cholesterol level i.e. HDL.

7. Reduces Gall Bladder Formation:

  • Amla also reduces the formation of gall stone in the gall bladder.
  • When cholesterol is in excess amount in bile then the formation of gall bladder takes place. Amla helps in converting cholesterol in the form of bile acids in liver and thus amla reduces the stones.

It has been proven that all kinds of gall bladder issues are eradicated by this amla juice. It is one of the best benefits of amla juice and this actually one of those reasons why people still trust this fruit for their different physical needs.

8. Great For The Eyes:

If you have problems related to your vision, you have to try amla juice. You will definitely see a lot of improvement in your eyes and your vision will become much more clear. It will reduce any kind of tension you might face and promote good, bright and brilliant vision. Those who drink amla juice have always said that their eye sight has improved significantly since they made this simple and amazing amla juice a part of their diet. The eyes are quite benefited because of this fruit and you will be totally amazed by the way this juice works for you.

The eyes are also quite well fetched because of this food. This amla juice comes with one of the best benefits that assists the eyes. If your eyes are kept healthy, then there is nothing more that you can possibly ask from a fruit. If you are rooting for a good health, then amla juice is one of the best fruit juices for you out there. You will be totally taken care of, when you are consuming this fruit on a daily basis. If you are willing to make yourself healthy and have a good vision, then amla juice is one of the best things for you.

9. Constipation:

If you are suffering from constipation problems, then amla juice is one of the best things for you. This juice has been proved to be quite useful for people with immunity issues. It has been used for this purpose for ages. People have utmost trust in the naturally beneficial components of this fruit and you will be totally amazed by the way this fruit juice will make you extremely healthy from the core. If you are looking for one of the most naturally useful fruits for yourself, then amla is definitely one of the finest stuffs for you. If you are willing to make your bowel movement easy, then amla juice is one of the finest things for you.

10. Gastric Issues:

Amla juice will be one of the best juices out there for treating severe gastric problems. One of the best things about amla juice is that you will be able to consume this juice quite effectively as it tastes great and is good for the stomach as well. Say goodbye to all your stomach issues with amla juice by your side. One of the finest things about this juice is that consuming this juice on a daily basis will lead to reduced physical problems. The gastric disorders are also eradicated because of this juice. This is one of the best benefits of this juice.

11. Purifies The Blood:

Amla is an excellent blood purifier and it can make the blood totally pure from the core. If you are willing to sport a healthy body, then consuming amla juice on a daily basis will obviously help. One of the finest things about amla juice is that it can rejuvenate the red blood cells and increase the content of hemoglobin in your body. Regular intake of this juice as eradicates the harmful toxins from the body. If you are willing to make your body work accordingly, then this is one of the finest foods for you out there. It can make you body extremely healthy and will allow you to be quite fit as well.

12. Benefits Of Amla Juice On The Liver:

Amla juice aids in relieving the acidity and inflammation of the liver, thus plays a vital role in maintain the health of the liver. It can work as a natural detoxifier which helps in the flushing out of the harmful chemicals refereed to as toxins from the body.

13. Prevents Osteoporosis:

Amla has calming properties. It can lessen torment and swelling and is useful against sicknesses like joint inflammation. Eye swellings can be diminished by its utilization as it represses the damage brought about by the free radicals. Blood clusters are additionally diminished,  thus  helping in a productive flow of blood.

14. Benefits Of Drinking Amla Juice To Control Obesity:

Fat individuals must include this natural product in their eating regimen. Amla juice has been found to bring down the fat substance in the body. It helps in expanding the digestion system of sustenance which prompts decrease of lush nourishment amassing in the body. Fat amassing can produce poisons in the body. These poisons moderate the assimilation procedure and thus hamper the strength of a man. Amla is a rich in Vitamin-C which can flush down these poisons. The amazing health benefits of drinking amla juice can be expanded by taking it in an empty stomach.

15. Beneficial For Kidney Disease:

Kidney disease are caused when the kidneys become unable to flush out the toxins from the body as a result of which toxins accumulate in the blood which causes symptoms like nausea and swelling of hands etc. Regular consumption of amla juice on an empty stomach acts as a kidney flush and helps to eliminate the harmful substances from the blood.

16. Boosts Up Reproductive Health:

According to Ayurveda, one of the most important health benefit of amla juice is that it enhances the reproductive functions of both men and women. For ladies, amla enhances the capacity to conceive,  increases fertility, alleviates menstrual issues and fortifies uterus.  In terms of men it is said to enhance sperm quality.

17. Aids In The Treatment Of Sore Throat:

Sore throat is generally caused by some types of bacterial infection. Abundance of vitamin c in amla renders a immunological response and prevents from the attack of bacteria causing sore throat. Moreover, amla juice taken in conjugation with ginger juice shows miraculous results in treating the irritation caused by sore throat

18. Helps In The Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infection:

UTI urinary tract infection  is most common disease faced by women which occurs due to a bacteria named e.coli. Amla juice makes the urine acidic which makes it unsuitable for the E.coli to survive in the bladder.

19. Reduces Anaemia:

Amla juice is rich in iron which helps in the increment of RBC of the blood. People suffering from anaemia should take amla juice on a regular basic to increase their haemoglobin level.

20. Amla Juice Aids In Prevention Of Heart Attacks:

It helps to lower the amount of bad cholesterol and provides an overall heart health. It also prevents from the future episodes of strokes due to cardiovascular events.

21. Helps In Treatment Of Piles:

In the event that you are experiencing the issue with piles, then here is a basic tips to cure it. Simply blend a table teaspoon of amla juice with curd cream and devour it. Do this for 4 to 5 times in a day, this aides in curing the issue.

22. Aids In The Treatment Of Leucorrhoea:

Leucorrhoea is one of the most common problems faced by the women. Amla juice helps in reducing the episodes of leucorrhoea when taken with honey.

Amla Juice Benefits For Skin:

Coming to the benefits of amla juice, it will first brighten and lighten your skin. The texture shall improve drastically and you will notice drastic changes in the quality of your skin. If you want flawless and beautiful skin, then we suggest you make amla juice a part of your diet. It reduces skin pigmentation and dark patches and allows your skin to glow throughout the day. You will look beautiful, no doubt. Amla is very helpful so include in your diet daily.

Do you realize that there are innumerable benefits of amla juice for skin and uses of amla juice can make your skin sparkle more than ever. Most likely you are uninformed of this, advantage of amla juice. Be that as it may, it’s 100% valid. What you should simply to purchase some crisp and immaculate Indian Gooseberry squeeze and expend 1 some it alongside water. Do this on each morning for 15 to 20 days, you are going to get sparkling skin with this straight forward every day schedule.

  • Amla helps in decreasing the effects of fine lines, wrinkles and premature ageing as it contains anti-oxidants.
  • Skin is toned and tightened which results in decreased facial lines.
  • It boosts the production of collagen cells and gives you supple, soft and youthful skin.
  • It has astringent properties due to which it also acts as an natural exfoliator.
    It is well known for reducing pigmentation.
  • It can be used on any type of skin without causing any irritation.
  • Dullness in skin is caused mainly due to pollution along with several other factors. Amla juice if mixed with milk and applied on skin regularly can aid in relieving the dullness from skin which incorporates among the important uses of amla juice.

Amla Juice Benefits For Hair:

Consuming gooseberry juice on a regular basis will ensure that you have long, smooth and illustrious hair. You can also apply it on your scalp whenever you like to get rid of major hair related problems such as dandruff.  Not only that, your hair will become much thicker and stronger with time. So if you want good hair, you cannot and should not say no to this beneficial healthy drink.

Most girls find the juice of this fruit quite beneficial for them just for this particular matter. You will be more than benefited by this juice, when you are willing to have a good, healthy and fit lifestyle. Amla juice is known for treating, moisturizing and massaging your hair and scalp. Both the scalp and the hair are well maintained by this fruit juice. It has vitamin C which is very healthy for your hair. Lack of Vitamin C causes hair breakage, dandruff, split ends, greying and dull hair.

  • It promotes hair growth thus fights with the problem of hair loss.
  • It also helps in preventing the early greying of hair.
  • It also strengthens the root of hair and gives shine to dull and dry hair.
  • Its oil is very effective for treating lice and removes dandruff.
  • It makes your hair silkier, smoother softer and bouncy.
  • Another vital amla juice benefits for hair is that it helps to rejuvenate your hairs providing a shining black appearance. To derive the best benefit amla juice should be consumed with cow’s milk before bedtime.
  • This is one of the important amla juice benefits for hairs.On the off chance that you are experiencing serious dandruff issue, here is a straightforward approach to cure it. To start with take some amla juice in a dish. Presently get some new lemon and crush them for juice. Presently blend them well and apply it on hair. Rub well into the scalp and abandon it for 1 hour.

Since Amla juice is not accessible in all seasons and all parts of the world, the best and simple structure accessible for everybody in all seasons is Juice. Anybody can purchase Juice from any normal store and even they could arrange it on the web.