The Holidays are for attending parties, click selfies, and make merry. Whatever is the event whether it is a family get- together, friend’s party or a highly sophisticated black tie event, Hair Styles are key to get a gorgeous look. Here we are with the nine best holiday hair up-dos for you. Be it the holiday party hairstyles or the beach holiday hairstyles; you can find the best and easy holiday hair up-dos here. Without any much delay, let’s get to the list.

Beautiful Hairstyles for the Perfect Holiday Look 2023:

Here are the 18 best and easy holiday hairstyles for women with pictures. If you want to enjoy the holidays, try these simple hairstyles.

1. Blow-Dry Bombshell:

This hairstyle is the most glamorous and trending holiday hairstyles of all time. Blow drying your hair gives any hair shine, volume, and smoothness. Also, it looks great on any event or function.

Got a wedding to attend? Blow Dry your hair thoroughly and make it pin straight. If you are looking for holiday hairstyles for black hair, then this is a great hairstyle for you.

Now, how do we get this trendy holiday hairstyle done?

It is very simple; you can do it by yourself or get it done by a professional hair stylist. Please get it done by the saloon because they do it with perfection. But if you have no time, then you can try this simple holiday hairstyle by yourself. You need some important things like styling mousse, hair dryer with heat adjuster and a round brush to brush your curls. You can think that this an example of holiday hairstyles for frizzy hair. Blow-drying your hair will keep your frizz under control. Blow drying is way better than straightening your hair to control your frizz.

Blow-drying suits for everybody and it is an excellent alternative for straightening your hair. For an extra glam look, you can experiment by y adding curls to the lower section of your length. If you are looking for holiday hairstyles for natural hair, you can try various variations in the blow-drying itself.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Wavy and long straight hair with heart-shaped faces
  • Suitable occasion: Cocktail parties
  • Age group: Teens and above
  • Best season: Winter
  • Suitable dress: Western dress

2. Braided Belles:

Braids are a common way to flaunt your hair. They are highly effective for maintaining the lustre of your hair too. It is the most popular and chosen hairstyle in the globe. The movie stars and fashion icons are like this braids. No matter, how simple braid is the output is just amazing. Braids are the most preferred during Holidays. There are some tough braids, and there are some who rightly fit into the category of easy holiday hairstyles.

There is no end to the experimentation that can be achieved with braids. You can get two hairstyles in one by turning braids into morph and buns or top knots. Many women with long and straight hair want to braid their hair into different styles to be holiday ready. Also, if you are thinking about the age factor, then every little girl is encouraged to tie up their hair in braids. So, there is no age factor for sporting this age-old yet evergreen holiday hairstyle!

You have various ways to modify the braid and then simply tie it as a side-swept bun or a low bun at the nape of the neck.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Long Hair and round shape faces.
  • Suitable occasion: Any occasion.
  • Age group: All age groups.
  • Best season: Evergreen but most preferably summer.
  • Suitable dress: Ethnic, western.

3. Lazy Chignons:

Chignon hairstyle is for those who aim to look classy, chic and elegant. They are simply the perfect way to define elegance and grace. Also, they are popular for all the occasions which demand you to dress formally. Also, they give out this royal vibe which is simply superb.

From the Royals to the common people, from the celebrities to the household women, everyone prefers this for formal occasions for elegance. Also, if you are talking about the age factor, it is highly suitable for matured women. This isn’t a great hairstyle for the teens. This hairstyle look can be framed according to your face with loose bangs or a front fringe. To gain a romantic look, you can adore it with a flower as looking in the picture.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: All kinds of hair except curly hair and all shapes of the face
  • Suitable occasion: Serious events and occasions
  • Age group: Women aged above the 40s
  • Best season: Summer
  • Suitable dress: Ethnic, western

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4. Deep Side Parting:

It offers a gorgeous look for parties during the holidays. You can adore this hairstyle with accessories as per your dress or occasion. This is the preferable hairstyle for people who want to cover the broad forehead. If you are looking for holiday hairstyles for medium hair, then deep side parting is the best way to show that your hair is long and voluminous. The deep side parting hairstyle is one of the best holiday hair ideas for medium length hair.

There are two ways to do this hairstyle, either you can open the hairs totally, or you can tie a bun. You can also do some variations like the above picture. Once you do the side parting of your hair, you can do some easy holiday hairstyles for medium hair like yours. You can simply twist the hair into a nice bun and enjoy the event!

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Medium length straight hair with round and square-shaped faces
  • Suitable occasion: Events and parties
  • Age group: Teenage girls and women
  • Best season: Autumn and winter
  • Suitable dress: Western

5. The Great Gatsby Look:

Are you worrying that there aren’t enough holiday hair ideas for short hair? Here, you are mistaken! The best hairstyle for all party themes for this year is “The Great Gatsby Theme”. The glossy re-enactment of the roaring twenties on celluloid meant that the flipper hair-dos and the gregarious headbands are back in vogue. So, if you want to rock your short hair this holiday time, then you better go for The Great Gatsby Look. This is one of the prettiest short holiday hair ideas, and it suits well for curly hair too.

The look fits wave and short curls but can be pulled off with equal panache on longer hair as well.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Curly and wavy hair with long faces
  • Suitable occasion: Award functions, formal after parties
  • Age group: Women above 20 years of age
  • Best season: Winter
  • Suitable dress: Cocktail dresses

6. Accessorize:

Accessorising your hair with scarves, hairbands are completely cool. They have always been in vogue since the start. Previously, hair accessories like hats were worn by elite women. But now, everyone is sporting it for an elegant look.

This is the preferable hairstyle to grab the attention of members of any event and make me feel like a celebrity. This hairstyle can do while you are going whether to visit any place or for any party. Just need to select a hat and accessories according to the occasion and your dress. Accessories are very much in vogue this season, so depending upon the occasion play around and be creative.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: All hair types and round shape faces
  • Suitable occasion: Christmas parties, charity events
  • Age group: Women above 30 years of age
  • Best season: Winter
  • Suitable dress: Formal skirt and dresses.

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7. High Ponytails:

The right kind of high ponytail is the right choice when you want to look stunning with simple hairstyle, just like in this picture. This is a simple and quick hairstyle that can be done by just collecting a piece of hairs and bands it. It is recommended that if you do straightening of hairs before doing a ponytail, then it will give more beautiful look.

So ponytails are not just limited to the cheerleaders and school girls, they can suit any age. Also, if you see fashion icons like Ariana Grande, they make the high pony hairstyle looks cool. So, if you are looking for holiday hair ideas for long hair or holiday hairstyles for medium hair, then you can go for this high and sleek pony hairstyle.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Curly, straight and wavy hair and round and long faces
  • Suitable occasion: Casual day outs, lunch dates
  • Age group: Girls, teens, and women up to mid-20s
  • Best season: Summer and spring
  • Suitable dress: Bohemian, western

8. Top Knots:

Top knots are a great way for beach hairstyle in holiday looks. They are quite famous on the red carpet too. All you got to do is to pin up your hair in a nice bun, and that’s it.

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Straight and wavy hair type
  • Suitable occasion: Formal events and office parties
  • Age group: Suitable for women from 25+
  • Best season: Summer season
  • Suitable dress: Cocktail and ethnic (Like Sarees)

9. The Poof:

It’s a smaller version of a bouffant but a cuter one. It is a simple one to do, what you have to do is just you have to together all hairs and bangs then pin up them, and your “poof” is ready. If you have a broad forehead or finer hair along your hairline then avoids it. This is a great holiday hairstyle for long and medium hair alike. You can also consider it is a great holiday hair idea for short hair too. This is because it works wonders for women with less volume. It also accentuates the forehead and the eyes.

You can leave the rest of the hair either open or in whichever way you like. So, if you are working on this holiday hairstyle, then make sure you are going for some good eye makeup. Try getting creative as much as you can and enjoy your holidays by trying out one hairstyle at a time!

  • Suitable for which hair type and face: Straight and wavy hair (smaller forehead)
  • Suitable occasion: Casual outings, marriages
  • Age group: Teens and mid-twenty women
  • Best season: All seasons preferably summer
  • Suitable dress: Ethnic and western

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Some General Tips to Flaunt These Holiday Hairstyles:

Use a generous amount of hair setting spray:

Most of the easy holiday hairstyles we suggested are either hair tying or hair up-dos. So, if you have fine and sleek hair, the hair set will come off. To keep the hair at the place, make sure you are using the right amount of hair spray according to your hair length. Keep in mind that, as long as your hair stays the way it should, you will look brilliant. And a good hair setting spray does just that! We all want to look our best, don’t we?

You can tease your hair if you do not have a poof for the poof inspired hairstyle:

If you need to go to a party and you have very less time to get ready, what do you do? You use our useful hacks. When you want to accentuate your forehead and your eyes, you have to try the poof hairstyle. For this, you have separate hair poofs which help you create a perfect bridge. But if you don’t have the necessary equipment, then tease the back of your front section and push them upward to create a poof. Then tightly secure it with bobby pins! Your favourite holiday hairstyle is done!

Get a hair wash or a hair spa done in the salon regularly for doing easy holiday hairstyles:

As much as you take care of your skin, it is your prime duty to take care of your hair too. After all, it contributes so much to your beauty. So, whenever you get some time off from your busy schedule, book an appointment and head to the salon to pamper your hair. You have to do this because your air takes in a lot of pollution, dust and grime. It also sustains a high amount of chemicals of the hair setting spray and other sprays you use on your hair to keep your hair at their place. So to detox your hair, go for some good head massage and hair spa treatment. So by this, your hair stays healthy, and then you can continue to do some cute holiday hairstyles!

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Drink loads of water to keep your hair healthy:

Often when you sport these simple holiday hairstyles, you need your hair to look good. For your hair to look good, you need to make sure to drink loads of water to maintain the hair elasticity. Thus, you can create some quick holiday hairstyles if your hair is less frizzy and easily manageable.

Thus, these are some of the best holiday hairstyle ideas we could come up with. We covered holiday hair ideas for long hair, medium hair, and short hair. Also, we also guided you about what hairstyle would suit according to your hair type. So we hope you get inspired by some of these beautiful holiday hairstyles and rock your look! Make sure you follow the additional tips for bringing out the best of your hair. Also, we hope we cleared your little doubts about the hair setting and suiting your face type! No matter how you are, always remember you are a rock star!

Please let us know how you liked our suggestions by sending us messages! We would love to hear all the compliments you get after trying out our holiday hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How Much Time Does each Holiday Hairstyle Take to Build?

Ans: Since we have given a lot of holiday hair ideas, some take seconds to do while some take a few minutes. Either way, we have suggested some quick holiday hairstyles which will not make much of your time. If your hair is done fast, you can spend more time on your makeup! So we are helping you spend some more time on yourself.

Q2. What are all the Hair Accessories Required for These Holiday Hairstyles?

Ans: Quite some. You would need some good quality black or any colour coordinated hair ties, some bobby pins and hair spray for the simple holiday hairstyles. But if you want to go retro or bohemian, you can experiment with various hair bands and scarfs with your hair. Either way, we want you to look fashionable and so in fashion!

Q3. What if I Cannot do the Simple Holiday Hairstyles by Myself?

Ans: Don’t worry at all! Our hairstyle ideas are very simple holiday hairstyles. You would easily understand how to work them out. In case you are not able to work them out, ask your mom or your friend to help you out with the hairstyle. You can also go to the nearby hair salon to request them to help you with your hair. But for their services, they may or may not charge. So, the best way is first to do some hairstyle trials and then when you finally decide how to style your hair, choose the one which is best suited for you.

Q4. How Long Will the Hairstyles Stay Put?

Ans: It depends from person to person. If you have very smooth and silky hair texture, there are high possibilities the buns and hair up-dos may fall off. But, for this problem also, you have a solution. You can make use of a hair setting spray to keep your hair strands put and not slide off! But otherwise, whatever holiday hair ideas we suggested, they should stay put for a minimum of 4-6 hours’ time frame.


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