15 Best Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Hair is the crowning glory we all take pride in, we do anything to help keep it’s health and shine. What we don’t realize is that there is much more to just having long hair. We should learn how to style it, which then would bring justice to the lovely tresses we have.

So let’s learn how to manage and style our long tresses, its god gifted and we sure would love to doll up at the drop of a hat. Now come on girls, get your accessories together and let’s make the hair dance with glee, what say!!

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You don’t have to spend a bomb anymore at salons, to style your hair. Not when you have only ten minutes to give and we shall show you how to style in more ways than one.

Best Indian Hairstyles For Long Hair:

Here are our top 15 different Indian hairstyles for long hair as follows.

1. Bridal Fishtail Hairstyle:

Indian Hairstyles for Long Hair2

If you don’t have the time and yet have to attend your best friends wedding, a simple style we would like you to try out would be the braid. It’s fun and convenient to try, and gives a fishtail look. Ensure that the main fishtail strand is thin, so that the remainder free flowing hair is kept, well free flowing. With the remaining hair, you could iron it flat or curl the rest for a messy look, the choice is yours. This one of the popular Indian hairstyle for long hair.

2. Waterfalls Styles Indian Hairstyle:

Best Indian Hiarstyles for long hair 2

The gorgeous waterfall style is a hit amongst girls and women of all age groups, and across the world too. You can pair it up with a saree or a salwar, and get going for that girl’s night out or a kitty party too. Braid the sides and bring it to the back of your head, secure it with a pin, the rest of the hair needs to be semi-ringlets or curls, for the waterfall effect.

3. Ponytail Hairstyle:

Fancy a strong willed look this morning, gather all your hair in to a neat ponytail, high up on your crown. Now make a balloon bun, and secure the base of the balloon with pins. In flat ten minutes you have a sleek and sexy look for work.

4. Crimping Hairstyle:

Indian Hairstyles for Long Hair5

Crimp your hair and let it fall on one side; allow the hair to resemble that of falling waters. Comb your hair to the right or left completely, take your curling irons or a crimper and crimp away. Style with mousse for it to shine and set. This is the simple Indian hairstyles for long hair.

5. Nape Neck Pony Tail Hairstyle:

Indian Hairstyles for Long Hair6

Bring all your hair to one side of the shoulder neck, and make a nape neck pony tail. The hair on the crown and the forehead should be flat, while from the knot on the nape of the neck let the hair fall messy.

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6. Crown Bun:

A high crown bun for the working woman or the mom at home looks spending. Gather your hair into a high pony tail, and circle the hair around the knot. Fasten with pins and ensure there are no loose ends anywhere. Makes the hair sit in place for ten hours straight.

7. Bun Waterfall:

The bun waterfall is easy to do and takes ten minutes. Just as you would make a mid height bun, this time leave the hair in front loose. The fringe should be straightened and flat, allowing extra bangs to fall on your sides. Decor the bun with a cute butterfly clip, that’s it.

8. South Indian Bridal Hairstyle:

The mid way walk is a style which needs five minutes of brushing. All you need to do is either make the hair wavy or leave it poker straight, separate the section in front and pull it towards you face, and do the same from the crown and back. The hair in front now can be parted in the middle and the sides should be pulled behind the ear. Hair from the crown should be combed backward and left messy, resembling cascading waterfalls. It is the south Indian bridal hairstyles for long hair.

9. Innocent Ponytail:

Best Indian Hiarstyles for long hair 9

The innocent ponytail has come a long way, but for a sleep shiny look, gather the pony tail on top of your crown. Once that’s done, take your curling irons and fix them on various lengths of the pony tail, this would give ringlets or curls at various stages, resembling tassels.

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10. Low Neck Bun:

braid hair

The low neck bun is ideal for ethnic occasions. What you do here is to gather your hair into a low neck pony tail at the nape of your neck. Now bring the hair into the noose of the band which secures the pony tail, and balloon the volume outwards. Fasten pins at the base of the balloon and the hairline near the neck beginning; helps keep the balloon in place. This is one of the best indian long hair styles.

11. Balloon Ponytail:

ballon ponytail

The balloon ponytail is sought after like crazy, which is why you need ten minutes to comb and be ready. Comb the hair into a high or low pony tail, depending on your style and hair length. Now make three partitions once the noose is made, and on each partition have a colorful band noose. The middle of each partition should be pulled outwards to resemble a mini balloon, and you are ready. This is the good hairstyles for long hair indian.

12. Indian Wedding Hairstyle For Long Hair:

Take your curling irons and place them on the fringe, the mid section and the lower section of your hair and blow dry those areas for 2 minutes. Remove the irons and give the hair a good brushing for a minute, back to front and then front to back. Your hair would resemble a flowing river. This is the perfect indian wedding hairstyles for long hair.

13. Miniature Braids:

Indian Hairstyles for Long Hair14

Plat orgy is a culmination of miniature braids. Separate the hair in two sections, the fringe and the back. The hair at the back should be divided into ten long sections from the root, because at each root is where you start braiding the hair till the end. Use colorful accessories to decorate the long braids. The hair in front should be flattened and straightened

14. Gothic Look Hairstyle:

gothic look

The Gothic look is apt for those who love attending theme parties. Remember the innocent pig tails on either side of your head. Do the same for your hair now, let it fall straight and long? Use very bright or very dark clips and bands to put in more effect.

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15. Loose Hairstyle:

Let the hair just fall loose, and adorn it on various lengths with butterfly and bird shaped clips and accessories, simple yet subtly sexy. It is the best indian hairstyle for long hair.

We all have a dream, a dream to have long Rapunzel locks. Some of us have it and yet complain of the quality, while the rest struggle to grow their locks way beyond their shoulders.


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