50 Best Bob Haircuts 2018

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Styling bob hair is not impossible, as many people find it hard to believe. People believe in the myth that with short hairs there is nothing much to do. It is easy to manage and looks fun and chic. It easily takes off age from your face and is an easy way to transform your look. Choose the right length for your hair according to the face cut and type of hair.

Bob hairstyles don’t require long times for hair-do and still they can make you gorgeous and adorable with simple cuts. You will also have the other advantages of bob hair style such as bob or short hairs are suitable with any style and personality.  Bob styles are easy to managed and fixed, and if you are doing your hair-do in a right way, you can make you look stylish and chic!

Bob Haircuts 2017

Hairstyles in bob cuts can be tricky sometimes as with same bob look and routine makes you look boring. For these reasons, people often think that short hair is not flexible as the long hairstyles because with bob hairstyles you have limited options along with limited length to show your ability to style up your hair-do. But still you can prove these thinking wrong by applying lots of stylish hairstyles and trying easy hairstyles for bob hairs that can make your appearance fresher and newer.

Although some people think that bob hairstyles comes with just few selected type of styling only, few bob cuts which comes in different styles and forms. So, sport these kinds of young and trendy hairstyles with style as with the following few tips on how to style short bob hair.

Best Bob Hair Cut Hairstyles With Images:

1. Gel Used Bob Hairstyles:

Play some funky edgy look using gels. You can set all your hairs back with gels. Or you can make some retro look by setting your hair one sided.

2. Mousse Used Hairstyle:

Use mousse to create a new hairstyle. These days you will get lots of different types of hair mousse. Consult your stylist first for selecting the best one and try them first by yourself first. Just like gels or sprays, mousse allows you to show your creativity on hair styling. And with bob hairs it’s very easy to sport different styles each time.

3. Blow Dry Bob:

You can simply go out just blow drying your hairs. What other can be simple than this hairstyles? Just blow dry your hairs and you are all set to go.

4. Inverted Bob Hairstyle For Curly Hairs:

The inverted curly bob hairstyle is another type of bob haircut which you can apply to boost your look and style. With such inverted bob hairstyles, one can look different even without neglecting the short bob hair type. The back side is usually much shorter than the front side making it effortlessly bouncy and playful. The front cut can be of your preference as sometimes people also prefer having the cut up to the chin. And few people prefer having its shorter version. Since this hairstyle also comes in layers, so it will look good on thick and thin haired texture.

5. Bob Hairstyle With Soft Ringlets:

You can also use some soft ringlets on your bob hairstyles. Thin people can add a little volume in their body by having soft ringlets on their bob hairstyles. Even people with thin hairs can opt for such hairstyles as it allows your face to look fuller!

6. Sleek Bob Haircut:

Such bob sleek hairstyles are particularly suitable for girls who have natural straight and sleek textured hairs. Or can even use the sleek haircut by straightening your hairs and more once in a variety to your look

7. Straight Layered Fringe Bob Haircuts:

Bob hairstyles 7

If fringe cut has always fascinated you from your schooldays, it is highly recommended to try them on your short bob hairstyle. You can simply go for a blunt fringe cut. Such hairstyle simply makes appear much younger than your actual age! Cutting fringes right above the eyebrow and just letting the fringes cover your whole part of the forehead looks absolutely adorable.

Meanwhile, keeping the side and back of the hairs should be sharply cut with layers. This cut goes perfect for oval and long shaped face since it helps the face to appear rounder. Always remember that such hairstyles work only on perfectly straight hairs.

8. Curly Bob Hairstyle With Fringe:

It is similar to the short straight fringe-cut bob hairstyle just with a little change. Curly girls can also use such hairstyles along with fringe. This is one of the latest bob haircuts for girls and suitable for one who have medium length hair.

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9. Pixie Bob Hair Cuts:

You can also go for extreme short hairstyles such as pixie cuts. With such carefree and tomboy-cut every one can look beautiful. Moreover, such style is suitable for all hair types be it curly, natural thick, straight or wavy hairs. In such hairstyle, the hairs are cut short from all the sides. But the upper crown is styled up in a spiky model so that there is a touch of masculine styling.

10. Centre Puffed Bob Hairstyles:

Puff adds attention to your face and also keeps bangs in place. Centre puff is the most used hairdo now days. You can try them both on bob hairstyles as well as on long hairstyle.

11. Side Puffed Bob Haircuts:

If you are bored with centre puffed look and want to flaunt it in a different way, try adding freshness to this style by going for side puffs. Take the bangs and place them to one side and secure with bob pins.

12. Slicked Back Bob Hairstyle:

You can also try slicked-back look, while adding some texture with teasing comb. It is one of the simplest and best bob hair cut for girls who are following fashion trend and like to simplicity.

13. Spiky Bob Haircut:

You can simply use some hair sprays or gels to spike up few front hairs. Now day’s girls cut their hairs very short and then instead on whole hair spike they select some hairs for spikes which make them look sexier! Spike bob hairstyles are very easy to try on bob hairs. This is a great hair-do example that a woman can have spiky hair-do and still look feminine.

14. Curly Short Hairstyles:

Wavy bob hairstyles can be of any length. It can be shoulder length long or chin length but still they give your head a fuller look. With bob wavy hairstyle, you can jazz up wearing lots of dazzling jewelry or wear a low cut top to emphasize your face.

15. Go Mohawk Bob Styles:

This hairstyle may look cool one day but it requires enough courage to flaunt it everyday. Or even can select the faux-mahawk style!

If you want to shock everyone you can select this hairstyle but it is not suitable for daily wear.You can shave your side hairs to add more edge in this hair cut.

16. Short Inverted Layers Bob Haircut:

Face framing layered bobs is also cool these days. You can also add fringe cut in such hairstyles to give more layers to your hairs. Keep the layers are light so that your head don’t look heavy or too full. In such hairstyles, the hairs are cut in layers around the neck-length to reduce the volume of the hair especially if the hairs are considered to be thick in texture. Having long bangs which are side parted can be nice additions to the deep layers so the overall appearance looks good.

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17. Short Messy Bob Haircut:

Messy bob haircuts also look cooler on bob hairstyles. Short messy hairstyles allow s flexibility and easiness in your appearance. The layers and tousled look is great to deliver a natural messy effect. Such haircuts are suitable for active professionals as well as for casual workers which make their day easier and more flexible in good fashion.

18. Short Shaggy Bob Hairstyle:

Shaggy and layers are combination to deliver messy effect. The shaggy model can be styled up for a messy hair-do that looks great for casual looks.

19. Short Wavy Messy Bob Haircut:

You can try wavy hairstyles too on your bob hair type. Style them simply by creating some wavy bangs around the cheeks. This hair-do is suitable for those having naturally wavy or curly hairs. The curly hairs can be a natural addition to the messy effect, so that it looks more simple and natural.

20. Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle:

You can also try asymmetrical bob hairstyles. It suits on all face cut types be it square, round, oval or diamond face type. It allows you to show your beautiful eyes and lips. In such hairstyles, the front hairs are cut longer around the neck touching the collarbone. While the rest of the hairs are kept short around the nape or the middle of the neck.

This hair-do is suitable for elderly people because this style can make them more fashionable and stylish. The short back side hairs keep the overall hair net, while the different layers add texture and thickness making the overall look soft and feminine.

Accessorize Your Hair:

Yes, along with ear or ring accessory now a days you can accessorize your hair also. Accessory in a hairstyle is a quickest and easiest way to jazz up an hairdo and, there are various kinds and shapes accessories are available in market  for short hairs. Hair accessories like adds more beauty to the bob or short hairstyles.

21. Bob Pins Used Haircuts:

Bob pin with bow gives a sweet girl image. You can select some bright or neon coloured pins to highlight your hairstyle. You can wear them even matching it with your dress!

Bow shaped pins never fails to impress. They work greatly on short and long hairstyles even on buns they look great. Plus it creates a girlish charm on the complete look. Bows on every size and shapes can be used on hairs.

You can go all colourful with tic-tac pins. Select antique or bright pins which will make you look sweet and cute.

22. Brooches Used Bob Hairstyles:

You can use broaches too in your hairs rather than just using these piece of art only on saris or suits! The girls who like to very short length hair, those surely catch this type of short bob hair cut.

Such accessory works greatly for theme parties! This is simply superb bob style haircut that makes you awesome.

23. Bands Used Bob Haircuts:

A hair band never fails to put an impression on others. It’s easy to wear and is available in many types to colour range. You can simply go for flowery to shiny or beaded hair bands.

There is no dearth of hair accessories now days. Bands are trending right now. Here this simple hair cut has an awesome look with branded hair band in silver color.

24. Braided Bob Hairstyles:

For getting a formal or official look, girls can try braided bob hairstyles. This is one of the best and short braided bod haircut which is perfectly suitable for college girls.

Braiding also offers many different and cute hairstyles such as French braids, waterfall, half waterfall etc. One can easily get these type of bob haircuts without wasting time.

25. Colour Bob Haircuts:

Play safe buy using golden hues or simply highlighting few strands with a shade higher than your normal hair colour. Color your hairs for a change.

You can keep them sweet by going brown or burgundy hues or can go crazy with vibrant colors! Now days most of the girls like to wear this type of colored hairstyles in bob style.

26. Pony Hairstyles For Bob Cuts:

Tying up the hairs is the easiest way to fix a hair-do. A simple and short pony tail for bob haircut is very interesting along with beauty. this type of hairstyle is running from over the years with getting bored for women.

Be it long hairs or short hairs bob, ponytails are easy to make and also keep maintaining them. That’s why many women and girls like to wear this type of ponytail haircut to everywhere.

27. Short Cropped Bob Haircuts:

Extremely short or razor hair styles are also flaunted by some Hollywood superstars. This type of cropped bob hair cut is easy to maintain and it is latest trend also. You can wear large ear rings or other accessories with this hairstyle that make your look enthralling.

With such hairstyles you don’t have many options to try but you can match your clothing’s and accessory to give yourself a complete rock star look.

28. Centre Parted Bob Hairstyles:

You can use parting your bob hairstyles too. The central bob hairstyle is really beautiful easy to wear also. You can go for parties or any other family function with this nice haircut that gives super applause.

Simply like parting helps accentuate the facial features in long hairstyles; it also allows you to provide a better view of your beautifully toned shoulders and cheekbones focusing on your jewelleries too.

29. Side Parted Bob Haircut For Straight Hairs:

Straight left-side or right-side parted bob hairstyles are easy to manage.Even the full bangs can look really good on you if you have truly straight bob hairs.

With such blunt bob cut, you can keep your hairs straight across blunt bangs or a trendy side swept also looks good. Most of the film actress follow this exiting bob hair style.

30. Side Parted Bob Hairstyles For Curly Or Wavy Hairs:

You can also go for curls in your bob hairs buy curling few strands or applying it to the whole hairs. Curls with side parted bob is excellent combination that makes your hairstyle fabulous.

Left-side or right-side parted curled bob hairstyles can give you a more antique look creating an 80’s actresses hairstyles. Here this side parted curly bob haircut along with nice necklace and small earrings and simple makeup is wow.

31. Chinese Bob Hairstyle:

bob haircuts 31

In this type of bob haircut you will see that the bangs in the front are spread all over the forehead in the way in which the Chinese girls keep their hair. Thus the name of Chinese bob and this is also a very common hairstyle nowadays. It is better if you have thick hair for this one.

32. Needle Straight Bob:

bob haircuts 32

This is more of a stylish one among all the bob hairstyles and is better for the people who love to carry their bright personalities and style on their sleeves only. It is just that over here in case of this style the ends of the hair are kept needle straight and symmetrical as well.

33. Round Face Bob Hairstyle:

bob haircuts 33

This is a very important among the bob haircuts because this is especially suitable for the round faces since you can see that the bangs are not thickly or evenly spread rather the come from one side of the forehead and thus cover from the side of the face in less density.

34. Schoolgirl Bob Haircut:

This bob ct hairstyle is given this name because we do know that the bob hairstyle is a very smart one and the simplicity of this particular one is such that would suit girls who are still in school. This also means that anyone who does that even after growing up will look very simple and sweet.

35. Round Bob For Girls:

bob haircuts 35

This one is mainly meant for the girls with a lot of thick hair and in this one, one side of the hair is cut in a way that it looks absolutely round in shape and very nice too. The texture of the hair should be thick and soft to get the exact look of this bob haircut.

36. Razor Cut Bob Haircuts:

bob haircuts 36

This is one of the most stylish bob hairstyles and you can sport it any time even if you are just out of college. This looks very smart with the ends of the hair in a very razor sharp look and this is also the specialty of this haircut. You can get this haircut anytime if you are in a mood to experiment a little.

37. Long Bob Hairstyles For Oval Face:

bob haircuts 37

This is one bob hairstyle which is suitable mostly for the black women with the length and less of drama to it. The length shows that it is not much of an experiment doing this and not much guts is needed. You will just have to prepare yourself to carry this till your hair grows.

38. Highlighted Bob Haircut:

bob haircuts 38

This is a simple semi- asymmetrical bob hairstyle and the highlight is adding all of the drama to this one. Such pop colours are now a nice trend with the young ladies and you sure need a lot of attitude to carry your hair in the shades of purple and pink.

39. Tucked Back Bob:

bob haircuts 39

For this simple and casual style just get your hair cut in a small bob style and then comb it nicely. Make sure to make a deep side part and then tuck the smaller side behind your ears or even clip it there to give the other side a super bouncy look.

40. Messed Up Bob Haircut:

bob haircuts 40

This is for the women with the typical round faces because the messy look always turns your focus towards the hair and towards the face and thus the face gets covered up in a way. Also the hair which falls on the face is what contracts the size of it.

41. Very Short Length Bob Hairstyle:

bob haircuts 41

For a little matured women this one sure looks like a risk but is an awesome style. First of all this hairstyle is absolutely fuss free and no maintenance is required for this. Secondly you can carry it off in real style and so that you can wear all that you want to wear.

42. Frizzy Bob Haircuts:

bob haircuts 42

For the ones who have a frizzy hair texture it is very important that you keep your hair in a way which can be maintained very well because this type of hair needs a lot of maintenance. You do need to give it a lot of time. So because of that you need to cut it in this way so that it looks pretty and also is easier to handle.

43. The Added Drama Bob:

bob haircuts 43

This is a natural red carpet look it seems with all the added drama to the hair. Here the medium length hair is cut in a very simple way but the way the side parting is done seems like that part is straight and then the rest of the hair is rolled up to give that soft and romantic look.

44. Rolled Up Bob Haircut:

bob haircuts 44

This hairstyle is the perfect for parties because with a bob you can hardly tie your hair. Also, tying the hair will spoil the look of the nice and simple bob. What you can do is make a side parting with the hair and then roll like in the picture only the front portion of the hair which covers the side of your face.

45. Pop Coloured Bob Hairstyle:

bob haircuts 45

See how the pretty lady looks smoking hot in this experimental style. She has teamed up her smoky eyed look with the pop coloured hair. The hair colour is blue and is very well complimenting the style of the lady. She has kept it simple and just done a side parting.

46. Short And Sweet Haircut:

bob haircuts 46

This hairstyle which you can see in the picture is a shorter version of the normal bob cut and she looks very sweet in that. Also the messy look with the bangs combed a little inside makes her look prettier. You can try it anytime you want.

47. African Bob Cut:

bob haircuts 47

This is a typical African bob haircut in which the hair is semi curled and semi layered of course. The hairstyle is super short and then is made a deep side parting. You can then leave your hair with a lot of drama and apply a nice gel to set this up for the party.

48. Japanese Bob Haircuts:

bob haircuts 48

This is an extremely creative hairstyle and the Japanese look suits this perfectly. The highlighted bangs look super cool and that silver colour is absolutely experimental. You might feel this is extremely weird for a lot of people but if you have the attitude then go on.

49. Geeky Bob Hairstyle:

bob haircuts 49

The geeky look along with this asymmetrical bob is such an awesome combination. The style here looks super cool. You can team up your casual T-shirts with this cool girl look and impress all your friends easily.

50. Egyptian Bob Style Haircut:

bob haircuts 50

This is a typical Egyptian hairstyle which even existed long back. In this you have a very short bob with a semi- cropped look as you can check in the picture easily. This is an irregular hair style and you may find it weird.

Nowadays when time and maintenance are constraints Bob hairstyles are extremely convenient being short to very short and also because they need low maintenance. Besides we should always keep trying new things and see what looks better on us.