Top 8 Indian Party Hairstyles

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The Simpleton:

indian party hairstyles5

Simplicity is the best way to go about when you want to go for a low-key party look. Extravagance may not be your cup of tea and for the dames who despise a bit too much, here is a quick fix. Section out the front locks on either side of your face and pin them all the way across to the back of your head. An ornament can then be used to create zeal in the look.

The Classic French:

indian party hairstyles6

By classic French, we mean one of those classic French braids which is one of the primary hairdos in this look. To get this look we start with a simple French braid starting from the crown all the way to the back. Now gather the hair in the end and tie it into a soft bun.

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The Braid Bun:

indian party hairstyles7

Braid buns are quite fun and exciting to sport. To get this look start by tying your hair into a high pony. Usually to add volume to your bun you may add on some hair extensions. Now start by tying your hair into a braid. Once done wrap around the braid in a bun form and you will be done.

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The Hippie Band:

indian party hairstyles8

The hippie braids scream of simplicity and yet is an look so alluring, you will be turning heads as you walk down your party aisle. Simply start braiding the locks from your crown all the way to the end and then wrap them around to the other side.

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