Top 15 Amla Powder Benefits And Uses

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The Indian gooseberry is a very rich and nutritional fruit. This can be dried and then made into a powder which is often sold in the market. This has high nutritional content of vitamin C. Therefore this should be taken properly for required problems. However, this should not be used for self medication without prescription.

Amla Powder Benefits And Advantages:

Used for medicinal purposes and skincare for decades, this sour fruit has a variety of uses and benefits. Here we shall look at the powder form and how it can benefit us. Below are the top 15 benefits of amla powder that a person should be aware of.

1. Reduces High Cholesterol:

This reduces the bad cholesterol. This can be reduced with the consumption of about 240 mg of dry amla powder to 500mg of this everyday with water before going to sleep. This can help a person to treat cholesterol problem.Usually people with high cholesterol are given statins to lower their LDL thus reducing their risk of heart related problems. Studies shows amla powder is full of antioxidants and has a similar effect to statins. After taking the powder, the ldl and cholesterol level of patients decreased.

2. Good For Treating Gall Bladder Stones:

This is however not self medication prescribed. Only the proper dosage for the reoccurring of the stones or to help a person have a better health of the kidneys can be suggested by a doctor. However, consuming this in form of capsules can help even if these are not fresh. Drinking enough water is also advisable with a good diet. Amla is known to reduce the risk of gall stones. In many cases gall stones are caused because of high cholesterol. The antioxidants in the amla extracts reduce cholesterol and strengthen the gall bladder.

3. Treats Ulcers:

This has anti inflammatory properties which can help in this problem. This is quite helpful if consumed in small amounts regularly. The enzymes present within it reduces the pain of ulcers caused by hyper acidity by neutralising the acidity and cooling the stomach.

4. Protects Body From Free Radicals:

These are responsible for causing skin damage and also for cold. Regular consumption of a small portion of the powder taken in the form of supplement capsules can be helpful for giving body immunity. The powder is packed full of vitamin C which boosts the body’s natural defense mechanism and prevents bad bacteria from trying to invade.

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5. Prevents Jaundice Boosts Immunity:

This can be consumed regularly in the form of health capsules to prevent the outbreak of jaundice and also can boost immunity of the body against other diseases like scurvy. The huge number of antioxidants present in amla is said to control bilirubin and creatinine levels as well as ensuring the liver doesn’t get damaged by oxidative stress.

6. This Can Work As An Exfoliator:

Amla powder can be used on the face with small amount of water to make a natural scrub. This is very good for getting rid of dead skin cells. However, this should be of good quality. The antioxidants help with fine lines and cleanse and soften the skin giving it a youthful radiance.

7. Treats Diabetes:

This is not suggested to be taken by hypo glycaemia people as this acts as an antidote to lower blood sugar levels. However, a person when having this should be in consultation with their diabetes treating doctor as the dosages of other medicines may need to be changes when a person starts to have supplements in form of powder capsules or other forms. With high levels of chromium present in Amla powder, the body’s metabolism is controlled insulin is produced and blood sugar reduced. This means it’s more healthy for diabetics as the glucose levels are controlled and used properly.

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8. Treats Blemishes:

This can be made in a face pack with some besan, turmeric and honey. This can be applied for about 20 minutes and then washed off. This is rich in natural vitamin C having bleaching effect which can bleach the blemishes if this is used and followed on regular basis. The antioxidants in amla also help repair tissues which have been damaged so blemishes are cleared and the skin glows.

9. Treats Dry Flakes:

For people who want conditioning effect for dryness can use amla powder. They can use this with yogurt in beaten form and also eggs along with honey and olive oil. These should be mixed in same ratios and if required the powder can be increased in the mixture so that this has about a good applicable consistency. This can be kept for about 30 minutes on the sectioned head and also all over the strands. The strands should be well coated. Then a person can wash this off.

This is good for treating the head from formation of flakes and this can treat the scalp to nourish the roots. This also helps to boost hair growth and makes it lustrous. A person can make a pack consisting of about 4 teaspoons of the powder with sour curd in same ratio and also lemon juice to treat the scales problems. Due to the moisturising agents found in amla and its power to hydrate and retain moisture, the powder is an excellent way of reducing dandruff, prevents hair fall and helps with itchy scalp.

10. Eye Health:

Just as carrots are good for the eyes because of their carotene properties, similarly amla powder has high levels of carotene which enable good eye health, this is alongside its vitamin A content. The carotene in Amla has been known to reduce the risk of cataracts and long sightedness which often occur which age.

11. Absorption Of Calcium:

There is an extremely large amount of Vitamin C in Amla, in fact 20 times more than a citrus fruit like an orange. The Vitamin C helps the body to absorb calcium. Calcium is important to keep our teeth, nails and bones healthy and our skin and hair glowing and shiny and prevent osteoporosis later in life.

12. Diuretic:

When we urinate, we are basically removing the toxins from our body including too much water and uric acid. Amla has a high water content so it allows us to urinate more frequently and stabilises the acidity in urine. This is especially important to prevent urinary tract infections and ensure are kidneys stay healthy.

13. Reduces Blood Pressure:

The high Vitamin C content and antioxidants in amla reduces blood pressure by widening the bloodstream. The antioxidants in amla also stabilises the cholesterol level in the blood. The vitamin C also helps to generate new arteries.

14. Anti – Aging Product:

With the anti-oxidant properties existing in amla, it fights the free radical from coming into the body. It’s these toxins and bacteria that cause the wrinkles and age spots. The vitamins and minerals present in amla together with its moisture content help the skin remain soft and supple.

15. Anaemia:

Amla powder is full of iron and Vitamin C. The vitamin C is needed to successfully absorb iron and increase the red blood cells within the body. A good idea to take amla powder regularly to prevent or cure anaemia.

The humble amla, not widely known in the West, but used in Ayurveda for centuries has an amazing amount of medicinal properties. With popularity having grown in last few years it is also now being added more frequently to beauty products and everyday toiletries. Who knew that a fruit we enjoyed so much as kids with have such miraculous qualities.

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