25 Best Indian Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

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Most of us are fond of long hair, but not all are blessed with long and healthy hair, so we have no option but to keep it at a medium or short length to maintain them in proper shape and desired texture.

Best Indian Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair is surely more manageable than long hair. It can be styled in various ways as suitable for the occasion without having to run to the salon all the time. Here are some easy ways to style medium length hair, without spending too much of time and money. Read on for what might suit your hair and face the best.

Simple And Easy Indian Hairstyles At Home For Medium Hair:

Choosing how to tie your hair can indeed be a tough choice, specially when you have a medium length hair. So, we have made it simple for you to choose from some of the best Indian hairstyle at home for medium hair.

1. Untidy Side Braids:

Simple Untidy Side Braids Indian Hairstyles For Medium Hair

This messy side braids gives a very soft and delicate look. Messy side locks also add to the sensuality. The hairstyle is suitable for all types of hair and face shapes. You can also add a floral touch to give a formal look.

2. Half Up Half Down Curls:

Half Up Half Down Curls Indian Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

This is a beautiful formal hairstyle for medium length hair. Curls add a lot of texture and bounce. Hair from the front is pinned on the top of the crown, and the rest from below are pinned neatly giving a ponytail effect. Accessorizing makes the style rich and elegant too.

3. Ironed Curls:

Ironed Curls Indian Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

The typical Indian hairstyle for medium hair is the curling with rollers and with the use of curling irons. For this look, you need curling irons to make tall curls on the hair. It makes the hair appear longer and adds volume. Side or centre parting can be done as you would like. Wear big and heavy earrings to look stunning.

4. Layered Look:

Layered Look Easy Indian Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Layers make the hair look voluminous and the feathery look at the end gives a soft and delicate look. Layers are versatile in the sense that very thick hair can also be made manageable with this cut. It requires very simple styling. On a regular basis, normal blow dry makes the hair look professionally styled.

5. Soft Curls With Long Bangs:

Indian Haircut For Medium Hair Soft Curls With Long Bangs

This shoulder length haircut for medium hair Indian is a very easy to do hairstyle which looks simple and stunning. Hair at the back is curled from the tips with big curls and the front is kept short by an inch or two and left to fall straight. This hairstyle is widely carried out for day to day looks. The fine fluffy curves on the shoulder add to its beauty. Mostly the college teens carry this look as well as professionals.

6. Full Length Curls Hairstyle:

Full Length Curls Indian Hairstyle For Medium Hair

When you have to go out without a prior notice and have very little time to devote to the hair, this hairstyle is a life saviour. All you need to do is use rollers on the hair and then go about dressing up. Before leaving, open the curlers and tidy up with a thick comb. This design is widely carried out by the curl lovers. This hairstyle is simple and easy to carry on. Maintain your curls at a specific period of time to manage their clumsiness.

7. Low Messy Bun:

Simple Low Messy Bun Indian Hairstyles For Medium Hair

This bun is made in a fancy way by pinning differently from the front and a messy bun at the back. A formal touch is given by adding fancy hair pin accessories. This style is widely carried out in weddings and family functions. It is suitable for the female of any age with a semi-circular face.

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8. High Ponytail Hairstyles For Girls:

High Ponytail Hairstyles For Girls

High Ponytail is perhaps the most common and well suits everyone. If making the hair manageable for the entire day is important, this should be the first style on your mind. It is widely carried out for evening parties, on formals, for dates or also to give a romantic touch on gowns. Generally, offices carry this look to avoid the disturbance caused due to falling hair on the face.

9. Top Bun:

Indian Hair Top Bun

Though buns made with medium length hair on a regular basis cannot be very tidy, it surely makes one look elegant and hassle-free. You need to loosely gather and pin up the hair and you are sorted for the day. This kind of look gives you a unique bold personality. Such hairstyles are widely found on red carpets with flawing gowns or by teens and official women. Try this traditional Indian hairstyle at home for medium hair.

10. Natural Waves:

Natural Waves Medium Hair

This is the simplest and least demanding of Indian hairstyles for medium hair. The hair is worn loose in natural looking waves and it works with just about any outfit. This pretty mid length hairstyle can be achieved with the help of a curling iron if you’re into hair styling appliances. It can also be achieved naturally with regular braids done on wet hair. For a more tighter hold, you can apply gel or mousse to your hair before plaiting them. This helps them stay in good shape before and after. It is a look that can be worn on any given day.

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11. Fish Tail Side Braid Hairstyles:

Fish Tail Side Braid Medium Hair

Don’t be fooled by the looks of it. A fishtail braid is rather simple to do. You can go casual with it or wear it with your early morning work attire. It looks beautiful and can be done in a matter of minutes. Wear it to the side for a more elaborate look or go Bohemian style by gently pulling the braid apart with your fingers to ruffle it up a bit. It works perfectly with a middle or side parting or a loose puff worn high on the head. It makes a cute Indian hairstyle for medium length hair.

12. Poker Straight Haircuts:

Poker Straight Medium Hair

When all else fails to turn to poker straight hair to save you from repeated bad hair days. It’s one of the best Indian hairstyles for girls with medium hair who can’t seem to figure what to do with their hair. All it requires is a hair straightening iron, 20 minutes of your time and you’re good to go. If you don’t want to go through the everyday trouble of straightening your hair, permanent hair straightening is a better alternative for maintaining silky, smooth straight tresses for a longer period. It’s one look that never seems to go out of fashion.

13. Waterfall Braid:

Waterfall Braid Medium hair

This is one of the trendiest of hairstyles for girls with medium hair Indian tresses. A cascading waterfall braid looks best when worn with the hair down. The style you hair with the braid worn to the side or the back. It makes for an elegant twist to a classy hairstyle whichever way you wear it. It is a simple hairdo that requires little or no effort. When pressed for time, the waterfall braid can come to your rescue as it suits any occasion. Be it a night out or a casual gathering, this hairstyle ensures your hair stays ship-shape.

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14. Medium Length French Twist:

French Twist medium hair

This simple and easy hairdo is a timeless hairstyle which stands out on its own. A French twist is perfect when it comes to Indian hairstyles for medium length hair. This vintage hairstyle can be pulled off with aplomb at weddings or any other special occasion. Not as complicated as it seems, it just requires a little practice to get it right. Try a messy French twist at day and turn it into a sleek up do at night. Whatever the occasion, it’s a style that can be worn with equal poise.

15. Side Ponytail With Medium Hair:

Side Ponytail for saree with medium hair

One of the most comfortable and preferred hairstyles for Indian girls with medium hair is a ponytail. It is the easiest hairstyle when you’re rushed and the best alternative on a bad hair day. For a more classy appeal try the side ponytail. It is simple yet fashionably stylish that looks great whether you’re in a gown, a suit or a saree. You can sport it casually or wear it more formally. Either way, it does wonders to your looks. Having medium hair is perfect for this hairdo as it requires minimal pin-ups to keep the hair in place.

16. Straight Layers With Side Swept Hair:


These kinds of haircuts for Indian girls with medium hair are getting trendy these days. They are simply cut into layers and given a side look. Such haircuts are easy to carry on when dealing with busy schedules. They best suit on whatever you are wearing such as Saree, dress, jeans etc. They are carried out in parties, weddings, picnics etc. It gives a simple and elegant look to the viewer. In addition, some soft curls can be added at the end on the hair coming in front. Try different shades to your hair to make it look beautiful.

17. Beehive Ponytail:


These Indian hairstyles for medium length hair give a glance of the 60’s. Such bee hive puffs with a small ponytail hanging over were much worn by the female at that time. The Beehive puff designs or hairstyles were widely carried out on Saree’s to give a different look as well as to give the head a broad look. This hairstyle is also easy to wear when you are running short for somewhere. The hairstyle hardly consumes 5 minutes of your time to put on. All you need to do is just apply any shining product, add volume on the top and smother it and then finally just pull out a ponytail. This hairstyle is vastly carried out on casuals for a meeting, dates, night outs etc. But is highly an also worn in Indian wedding on saree’s.

18. Retro Curly Hairstyle:


This is one more hairstyle inspired by the earlier aged women. To put on this hairstyle you need to just iron out your hair and by using some better hairspray, get them curled at the end to a proper length. This kind of simple Indian hairstyles for medium hair is much trendier in metro cities where the female does not have time to sit in front of the mirror and get a messy long hairstyle. The hairstyle is given a new adorable look by setting it on either of your favourite sides. Such haircuts are widely carried out in themed parties, offices, colleges, etc. This look is also highly seen worn by the actress of Indian cinema in the 50 and 60’s. Still, this hairstyle is highly seen in the Christian and Parsi families. They give the wearer a childish look with innocence.

19. The Half Crown Look:


This kind of easy Indian hairstyles for medium hair is carried out by the female for giving a bold and elegant look in the parties. The hairstyle is very easy to make and also gives you a long-lasting look. In order to make this hairstyle, one needs to make a crown with proper volume. So firstly prepare your fluffy crown and use a hairspray to settle it while you pin it up below the puff. Now set your hair with some hairspray and get your lavishing look. Such hairstyles are also popular in weddings and late night romantic parties. This hairstyle crown puffs have always remained in trend no matter what the occasion is. They give a unique look to the people having a round face texture.

20. The Beach Look:


This simple but very stylish look captures the heart of anyone within fractions of seconds when seen. People carry various hard efforts to get this look, but this Indian hairstyle for medium length hair is easy to put on as well as to carry on. You need to continuously scrunch it till it dries and hence forms such lovely and attractive waves. Such hairstyles are carried out for a daily look in offices, colleges, and parties. They look very clumsy when carried out on evening gowns and casuals. They are mostly adopted by women having a semi-circular face. It is widely seen as a fashion trend on red carpets and in fashion shows to give a simple but fashionable look.

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21. Simple Half Puff:


This kind of hairstyle is very easy to wear as well as much in trend among the youth. The hairstyle is a simple and quick one to wear when you are tired of putting something messy out. This also consumes less time to make. Just simply you need to backcomb your hair with very mild hairspray and then create a small puff and you are ready to leave. Such hairstyles were seen in large amount this season on red carpets. They are also carried by college teens and at work as bey can be easily repaired once they get messy. They give an eye-catchy look on casuals, Indian wear or evening gowns. Such hairstyles are also made out on regular basis on any kind of outfit. It is highly seen on the hair of cute girls and on teens.

22. Wavy Look:


No matter whatever the generation is, waves have always won the hearts. They have always remained in trend in one or the other form. These kinds of simple Indian hairstyles for medium hair suits to almost all women with age and texture no bar. Such curls can be developed from a straightener or a curler barrel styling tool. This curve can also be obtained by rolling your hair when they are slightly wet after a hair wash and after that giving a blow dry when rolled. Enjoy this kind of fluffy fabulous curls on casuals for a regular look, in parties, etc. In order to maintain your curls, you can also pin tie your hair with circular twists so that the volume and the fluffiness of the curls remain the same. Try this new Indian hairstyle for medium hair.

23. Full Wispy Updo Bun:


This kind of easy Indian hairstyle for medium hair is very trendy, easy and eye-catchy. The best thing about this kind of hairstyle is that it can also be made out of dry hair. To style your hair in this way, simply comb out your hair to form a ponytail on top of your head with your fingers. Then, comb your hair backwards to give it a volume and finally wrap it around and form a bun. This hairstyle gives a marvellous look at parties as well as can be carried out in the day to day life. This kind of hairstyle is also widely carried out to avoid hair fall on face. Thus, females working in showrooms as well as offices also can carry this hairstyle as it does not become messy at the end of the day and will also give a professional look.

24. Simple Puff With Headband:


This kind of simple Indian hairstyle for medium hair is mostly carried out to avoid hair from falling on the face. This simple look is made by just making a puff and then wearing a headband to avoid hair fall. To add to its beauty, you can form a small puff with proper volume to give it a different look. For this apply a hairspray and allow it to dry. After that flip your hair backwards and comb them. Now, simply wear a headband and near to your forehead and push it back. This would form a fab puff and leave your hair behind. Such beautiful look is highly carried on morning walks, gyms, yoga classes, themed parties etc. on casuals. It can be carried out by girls having short hair on the forehead to hide them behind the hair band or headband to either avoid them disturbing or give them a straight texture.

25. The Messy Braid:


Tired of wearing all professional hairstyles? Then this hairstyle with messy braids will give you a different look. All you need to do is apply a volumizing cream or spray and simply scrunch it till you get the volume desired. Part your hair from the centre downwards. Move all of your hair on one side and make out a loose braid using loose bobby pins where required. This hairstyle is carried out by the women on a daily basis. It is so simple and easy that it hardly takes 5 minutes to make it out. As mentioned, it is for a daily basis to give a fresh and lovely look throughout the day.

Choosing a fuss-free and easy hairstyle to maintain is always a good idea. When you are having a bad hair day, they could help cover up the flaws. This apart, these hairstyles add dimension to your features and give you a fashionable edge. Most of these styles are well suited for all occasions and since can be done in no time are even more attractive. You do not need too many styling tools also, as these can be done with the very basic styling elements most of us have in our dressing section.

Who says that medium haircut does not have various ways to shine out? There are several simple and elegant ways to style out your hair and look dashing, lovely and attractive. These easy Indian hairstyles for medium hair have become trendier as bey are less time to consuming as well as give a perfect lovely look. Whether carried out in occasions like marriage, religious functions, and parties or worn in day to day life, they are always the first choice for any women. As they are made out of medium hair, they are also easy to manage. Always inspired by the famous bun, curves, puffs and braided hairstyle, they are carried in large amount to give out a simple but bold and trendy look. So adopt one such look and go trendy this season with fab looks.

How to Make Indian Medium Hairstyle Step By Step?:

So, you know the different Indian hairstyle for medium hair. How about we tell you how to make them? Take a look below.

1. The Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek ponytails are the much-favoured Indian hairstyles for medium hair. They look a little messy and that’s the beauty of this beautiful ponytail. It is not really hard and can be carried out in style for any party or an event at your office. This hairstyle will go best with the long top or for a salwar suit. See how you can rock, with these simple steps to get done right.

Simple Indian Sleek Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Hair Step By Step

  • First, part your hair at the middle.
  • Use some hair gel at the top of your hair in the front.
  • A fine-toothed comb will make the hair on top of your head lie as flat and that is how we need it to be.
  • Tie your hair into a ponytail to the back of your head.
  • Complete the step with some sea salt spray to your ponytail and scrunch it up with your hands.

This one is not really messy at one look. The hair gel is used to keep your hair in place for a perfect flat look from the front and the ponytail at the back is rather wavy and let loose. So, the ponytail is not really messy or disciplined. It is inspired to keep it this way. Try this out for your party day or a casual day at the office. No fuss!

2. The Braid:

Searching for a perfect Indian hairstyle at home for medium hair? Well, this traditional braid is a perfect traditional hairstyle for a wedding that you can match with your saree. While the name may look simple, it is mostly in the way you accessorize and carry it out with, lies the magic of this beauty. We’ll tell you how you can get this done in short and simple steps.

Simple Indian Braid Hairstyles For Medium Hair Step By Step

  • The step begins with a washed and dried hair with some heat protectant.
  • Take two-inch sections at a time and now straighten all your hair.
  • Part your hair in the middle and braid it in the usual way, tying the ends with a hair rubber band.
  • Attach the chotli at the top and bottom of your braid, with the help of bobby pins every few inches down your braid to secure it. Chotli is the decorative accessory for your hair that you can typically use for braiding.
  • Use a serum to smoothen your hair that will keep any fizz at bay

Remember to braid them a little loose and let them down your back when you wear a saree. They will complete your traditional wedding look with a beautiful saree. Accessorize with some jewellery and heavy earring and bangles. Look stunning!


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