The anklet is a trendy and smart looking ornament worn by both men and women since decades. Anklet is a piece of ornament which is worn at the ankles and it is made of metals like silver, gold, thread and many other precious metals. The chain anklets look superb and make your feet appear more precious. One can dress with any kind of shoes with these chain anklets and make your ankle look more attractive than ever.

Beautiful and Stylish Anklet Chain Designs for Ladies in Trend:

Let’s have a quick look at top 9 anklet chain designs.

1. Sizzling Gold Anklet Chain with Bells:

Sizzling Gold Anklet Chain with Bells Save

This type of beautiful appearing chain anklets looks very cute and pretty on young girls. The twisted god anklet has small sonorous bells hanging which makes a distinct noise while you are walking, thus enabling the attention of other very easily.

2. Unique Fine Anklets Chain:

Unique Fine Anklets Chain Save

Amazing looking fine anklet chain is these and is perfect for tender and sexy ankles. The fine chain in a wave pattern looks marvellous on any female and goes well on any occasion. When teamed with skirts or with cuffed jeans adds more charming look to the wearer.

3. Trendy Linked Chain Anklet for Girls:

Trendy Linked Chain Anklet for Girls Save

Thus type of trendy and cool looking linked anklet chain looks dynamic and lends you a stereotype appearance. The anklet is designed in gold and in-between small white stones are studded thus giving your ankles a more expressive and spectacular looks and a great design for girls.

4. Cool Double Chain Butterfly Anklets:

Cool Double Chain Butterfly Anklets Save

This type of awesome looking double chain anklets looks very cute and cool. The small butterfly hanged along with some floral motifs looks amazing and makes the anklets appear light and cute on females.

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5. Heart Shape Anklet Chain in Silver:

Heart Shape Anklet Chain in Silver Save

Silver anklets chain is the most liked and appreciated by woman’s folk. The small heart studded in the layers make it’s look brilliant and silver metal is said to be good conductor of energy and it channelizes positive energy and send the negative energy to the earth. These type of anklets are ideal for beach parties.

6. Pure Roll Chain Anklet:

Pure Roll Chain Anklet Save

Almost every age group of men’s adores this type of pure silver rolled chain style anklets. The anklet is hallmarked and designed in 925 carat of silver and is 26 cm long wide enough to fit in a man’s ankle and make him appear cool and dude.

7. Anchor Style Chain Anklet for Men:

Anchor Style Chain Anklet for Men Save

This type of gold plated, anchor designed anklets chains is getting very popular as they look very artistic and convey a lot about the wearer without any references. The anchor signifies the inner strength of the man and the crystals studded makes it appear more revolutionary.

8. Star Chain Anklets for Men:

Star Chain Anklets for Men Save

This type of star studded anklet chain makes a man appear very cool and smart. The astonishing looking anklet gives a new appearance to men’s and lends a new style and makes them appear trendy and can be graced on any funky occasion without any hitch.

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9. Fashionable Sterling Silver Chain Anklets:

Fashionable Sterling Silver Chain Anklets Save

The anklet has got inspired from Jewish age and the anklet chain looks very stylish and distinct from other type of anklets. It is wide enough and fits well to a man’s ankle and give a vibrant look when worn. This type of anklets looks cool when worn on nay hangouts or to cool parties.

Anklets are an ornament which adds and enhances the persona of a person by many folds and miles. The anklets are found in much design and for every occasion, so you must get the one according to them and get those hip hop and sexy looks in seconds.


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