Top 80 New and Latest Hairstyles for Women 2019

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Hair is one of the most fundamental parts of our body that boosts the beauty of a woman or a man. Everybody loves beautiful hair and we take initiatives for a lot of methods in order to maintain proper growth and texture of our hair. All the hair packs, hot oil therapies, hair spas are just few of the hair care methods to be mentioned. And when we have so many hair products to style our hair as well such as curling tongs, straightening tongs, blow dryers and more. All the efforts that we take are only so that we look good.

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Those people who are hard core followers of fashion will know that fashion trends come and go. Nothing is permanent in the fashion world. One thing that can actually define you is your style. Generally the latest fashion trends have their roots in Bollywood and Hollywood. And the best hairstyle of the previous hair is followed in the coming year as a trend. No wonder the stars put so much effort with their hair dresser.

Now that we’ve talking so much about hair care, hair styles, you must be wondering what the new hairstyles are for this year. Well read on this article to acquaint you with the exclusive new hairstyles for women this season.

New And Latest Hairstyles For Women 2019:

Here is the list of the New ans Latest Hairstyles for Women in 2019 with picture.

1. Cool Reverse Bob:

Cool Reverse Bob

The days of long dark hair is gone. Now short hair is new trend. Bob haircuts are very common. You want to try on something new? Get a reverse bob hair cut. The best part of short hair cuts is that the hair cut is a style itself. You do not have to spend hours wondering about how you are going to tie your hair the next day or even spend minutes in front of the mirror to get it right.

2. Messy Look:

Messy Look

Yeah I know neat is clean and all that. And mothers pester us to tidy your hair before stepping out of the house but messy hairstyle in girls! So the next time you are told to brush up, do not mind because messy hairstyle is cool!

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3. Latest Beautiful Layers Hairstyle:

Latest Beautiful Layers Hairstyle

This is one hairstyle that never seems to leave the fashion trend. A beautifully layered hair always looks good. With this hair cut, you can style your hair in so many various ways such as neat, messy, ponytails or just leave it open.

4. Curled All The Way Down:

Curled All The Way Down

Everybody wants straight hair now but curly hair also looks so pretty. Curly hair has whole new definitions of you. So curl your hair and look pretty. And if you have natural curly hair then no worries at all.

5. Beautiful Long Hairstyles:

Beautiful Long Hairstyles

Beautiful bangs always intensify your outlook. A beautiful layered hair is a universal hairstyle that goes with all sorts of attires, occasions and days.

6. Just Pretty Hairstyle:

Just Pretty Hairstyle

This beautiful hairstyle is perfect for a dinner or a brunch or even a date. All you need to do is make sure you get beautiful curls and then just tie it making it fall on your shoulder. Taylor Swift hair looks very beautiful in this hairstyle.

7. Braids Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Braids Hairstyles for Long Hair

Whenever we talk about braids, we actually have to mention the particular braid we are talking about. Braids are perfect for keeping your hair under control and still look beautiful. This is one of the modern and new hairstyles for women.

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8. Curled All The Way:

Curled All The Way

You know Kangana Ranaut? Her natural hair is totally curly and it is pretty. Curling your hair completely looks good. It gives you hippie look besides making you look beautiful. Most of the young girls love to wear this type of latest hairstyles for their parties.

9. Long Waves:

Long Waves

Long waves are so attractive. This hairstyle is one that soothes your eyes. Want to look elegantly beautiful? Try out this pretty hairstyle for occasions. How can forget this beautiful makeup look anybody?.

10. Side Parted Long Waves Hair Style:

Side Parted Long Waves Hair Style

This is a long and wavy style in which the hair s left all loose and long to hang on the shoulders. This is one of the easy and new hairstyles for women and you can try this without any problem. You can make a semi- side parting and then leave the hair just like that and then roll the lower ends of the hair too. This looks very pretty on anyone with even medium length hair.

11. Bangs Hairstyle:

Bangs Hairstyle

Bangs and fringes are still some of the latest hairstyles for women and you can look good with these with any length of hair. The bangs can be done in any way that you want. This means that they can be thick and spread or just from one side of the forehead. This will depend on the fact of the shape of your face. Most Indian women like this type of new hairstyles, want to wear for wedding functions an d occasions.

12. Layered and Feathered Hairstyles:

Layered and Feathered Hairstyles

The feathered hairstyle has been into popular trend from the last year only and it is still a new hairstyle for women. In this look the lower end of the hair is made into a feathered look and the top portion and the sides are in the layered look. Now this is one of the hairstyles which is most suitable for the women with thin hair and they add more volume to the hair also.

13. Medium and Wavy Hairstyle:

Medium and Wavy Hairstyle

This is a latest haircut for women and especially for the women with a medium length of hair. This is also better for the ones who have natural curls too. You can just get a side parting and do nothing else. Some times it is just better to keep things very simple and do your natural beauty so the rest of the talking for you.

14. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut:

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

The bob is one of the new hairstyles for women because what women choose now is not definitely the traditional bob cut. In this type of hairstyle you get your hair in a way that the hair near the cheeks reach till the chin and then the rest of the hair at the back has a much shorter length of course. You can get this with all your western outfits and look at your coolest best.

15. Funky Hair Cut:

Funky Hair Cut

One of the trendiest hairstyles on the list this is a very creative one. This is of course a fusion of a number of hairstyles and this may include the bob, layered and the pixie cuts of course. Now in this one the rest of the hair is kept short and folded except that from the both sides of the cheek two bunches of locks come out and hang like uncut tresses. It is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for girls who are like to modern trends.

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16. Side Bang Hairstyle:

Side Bang Hairstyle

This one is one of the latest hairstyles for women with a slightly heavier face. In this type of hairstyle the blunt cut is done in a way that one side of the hair has a thicker bang and this is what adds to the drama of this hair cut. Now this bang actually covers the side of your face and cuts off the fat areas of the cheeks.

17. French Bangs:

French Bangs

This is one of the most gorgeous one in the lists and this looks prettier on the ladies who have short or medium length of hair. Now in this one the hair texture is fine and soft and then the hair is ut in a way that in the front portion of the hair the bangs are done from one side and this covers the one side of the the forehead only. It looks cool and very stylish.

18. Blunt Hair Cut:

Blunt Hair Cut

This is a regular haircut in which the blunt cut looks very simple and then the side parting is done also in another simple way. You can try out with other partings also where the middle parting and also a zig- zag style. You can dye the whole hair and sort it any shade of brown or burgundy too.

19. Thick and Feathery New Look:

Thick and Feathery New Look

This is for the ladies for the thick hair and looks even better for the long hair. For this one you can cut your hair in a way where there is also a fusion of the bangs and the feathered cut. Here you can style your hair in any type you want to. Now in this picture as you can see is that the woman has styled her hair very casually and you can do the same too. It is one of the best new hairstyles for women with natural hair.

20. Simple Layered Cut:

Simple Layered Cut

In this type of hair cut, you can keep it very simple and very pretty. This is the very old and simple hair cut in which you will simply have your hair cut in a layered way in which the middle parting is kept like that but then for the slightly heavier faces this one is a real advantage because the hair then cuts the mass of the cheeks.

21. Sleeky Bob Hair Cut:

Sleeky Bob Hair Cut

This is a stylish version of the bob cut and is also a little razor sharp on the ends. In this the hairstyle is silky and straight. In this case where the hair is very short you can try this one where the hair is till the chin on the front side and the back it is a little lifted up.

22. Side Swept Curly Hairstyle:

Side Swept Curly Hairstyle

This is a hairstyle with a lot of drama. In this one you will see that the hair is super curly and soft in texture too. Now in this one the hair is not parted at all and all the hair is taken to one side and then clipped on the back side. In this type of hairstyle you can feel very comfortable and this is even suitable for all types of events, parties and occasions and also for the casual day outs.

23. Twirls Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Twirls Hairstyle for Long Hair

This is one hairstyle in which there is not a single type of styling done. Now the hair is combed really well and made sure that the comb is not put on too harshly on the hair. Now in this one you can simply do some middle parting or simply a side parting and leave your tresses to do the rest of the talking.

24. Traditional Bob Style:

Traditional Bob Style

This is a simple traditional bob style in which you can just sport a fuss free look. You can leave it simply for any party or any event.

25. Simple Undercut Style:

Simple Undercut Style

This one haircut needs a lot of guts and a lot of attitude. In this one this is a simple semi- undercut hairstyle where one side of the hair is cropped up in an undercut and on the other side it is left a little lengthy. Now you can do all sorts of colouring and hair cuts in this part of the hair. This haircut needs a lot of patience and preparation because you will have to wait till your hair grows.

26. Bouffant and Braid Hairstyle:

Bouffant and Braid Hairstyle

This is a retro hairstyle in which you sure have to possess really thick tresses. In this one style you can make a braided hair band to cover the crown of your head. Now when you have started braiding the hair and pin it on the other side. When you are done you can make the bouffant behind the braid and then leave the rest of the hair. One can easily fall in love with this type of new hairstyles of bouffant.

27. Short Layered Haircut:

Short Layered Haircut

This lady in the picture has short hair and has done in a very smart way. In this one she has got a step cut in which the layers of the hair are very short as matching with the hair. Now these layers add more volume to your hair and it is very good idea for the fine and thin hairstyles.

28. Very Short Bob Hairstyle:

Very Short Bob Hairstyle

This is for the girls who do not like it in a very girlie way. In this one the very short bob hairstyle is great one for the western look. The woman has highlighted the hair and left it absolutely cropped from both sides. Now in this way the hair is absolutely maintenance free and you can go anywhere you want and not even think about any extra time for styling it.

29. Simple Pixie Style:

Simple Pixie Style

One of the simplest hairstyles which was there even in the trends last year and is again featuring on the list this year. In this one too the pixie cut looks pretty and cute and no styling is needed on this. The pixie cut is a style in itself and you can sport it any way you would want to.

30. Short and Spiked:

Short and Spiked

If someone told you that the spiky hair is only for the guys out there then you are so wrong. In this hairstyle you can see how cool the lady is looking. The mature women can sport this too if they can carry it with a lot of attitude. Now the spiked style is also low on maintenance and is absolutely a fantastic one.

31. Long Bangs and Layers Latest Hairstyles:

Long Bangs and Layers Latest Hairstyles

If you need a very natural maintenance free hairstyle that incorporates both bangs and layers easily to achieve a perfect and voluptuous hairstyle. To get this hairstyle you must first have pretty long hair which is the primary factor of this hairstyle.

32. Sleek and Long New Hairstyle:

Sleek and Long New Hairstyle

Sleek and long is the best way to go as well with long straight hair because of its intense volume. Though it does take much longer to maintain this hairstyle than all the rest due to intense amount of hair product must be used to help keep the hair in place at the end of the day it is completely worth it. having long hair is truly a boon when keeping this type of hairstyle.

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33. The Free Falling Layers Latest Hairstyles:

The Free Falling Layers Latest Hairstyles

Free falling hair is a very natural and well finished look that would look great throughout all the seasons. It works especially great in summer because it helps you to beat the heat while looking great at the events you wish to go to both in the day and at night.

34. Super Casual New Hairstyles:

Super Casual New Hairstyles

The super casual messy bun is yet again a great way to go if you want to let your hair down during a social event or a party. Even for a regular casual hairstyle this is a great way to go. Super casual requires just a small bun with a large variety of messy curls to properly pull off this great look. The super casual look is one of the best long thick hairstyles for social events.

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35. The Braids Latest Hairstyles:

The Braids Latest Hairstyles

Braids are yet again a very popular hairstyle for layered hair because it just requires a little hard work to make after which it requires no maintenance at all. All you require is a bit of volume after which there is no tension where the hairstyle is in question. Yet again the hairstyle can be adorned for both formal and informal events.

36. Fresh Curls New Hairstyle:

Fresh Curls New Hairstyle

Fresh curls are probably the easiest way to go when you are searching vigorously for a good party hairstyle. It not only compliments any kind of dress but also has a universal facial structure allowing you to narrow down your search.

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37. Waves Latest Hairstyles:

Waves Latest Hairstyles

Waves are probably the easiest and most popular hairstyles for girls all around the world. Getting waves are easy and do not require hours of attention before you are able to pull off the right look. The best part about waves is that it is a very flexible hairstyle and looks event better if you have natural wavy hair.

38. Customized Milk Maid New Hairstyles:

Customized Milk Maid New Hairstyles

The customised milk maid braid is perfect if you want to add a touch of genuinity to your hair do. The customised milk maid has a very bold top braid that goes well with a variety of accessories and looks great for almost any event. This can even be used for wedding events and looks great when you match it with a white dress.

39. Heart Shaped Emo Latest Hairstyles:

Heart Shaped Emo Latest Hairstyles

The heart shaped emo look is probably the most popular short heart shaped hairstyle available today. It can be accessorised with a great hair color of your choice making it quite a fashionable look that you can use for almost any event.

40. The Top Do New Hairstyles:

The Top Do New Hairstyles

This is a perfect hair for the summers when the frizzy mane can really be a tough game to maintain in the scorching summer heat. Therefore at this time use this top bun method but instead of gathering and rolling your hair up in your everyday messy bun, this time use separate pins to segregate chunks of hair and roll them up to form the bun.

41. The High Top Do Latest Hairstyles:

The High Top Do Latest Hairstyles

A customization of the top do the high top do requires you to have much longer hair in regards to its predecessor. The high top do can be easily customised with longer curls at the bottom so that the hairstyle can look more modernized than before. It is now been extensively used by a large number of models and celebrities.

42. The Feminine Mohawk with Single Braid:

The Feminine Mohawk with Single Braid

Truly a mind blowing hairstyle to suit all your eventful needs the feminine Mohawk is a longer and more elaborate as well as elegant compared to its predecessor. The hairstyle can be used for a multitude of events which include your very own wedding where you will surely be the centre of attention when matched with the great white dress.

43. Short Messy New Hairstyle:

Short Messy New Hairstyle

Normally this hairstyle would remain exclusively for guys but with the start of a new year the hairstyle has extended to women as well. The hairstyle is an absolute head turner and is perfect for any informal or social event. The best part is that a little customisation you can wear this hairstyle to a formal event as well.

44. Medium Length Straight Latest Hairstyles:

Medium Length Straight Latest Hairstyles

For kids this is an all new hairstyle which removes the problem of unnecessary maintenance which is a standing problem for any hairstyle. The medium length hair can be worn up or down as per your choice but this free falling straight hair is the primary new hairstyle.

45. Extreme Curls Latest Hairstyles:

Extreme Curls Latest Hairstyles

Extreme curls are an upgrade from free falling curls and are meant exclusively for summer because of the freshness which it brings to your face. The extreme curls can be customised to your choice but at the end of the day these free falling curls will serve you well when you need to look stunning for any party.

46. Colors New Hairstyles:

Colors New Hairstyles

The new year brings in the opportunity of experimenting with colours and since colours have become a more dominating factor in any hairstyle this type of hairstyle is testament to the fact. There is no limitation to the amount of colors you can use on your hair so try out a few of your own choice and remember to keep it original.

47. Front Bangs Latest Hairstyles:

Front Bangs Latest Hairstyles

The front bangs is a very well known hairstyle that has gained importance very recently because of the celebrity endorsements that it has popularly been getting. The hairstyle can be easily customised and the best part is that it suits all kinds of face types and hair colors easily.

48. Ebony Braids New Hairstyles:

Ebony Braids New Hairstyles

Ebony braids are the perfect new year hairstyle for any fashionable lady. The ability to maintain both formal and social events is the best thing about this hairstyle. Ebony braids are a perfect testament of how great hairstyles have come out to play. Ebony braids can be accessorised with a variety of different remedies to make it look even better.

49. Free Falling Straight Hair:

Free Falling Straight Hair

There is something very long lasting about straight hair and this style is testament to this fact. Long straight hair has always been the pride of millions of ladies worldwide and at the end of the day it will remain a long lasting hairstyle that will last for many years to come. You do not have to go far to look for the best hairstyle for you.

50. The Head Rag New Hairstyles:

The Head Rag New Hairstyles

The head rag is a very out of the box holiday hairstyle which is great for almost any season. If you have dreadlocks and you need a great hairstyle to bring on a vacation then this is the hairstyle to go for. The head rag is an extremely recent dreadlock hairstyle that has taken fashion over the last few months.

51. The Wedding Bride Fall:

The Wedding Bride Fall

This is one of eminent hairstyles both for prom and wedding. For all the simpletons out there who want to avoid the fuss, this is quite a simple hairdo to pot. While the hair is massively curled at the top the down is let loose to fall at its will. The half up pin-up is glorified by the floral accessories and white sparkly pins. The top is kept messy to add volume to the hair while a small waved up bang is let free in the front.

52. The Braided Fall Hairstyle:

The Braided Fall Hairstyle

While the magnificent chestnut brown curls are let loose and wild at the bottom two strands of hair are strategically braided and pinned at the back with a yellow flower clip hiding the pin-up acting as a hair accessory along with it. The loose short bangs at the front are pinned up underneath the braids giving it an elegant royal look. This is the best new hairstyle for women.

53. The Loose Pin-Up Latest Hairstyles:

The Loose Pin-Up Latest Hairstyles

This might look like a very hard hairstyle to do but in fact it is very easy and requires very little time to make. Perfect for any formal or even social event the hairstyle is growing in importance throughout the world. It suits all kinds of face types and even can be customised as per your choice.

54. Extreme Accessorised Braids:

Extreme Accessorised Braids

This is an extremely radical hairstyle that has been recently been increasing in importance and over time will become as famous as the colored hairstyles which are in vogue today. With an extreme celebrity endorsement in the sense that many radical celebrities are adorning this type of hairstyle it will surely increase over time.

55. The Boy Cut New Hairstyles:

The Boy Cut New Hairstyles

The boy cut is yet again a great hairstyle if you want to keep short hair. This is very easy to manage and requires no upkeep whatsoever making it an ideal hairstyle if you do want to spend much time maintaining an extremely intricate hairstyle. The boy cut hairstyle is an excellent introduction into the secular hairstyle concepts that have been introduced. The best part is since the hairstyle maintained by both males and females; this is one of the best hairstyles in the world today.

56. Side Swap Curly Bangs:

Side Swap Curly Bangs

Having short hair to carry with curls! Get a new latest haircut which is easy to manage. The side swaps with curls let your front hair reach till the eye brows giving your face a new get up. The wavy curls give the face a youth look and hence it is also carried by women who are above 40.

57. Floral Bun Hair Style:

Floral Bun Hair Style

Love having bun hairstyles! Here is one more amazing hair style which will definitely steal your heart. It can be carried on medium and long hair. A floral pattern is designed with the hair on the back side. While the remaining hairs are left open to give a half pony tail looks with a floral bow.

58. Braided Pony Tail with Flicks:

Braided Pony Tail with Flicks

Want to have a designer look for parties and functions! Try a hair style with braids and pony tail. The pony tails is surrounded with a braid and the design looks awesome on casuals and also on traditional dresses. The front flicks give a good look on the forehead.

59. Side Hair Braid Hair Style:

Side Hair Braid Hair Style

A hair style which suits both medium and long hair is perfectly a braided one. The hair bus given a side look and a small braid is designed with few hairs on the other side. The rest hair are left open to give a flaunt look on parties or offices.

60. Messy Bun Ponytail New Hairstyles:

Messy Bun Ponytail New Hairstyles

Having medium and freezy hair! Try a hair style which adds to its volume. A bun is created on the top of the head and a high ponytail is put on giving a messy look. Some small flicks are kept on the face side to give a charming look. It looks clumsy on casuals for parties or regular basis.

61. Simple High Ponytail Trendy Hairstyles:

Simple High Ponytail Trendy Hairstyles

Having long hair which is straight! A long and straight ponytail is the best you can put on for a simple look. The pony tail is carried high on the head. The slight bend of the hair outwards or inwards give a nice cult look to the end. It is highly carried for regular basis, for exercise and yoga etc.

62. Braided Twist Bun:

Braided Twist Bun

A new haircut getting trendy in women is a braided bun with a side twist. This style is under taken in medium and long hair. First of all a side braid is made with ponytail. And then it is twisted to a side bun. This gives an elegant look in parties and weddings for both casuals and on designer sarees.

63. High Bun with Long Curls:

High Bun with Long Curls

Want to look stunning and different on special occasions! Try a high bun with long curls hanging down with soft curls. The hair style is suitable for long hair and for women with oval shape. It gives a different personality on long gowns and designer wears.

64. Layers in Inward Curls:

Layers in Inward Curls

Give your hair a fresh and delicate hair cut. A new hairstyle image getting trendy for usual day or offices or even parties is widely seen on teens and ladies. The hair is given a layered texture and the curls are made inwards to give the face a youth look. This haircut is adopted by women having thin hair to give a bouncy and clumsy look.

65. Weave n Hair Trendy Hairstyles:

Weave n Hair Trendy Hairstyles

Hate when hair disturbs you while doing some important work! Than a weave hair hairstyle best suits you. In this hair cut, small strains of hair are weaved with each other and hence it covers all the hair from above to below shaping as a ponytail that is low. This hairstyle is carried in offices, parties and on casuals.

66. Messy Fishtail New Hairstyles:

Messy Fishtail New Hairstyles

A messy fishtail is perfect for a cozy evening. It is suitable for layered or steps hair cut. The braid takes all hair and creates a design as a ponytail. The design looks amazing in red hair and also when it is carried from top to sideways. It looks better on round and oval faces shape.

67. Side French Braid:

Side French Braid

Finding a hairstyle for medium hair! Try a french braid. All you need to do is bind a braid starting from the left side or the right side hair and bring it to the right gathering small strands of hair along. A side Frenches braid looks best with casuals, on dresses and for kitty parties.

68. Double Ponytail Modern Hairstyles:

Double Ponytail Modern Hairstyles


A latest hairstyles for women which is highly appreciated is a double pinned ponytail. The hair style is made with two ponytails bound with strands of hair to give a charming look. The hair style hives a stunning look over jeans and casuals and is widely carried for offices and discos.

69. Messy Pigtails New Hairstyles:

Messy Pigtails New Hairstyles

Here is a hairstyle that would help you recall the kid in you. It can be made from medium or long length hair and also for layered hair cut. Two kiddy and messy pigtails are easy to make for routine basis, themed parties, etc. It gives a clumsy look on casuals, Capri and pajamas.

70. Side Outward Layer Haircut:

Side Outward Layer Haircut

One of the latest haircuts obtained by the youth is the layered haircut with outward curls. The haircut is given a side look to add to its charm. This haircut is carried by the women having average hair to add shine and bounce or volume to the hair. It looks dashing on casuals specially jeans and for offices and parties.

71. Asian Girl Modern Hairstyles:

Asian Girl Modern Hairstyles

Looking for a new haircut for thin and short hair which is adjustable! The Asian Girl Haircut is perfect for it. The hair when is thin and less in volume and length, you can adopt a haircut which is easily manageable and gives a good look to your face.

72. Boho Braided Hairstyle:

Boho Braided Hairstyle

Inspired by the old hairstyle, Boho hairstyle is getting trendy among the girls having long and thick hair. Two long braids with a messy look give a charming and cozy look over any outfit. To add to its beauty, two small braids are carried on top of the head from the forehead which later joins the long hair braids.

73. Lettering Half Ponytail:

Lettering Half Ponytail

A lettering ponytail is the latest hairstyle trendy among the teens and girls. The hair style is carried out by two thick hair strands from both the sides. They are twisted round and then combined at a center point behind the head. This forms an alphabet Y and hence is called the lettering hairstyle.

74. Waterfall Braids New Hairstyles:

Waterfall Braids New Hairstyles

Want to try something charming and different for parties and functions! It is suitable for long and thick hair no matter it is layered or steps or straight. To get this look, small braids are made from the top and given a look of waterfall. It gives a stunning or sensual look over designer dresses.

75. Floral Braid Hairstyle:

Floral Braid Hairstyle

Want to look different and elegant on your special day! Here is a hairstyle highly adopted by the braids for their weddings. The hair for such hairstyle is long or medium and thick. Three braids are carried making a v shape from both the ends. And flowers are studded in between the braids to give a charming look.

76. Rose Bouquet New Hairstyles:

Rose Bouquet New Hairstyles

Try these latest hairstyles for women where roses are made out of your hair strands. A big bun is made out of all hair and several roses are made out of it. When combined to a bun, they give a bouquet look. Some sea pearl charms are added to it to give a dew drop look. It is widely carried on any haircut for weddings and festivals.

77. Forehead Puff Hairstyles:

Forehead Puff Hairstyles

Want to look cute with short hair! Try a simple puff over the forehead pinned up while the rest hair are left open. The side hair is curled inwards which give the face a clumsy and charming look. It suits on every outfit for every occasion.

78. Three Half Ponytails:

Three Half Ponytails

A very interesting and decorative hairstyle which is easy to make is made by combining three twisted half ponies. The twists made give a diamond shape to the hair. It is carrying on long and medium hair.

79. Wet Hair Boy Look New Hairstyles:

Wet Hair Boy Look New Hairstyles

Want to have a hairstyle which gives a boy look especially for short hair! The wet hair look gives it the best to you. It highly suits on jeans and Capri, and it provides a stunning look while taken on just washed hair combed upwards. This one of the best new men’s hairstyles.

80. Braided Bow New Hairstyles:

Braided Bow New Hairstyles

Want to have a school girl look for any themed party or for official look! Try a braid with a bow bun tied to frame a ponytail. The bow bun is also made out if hair strands and is tied to the braid forming a ponytail. It we carried on medium hair which is thin and freezy. This is the best of latest hairstyles for ladies.

TRENDING hairstyles for women IN 2019

Women are extremely Concord about there looks and most of them are in a constant confusion as to what would suit them the most. So the next time you are confused you can refer to one of these latest hairstyles for women without a second thought.