Old Hollywood’s starlet may be dead and gone but her legendary beauty is something she will always be remembered for. Elizabeth Taylor is, without doubt, one of the most well-known faces and much-admired screen goddess of all times. She has been a symbol of beauty ever since she took to the stage from an early age. Her voluptuous figure coupled with her tiny waist added to her allure which ‘Liz Taylor’ herself was proud of. Endowed with natural beauty and God-given charm, this two-time Oscar winner didn’t have a bagful of beauty secrets but if you want to come close to matching the glamorous look and sophisticated style of yesteryear’s legend then here are a handful of tips to enlighten you.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion and Make-up Secrets:

Elizabeth Taylor had everything going for her, from her piercing good looks to her white porcelain skin. Her lifelong passion for jewellery and fragrances surpassed everything else in her life. Her collection of diamond-encrusted jewellery was one of the largest in the world. Following close on its heels was the successful and timeless range of fragrances which she created for Elizabeth Arden. She believed that the scented power of perfumes radiated femininity in a magnetic way.

When it came to make-up Elizabeth Taylor favoured blush which she used to give her skin an added glow and her signature red lipstick which she wore to perfection. With red lipstick being the in-thing today, you can recreate Elizabeth Taylor’s sizzling on-screen look with a shade of red that complements your skin tone perfectly.

Some secrets are best left hidden or so it would seem if you knew this little skincare secret about Elizabeth Taylor. Shaving her facial hair was a part of Elizabeth Taylor’s skincare regime which she did not only to have a fuzz-free look but also because she believed it provided extra exfoliation.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Eye Secrets:

The most pronounced feature of Elizabeth Taylor’s was her trademark violet coloured eyes through which radiated her sex appeal and legendary glamour. Born with a double row of eyelashes only enhanced her exquisite features. Her naturally thick, dark eyebrows were another stand-out feature of her eyes which she further accentuated with mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow to complete her on-screen look.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Hairstyles:

No matter what coiffure she sported, Elizabeth Taylor’s mane of raven hair always looked ravishing. For the most part, she wore her short hair in buoyant waves. When it was pulled back, she accessorized it with diamond and emerald tiaras from her own collection. She has also been known to sport elaborate and striking headdresses which only a star of her grace and charisma could carry off to perfection. Towards her later years, she was known for her “Beverly Hills bouffant” the highly raised mop of hair which became her signature style.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Fitness Secrets:

How did Hollywood’s sex siren manage to maintain her lithe figure during those days when few women exercised on a regular basis and when according to her own admission, did not have the advantage of having an exercise and fitness regime to keep her in shape? Being a lover of horseback riding and enjoying swimming and walking combined with mild toning exercises helped her keep in top shape.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Diet Secrets:

In her heydays, Elizabeth Taylor was put on a high protein diet but as she grew older her daily intake of food consisted of everything from bacon, eggs and peanut butter to fried chicken, steak and mashed potatoes and gravy downed with Jack Daniels on the rocks at dinner time. Having lived however till the ripe old age of 79 despite being plagued by numerous illnesses and injuries says a lot about a woman who shared her demons on her struggles with weight gain and the courage and perseverance it took to regain her figure and self-esteem in her self-titled Dietary book, “Elizabeth Takes Off”. Her personal diet tips lay emphasis on substituting red meat and bread with plenty of fish while also stressing on the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.


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