Having long hair is no more about the mess or difficult to maintain. It will rather make you look stylish and leave you looking quite edgy and classy. Here are the top trending hairstyles for long hair Indians. The long Indian hair can look ethnic, classy and sleek if you maintain it well. So here we tell you how best to crown the glory of your long hair, Indian girls through these styles. Learn how best to look by styling them efficiently as per your hair type, texture and events at hand. Know more about easy Indian hairstyles for long hair and find out how best to style your long tresses and flaunt them in style! Now come on, girls, get your accessories together and let’s make the hair dance with glee; what say!

20  Indian Hairstyles for Long Hair Women with Pictures:

Here are our top 20 different Indian hairstyles for long hair as follows.

1. Indian Floral Bubble Braids Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair:

There may be an array of long hair Indian hairstyles, but this indeed marks a special place with its elegance and charm. We love this floral braid inspiration for women at their wedding events. This simple yet graceful Indian bridal hairstyle is perfect to flaunt your long hair, attaching the floral hair accessories to give it a mesmerizing and sophisticated appearance.

2. Indian Braid Hairstyles for Round Face:

If you have a round or square face shape and structure, you can even try out this unique and one-of-a-kind hairstyle for women. the single braid hairstyle is a perfect match for women with long hair length. It can enhance your style quotient and make you appear seamlessly stylish and glam. Try this look for festivities and functions to give a good charming appearance.

3. Long Indian Braid Hairstyle:

The ever-classic Indian braid hairstyle is well-known even in international fashion scenarios, and there is no turning back. It is a timeless and classic choice even to date! Women with thick hair texture can try this long single Indian braid hairstyle for any event and any day. It is versatile and can be styled on a myriad of occasions with any outfit. If you have long hair, have you tried this out yet?

4. Indian Haircuts for Long Hair Oval Face Shape:

You can consider yourself blessed if you have an oval face shape and long hair, as several trending haircuts are possible to style seamlessly and effortlessly. One of our top favourites is this beautiful layered haircut for women. Those in any age group can try this lovely look for an instant glamorous and pretty vibe. Do you agree?

5. High Pony for Long Hair:

A ponytail is always classic in the Indian fashion market. We can’t ever let go of this high ponytail hairstyle for Indian women. If you have long hair length, this hairstyle is chic and edgy. It suits women in professional fields, office goers and those who are always on the go to get a quick yet mesmerizing style statement. Those with round and oval face shapes can try out this haircut.

6. Loose Hairstyle:

This long Indian hairstyle is quite simple and easy to do. Seen here is actress Nayanthara flaunting this simple yet elegant look. Let the hair just fall around you and brush it well. Puff it up near the crown and pin it well with the ends. You can further easily add your favourite hair accessories to get into further enhance the looks. It is the best Indian puff hairstyle for long hair.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women of any age can totally try this styling out.
  • Suitable Face Type: Oval and diamond faces can be well suited to try this one.
  • Best Season to Try: This versatile style can be tried at any time all around the year.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear this with nice elegant Indian dresses for festivities or functions of family and friends.

7. Exotic Soft Wave Indian Hair Look:

How elegant does this picture of Keerthi Suresh look? This actress here is seen flaunting her nice soft waves of hair around her. This style is the best fit if you have nice fine and healthy-looking hair. Flaunt your hair into this long hairstyle for Indian hair easily this way. Make sure you curl it enough with soft waves. Try it out if you are among someone who loves simple and classy, edgy looks and then more into bolder moves.

  • Best Season to Try: Winter is the best fit to try this style out.
  • Ideal Age Group: Wear this style if you are in your 20s age only.
  • Suitable Face Type: Any face shape can totally fit into this versatile look.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear a nice long gown to go to cocktail parties or events here in this style.

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8. Traditional Bun for Long Hair:

This traditional Indian bun hairstyle for long hair is not new in style and fashion; however, this is evergreen and is here to stay. Women who embrace ethnic vibes with modern looks can try this style out. Here the bun is well decorated and customised with nice flowers all around rolled well. The hair is slightly braided on the side. This gives a totally elegant and classy look, far from much of a modern style but is yet very cute and pretty.

  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s and 30s are the best fit here.
  • Suitable Face Type: Round and oval faces can try this style out.
  • Best Season to Try: Any season is totally good to go in this hairstyle.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear a nice traditional saree for any festivities or weddings in this way.

9. Neat Braided Indian Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Next comes the picture of actress Rashi Khanna. Here such cute and innocent looks are given with this simple, neat braided hair. This is among simple and easy Indian hairstyles for long hair. If you love the traditional method of braiding, then this style can be done in an elegant way. Here it is neatly done in such a way and further decorated with neat accessories. Try this one out if you love ethnic looks.

  • Ideal Age Group: Any age group can totally fit into this easily.
  • Suitable Face Type: Wear this hairstyle for any face shape easily.
  • Best Season to Try: Women can try this in any season as it is quite versatile.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear a nice long ethnic kurta or dress or saree for festivals here.

10. Long Curly Indian Hairstyle:

Here come another Indian party hairstyles for long hair. If you love curls and embrace them well, then this is the best fit for you. Seen here in the picture is actress Sai Pallavi flaunting her stylish curls before us. Try them out if you like to flaunt you are fine curly hair in this way. Make sure you do not skip on taking good care of your hair before this as hair should look polished and neat.

  • Best Season to Try: Winters and monsoons are best for this style.
  • Suitable Face Type: Any face shape can totally fit into this style easily.
  • Ideal Age Group: Women in their 20s are only good to try this hairstyle easily.
  • Perfect Outfit and Occasion: Wear this nice long gown or dress to look good at parties or date nights.

11. Crown Braid Hairstyle:

Those who love a bit of elegance and trendiness can try this one out. This is among the popular bridal hairstyles for long hair as well. You need a professional stylist, however, to work on this style. This crown braid style is quite elegant and trendy looks stylish too. The messy look further adds to the vibe and style. It is best for women who want to look dashing and want to have a great first impression.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer is the best season to rock this look.
  • Suitable Face Type: Wear this style for any face shape as it suits everyone.
  • Preferable Age Group: Those in their 20s can try this style as it suits them better.
  • Perfect Outfits and Occasion: Try this with an ethnic and long gown or lehengas to look your best, and wear this style during festivities or wedding celebrations time.

12. Waterfall Indian Hairstyle:

The gorgeous waterfall braid hairstyle is a hit amongst girls and women of all age groups and across the world too. You can pair it up with a saree or a salwar and get going for that girl’s night out or a kitty party too. Braid the sides and bring it to the back of your head, and secure it with a pin, the rest of the hair needs to be semi-ringlets or curls for the waterfall effect.

  • Perfect Season: Wear this style in winter only for the best comfort.
  • Preferable Age Group: Try this hairstyle out for women in their 20s.
  • Suitable Face Type: This hairstyle best suits women with oval, round and diamond face shapes.
  • Best Occasion and Outfits: One can quickly wear this style for daily regular outings and occasions. Wear a cute tank top and a western dress or even ethnic kurtas with this style.

13. Ponytail Hairstyle:

Ever wondered about trying out new and fancy styles for yourself? These are fancy and stylish Indian party hairstyles for long straight hair. And this is quite elegant and stylish, and all you need is some attitude to throw alongside this style to make you look all decked up. Gather all hair first into a ponytail and then wear it high near the crown area. Make a balloon-shaped bun and keep bobby pins at the base of the balloon bun. This is quite easy to do with some help from your friends.

  • Suitable Face Type: Any face type can quickly go well with this style.
  • Preferable Age Group: Try this style for women in their late 20s and 30s only.
  • Perfect Season: Wear this hairstyle best suited for any season as you wish equally.
  • Best Occasion and Outfits: A long gown and dress are suitable for this hairstyle. Women can easily flaunt this style for night parties and gatherings.

14. Crimping Hairstyle:

Crimp your hair and let it fall on one side; allow the hair to resemble that of falling waters. Comb your hair to the right or left completely, take your curling irons or a crimper and crimp away. Style with mousse for it to shine and set. This is the simple Indian hairstyle for long hair.

  • Preferable Age Group: Try this for women in their 40s for the best look.
  • Perfect Season: Winter and monsoon is a good seasons to try this style out.
  • Suitable Face Type: Women with oval, round and diamond face shapes can try this style out.
  • Best Outfits and Occasions: Women can wear this style for casual occasions and gatherings. Wear a cute ethnic or western dress as you wish for this style, as all dresses can suit this hairstyle.

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15. South Indian Bridal Hairstyle:

The mid way walk is a style which needs five minutes of brushing. All you need to do is either make the hair wavy or leave it poker straight, separate the section in front and pull it towards your face, and do the same from the crown and back. The hair in front now can be parted in the middle, and the sides should be pulled behind the ear. Hair from the crown should be combed backwards and left messy, resembling cascading waterfalls. It is the South Indian bridal hairstyle for long hair.

  • Perfect Season: Try this style in summer to look your best.
  • Preferable Age Group: This style goes well with women below 35 years of age.
  • Suitable Face Type: Those with the oval face shape can try this style out to look their best.
  • Best Outfits and Occasion: Wear this style for any wedding event and functions, be it sangeet or mehndi. Any ethnic wear like lehengas, sarees or long dresses can go well with this style.

16. Innocent Ponytail with Bang:

The innocent ponytail has come a long way, but for a shiny sleep look, gather the ponytail on top of your crown. Once that’s done, take your curling irons and fix them on various lengths of the ponytail, this would give ringlets or curls at various stages, resembling tassels.

  • Perfect Season: The summer season is suitable for this hairstyle.
  • Preferable Age Group: Women in their 20s can rock this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Face Type: Women with oval face shapes can suit this hairstyle well.
  • Best Outfits and Occasion: Wear a lovely knee-length dress or any casual outfit with this style. It is a date night, and movie occasions are suitable for this style.

17. Balloon Ponytail:

The balloon ponytail is a simple and crazy style, which is why you need ten minutes to comb and be ready. Comb the hair into a high or low ponytail, depending on your style and hair length. Now make three partitions once the noose is made, and on each partition have a colourful band noose. The middle of each partition should be pulled outwards to resemble a mini balloon, and you are ready. This is an easy daily hairstyle for long hair Indian.

  • Best Season to Try: Summer is a good option to try this style.
  • Suitable Face Type: Try this with any face type as this suits all women equally.
  • Preferable Age Group: Wear this style for women in their early 20s to give a beautiful look.
  • Perfect Outfits and Occasion: Casual western outfits and shorts are best for this hairstyle, and it is for casual outings with friends or family.

18. Low Neck Bun:

The low neck bun hairstyle is ideal for ethnic occasions. What you do here is to gather your hair into a low-neck ponytail at the nape of your neck. Now bring the hair into the noose of the band which secures the ponytail, and balloon the volume outwards. Fasten pins at the base of the balloon and the hairline near the neck beginning; helps keep the balloon in place. This is one of the best Indian long hairstyles.

  • Perfect Season: Wear this style for summer to give the best and most comfortable look.
  • Suitable Face Type: Round, square, oval and diamond-shaped faces can try this style out.
  • Preferable Age Group: This party hairstyle for long hair is suitable for women in their 20s.
  • Matching Outfits and Occasion: Wear it only with knee-length or long dresses which can make you look elegant, and this for night parties or events to give a polished vibe.

19. Indian Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Take your curling irons and place them on the fringe, the midsection and the lower section of your hair and blow-dry those areas for 2 minutes. Remove the irons and give the hair a good brushing for a minute, back to front and then front to back. Your hair would resemble a flowing river. This is the perfect Indian wedding hairstyle for long hair.

  • Perfect Season: Any season is totally good to go with this hairstyle.
  • Preferable Age Group: This wedding hairstyle suits well women in their early 20s.
  • Suitable Face Type: Women with round, square and diamond-shaped faces can rock this look.
  • Best Outfits and Occasion: Wear a long gown with this style as it looks totally elegant, and wear this only for the wedding ceremony or events to look your best.

20. Gothic Look Hairstyle:

The Gothic look is apt for those who love attending theme parties. This best haircut for long hair in India is recently getting popular and in trend right now given the unique styling it has. The innocent pigtails we see here in the picture are well blended on either side to give this look. Try this out, and you will love the end result. Use very bright or very dark clips and bands to put in more effect.

  • Perfect Season: Summer is the best option to try this look.
  • Suitable Face Type: Any face type can totally rock this style out.
  • Preferable Age Group: Women in any age group before their 30s can rock this look.
  • Matching Outfits: Wear super casual and comfy western wear with this style, and this style is out for casual friend’s outings or with family.

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Additional Tips:

Now let us see a few additional suggestions on how best to take care of long hair,

  1. Do not over shampoo at any cost. Make sure you take care of your hair and do not remove its natural oils from it.
  2. Apply hair oil every week and nourish hair well. Apply oil even not just to the strands but also to the tail and down part nicely.
  3. Condition hair after hair washes regularly. Apply serum to wet hair. These will help long hair to get good moisture and nourish it well.
  4. Never miss out on styling it well if you have a chance. But always do a good hair spa every month to take care of your hair and get away from dull hair.
  5. Trim the hair every four months on average to maintain its healthy nature.

Long hair is bliss. Maintain this hair well through these hairstyles for long hair Indians. These are quite simple and elegant classy styles which can be tried along easily by anyone. Pick up your choice and try it out as per your preference and occasion. Embrace your long hair and flaunt it with style and confidence. You can easily get away from the crowd and stand with attention at any place.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. How To Grow Hair Faster At Home Naturally?

Ans: We all love long hair. Here is how to grow hair faster. Frequent trims may be of help. Further massage well, have good healthy nutritious food, add the vitamin to diet, avoid styling tools frequently, hair oil massage, and cool rinsing are some secrets to getting longer hair faster way.

Q2. How To Achieve Long Hair In A Fine-looking And Bright Manner Easily?

Ans: Gorgeous and fine hair is all that we dream of. Washing hair correctly and rightly, not over-washing it, conditioning it well, massaging the scalp well, drying hair properly and carefully, and eating healthy foods are some of the secrets to getting healthy-looking and fine hair.

Q3. How To Tame Long Frizzy Hair Easily?

Ans: Frizzy hair can be an issue, especially for long hair women. Hence taming it and avoiding it is important. Condition your hair well, and never skip this step. Oil massage is another secret. Further, do not blow dry much. Use hydrating hair mask and hair spa often. Use glycerin packed shampoo.

Q4. Does Braided Bun For Long Hair Look Good For Women For Less Than 20 Years?

Ans: Since you are much younger, it is anyway recommended to try out the youthful look. Although it may suit, it should not be heavy and look much simpler to look good.


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