15 Best Thalgo Products for Face, Skin and Body

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Skin and hair are the essential parts of our body to take care of by ourselves. That’s why they need the most utmost care to keep them clean and beautiful. But, in order to remain clean and beautiful, you need not only the best procedures and methods but also the best products as well. Thalgorealizes this and therefore releases the most effective and greatest hair and skin care products that will suit everyone. Thalgo is a cosmetics brand that is based in Australia. Their range of products is certainly the widest among other well-known brands and therefore will help you maintain your hair and skin in the best way possible. So, without much saying let’s look at some of the top rated products that you can get from Thalgo and how to use Thalgo products too.

Best Thalgo Products for Face, Skin and Body

15 Best Selling Thalgo Products in India 2019:

With the current range of brilliant products being offered by Thalgo, your choice will not be limited towards just one product. Whether you have dry skin type, or regular or oily – be assured of getting the product that is tailored-made for your skin.

1. Foaming Marine Cleanser by Thalgo:

skin care thalgo products

This is a type of skin and thalgo facial products cleaner, which uses various floral fragrances and botanical ingredients to clean your skin. The product is very much gentle to use and it is very much useful in cleaning and helping in purifying your skin.

How to Use: Just apply the foaming cleanser on your skin and create lather. Keep for 5-10 minutes and wash off with water.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Effective in cleaning your skin.


  • Not for dry skin.

2. Cleansing Water 2 in 1 by Thalgo:

thalgo skin care products

This cleansing water will help you to improve your skin in two ways. It will not only tone your face but also help you remove your face make up too. It has micro-bubbles that keep the skin clean and radiant.

How to Use: Just apply the water on your skin and after some time clean up with a soft cloth.


  • It is easy to apply.
  • Keeps the skin very radiant and fresh.


  • It is a bit costly.

3. Dermyl Purifying Extract by Thalgo:

face care products by thalgo La Beaute Marine

This skin care product is made for oily skin types. It gives a matte finish to the skin. The product is made naturally our of plant extracts and also helps in maintaining moisture as well.

How to Use: Apply the product when you need to the have the matte finish, and just wash it off later.


  • Can be used for oily skin.
  • Maintains moisture for your face.
  • Made out of plant extracts.


  • Cannot be used for dry skin.

4. Ultra Matte Moisturizing Fluid by Thalgo:

beauty products from thalgo

If you have oily skin, then these Thalgo products for acne will make you look fresh all day. It gives a matte finish and keeps the face fresh. It also prevents germ build up as well.

How to Use: When you need to have a matte finish, then use the product, and later wash it off.


  • Helps to look fresh all the time.
  • Helps in preventing dust and germ build up


  • Cannot be used for dry skin.

5. Resurfacing Cream by Thalgo:

thalgo products for face

If you have an uneven skin surface and tone, this is for you. It helps in restoring skin colour and smoothness. It also gets dissolved easily into the skin.

How to Use: Apply the product like a cream and let it get absorbed by the skin.


  • Easy application.
  • Restore smoothness and colour of skin.


  • Not for normal skin types.

6. Hyaluronic Cream by Thalgo:

If you are a woman who is the age of mid-thirties, then this product will help you fight lines and wrinkles on your face. It can also be used a daily cream too.

How to Use: Apply the cream on your face and then allow it to get absorbed.


  • Great for women in their 30s.
  • Fights lines and wrinkles.


  • Very expensive.

7. Ultimate Time Solution Cream by Thalgo:

If you have uneven skin, then this will make your skin soft. It also keeps your skin young and rejuvenated. It helps in cellular regeneration of the skin.

How to Use: This process involves applying the cream directly to your face and let it absorb.


  • It helps in skin rejuvenation.
  • The softness of the skin increases.


  • It is not for normal skin.
  • It has a high cost.

8. Smoothing Brightening Fluid by Thalgo:

If you have a skin that is dark, pigmented or patchy, then use this product. It helps in skin whitening and lightening. It also helps in boosting youth-ness of the skin.

How to Use: This product should be treated as a regular cream and should be applied on the skin.


  • Helps in the whitening and lightening of the skin.
  • Makes the skin look young.


  • Not recommended for normal skin.
  • Price is on the higher side.

9. Pure Velvet Cleansing Cream by Thalgo:

In case you have signs of ageing, then you should use these Thalgo spa products. It has a cleansing formula that keeps all the skin problems away and can adapt to the need of your skin.

How to Use: This product should be generally applied to the skin and then let it absorb slowly.


  • Removes all problems of the skin.
  • Adjust to the necessities of the skin.
  • Stop ageing.


  • The cost is slightly expensive.

10. Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk by Thalgo:

This product is meant for all skin types. It helps in cleansing the skin after a long day. It also repairs and replenishes the skin too. You can also remove makeup too.

How to Use: Just apply the product on your skin and let it stay for at least 10 minutes and then wash it off. Use a soft cloth to dry up.


  • Can be used by any skin type.
  • Cleanses the skin.
  • Repairs and replenishing the skin.


  • Price can be high for some users.

11. Biodepyl by Thalgo:

These Thalgo salon size products should be used after hair removal by any methods including shaving. This keeps the skin soft and beautiful for a long time, and will also decrease the hair growth for a limited time.

How to Use: Just apply the product on your skin after hair removal and let it absorb.


  • Keeps the skin beautiful and very oft.
  • Stunts hair growth.


  • Not for all skin types.

12. Biodepyl for Sensitive Areas by Thalgo:

This is a great product for those people whose skin becomes sensitive after hair removal, especially in the face and body. It helps in slowing down hair growth. It also makes the skin smooth as well.

How to Use: This solution should be applied after the hair removal and let the skin absorb.


  • Keeps the skin smooth.
  • Helps in lowering hair growth.


  • The product is a bit costly.

13. Biodepyl 3.1 Solution by Thalgo:

This product will help in preventing hairs growing sensitive areas of the body, including the face. The Aloe Vera will make the skin smooth and soft as well.

How to Use: Just apply the product like one would apply the cream onto the skin, and let it absorb.


  • Has Aloe Vera that makes the skin smooth and soft.
  • Can be used in the sensitive areas of the face and body.


This is not suitable for all type of skin

14. Biodepyl 3.1 Concentrate by Thalgo

If you don’t want hair growth on your body, then this is the best Thalgo products for you. It makes the skin smooth with no irritation and removes the redness of the skin after hair removal.

How to Use: Just apply the concentrated solution on your skin and let it get absorbed over time.


  • Makes the skin feel smooth.
  • Stops further hair growth.
  • Removes redness.


  • Not to be used in sensitive areas of the body.

15. Polynesia Sacred Oil by Thalgo:

This is a nice Thalgo hair product to be used for the body and hair, which nourishes both the skin and hair. These Thalgo men’s product dry oil has a Monoi fragrance and keeps the skin and hair hydrated and protected as well.

How to Use: Use this dry oil normally on your skin and hair.


  • It nourishes hydrates and protects the hair and skin.
  • Gives a golden looking finish.


  • Can’t be used by all skin and hair types.

With the use of Thalgo products, you can always be sure of getting the best quality cosmetic items to be used for your skin and hair, without a single doubt.

The Thalgo skin care products will help you maintain your skin and keep them youthful as well, besides making them soft and supple. Each skin product is for each skin type.

Thalgo beauty products are always made naturally, so you don’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals. These products are very much safe to use and will suit your purposes too.