Anklets are that fashion accessory worn around the ankle. Anklets are a part of fashion jewellery and there are formal kinds of anklets which can be even worn to office. Anklets can be of any metal like gold or silver, can be funky with beads or charms or even like a simple bracelet kind of thing too.

New Beaded Anklets in Trend:

We will now have a look into the top 9 beaded anklets.

1. Beaded Knot Men’s Anklet:

This is a beaded anklet with agate gemstones, antique rings, wooden beads lined brilliantly in an antique chain. This is ideal for a man who loves to relax and chill out on beaches or weekends. This is a subtle anklet which any man can rock in style.

2. Wooden Beaded Anklets for Men:

This is a lovely anklet with pinewood beads. The most important thing in this men’s anklet is the Jasper gemstone which is fitted along with the pine wooden beads. The Jasper gemstone is a symbol of peace, physical strength and energy which are the qualities attributed to a man. This is that one special anklet for a man which conspires to follow their dreams always.

3. Leather Anklets for Men:

Men love leather accessories. So why not experiment with leather anklets too. This is a men’s anklet made with Zak which is actually an alloy of copper, zinc, aluminum and magnesium and leather made into a braid. This has high resistance to oxidation and looks new always.

4. Therapy Anklets for Men:

This is a unique piece of handmade anklet for men. The anklet is made of magnetic hematite beads which gives the looks of the powerful therapy piece and has the gun metal colour to it. The anklet is made with copper with a magnetic clasp. The magnetic clasp and Gauss in this anklet gives that therapeutic value.

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5. Bridal Beaded Anklets:

Red is the colour widely chosen by Indian brides and they look resplendent in red on their special day. This red coloured necklace style beaded anklet is just the right one for a bride. This is not the usual delicate anklet but is the anklet with the beads made into like a necklace. The red beads are tied into the chain and are a bit heavy anklets.

6.Beaded Pearl Anklets:

These are anklets made of silver for women in a chain pattern. The anklet has three small pearls at equidistant intervals tied on the silver chain. Each anklet has seven of these pearl sets. The anklet is to be closed with a silver S chain. This is ideal for a wedding and can be worn by a bride.

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7.Funky Beaded Anklets:

These are beautiful anklets made with colourful sky blue beads made on thick brown string. Young girls and teenagers and college going girls can pair this anklet with jeans, skirts or any other modern attire. The end has a leaf like a charm for the anklet and a metal coin with a rose in the center. This funky anklet can also be used for one leg anklet fashion.

8. Handmade Beaded Anklets:

Anything handmade looks beautiful and is really charming. This brown crystal handmade anklet is made out of thin wire and not strings are perfect for a woman to flaunt at the beach, summer party or just for a casual stroll. A woman is sure to turn many heads with this beaded anklet on her feet.

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9. Crystal and Copper Anklets:

This is a fashion anklet for women with the birthstone fixed in the delicate anklets with Swarovski crystals. The round copper beads are fixed equidistantly along with the crystals and birthstones made of hearts and diamonds. The end of the anklet has a grey heart dangling for that added charm.

The trendiest accessory and even the elegant looking for one’s legs are the lovely beaded anklets. These come in designs that one can’t even imagine. The beaded anklets designs and patterns with the lots of variation in colours with respect to the beads are what that makes these beaded bangles breathtakingly beautiful. One can choose from the platter that is there on offer and can match almost each and every outfit of one’s with a beaded anklet.

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