20 Beautiful Layer Cut Hairstyles With Pictures

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Layer cut hairstyles go well with a large variety of face shapes and hair sizes which makes it a very versatile hairstyle and a great substitute to your everyday hairstyles when you require to need a special hairstyle for any formal or social event. Layered hairstyles have the ability to be completely unique yet elegant hairstyle which is an explicit way of showing off your good looks and long hair.

Layered Hairstyles Main

The best part about layered cut hairstyles is that it can be matched with a great medium to short hairstyle as well which is one of the most significant features of any layered hairstyle. Try mixing it up with a hair colour of your choice to further enhance your looks and make you the centre of attention at any party or formal event. Given below are a few great and extremely popular layered cut hairstyles to give you an extremely good hair day.

Fabulous Layer Cut Hairstyles With Images:

This article will provide the list of best and excellent layered haircuts for all types of hairs along with face shapes. Select any one of the below styles rock that day.

1. Side Layered Haircut For Short Hair:

beautiful Layered hairstyles 1

This is more likely a medium length hairstyle which is probably the greatest medium layered hairstyle available today. The short cut has an absolute fab factor which is a great way to start off any event where you most definitely be the centre of attention. This is the simplest layer cut hairstyle for oval shape face.

2. The Swirls:

layered hairstyles2

Every lady is born with an elegance that is not to be reckoned with and in this case the layer cut hairstyle is an absolute beauty. The thick layered medium swirls that fall around your face will enhance your beauty and make you the centre of attention everywhere you go. Plus the maintenance of this hairstyle is almost nil as compared to others.

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3. Layered Hair For A Round Face:

layered hairstyles3

Many people say that the round face is very difficult to match with a right layered haircuts but it is not the case for layered hairstyle. Any round face will look absolutely gorgeous with a great long layered hairstyle. You can always match this hairstyle with a great hair colour of your choice to make it even better.

4. Free Falling Layers:

layered hairstyles4

The free falling hairstyles for layered cut are a force to be reckoned with and for any women it will be an absolute treat to adorn this hairstyle to any event. Almost no maintenance is required after making the hairstyle apart from the occasional check up which is part of your routine.

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5. Bad Girl Layered Hairstyle:

layered hairstyles5

The bad girl hairstyle sports rougher layers than any other layered hairstyle available. This hairstyle can be used extensively when going out on a weekend with friends because of its no maintenance factor which is a must have for any girl who just wants to let their hair down and enjoy.

6. The Long Straight Layers:

layered hairstyles6

Long straight layers is the best way to go if you need a good hairstyle to match up with formal attire for a formal event. You can keep it extremely long or go for the medium cut both of which looks extremely great when matched with a nice white dress or party attire. A bit of product is required to keep this hairstyle clean and healthy throughout the time you spend outside. This is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for layered hair with medium length straight.

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7. Medium Brunette Front Fringe:

beautiful Layered hairstyles 7

The medium brunette front fringe does not suit anyone so if you try and see that you look good then you should be proud o the fact since this layered hairstyle has very picky choice when it comes to compatibility with face types. This type of hairstyles for layered cut is flexible with other hair colours as well making it ideal for formal events and parties.

8. Natural Layers:

layered hairstyles8

Natural layers is the last on the list but not the least because it removes the factor of artificial styling which is required for natural beauty. This is one of the simplest layered haircuts which makes your beauty more alluring.

9. The Aniston Signature Layered Cut Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles9

This is one of those layer cut hairstyles which all women preferred sporting during the late and the mid 90’s. It is probably one of the finest displays of medium length hair. The hair looks so vibrant and is so well parted that almost all women out there will be willing to sport this on their head. Rock some blonde highlights and you will start looking like Jennifer. This layer cutting hairstyle is one of those looks that will make you look like an absolute carefree girl and you will able to make your own mark wherever you go.

10. The Medium Layered Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles10

This is one of the most effective ways to mix the two lengths of hair together. The pattern that this layer cut hairstyle sports is quite impressive and almost all women will find this attractive. If you are looking for something classy but attractive in the category of layered hairstyles, then this can be one of the finest stuffs for you. If you are sporting something totally alluring, then this can be one of the finest stuffs for you. The pattern is so alluring that all men will find it attractive. This is actually one of the best looks for sweet teens (girls).

11. The Choppy Layered Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles11

This type of hairstyles for layered hair are very alluring easy to carry; anywhere anytime. This hairstyle comes with a lot of choppy layers. It looks smart and is quite effective in attracting attention. The hairstyle is something totally new and can impress all the viewers instantly. A little brown color applied to this hair makes it look very classy and amazing. The pattern that this hairstyle implies with the medium length hair is something that you probably don’t get to see everyday. If you are heading to a party, then this can be one of those things that can make you look very alluring.

12. The Smart And Formal Layered Hairstyle Look For Women:

Layered Hairstyles12

This layer cut hairstyle suits the mature women more than the young girls. The hair is parted  in the middle and the layers are adjusted very beautifully. The hairstyle is something that tones down the chubby face and gives it a beautiful angle and makes it look dazzling. The look is totally fresh and is an improvised version of one of the best classy looks that used to be worn by women in the mid 90’s. The hairstyle is quite adorable as well and is definitely one of the best looks for women with oblong faces. It can conceal and beauty the foul cheek angles.

13. The Blonde Layered Hairstyle For Women:

Layered Hairstyles13

Some women consider this as the best layered hairstyle but there are obviously certain much better ones that this, according to this list. Well, it is not that bad as well. Rather, it is quite impressive for women who have naturally blonde hair. The hair shines form the care and steals all the looks and women who have sported this layers hairstyle have been benefited. They haven been spotted instantly, especially because of this hairstyle and have been admire for sporting such a trendy look. The messy pattern about this hairstyle makes it even more special.

14. The Long Layered Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles14

This is one of those layered hairstyles that will offer you with the diva look. The pattern that this hairstyle sports in the middle portion is very impressive. It looks quite good with the medium-length hair as well. If you have an oblong or an accurately toned face, then this is something that you should sport this season. The layers hairstyle has the ability to make a woman look alluring instantly. If you are heading to a party, then this hairstyle will go hand in hand with an elegant dress.

15. The Casual Summer Hairstyle For Toned Faces:

Layered Hairstyles15

If  you have the required face type, then this will be one of the best layered hairstyles that will go hand in hand with your face type. The pattern that this layer cutting hairstyle sports with the different layers is quite impressive and can impress men instantly. If you carrying a good hairstyle for that purpose only, then this will be the right thing for you. The hairstyle is quite simple and can be easily maintained. It doesn’t require much maintenance. Having a decent quality of hair will be fine for sporting this hairstyle.

16. The Long Blonde Layered Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles16

This is yet another good-looking Jennifer Aniston layer cut hairstyle. The  color is one of the prime alluring features of this hairstyle. The hair is well distributed to two different parts and they are well maintained as well. If you have a thick quality hair, then without any worries, you can try this look on your hair. The pattern done on it is quite alluring and will be suitable for sporting at almost all occasions and events. It is definitely one of the best-looking hairstyles for all women who love the process of layering their hair.

17. The Medium Layered Look:

Layered Hairstyles17

If you have medium length hair, then this can be said to be one of the best ways to style your hair. It will look alluring and with the help of this style, you will be able to impress all men out there quite easily. This is definitely one of the best looks for all women who want to look their best with their medium length hair. It is also considered as one of the most romantic looks for all women with oblong faces.

18. The Latest Layered Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles18

This is a pretty good-looking layered haircut that is out right now and is being sported by most women out there. If you have naturally blonde hair, then this layer cut hairstyle will be one of the finest looks for you.

19. The Short Layered look:

Layered Hairstyles19

This is a one of the finest short layer cut hairstyles for women out there that come with such a good layered look. The pattern is quite alluring for all women out there. You can wear this any type of functions, get together and parties.

20. The Highlighted Layered Hairstyle:

Layered Hairstyles20

This layer cut hairstyle is a good-looking hairstyle that comes with awesome highlights done to it. It will be fine for most women with oblong faces. No doubt present days most of the celebrities, and teenage girls like to flaunt this style.

Layered hairstyles is definitely the in thing right now. The best is to choose from the above list that perfectly suit your requirements. Also, ensure you get it done from a professional to avoid any mishaps.