We have heard about layered haircuts for years and decades, but they can’t seem to go out of trend. Obviously, layered hairstyles and haircuts are easy to try, quick to maintain, comfortable, and give an easy, classic and elegant look for all women across age groups. There is never a woman who won’t be a fit for a layered haircut. We have compiled the best of popular looks within these layered hairstyles today. Check them out and try out your favourite!

30 Different Layer Cut Hairstyles for Women 2024:

This article lists the best layered haircuts for all types of hair and face shapes. Select any one of the styles below to rock that day.

1. Layered Bangs:

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Here are beautiful layered haircut ideas for you! In this, the hair is colored to make the haircut stand out. The front bangs fall over the face, covering the eyes. It is a perfect choice even as a daily hairstyle, as the bangs can be clipped to a place. The cool hair color is an added highlight. Try this one if you have a V-shaped face. Comb your hair neatly; you can straighten it for an added style if you don’t have straight hair.

2. Layered Curl-Inspired Haircuts:

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Check out this gorgeous hairstyle! It’s relatively simple, but the overall look is elevated with the coloring at the end of the hair. It is curled and rolled slightly to add light to the color. The rest of the hair is simply combed to keep it neat. This layered haircut will suit all faces and is a perfect choice for a prom night or a casual dinner date. We are sure you will love this!

3. Front Bang with Layered Black Hair:

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Have lovely jet-black hair with bangs? This one is a trendy choice! The hair is nicely straightened, and the bangs are combed neatly to fall over the forehead. The hairstyle will suit people with long to medium-length layer hair and is meant for all face shapes. This can be your everyday look, as it requires minimal effort. But it requires a lot of care, as the hair can get tangled once you are back after work.

4. Grey Layer Open Hair:

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Sometimes, you just need to comb your hair to keep it looking nice and simple. Here is one such. In this, the hair is simply combed and slightly curled at the ends to keep it looking beautiful. Grey hair here is a good highlight that looks nice with layers. The hairstyle will suit any face shape and is a good option for any small party or office.

5. Grey Color Layer Haircut with Bang:

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Here is another option for grey-colored hair! Bangs have the power to elevate the overall look. Check out these grey-coloured layered haircuts with bangs that fall beautifully over the forehead and the remaining hair combed to perfection. You can choose to straighten your long hair and try this as your everyday look. You can always bun it up or tie it to a ponytail if it gets difficult to manage.

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6. Bouncy Pigtails Hairstyle for Everyday Fun:

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Got a fresh take on pigtails right here! We all know it is that classic style with a cute grown-up twist. These are not your average schoolyard pigtails. They are all about soft waves that bounce with every step you take. They are tied low at the level of your ears, giving off a chill yet chic vibe. Perfect for keeping hair out of your face on a breezy day. It has a super friendly look, gives a cinch to style, and suits almost any face shape.

7. Glamorous High Ponytail with Layer:

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This is the definition of a glamorous high ponytail with a layers of hair. It is sleek, chic, and pulled up high to show off that volume and those soft waves at the end. The way it is styled makes it look perfect for a night out on the red carpet or any event where you want to make a statement. It is fantastic for any face shape because it lifts and elongates, giving you that instant glam look. Pair it with a sparkly necklace or earrings, and you are ready to dazzle no matter the season. This layered hairstyle is all about feeling fabulous and turning heads!

8. Curly Mohawk Ponytail:

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Talk about making a statement! This fierce, curly mohawk ponytail is all party on top with business on the sides. The sides are slicked back super smooth, and the top explodes into a cascade of curls that just scream fun. It is a power look that says you are confident and ready to rock any event. Great for any face shape, this style will surely be a showstopper. If you are stepping out for a fancy do or just want to jazz up your weekend vibe, this hairstyle throws off those lively, energetic vibes.

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9. Beachy Waves for Layer Look:

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This layered hairstyle boasts effortless beachy waves, giving off that perfect summer vibe no matter the season. With medium to long length and a naturally tousled texture, it is ideal for those with thick or wavy hair types. Use a wide-barrel curling iron on dry hair to get this look, then run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up. The hair is multi-tonal brown with sun-kissed highlights that add depth and movement. No accessories are needed here. The waves are the star of the show. It is a versatile style, great for a casual day out or a breezy evening event, and flatters an oval face shape beautifully with its laid-back allure.

10. Softly Layered Bob Hairstyle:

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Here, we have a softly layered bob that is all about bringing a touch of class with minimal effort. The length is just right for framing the face; those subtle layers create some volume around the cheeks. To get this sweet look, blow-dry your hair with a round brush, turning the ends slightly inwards for that soft, feathered effect. The honey-blonde colour is warm and inviting, perfect for any season. It is a great style for anyone, especially if you have a heart-shaped face. It highlights your cheekbones and balances your features. Also, it is elegant enough for fancy nights out and simple enough for everyday wear.

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11. Long Layered Hairstyle with Wavy Hair:

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This long layered hairstyle with waves gives off a carefree yet polished vibe. The rich brunette hue enhances the texture of the layers, providing a lively contrast with the lighter highlights. Styling this look involves creating waves with a curling iron or wand and then brushing through them for a natural, flowing appearance. This hairstyle is versatile enough for daytime and evening events, offering a glamorous and effortless look. The layers and waves together are incredibly flattering for someone with an oval face shape, as they add volume and dimension.

12. Crown Braid with Layer Hair:

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Have beautiful red hair that you would like to flaunt? Check out this layered hairstyle with a crown braid! This is an easy one to do. It involves taking sections of hair from either side and braiding it tight. Bring this to the back and secure it with a tight band. You can try side or straight parting of your hair for this. The hairstyle is an excellent choice for those with a round face. This will be a good option if you have medium-length hair and want to try something cool. You can leave out any accessories for this because the hair color will stand out and add to the overall look.

13. Double Pony with Rolled Layered Hair:

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Check out this cool layer hairstyle! The hair is first parted to either side and then tied with a band. Later, it is rolled in sections and left as such. This one will suit those with a V-shaped face and those who have long brown hair. The hair needs hairspray to make it manageable. This layered hairstyle can be your choice for a casual day.

14. Coloured Layer Haircut:

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Check out this easy and simple hairstyle you can try any day. The hair is layered with short layered bangs in the front. The beautiful color adds elegance to the overall look and is neatly combed to keep it beautiful. You can try this any day, whether for your office or a small party. The hairstyle will suit people of all shapes and faces.

15. Layered Bang Short Hair:

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This multi-colored layer hairstyle is a great attraction. If you are up for a bold look, try this one out! The bangs in this feature are V-shaped and sharp-edged. The colors beautifully fall all over the scalp and look cool and funky. The hairstyle will suit people with V-shaped faces and is a great choice for a party or a theme-based party.

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16. Layered Red Hair:

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This one is for straight red hair colored hair. The hair is layered, and the bangs fall freely over the forehead. The hair is combed neatly and straightened, and the parting is in the center. This hairstyle is meant for all face shapes and is ideal for office goers or your college.

17. Layered Bob:

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Check out this gorgeous layered hairstyle and hair color. It is extremely simple, and a lighter shade of purple sits as highlights, along with the layered. The bangs fall freely over the eyes. This might be an excellent choice for people with all face shapes and an office party. Try this out! We are sure you will love it.

18. Layered Bangs:

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Have multi-colored bang haircuts? Here is a great way to highlight them. This layered haircut is meant for a regular outing and is the best way to show off your bangs. The remaining hair is layered and falls loosely over the shoulders. Comb your hair neatly and use hairspray to keep it in place. The hairstyle will suit all face shapes.

19. Loose Braids:

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Loose braids are a trend these days. The hair is parted at the center and then loosely braided on either side. The overall appearance is messy, which makes it more appealing. This layered hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes and can be worn on a casual day out. This is the simplest layer cut hairstyle for oval face shapes.

20. Medium Wavy Layered Hair:

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Here is something for your wavy-colored hair. If you want all the attention on your dyed hair and if you have short hair, then this is a good choice. You can try this for a fashion-themed party or your prom night. The hairstyle will suit if you have bangs and is a good choice for people with square-shaped faces.

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21. High Pigtail Hairstyle with Layered Bang:

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This cute pigtail hairstyle features a section of hair taken from a pony that falls on either side. The front bangs are neatly combed and fall on the forehead. This hairstyle will suit people with round faces and is also commonly chosen for parties. It is easy to do and does not need a lot of accessories.

22. Prom Hairstyle with Layer Hair:

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Prom hairstyles are always usually trendy and a bit funky. But how about trying something unique this time for a prom night? Check out this Curly-locked African hairstyle that is trendy and neat. The hair is straightened and curled at the ends. The braid falls to one side slantingly. The curls give away an exquisite look and are apt for not just prom but for any party. The hairstyle will suit all face types, but it will take some time.

23. Short Messy Layer :

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This is a stylish, funky hairstyle for people with very short hair. The bangs in the front are neatly combed and fall over the forehead. The remaining hair is a little frizzy and is made to fall over the ears. This can be a great choice if you have a round face and are heading out for a party.

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24. Simple Bob Cut with Layer Hair:

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Here is an excellent choice for bob hair. This side-dyed hairstyle is a good choice for a ramp walk or prom night, where the pink hair stands out bright. The bob is layered and is meant for people with short bob hair. The hairstyle must be combed well and may require some maintenance with a hairspray. Try this to look stylish and classy.

25. Simple Layer Hair with Band:

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If you have medium-length hair, here is something to try. This easy one is stylish for office, college, or even small parties. It is easy to do and can be tried on even for jeans or ethnic dresses. The hairstyle will suit all face shapes. The hair is simply tied at the back to a knot. The bangs in the front fall freely over the sides of the face. The layered haircuts with bangs are a classy addition to the overall hairstyle.

26. Vintage Layered Haircuts for Women:

If you love the one-of-a-kind classic and timeless vintage layered haircut, turn nowhere and try out this particular style! It will surely never disappoint you and exude a feminine and gorgeous trendy look. Women in any age group can try it to look youthful, stylish, and elegant. Did you like it?

27. Layered Haircuts for Long Curly Hair:

If you have long curly hair texture, why not take advantage of this hairstyle and try this one out? The look gives a messy and contemporary hairstyle feel and lets you blend beautifully into the contemporary fashion world. All women with oval or diamond face shapes can check this style for quick and instant styling.

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28. Layered Haircut for Short Hair:

Most assume that short hair is not suitable for a layered haircut. But let us bash this assumption and show you a lovely layered hairstyle idea for women with short hair. Those with curly or wavy hair texture can try this quick and easy-to-maintain natural layered haircut for seamless and effortless styling on an everyday basis.

29. Layered Haircuts for Thin Hair:

Let us not forget these layered >haircuts for women with thin hair. If you try this beautiful lookout, you can also seamlessly achieve the lovely layered style with thin hair texture. It can accentuate your everyday style and is a classic choice for several of your everyday outings and engagements.

30. Layered Haircut for Medium Hair with Bangs:

Why not try this glamorous and peppy layered haircut for girls and women with medium-length wavy hair texture? Adding bangs and some striking hair colour to the ends will further enhance the simple and elegant hairstyle into a mesmerizing and exquisite look. It is perfect for fine hair and complements all face shapes.

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Low-Maintaining Tips for Layered Hairstyles:

By following simple maintenance tips, one can maintain the stunning layers of the hair cut a little bit longer. Here are some easy ways to do this at home.

1. Trim at regular intervals: Hair trimming is essential to maintenance. It avoids split ends that restrict hair growth. So, be diligent with trimming. Generally, trimming is required once every 6 to 7 weeks.

2. Keep hair healthy: Besides trimming, hair should be washed regularly with a good moisturizing shampoo and rich moisture conditioner. This will strengthen and nourish the hair and keep the style intact.

3. Protection from heat: One needs to protect hair from direct heat. Before using any heat on the hair, a protectant is suggested. Also, in strong sunlight, one should prefer to cover hair.

At present, the layered hairstyle is certainly the best. To choose the perfect one for yourself, you can browse the above list of patterns and simply get it done from the salon at your nearest location or any other good hairstylist in order to avoid any mishappening. The style is easy to carry and will definitely add to your style without affecting much of your budget. Maintenance is also convenient and doesn’t take much of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. With this Haircut, How Frequently Should I Wash my Hair?

Ans: With this haircut, one should wash hair 2-3 times a week. For washing, one should use moisture-rich shampoo, and after that, one should apply moisture-rich conditioner. This will keep your hair clean and healthy. Managing layered hair with routine care that works best is very simple. Care must be taken that after the hair is washed, one can blow-dry it to maintain the style.

Q2. Once the Haircut is Done, When does one need to get the Trimming Done on this Haircut?

Ans: Usually, the hair needs to get trimmed once a quarter to add strength and volume to the hair. Now, with the layered hairstyle, one should get it trimmed once in a 6-week duration. This can be done by visiting the salon or trying it yourself at home if you are convenient to follow the tutorials that are easily available online. But one must be careful and have all the necessary things like Sharp Hair Shears, a comb and hair clips.

Q3. How do you add more Twists to this hairstyle?

Ans: As this is a layered hairstyle with top layers short in comparison to the lower layers, and that gives a long look and volume to your hairs, for an extra twist, you can get your hairs coloured which will amplify the effect of layers in your style. Adding colour to the hairstyle will give a unique feature to the style.


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