The contemporary lifestyle we have, given the busy schedules, 9-5 jobs and little time for our personal care is leading to several health and skin concerns. Dark circles are one of the most significant and common problems for young men and women, especially in working age. While the cause for these black circles may be several such as stress, tension, bad lifestyle, lack of sleep and a heavy focus on laptops/smartphones, these are not quick to go. They make your face look dull and tired all the time and hence is not very pleasant to see. But here we are with a quick and effective remedy.

Rosewater for dark circles! Yes, you heard it right, also known as Gulabjal in India, this is a quite easy and effortless tip to remove dark circles in no time. This rose water for under-eye circles can be used easily by just cleaning and massaging on the face to achieve clearer and fairer skin. Know how to do it here! It is a natural and herbal remedy and is available in the markets.

Benefits of Using Rose Water for Dark Circles:

Let us begin by having a look at the benefits of using rosewater for dark eye circles

  • Soothes Eyes: Rosewater has ingredients such as terpenes and flavonoids which are not just anti-oxidants but also anti-inflammatory agents. It works as a great anti-depressant as well and soothes eyes
  • Skin Irritation: The rose water easily treats issues such as redness and skin irritation in no time. It avoids infections and rashes around and can also be effective to treat eczema
  • Prevents Cell Damage: It protects skin cells around the eyes reducing puffiness and as well as damage to skin cells
  • Heals Infections: It easily heals infections through its anti-bacterial formula which in turn evens down the skin tone near the eyes, reducing black circles.

How To Make And Use Rosewater For Dark Circles:

Here have a look at these homemade remedies with rose water to remove dark circles at home.

1. Rose Water Toner to Reduce Dark Circles:

Here are the salient rose water benefits for dark circles. Given that rose water is highly beneficial to reduce redness, puffiness and lightening skin tone, adding it with toner and natural essential oils further enhance the effects and results. It is quite natural and is good for skin cells around the eyes as well. It also helps in blood flow as well and quickens the process of reducing dark circles in no time.


  • One teaspoon of glycerine.
  • Two teaspoons of rose water.
  • One teaspoon of distilled water.
  • 2-3 drops of Argan oil.
  • One drop of rose oil.
  • Mix all the ingredients very well in a bowl.

How to Use:

  • First, take cotton pads.
  • Dip the cotton pad in the mixed solution.
  • Apply directly on your face and neck.
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse with water.

How Often to Use:

  • Use this rose water for under-eye circles daily at least once a day for better results.

2. Rose Water DIY to Treat Dark Circles:

Let us see how to use rose water for dark circles? Here is another home remedy. The natural homemade rose water DIY eradicate your dark circles at home. This is homemade, so no chemicals are used in the preparation of that. It takes no time and absolutely no effort as well, can be done quickly all by yourself with ingredients you have at home. This will relax the nearby skin eyes and give a cooling effect.


  • 3-4 petals of a rose flower.
  • 1 cup of distilled water.
  • 2-3 ice cubes.

How to Prepare and Apply:

  • Take a bowl and pour in distilled water.
  • Add rose petals to it.
  • Turn on the gas stove and simmer it for 30 minutes.
  • Then take the petals out and store the water in a bowl or jar.
  • Take a cotton pad and dip it in this homemade rose DIY water.
  • Apply it in a circular motion and leave it.

How Often to Use:

  • Use this DIY twice a day regularly for three weeks and see the effects. Your dark circles will vanish naturally without any harmful chemicals used to remove them.

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3. Rose Water With Cucumber:

Is rose water good for dark circles around eyes? Absolutely. Here are another quick tip and suggestion to do with rose water to treat your black circles around eyes. Cucumber, which is well known for its cooling and soothing effect, can also be mixed in this remedy to give you instant relaxation. You can try it out, and you would be wondered on how best this can instantly calm your skin down.


  • 2 tablespoons of cucumber water.
  • Take two tablespoons of rose water.
  • Mix the ingredients well in a bowl.

How to Apply:

  • Pour the adequate quantity of the mixture into the cotton pad.
  • Massage gently on your face for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now wash with lukewarm water.

How Often to Use:

  • Apply this face toner once a day and get a glowing dark circle free skin. This mixture will make your complexion fair and radiant too. So just try this rosewater for dark circles under the eyes and see the best results.

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4. Rose Water with Sandalwood Powder:

Here is another benefit of rose water for dark circles under eyes. This is a common remedy which is well known and is always used for decades, and if it is mixed with the goodness of sandalwood, then the skin looks more bright and younger. Here is the recipe of rosewater with sandalwood powder.


  • 2-3 tablespoons of sandalwood.
  • 2 tablespoons of rose water.

How to Apply:

  • Mix both the ingredients to form a batter.
  • It should not be too thick and too runny inconsistency.
  • Apply the pack on your cleansed face.
  • Leave it to dry up for 15 minutes.
  • Then wash with clean water.

How Often to Use:

  • Apply this face pack twice a week, and your dark circles will vanish. This face pack will lighten your skin tone and make you fair.

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5. Rose Water With Aloe Vera Gel:

Here is another way of how to get rid of dark circles with rose water easily with another method. We all know Aloe Vera has natural cooling properties. It is also known well to heal scars and any skin concern in no time. While many apply it to face for spots and acne, this can be used for under eye treatment as well. Here is how you do it.


  • Aloe Vera gel.
  • Rosewater.
  • Cotton pads.

How to Apply:

  • Mix Aloe Vera gel in a small bowl.
  • Keep a bit of rose water in the same bowl.
  • Blend the mixture well with hands.
  • Dip cotton pads in it and apply around eyes.
  • Wash area with lukewarm water after half an hour.

How Often to Use:

  • You can use this remedy every alternate day for best, easy and quick results in no time.

6. Natural Remedy With Milk and Rose Water:

What else can be used? How to remove dark circles using rose water? Do you know that you can use milk as well for quick healing? Yes, you heard it right. Milk is a natural toner and ingredient to soothe skin and improves blood circulation. It reduces puffiness quickly and is popular to instantly give a relaxing effect


  • Two tablespoons of cold milk.
  • Two tablespoons of rose water.

How to Apply:

  • Take a small bowl.
  • Mix rose water and milk together.
  • Dip cotton in it and place it on the eyes.
  • Leave for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with normal water.

How Often to Use:

  • You can work on this remedy every day for quick results.

Final Thoughts:

Is rose water good for dark circles? Is it an effective remedy? Well, here we see the benefits of rose water for dark circles. Rosewater is quite a readily available ingredient in the market and is well known for the natural cooling and soothing effect it provides for our skin. This is an easy and quick remedy to try out in different methods, as shown in this guide. These will instantly help in reducing dark circles and provide a relaxing effect. Try it out and experience the effect it has on your dark circles, and you will believe it!


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