This might be shocking for you, but yes, lipsticks also help in reducing the dark circles instantly giving you that equalized appearance. By using lipstick to cover up dark circles, you can prepare your face for further makeup, and it also gives you that flawless look, if you want to avoid the stubborn layers of makeup on your face. However, it also depends on your colour complexion and the skin texture, to select the colour of the lipstick.

Best Lipstick to Remove Dark Circles:

Here are some tips that would help you to cover dark circles with lipstick in an effective and quick manner.

1. Green Lipstick for Dark Circles:

Green colour is mostly used for the skin having red camouflage spots on it. The Green lipstick to hide dark circles is firstly applied by dabbing it under the eyes and nose, corners of the mouth, and on top of the capillaries that are broken. You can end the process by covering it with a fine concealer. The green lipstick cover is mostly also used on red skin patches that are observed on the cheeks of the girls, for a smooth skin texture.

2. Purple Lipstick on Dark Circles:

Does your skin have yellow tones, or does it carry yellowish discolorations with sallow skin? The purple lipstick for under eye circles is the best for your face tone. The purple color when applied on the dark circles forming a firm layer would help you simplifying your facial tone with the help of a concealer or light foundation. You can also mix up purple colour with light pink to have magical effects on the dark circles.

3. Orange Lipstick for Dark Circles:

Whether you go for orange lipstick or orange concealer, both are capable to provide you with the desired skin tone without any dark circles on it. The orange lipstick to cover dark circles under eyes is mostly used to vanish the original blue hues on the skin along with bruises, stubborn shadows, visible veins and also hyperpigmentation. When applied on the skin, it gives out the perfect skin without any faults on it.

4. Red Lipstick for Dark Circles:

Red lipstick to cover dark circles is quite trendy among the teens that come with a fair skin tone. It also helps in getting rid of the dark spots and the blemishes instantly for long time period. For using the red lipstick, the user needs to cover areas like under the eyes, sides of the nose, over the eyes, etc. which is later covered with a fair concealer, or foundation with slight wet hand to give it a firm and evenly appearance.

5. Pink and Blue Lipstick for Dark Circles:

Pink and blue give you a similar color effect to that of purple. The Pink is mostly used for the warm skin tone, along with dark circles. Pink lipstick when used with blue or orange lipstick for dark circles gives a fine color combination to the women having slight dark appearance. The lipstick is applied surrounding the eyes, and on the cheekbones slightly if using dark lipstick, and covered out using a concealer. You can also mix a small portion of blue lipstick on it for better effects.

The process of using lipstick under eyes for dark circles remains the same. However, it also depends on the skin tone, as the women having dark tone of face and still has dark circles too would require to use dark lipsticks to give out a bold look. Similarly, the women with fair skin tone can go with light lipstick shades, for reducing the dark circles with a magical touch.


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