Anklets have been in vogue since ages. The history of anklets being introduced to jewellery came from different countries like Egypt in the first place and then eastern countries like India and then gradually attracted western countries. Anklets were in previous times considered a symbol of women being married, but today it is worn commonly by teenagers and small girls.

Stunning and Trendy Designer Ankle Bracelets For Girls:

Anklets came in many designs and were experimented with by craftsmen in almost all metals and handmade beaded jewellery. Given wealth, anklets are chosen in gold and silver. But fashion-active women love to wear anklets made with a different material which they can even wear in jeans and skirts.

1. Designer Kundan Anklets:

Kundan’s work is a hot favourite in today’s fashion jewellery world. Gems, pearls and diamonds are set with gold foils between the diamonds and the mounts. The kundan work stands out with the jewel’s heightened stone work. Teenagers can wear Kundan-crafted anklets on special occasions.

2. Exclusive Floral Designed Anklet:

Red and white semi-diamonds inlaid in the silver gold plated anklet looks adorable. The floral design is made of diamonds stud in another metal and gold plated later. The design looks awesome with your lovely well, groomed feet.

3. Anklet With Name Design:

Anklets with a name-designed pendant were earlier introduced in the United States. It became popular among teenagers, and a significant piece of jewellery was gifted to propose your love. The simple though elegant look of such a designed anklet suits with ankle-length jeans and a short skirt

4. Anklets in Single Chain with Pendants:

Cute little charms and lockets attached to a single gold thread chain look rich and sober and are designed for teenagers. Young girls look charming when a lovely butterfly hangs on their anklebone.  There are various designs of lockets and pendants found in anklet designs.

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5. Antique Designer Gold Plated Anklet:

Antique designs have great appeal in today’s fashion world. The women love you wear a rich piece of jewellery on their body to show the wealth her man affords. Some ladies love the attire of antique jewellery. We can see the same design here, made in some metal and gold plated. The design has tiny ghunghru that ring every time you take a step.

6. Designer Silver Anklets with Broche:

Brooches look lovely when they fall on your ankle bone. The beautiful designs of the brooches are adorable and best match the garments worn by ladies. Ladies will love to choose such a design for ceremonies and traditional parties.

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7. Designer Pearl Barefoot Anklet:

Barefoot anklets are so adorable at first sight. The jewellery is so delicate and covers almost the toe. When you have a special occasion, the barefoot pearl designer anklet here will leave you behind appraisals from anyone who sees it.

8. Broad Designer Anklet:

Anklets made in broad designs are normally worn on special occasions like marriages the ankle. The broadness of the anklet is far more to be easily flexible to move on the ankle. To attach the anklet, the craftsmen make a screw to attach the anklet to the feet.

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9. Handwork Vintage Anklet:

Anklets are now made with so many materials these days. These handmade anklets are made from thick black threads and string with beads and stones, making them a fantastic pair to your chosen outfit. Teenagers will love to increase the look of their feet with these anklets.

Anklets have been a revolution to the ornamental world. The feet jewellery was limited to ankle bracelets made in the past. But today, you can see anklets made in several ways. There are anklets made of wooden beads, glass material, shells anklet, plastic anklets, stone anklets, bone anklets, jute anklets, ivory anklets, rhodium anklets, yellow and white gold anklets, platinum anklets, imitation anklets, kundan anklets, anklets made with lac art work and many more.


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