The Dark circles are a significant concern for beauty and health. You would for sure not enjoy people coming up to you and telling you that the skin under your eyes is darkening. It is like a disgrace to your beautiful face.

If you are in a thought dark circles happen because you are a nocturnal animal, it’s not entirely true. It is a stigma which is attached that the dark circles present beneath the eyes are due to deficit hours of sleep. Bad sleeping habits are just one among many of the reasons. Dark circles are also a result of allergies, nasal congestion and sometimes, even due to hereditary nature.

Dark circles are an indication that you have stopped taking care of yourself. It is mainly due to the fast and busy lifestyle schedules in which you don’t get time to concentrate on our health and beauty. Therefore, you need to start right away. Vitamins are actually useful for treating your dark circles. This article will help you with the best vitamins for dark circles under eyes. Dark circles cannot also be seen as a feature to particular to any age. They affect all the generations but mostly appear from on wards into adulthood. Stress is for sure one of the primary reason behind the formation of dark circles.

But the common reason for dark circles is the deficiency of vitamins in your body. Vitamins help tremendously in getting rid of the dark circles below the eyes. You should also make sure to change your diet and increase the intake of vitamins and supplements to erase dark circles. You can also choose to use skin creams with richness in vitamins to help the dark circles fade away. But beware of duplicate products or consult with your skin specialist before using such products. Also, discuss your diet plan containing vitamins with your dietician because any of the more or less intakes than the required amount can also be a reason for harm or concerns to you.

Having a healthy and balanced diet will definitely add as an advantage to removing black circles under eyes. As a steady diet would contain all the essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins are the basic requirement for the skin to hold its glowing state. Hence if it is the case that you are inclined towards junk and fast food and are a lover of these street foods, your diet would definitely lack essential and healthy vitamins. Gradually in the due passage of time, dark circles would begin to appear beneath the eyes which will further disturb your looks and overall persona. It is thus recommended to start including essential vegetables, fruits, and dairy products for curing dark circles under eyes. Hence read ahead to get to know the vitamins to take for dark circles under eyes.

5 Crucial Vitamins for Fighting Dark Circles:

Here are the five best vitamins that support and work wonders to eliminate dark circles under your eyes. The five crucial vitamins which help to fight against the evil dark circles are vitamin K, vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B12. These vitamins help to increase blood circulation in the blood, reduce aging through good and thorough blood flow along with delivering the anti-inflammation effect.

1. Vitamin K for Dark Circles:

Vitamin K is known to be as a fat-soluble vitamin. The vitamin is named after its similar German word which is understood as denoting to coagulation. This name is kept as it is a primary feature of the vitamin. It is said to have positive effects and works wonders on reducing dark circles.

How Does It Help?

  • Vitamin k has the major obligation for the blood clotting in our body. In specific, if the blood circulation around the eyes is not proper and well enough, the blood may seep and start pooling under the eyes, giving it a dark, shadow-like bruise.
  • In case your dark circles are occurring due to haemostasis which refers to the interruption of blood flow to the area which is affected, then vitamin K is what you need.
  • Dark circles are usually a result of capillary damage which happens because of allergies, dehydration or even exposure to sunlight. Vitamin k is considered exceptional for its blood clotting property. Therefore, any issue related to blood supply can be resolved.
  • Therefore, it takes care that the blood circulation around the eyes is perfect and the clotting is taking place in the right manner without any trouble.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Creams rich in vitamin K are available in the market. You must start applying them regularly. Vitamin K for dark circles works like wonder. Do not forget to test the cream before regular use and do consult a skin specialist if it reacts abnormally.


  • Green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, etc. and fruits like strawberries, kiwi and avocado, are rich sources of vitamin K.

2. Vitamin C for Dark Circles:

Vitamin C is a perfect ingredient and vitamin for all the beauty and health issues including that of the dark circles around your eyes. This vitamin for dark circles around eyes is an excellent solution due to its antioxidant properties behind. This also acts as the secret behind fresh and glowing skin. Hence dark circles can be easily treated with vitamin c.

How Does It Help?

  • Our skin contains a compound called collagen which is responsible for its tightness. Vitamin c increases the collagen levels due to which the skin looks plumped and taught.
  • Also, exposure to sunlight worsens dark circles and also speeds up aging. Vitamin c prevents the skin from damage due to the sun and also protects it from free radicals.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Vitamin C is present in ample in the L – ascorbic acid which is an excellent combination of vitamin k and vitamin c. The skin creams with this combination are the best for dark circles.
  • Vitamin C is present in fruits too which is the best way to get rid of dark circles.
  • Vitamin C must not be taken in pure form. It reacts with the oxygen present in the air, undergoes oxidation which increases the damage caused to the skin because of free radicals.
  • Vitamin c is never available in pure form. You will always find the concentration of vitamin c to be somewhere around 5% in any skin creams you purchase.
  • The best way to take vitamin c is to combine it with iron. Iron is also essential to eliminate dark circles. Deficiency of iron makes the skin pale. The veins under the eyes pop out making it look darker.
  • But vitamin c is available in the form of serums and undoubtedly good quality creams which are proved to be effective
  • You can prepare a vitamin c serum for your dark circles right at home. It is effortless and very much effective.

Vitamin C Serum


  • pure vitamin c powder
  • glycerine
  • distilled water
  • vitamin E capsules


  • Firstly, dissolve the Vitamin C powder completely in the distilled water.
  • If you are only using water and Vitamin C, you are done. But you need to store this in the fridge in order to make it last for up to 2 weeks or longer.
  • But if you are using glycerine, you’ll have to dissolve the Vitamin C in a smaller amount of water, then add some glycerine, stir it properly and store. This version will last a month or longer
  • Prick a vitamin E capsule and then put it in the distilled water mixture. Vitamin E helps to stabilize the serum so that it lasts for some days.

How to Use:

  • After cleansing your face properly, apply the serum on your face before you sleep. Moisturise to avoid any tingling or burning sensation.


  • Vitamin C is abundantly found in citrus fruits like lemon, orange, grapes, etc.
  • Iron is majorly found in large quantities in green leafy vegetables like spinach.

3. Vitamins E and A for Dark Circles:

Vitamin E and A, when combined, have drastic effects on the dark circle. The combination works very efficiently. Vitamin e for dark circles is well known for its healing properties and its impact against aging. It works wonder on skin rashes, wrinkles, and dark circles.

How Does It Help?

  • Vitamin A gives back life to your skin, making it fresh and rejuvenated.
  • It also assists in tissue repair if required around the eyes. It defends the skin from wrinkles, thinning and aging, thanks to its anti-oxidative properties.
  • Vitamin E, on the other hand, enhances the efficiency of vitamin A. it must be combined with vitamin A as it protects the skin from pollution and free radicals. It also improves blood circulation around the eyes.
  • Your dark circles need to be treated with slices of pumpkin. Pumpkin is a reservoir of vitamins. It contains Vitamins K, C, and A, which are helpful in reversing the effect of the dark circles. If you place pumpkin slices over your under-eye area for 10-15 minutes each day, you will notice the changes.
  • Mint leaves is another remedy to cure dark circles as they offer a cool, tingling effect on the skin when applied that prompts an increase in blood flow to the under-eye area. Neurons in the skin have a protein that responds very well to the cooling sensation. You can avail the benefits only if you crush the mint leaves first and then apply over dark circles for about10 minutes. Wipe that off from the face with a clean and damp cotton cloth
  • Rosewater is another storehouse of all the vitamins required to get rid of dark circles, except for the fact that it also is very cooling. It contains vitamin A and C, as well as certain flavonoids. this is also an excellent natural astringent with anti-inflammatory properties to complement. It is also incredibly soothing, rejuvenating and refreshing with a pleasing odour.
  • Pluck some roses from your garden and simmer the petals in distilled water which is just enough to cover them. Once you notice that the petals have lost their colour and are pale, strain the liquid and allow it to cool. Store it in a jar or bottle. Immerse a ball in rosewater and apply on the dark circles’ area regularly.


  • Vitamin A is found in leafy greens, eggs, pumpkins, liver, some fruits, and some skin creams.
  • The foods rich in vitamin E are olives, asparagus, some fruits, leafy greens, and skin creams.

4. Vitamin B3 as a Solution for The Dark Circles:

B Vitamins are great to reduce and eliminate dark circles. They work on puffy eyes which are the primary reason for creating dark circles under the eye areas. They at this moment hence reduce also water retention. There are different types of B vitamins which can work together to ensure the issue of dark circles. Among them, make sure you do not skip on any for vitamins to take for dark circles under eyes. Foods like Greek yogurt are beneficial for dark circle treatment with vitamin B3 and B6. Further, foods like spinach (with B6 and B9), walnuts (with B1, B6, and B7) along with oysters (B12) are great for the reduction of dark circles and puffiness around eye areas.

Also known as niacin, this vitamin is a vital element required for eliminating dark circle, owing to its multiple benefits.

How Does It Help?

  • Vitamin B3 is majorly responsible for protecting the skin from any adverse effects of the sun rays.
  • If appropriately consumed, this vitamin can reverse the discoloration of skin which is a sign of aging.
  • It also improves the blood movement inside the body which is essential to reduce the dark pigmentation of our skin.
  • It also fights inflammation and regulates blood levels.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Vitamin b3 supplements are readily available in the market. If not, you can also eat food rich in vitamin b3
  • Avocados are loaded with several of the nutrients such as potassium, fiber, folate, vitamin B, and vitamin E, which help lighten dark shadows. Not only is it good for guacamole, but it can also serve as an anti-aging aid. You can place slices of ripe avocado under each eye, or make a mix of 3 slices of avocado and five drops of almond oil and blend it together to form the paste.


  • Vitamin b3 is abundant in food like pork, fish, chicken, green peas, mushrooms, peanuts, avocado, and sunflower seeds.

5. Vitamin B12 as a Great aid for Dark Circles:

Vitamin B12 is one of the most popular vitamin and well known for several advantages it adheres to. It is a crucial component for reducing dark circles around eye areas. This vitamin is water-soluble and hence can be stored for a fact for several long years. Further, in addition, the vitamin B12 also acts as a booster to the skin for repairing damaged cells and eliminates the dark circles under eyes like a miracle.

How Does It Help?

  • Vitamin B12 is the booster for new cell formation which triggers blood formation too. Thus, the skin remains soft and supple which makes it easier to reduce the dark circles.
  • If your diet is a deficit of vitamin b12, you may suffer from anaemia. While in this condition, your skin goes pale, and you look exhausted. And this is when the dark circles become more evident.
  • Vitamin b12 also treats multiple skin problems like eczema, irregular white patches, etc. If vitamin B12 is consumed with the right proportion of Vitamin B, it also works well in order to reduce dryness, redness, and acne-related problems.
  • Vitamin b12 also plays a primary role in enhancing the metabolism of the body.


  • Vitamin B 12 can be found in food items such as cheese, muscle meat, liver, meat eggs, fish and milk relate items.
  • Further, one can also find it in the fortified soy milk, fortified yeast, and certain sea leaves are a great source of Vitamin B12 for vegetarian people.

Additional Tips Vitamins for Dark Circles:

  • Vitamins can be of great help in reducing dark circles provided you take them correctly. There are certain tips and tricks to be followed for the best vitamins for dark circles.
  • Diet is an effective and immediate solution for all health problems. Include all the vitamins mentioned above in your meals is a must for different sources and vitamins good for dark circles under eyes. Green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. are excellent sources of almost all vitamins.
  • Supplements are not to be trusted. It is better you go the natural way and solutions, instead of taking medicates or applying creams which are vitamin-rich. It is acceptable when your dark circles are in a terrible state. But as far as concerned and possible, try and include vitamins in your diet itself.
  • Start sleeping well. Work on your sleeping habits. A minimum of 6 hours of adequate sleep is required, not only for removing dark circles but for improving overall health.

  • Begin to start making a diet chart and include all the essential and required vitamins in your daily regime. They appear more advantageous and solution-oriented as dark circles eventually start reducing. Vitamins to reduce dark circles under eyes works like magic.
  • The Tea bags are another fantastic way to get rid of dark circles. Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants which are very useful for eliminating dark circles along with the puffiness under eyes. Tea achieves this result by shrinking the blood vessels and reducing fluid retention. The tannins, in particular, help decrease swelling and discoloration. Place two tea bags in the refrigerator. Once they are cool, put them on your eyes for a while and wash your face later on.
  • You can also use the chilled spoon technique. Take two spoons and keep them in the fridge. Allow them to chill for a while. Once they are cold enough, remove them and put one over each eye. This will soothe the blood vessels around your eyes, and the dark circles will gradually disappear.

This article helps you with some essential vitamins which work in a great way to reduce dark circles and help one to look prettier than before. You can easily include these foods or ingredients in your daily meals as these are loaded with full of essential vitamins and fulfil the daily requirement. They further help to stay healthy along with reducing dark circles under the eyes. As we have noticed, vitamins that help with dark circles are the best and perfect solution.

We have given you the perfect and natural solution to get rid of those dark circles which are spoiling your beautiful face. Vitamins have always been essential for the body for countless reasons and advantages they possess. Dark circles are one of them. You can easily include vitamins in your diet. There are found in your everyday food and do not need individual efforts.

In addition to these advantages, vitamins also look after everything, including the blood circulation in your body to the generation of new cells. All you have to be is following and be regular in this routine and take care of yourselves. A little bit of pampering is all that you have to do and a glowing face is not far away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can We Use Vitamin E to Reduce Dark Circles?

A. Vitamin E is available in the form of oil as well as the gel in the market. It is recommended that you use the vitamin E gel capsules instead of the eye. You need to prick the capsule so that the gel oozes out. Massage this gel gently around your eyes in also, gentle, and circular motion for immediate and effective results.

Q. How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally?

A. Dark circles can be removed and eliminated naturally with the help of a proper diet. If you eat fruits which are rich in vitamins, dark circles will vanish entirely with time. You can also choose to apply a combination of cucumber juice and lemon juice over your dark circles. Leave it as such for a while and then wash it. If you do this routine regularly, you will notice that your dark circles have disappeared. This is because cucumber and lemon are citrus and contain lots of vitamin C which is suitable for the removal of dark circles

Q. Is There Any Quick Home Remedy to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

A. There are many small but effective tips to get rid of dark circles. Grate potatoes such that the juice is extracted. Soak a cotton ball and apply the potato juice over your dark circles. You can also use tomato juice for this purpose.


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