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15 Best Beauty Products for Dark Circles in India

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Dark circles results from sinus problems, genetics and aging. Dark circles beneath the eyes are pigmented uniform and round areas which affect people of all age group. Dark circles can be due to sinus congestion, allergies, sun exposure, heredity and skin aging.

Now days you get lots of beauty products which helps you to get rid of dark circles in an easy and convenient way without much hassles and side effects. These beauty products make the life easier and simpler and in few days you can achieve the looks you want by the help of these stunning beauty products. These beauty products apart from reducing dark circles it even enhances the texture of skin and lends a brighter appearance. These beauty creams are easily available in all stores or online and can be easily applied without any elaborate process.

products for dark circles

Dark circles can be faded or removed with the help of many products available in the market. These are products which are highly rated and will give you a youthful appearance. Many products are available but we have listed some best ones for you which will help in fading the dark circles away.

Natural Based Products for Dark Circles Under Eyes:

Here are our 15 best dark circle products that work for both men and women.

1. Patanjali Anti Wrinkle Cream:


This is a fantastic cream which immensely helps to reduce dark circles, blackheads and helps in repairing the damage skin under the eyes also. It hydrates and nourishes the skin while protecting it from further damages.

Ingredients of the Cream:

The cream consists of papaya, banana pulp, wheat , almond, jatun oil etc many other ingredients which helps to reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Process of Application:

With the help of fingertips apply small portion of cream under the eyes in morning as well in evening also.

The cream costs you around Rs150/- and has been rated as 3.1/5 by the users.

2. Himalaya Under Eye Cream:


The cream contains proven and safe blends of herbs which are specially formulated to take care of the most delicate part that’s area under the eyes. It helps to brighten, smoothen, moisturizes and even lightening the skin contour and lending you a youthful appearance.

Ingredients of the Cream:

The creams consists of Wheat germ, neem leaves and extracts of Wild Indian Strawberry Flower

Process of Application:

The cream needs to be applied in the dots form on the clean face and then gently rub it so that the skin absorbs it. It can be applied before bedtime and leave it overnight and in just 4 weeks you can see miracles happening.

The cream costs you around Rs150/- and has been rated as 4.5/5 by the users.

3. Artistry Eye Cream by Amway:


The cream works ad replenishing cream for all type of skin, works as a moisturizer and helps in removing fine lines, dark circles and even illuminate the skin texture.

Ingredients of the Cream:

This magical cream contains citrus bioflavonoid, from fruits, ruby grapefruit and royal mandarin orange, extracts of linseed, Vitamin A etc.

Process of Application:

Dab small amount of cream on the clean face. With the help of ring finer, gently rub it in circular motion. This magnificent cream can be used by any gender who wants to remove dark circle.

The cream costs you around Rs1649/- and has been rated as 4.2/5 by the users.

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4. Lotus Herbal Naturaeye Eye Gel:


This is a very light weighted cream and spreads very smoothly on the skin. Its helps in rejuvenating, hydrates the skin under the eyes. It lends a softer skin by removing fine lines , wrinkles under the eyes and making you appear more younger than ever.

Ingredients of the Cream:

The cream contains hydrilised wheat protein soyabip peptides, which helps t diminish under eye lines and rice bran extracts and vitamin A & E which rejuvenates and keeps the skin hydrated.

Process of Application:

After cleansing the skin with the help of fingertips apply small portion of cream under the eyes till it absorbs completely in the skin. Apply in morning as well in evening also for better results.

The cream costs you around Rs275/- and has been rated as 3/5 by the users.

5. Skin Defence under Eye Cream by VLCC:


This is a fantastic non greasy cream which easily spreads and absorbs in the skin unlike others creams. It nourishes the skin deeply and diminishes the fine lines also. The cream has also helps in removing the free radicals from the skin and improves the texture of the skin.

Ingredients of the Cream:

The cream contains natural ingredients which are beneficial to skin like wheat grass oil enhances the quality of skin. Magical almond oil which eventually helps in reducing dark circles revitalizes the skin cells. Olive oil and Vitamin E nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Process of Application:

Spread small amount of cream with fingertips all over the affected area. Then massage for few seconds till it gets absorbs in the skin and apply in morning as well in evening also. This cream can be used by both men and women to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

The cream costs you around Rs175/- and has been rated as 3/5 by the users.

6. Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller:


This cream posses 2in 1 quality with eye care and concealer embedded in one roller. It’s a non greasy cream which helps to diminish the dark circles and lends a bright look lending an amazing look to entire face.

Ingredients of the Cream:

The roller consists of caffeine gel which energizes and stimulates the blood circulation. Lemon essence brightens the texture of the skin and the tinted minerals dresses the dark circles.

Process of Application:

You can apply the cream in morning as well in evening. It a roller so you gently press the roller under the eyes and get a radiant skin.

The cream costs you around Rs1697/- and has been rated as 4.2/5 by the users.

7. Factor A Eyes:

Factor –A Eyes

  • This is a product by JanMarini. There was a research done on consumers which suggested that this is a right choice for fading dark circles around the eyes.
  • It contains vitamin K which has pigment lightening property.
  • It is used along with silky finish so that powder and concealer can easily be applied.
  • It is the best product for dark circles.

8. Eyelastin:


  • According to view points given by Beauty, Dermagevity gives eyelastin the best honors for removing dark eye circles.
  • It contains a main ingredient known as arnica which helps in reducing puffiness and bags. This causes a shadow beneath the eyes.
  • It is the best product for dark circles under eyes.

9. White Lucent Treatment:

White Lucent Treatment

  • It is an Eye Brightening Treatment suggested in an article by Shiseido’s for removing the dark circles.
  • This White Lucent Eye Treatment contains vitamin C which is capable of reducing melanin content of the skin and also includes chestnut extract of rose which helps in thickening the skin beneath the eye.

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10. Eye Brightener:

Eye Brightener

  • Eye brightener comes in a small pot in the mode of a concealer.
  • It is a fast solution to dark circles beneath the eyes.
  • It is among the best concealers found in the market.
  • According to “Elle” magazine this product has won the prize in fighting against the dark circles.
  • It is one of the best products for dark circles.

11. Eye Rescue Treatment:


  • Men science androceuticals formed a non-greasy and ultra light formula for men.
  • This formula is very effective against dark circles and is available at a very reasonable price.
  • Hyaluronic acid in it builds coenzyme Q10 and collagen and vitamins C and K which combat the dark circles present around the areas of eyes.

12. Intensive Eye Lotion:

Intensive Eye Lotion

  • This cream is rich in hormone which controls plant growth called as kinetin. It aids in retention of moisture.
  • It is best cream for anti wrinkle and dark circle around the eyes.
  • Apply this cream twice daily on the dark circles and see them fading away.
  • It is the best under eye dark circle remover cream.

13. Eye Complex:

Eye Complex

  • It is a moisturizing treatment.
  • It contains anti inflammatory contents and antioxidants. With the help of light diffusion area around the eyes is brightened and puffiness, dark circles, fine lines are reduced.
  • It is the best product for dark circles under eyes.

14. Concealer Set:


  • This is a concealer kit known as hidden agenda which is very budget friendly.
  • It is used temporarily to hide dark circles around the eyes.
  • Hidden agenda contains three different shades of concealer which are to be mixed and then matched according to skin shade, one powder which helps the concealer to set and two brushes for petite application.

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15. No More Flaws Cream:

no more flaws cream

  • This eye cream is given by Dr. Bandit.
  • It is to be applied during night on the dark circles and left overnight.
  • This R3P cream softens the visibility of dark circles and deep lines. It also helps in reducing the puffiness around the eyes.
  • It is one of the best products for dark circles under eyes.

So here are some products which can help you to get a dazzling skin as the dark circles starts diminishing. You can opt for any cream which suits to your skin type and doesn’t prick your pockets very highly. So go for one cream and get rid of dark circles under the eyes and get flawless skin.