Top 9 Straight Layered Hairstyles

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Straight looks are very popular these days. Many celebrities sport these at award functions and these are professionally done from salons. These are also easy to hairstyle and quite low on maintenance when it comes to regular salon sessions. For people who have a busy schedule, they can sport these low on products and maintenance shaping for parties and also day to day works.

Most Popular Straight Layered Hairstyles for Ladies:

Below are the top 9 Straight Layered Hairstyles that a person should definitely try out.

1. The Inward Shifts Look:

Staright layered hairstyles 1

These types of layers are very popular these days. Many women who like low maintenance looks they like to sport these. These are easily set and a person can also use some sprays to wear these even on unwashed heads. These are often sport with party outfits.

2. The Disco Look:

straight layered hairstyles

This is a type of uneven shaping which can be done from professionals who do dressing for celebrities. These are often sport by well known celebrities on the red carpet. These can also be teamed up with temporary colouring to make these funky.

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3. The Messed Locks:

Staright layered hairstyles 3

This is a funky type of a look which can be sport at parties. These are also good for casual days. Plain t shirts can be worn with these. These are quite easy to sport for people who are teenagers and who are college goers. These can be done with funky coloring to make these more stylish.

4. The Rolled Layering:

Staright layered hairstyles 4

Women who like long looks they can sport something like this. If a person has length of sections then those can be rolled at the tips to create this type of a look. These are temporarily done using heat and can be good for parties and disco night outs.

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5. Chopped Casual Look:

Staright layered hairstyles 5

These can be sported for regular wear and also for parties. If a person has frizziness, they can use some heat and drying to straighten out sections. These can be sport for parties. These can also be sported for parties and also for casual day outs. These are also good for those who want a low maintenance shape.

6. The Easy Fringes Look:

Staright layered hairstyles 6

These can be sport with much ease and these can be teamed up with almost any form of out fits. These can also be worn for parties. A person can also sport these for the discos. If a person does not have much length they can use extensions to clip those on to these and then to wear them at a party.

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7. Side Sectional Long Look:

Staright layered hairstyles 7

These can be give drying and then heat to make these puffed up like above image. These are very easy to sport for work or casual day outs. Use of many products is not required and can also be made into other shape with required accessories. These are easy to sport and also easy to wear for colleges and also for other occasions.

8. Easy Girly Look:


This is a back ward shifted easy to sport look. This can be very funky at the same time. These can also be given coloring to make this look funkier. These can be sport with some accessories and these are easy for college and school going girls to sport.

9. Outward Blown Hairs:

Staright layered hairstyles 9

These can be sport with ease by women who has busy routines and do not like many products. These are also good to sport if a person wants a low maintenance shaping. These can be kept in shape with occasional parlour sessions.