9 Hottest Holiday Hairstyles

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It’s the Holidays!!! The time to attend parties, click selfies and make merry. Whether it’s a family get- together or a friend’s party or a highly sophisticated black tie event, here are the nine best hair-dos that are making the headlines.

Beautiful Hottest Holiday Hairstyles in 2017:

Blow-dry Bombshell:

The big voluminous blow out is synonymous with the quintessential Hollywood glamour. Whether it’s a day time event or an evening gala, this hairstyle fits in perfectly.

One can get it done at a hair salon from a professional hairstylist. But it is also the simplest hair style to do it yourself. All you need is some styling mousse, a blow drier on medium heat and a round brush to wind your locks around.

For a hint of added glamour try adding curls to the lower section of your length.

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Braided Belles:

Braids are a hit everywhere, from runways to movie stars, everyone loves them. It is a time taking hairstyle, but the output is sure to make heads turn. This is perfect for those with long and thick hair.

There is no end to the experimentation that can be achieved with braids. One can also turn their braids into buns or top knots and morph two styles into one.

People with long but fine hair can also opt for braids. They can modify a fishtail braid style and turn it into a side bun or a low bun at the nape.

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Lazy Chignons:

If classy, chic and elegant is what you are aiming for, then the lazy chignons are the perfect style for you. It is perfect for all kinds of formal occasions.

Holiday hairstyles - Lazy Chignons

From the Duchess to the celebrity this is the go-to hairstyle for sheer elegance. This is probably why it’s a wedding favourite.

This hairstyle look can be framed according to your face with loose bangs or a front fringe. One can accessorize it with flowers to give it a more romantic appeal.

Deep side parting:

This is a gorgeous look for any holiday party. It gives ample scope to play around with accessories. And is a blessing for those looking to cover broad foreheads.

The hair can be left all by its length or be tied up into a bun.

The Great Gatsby Look:

The mother of all party themes this year is “The Great Gatsby Theme”. The glossy re-enactment of the roaring twenties on celluloid meant that the flipper hair-dos and the gregarious head bands are back in vogue.

The look fits waves and short curls but can be pulled off with equal panache on longer hair as well.

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Want something totally new and radical. Try a British royalty inspired fascinator, brought back in Vogue by the Duchess of Cambridge.

It will surely make a lot of heads turn and definitely up the drama quotient of your look.

Accessories are very in this season, so depending upon the occasion play around and be creative.

High Ponytails:

The right kind of high ponytail is sleek and perfectly peaked, just like in this picture.

You can wrap a piece of hair around the band to conceal it, therefore adding volume. Try using a flat- iron on the ponytail to give it a sharp and polished look.

So pony tails are not just privy to the cheerleaders and school girls, they can suit any age.

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Top knots:

A no nonsense approach to your holiday look is this very stylish top knot. Just pin up your high pony into a neat bun and you are good to go.

The Poof:

It’s a smaller version of a bouffant, but a cuter one. Just gather your bangs together and pin them back as a small “poof”. But avoid it if you have a broad forehead or finer hair along your hairline.

You can leave the rest of the hair either open or in whichever form you like.

So get creative and enjoy your holidays, one hairstyle at a time.

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