Irrespective of their age and background, anklets have always been the favourite jewellery of Indian women. The sweet jingle of the anklets is sure to melt the heart of anyone. It is also considered auspicious to gift anklets to newborn and newly wedded brides. Anklets are also important icons of Indian culture and embody feminity and grace.

With time, the designs of anklets have transformed to cater for the modern generation. There are many trendy designs available in the market that are more sleek and suitable for working women. However, traditional anklet designs have not lost their importance and are still integral to most occasions.

Trending and Different Types Of Anklets Collection for Women:

There are many types of anklet designs available in the market, and the popular among them include:

1. Metal Anklets:

Metal anklets for women come in various metals like silver, yellow gold, white gold, German silver, nickel, brass and copper. These are usually more preferred due to their sturdiness and long life. From a simple metallic ankle bracelet to a sophisticated design, metal anklets come in various sizes and shapes to suit everyone’s taste. Metal anklets also come in an embellished variety, studded with stones and colourful enamel. This variety is very popular with Indian women who prefer to adorn their feet with grand accessories.

2. Beaded Anklets:

Beaded anklets are preferred by women who love to play with colours. Beads come in a variety of colours and can be mixed to match almost every outfit. Beaded anklets are very stylish and easy to make. One can find beads in a variety of shapes like heart, tubes and stars. All you need is a thread, a couple of multi-coloured beads and a clasp to design a fashionable beaded anklet. These cute anklets are perfect for beachwear, casuals and western outfits. Pair them with colourful flip-flops or strappy heels, and you are ready to steal the show.

3. Shell Anklets:

Shell Anklet designs are the latest style in the anklet segment. They come in a variety of pretty shells stringed together or even loose shells hanging sideways. Shell anklets are very fashionable and are great for beach parties. However, you can also wear them with casual outfits like shorts and skirts to highlight your feet with some funky accessories. Shell anklets come in a number of designs, from a simple anklet bracelet to a heavy boho design paired with coins and beads. Shell anklets are also a great way of preserving your memories of that perfect trip to the beach.

4. Charm Anklets:

Charm anklet bracelets are preferred by women who love to wear sleek, stylish and simple jewellery. It comes in various metals, usually lightweight, with a number of stylish charms attached to them. These are eye-catching and elegant, with an option to choose your lucky charms to go with them. From talismans to cute good luck charms, charm anklets are very versatile and can be designed in a variety of ways. They are ideal for college girls and young women who believe in a pinch of good luck.

5. Birthstone Anklets:

If you are a person who believes in the power of birthstones, then these anklets are for you. Birthstone anklets have birthstones and gemstones embedded in them like turquoise, cat-eye and pearls. One can also find cheaper versions of these anklets like crystals, cubic zirconia etc. Birthstone Anklets are ideal for people who like to wear their lucky stones, not just on their hands but also their feet and adorn them at the same time. These anklets not only attract the power of your birthstone but also make a cool accessory to flaunt your feet.

6. Letter Anklets:

If you are a person who loves to express yourself creatively, then letter anklets are perfect for you. Letter anklets are personalized and allow you to speak through your feet. They are usually made in metal like silver, yellow gold or rose gold and come in a metal name bar or hand stamped letters strung together. Letter anklets make the perfect gift of love that can always remain with them, wherever they go. Letter anklets usually come in ready messages like “Love”, “Mom”, etc., but upon pre-order, you can get them customized to a specific name, message or design that is unique to you.

Let’s look at some traditional and new trendy anklet jewellery designs popular among women.

Latest Anklet Designs:

Here are our top 25 latest anklet designs for girls as follows.

1. The Classy Anklet:

It’s an amazing classy anklet design for ladies made out of brass metal and is embossed with colourful crystal stones. It bears an antique look, and the red and green floral design matches almost every Indian outfit. Such anklets are worn on traditional functions on sarees and lehengas to make your look regal.

2. Silver Bridal Anklets:

Heavy silver anklets are a must for every bride on her special day. The anklets are made out of German silver, with precious stones and diamonds to give a lovely design to the anklet. The stones can be customized to match the outfit of the bride. One can also add a few small jingles to make it more graceful. It is one of the best silver anklet designs.

3. Feather Anklet:

A lovely design to put on casuals, this black anklet is mostly gifted to someone very special. The black anklet looks delicate as a feather and has various crystal beads attached to it. The design can be made colourful by mixing multi-coloured feathers, beads, and stones in the market and attaching cute jingles to it.

4. Traditional Gold Anklet:

No matter whatever the design may be, anklets give a glamorous look when made out of gold. This traditional design of the anklet is made out of gold with several tones. They are worn on traditional and casual outfits. Some brides who want to have a simple look also opt for such design for simple occasions.

5. Blue Bead Anklet:

What is more attractive than an anklet with beads and gold pendants? This beautiful anklet is made out of lovely beads of blue and golden colours. The strand is made out of beads and a golden chain with lovely pendants hanging down. It gives the perfect beach look. Such beads are also used to make dual strings of the anklet and give it a unique look. This is one of the popular anklet designs for teen girls.

6. Antique Pearl Anklet:

This lovely pearl anklet design is sure to grab the heart of antique lovers. This latest anklet design gives a fabulous look when worn with ethnic wear. It is made out of sea pearls with brass metal and crystal stones studded in it. Such designs are highly ordered by women who prefer a royal look to their look. Such designs are worn by the Rajwadas and the Rajputs who wish to look graceful.

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7. Ajmeri Payal Design:

These are for women who love wearing ringing Payal that gives out a loud jingle when worn! An ancient Ajmeri design made out of metal with lots of tiny bells is sure to draw attention whenever you walk. Mostly such anklets are worn in traditional dances such as Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Garba.

8. Kholkhal Anklets:

A simple anklets design gives an antique look to your feet. These type of anklets are made of gold and are made in a circular shape. There is no decorative stuff added to it, and yet it looks graceful and unique. They are quite heavy as they are made in gold and hence may not be for regular wear. They are worn especially by the Rabari, Marwadi and Bharwad castes in Gujarat.

9. A Funky Anklet:

Want to wear something funky? Here is a quite funky design, decorated with beads of your favourite colour in two strands studded with stones. These fashion anklets are famous for holiday wear, especially on beaches. They are brightly coloured and can instantly transform even the most boring outfit to make you look like a diva.

10. Knitted Toe Ring Anklet:

This crochet anklet for girls is easy to make at home. It is well knitted with woollen threads in a floral design. The anklet bracelet has a toe ring to support the design. To add to its beauty, small golden pearls are studded on it. This gives a stunning look at casuals, especially when worn with long skirts on the beach.

11. Diamond And Heart Anklet:

Love having heart designed jewellery in your wardrobe? Here is a seductive anklet design made out of alloy and studded with wonderful diamonds. The heart and floral design add to its beauty. This is a proper gift from a lover to his beloved women. Hearts charm ankles with velvet bands give an amazing look to your feet under evening gowns.

12. Simple Butterfly Anklet:

This is a fashionable anklet with a simple and elegant look. It is a simple silver anklet with a butterfly studded at the end. It is also chained up with silent jingles to give a trendy look on casuals.

13. Star Designed Anklet:

The stars have always been charming for girls. Then why not stud them into their favourite jewellery. This simple chain anklet is studded with stars to give a charming look on casuals such as short skirts, short dresses etc. This design is a popular choice by teens and is suitable for young girls and toddlers for a cute and sweet look.

14. Silver Artisan Anklet Design:

This type of beautiful anklets is highly popular for small picnics or parties. The curvy anklets are made out of sterling silver. This design is a glance of the moon and the sun dancing with each other. It symbolizes love, patience and sensuality. This piece can also be gifted to your loved one to increase the depth of a strong bond.

15. Wavy Designed Ankle Bracelet:

This is a cute design made out of sterling silver. It gives a wavy look to the viewer, attached with crystal stones in white. This design is preferred on the beaches in summers to join the waves of the beach. It can also be a cool gift to your best friend as it is also a symbol of truth and friendship. Charms such as the sun, Moon, butterflies, hearts, dolphins etc., can be added to give an attractive look and meaning.

16. Shell Anklet Design:

Want to give yourself a unique sea or beach look? Here is a lovely anklet bracelet giving you an elegant look. It is made out of alloy metal and seashells. To add to its beauty, the anklet is stretched to the toe forming a ring-type design. A shell symbolizes purity, love, religion, etc. It is also worn under traditional dresses like choli and lehengas.

17. Stunning Anklet Bracelet:

Want to play with the eyes of the boys? Try this beautiful anklet design. Add some black beads to a small thin chain and wear it on a black outfit for a happening party. This invisible anklet would surely attract the eyes of several attendees around. You can also make it at home using the colour of beads matching your outfit for the evening.

18. Gold Anklet With Sea Horse Design:

A delicate design is worth wearing on a pair of jeans and capris. This design with a simple gold chain is attached with a tiny but charming sea horse charm. This pattern symbolizes feminity in a woman who loves to play around with the beautiful elements of nature and sea life. They are mostly preferred by women who love a simple yet sophisticated look.

19. Indo Western Anklet Design:

This anklet design is a combination of the Indian and western anklet design. This fusion anklet is made out of a thick chain and some gold jingles, popularly known as ghungroo. To give it a new look, you can add small jingles or tiny shapes. Such anklets are worn for regular use and are best suited on high heel sandals and ethnic wear on a few occasions.

20. String Anklet:

Bored of wearing gold and silver anklets? Here is a new handmade anklet design. It is made out of simple strings and matching beads. The best part is that you can choose the colour of the string and beads to best suit your outfit. They give you a different look on casuals for parties or regular use as well. It can easily be made at home with a variety of elements and design as per your wish.

21. Layered Anklet Design:

This design of anklet gives you a bold and stunning look. You can carry this design as a single payal or on both legs at a time. It is made of three different anklets, which are handmade. One giving a traditional look while the rest two are given a funky look. It best suits casuals or can be worn with party wear. Such layered anklets also give a bold look on high heels, sometimes drawn until starting the heel.

22. The Zipper Anklet Design:

Thinking of something different to catch the eyes? Here is a unique design for anklets. This design gives an illusion that your skin is zipped with a chain that is kept half-open. The design is made out of a bronze chain, and charm is added to give it a lively look. Such designs are attractive for regular use or on casuals for a funky look.

23. Baby Floral Anklet Design:

What’s cuter than a tiny toddler wearing a fashionable ankle chain? This beautiful baby anklet is made out of a simple chain studded with pink corals and freshwater pink beads. It gives a cute look for tiny and delicate feet that are just taking their first steps. Such anklets are also gifted to the expecting mothers on baby shower or gifted on their birth.

24. Polki Anklet Design:

The Polki design has to gain popularity in the jewellery world. The design is a combination of gold and Polki diamonds with crystal beads. A lovely combination of red and green gives it a versatile design that can work with any traditional outfit like ghagra, saree or even churidar. The design covers a major portion of the feet, making them look full and grand. They are majorly worn for marriage, sangeet and other traditional occasions.

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25. Silver and Crystal Stone Anklet:

This anklet design for girls is highly in demand for its amazing and chic look. It is a combination of silver design and multi-coloured crystal stones studded in it. Such anklets are highly seen worn by professional dancers of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi. They give a radiant look to the feet and are suited for most traditional outfits. They come in a variety of coloured stones to match most outfits.

Next time you are on the hunt to highlight your feet, remember to try these cool, trendy designs. After all, they say that the beauty of your feet reflects your entire personality. So go ahead and make a style statement with these designs. You might also take one step ahead and create some designs that are unique and personal to you. Stand proudly on those two beautiful feet, boasting your favourite designs that reflect your spirit and personality.


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