Many of us invest a lot of time designing the interiors and the color combinations for our house’s interiors. But we tend to forget that the exterior gives the onlooker the first impression of your house. Therefore, choosing the appropriate colour combination for the house exterior is essential that represent your style and personality.

Whether it is for the front door, trim, or any other exterior elements for that matter, the color scheme plays a pivotal role in your home’s overall look. It also makes an impression without even stepping into your house. Therefore before finalizing any color schemes for your home, look at the color combinations for house exteriors we have provided in this article. Read on!

How to Choose the Perfect Colours for your Home:

The combination of colours used in the exterior of any house makes or breaks the look of your house. Here are some simple things you need to keep in mind to choose the perfect colors for your home.

  • Colour Choices: Avoid dark colours or black for exteriors because they frequently make you recolor your house. You can highlight the house’s main features with dark colors while using a pale shade of the dark colour to paint the house.
  • Combinations: It is necessary to stick to one or a maximum of two colors when painting the exteriors. Using more than two colours might make it look cluttered. You may also use different shades of the same color if you feel using a single color is monotonous.
  • Nature’s Effects: Make sure the house exterior colours blend in with the surroundings.
  • Durability: Irrespective of the color, make sure the paint you choose lasts for a long time and doesn’t need repainting frequently.
  • Attractiveness: It is also essential to choose colours that are attractive to the onlookers at first sight.
  • Exterior Furnishings: Similar to interior painting, furnishing is essential for enhancing the exterior paint colours, for example, doors or furniture used in a lawn.
  • The Season of Painting: The summer season is the right time to paint house exteriors because there will be enough temperature for the paint to dry, irrespective of the color.

20 Color Combinations For House Exteriors:

We have presented you with a list of some popular color combinations for house exteriors you can look into before finalizing a color for your home.

1. Yellow, Blue, Cream, and Gray House Exteriors:

If you were under the impression that too many colours might spoil the look of your house, we hope this house will change your mind. When used in the right proportions, exterior paint can do wonders to the look of your home. The strategic use of deep blue, gray, cream and yellow colors lifts the face of this house beautifully. But make sure you have the proper proportions, especially when you are using more than two colours.

2. Effortless Golden Brown, Gray, and White House Exteriors:

This picture depicts the exterior paint color combinations for Indian houses you commonly find. The dominant color of this house is white; the architectural shapes of the house are done in golden brown. At the same time, the outdoors are highlighted with gray paint. The design of the house is beautifully justified with the three colors white, golden brown, and gray. You can add natural elements by placing some plants around the home.

3. White and Peach House Exteriors:

Suppose you want your house to exude elegance and richness. In that case, the use of peach and white exterior color combination is a perfect choice. This house used peach color for the vast area with beautiful white borders giving it a classy finish. In addition, the house exteriors complement the roof of the house. This is a perfect example of a bold look that people who hesitate to use bold colors can try.

4. Gray and Blue House Exteriors:

Gray and blue are some of the popular outside house painting color combinations. Your house gets a welcoming colour choice that comes from combining blue and grey tones beautifully. If your home has stonework and wood trim, this hue is a great compliment.

5. Green Color for House Exterior:

Green can be one of the best color combinations for the house exterior, especially if you want a modern twist to your traditional home. You can opt for different shades of green as per your preference. This house looks very hiney and welcoming, dressed with either black or cranberry shudders.

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6. Classic White Color for House Exterior:

White is a color that never goes out of style, whether it is for interiors, exteriors, or anything else for that matter. This house has white paint done all over, further complemented by the glass sliding doors and a wooden door for the garage. White is one of the best exterior paint combinations for people who love classy yet straightforward finishes for your home.

7. Elegant Oyster White and Pale Blue House Exterior:

Every color has different shades, which helps the user have tons of choices that can be overwhelming. This newly constructed house has oyster white and pale blue exterior paint color combinations that beautifully blend in with each other. You can place plants around the house if you wish to add a natural element. If you are a fan of soft colours for exteriors, this one is a slam dunk.

8. Black Exterior House Color:

Layers of black can be striking house painting color combinations outside, with the explosion of minimalist modern styles. However, this house has some undertones of grey and added wooden accents that give the place a stand-out look. So if you are looking to stand out among your neighborhood, this one is for you!

9. Indigo and White House Exterior Colors:

This front elevation color combination of this house reflects uniqueness beautifully. Here indigo enhances the aesthetics of the home, whereas white is the dominant color. In addition, the depth of this house’s exteriors is further elevated with the use of dashes of brown. Using the right amount of indigo will help you shift the focus from white.

10. Eye-Catching Yellow and White House Exteriors:

In many Indian homes, yellow and white are the standard house color combinations presented above. The light yellow gives the house a bright look, elevated further with the white window panes and greenery placement around the house. You can use different shades of yellow as per your preference.

11. Elegant Gray, White, and Orange House Exteriors:

This is yet another exterior color combination for Indian homes, including neutral colours grey and white with a dash of orange. Again, the freshness of the house is beautifully represented with neutral colors. In contrast, the orange on some parts of the place makes it pop out. The simple, elegant, and decent look of the house comes from an equal share of colors.

12. Aqua, Black and White House Exteriors:

Black is one of the house color combinations outside if you want to add depth and drama to your home. Instead of using black for the entire house, the siding and trims are painted white, lifting the gloomy image. The use of black and white complements each other, highlighting the house significantly.

13. Lavender, Purple and White House Exteriors:

If you are looking for a unique and unexpected color scheme for your home, Lavender, blue and white is the best house painting color combinations. In addition, Lavender can be an excellent colour to use exterior paint when combined with a colourfully beautiful door contrast. As a result, your house’s exterior gets a modernized look with cool undertones and neutralized colour palette.

14. Lime, Forest Green, and White House Exteriors:

This beautiful suburb home has a traditional house outside color combination that gives your house a traditional look. The walls of this house have what looks like bricks; the upper house walls have green, whereas the trim of the home uses white, highlighting the entire house beautifully. The inspiration for brick walls comes from the forest around the house.

15. Red, White and Brown House Exterior Colors:

The combination of creamy white, a touch of grey, and a red roof is a perfect example of the best-looking house exteriors. In addition, the use of wooden windows placed across the house brings out the house’s natural beauty. Finally, the light exterior colors of the house are highlighted with the red rooftops. If you want to use minimal colors to reflect royalty, power, and charm, this is the one.

16. Brown and White Exteriors for a House:

Brown is yet another color that many of us don’t see in the house’s exteriors as a whole. This house uses different shades of brown all over the place while highlighting the house with white trims. In addition, the windows use glass with white window panes that highlight the house significantly.

17. Red and Cream House Exterior Colors:

The red-tile roofings are everyday things you can find in several Indian houses that exhibit tradition and warmth. The quintessential cream paintings on the walls and pillars contrast with the red tile roofing making it look beautiful. The exterior combination of colors will appeal to people of all generations due to the traditional and contemporary blend of colors.

18. Minimalistic yet Grand Gray and White Color Exteriors:

If you are not a fan of bright colors and want something mellow for your house’s exteriors, the combination of grey and white can be the perfect option. The counter effect of ash gray with white painted looks minimalistic yet exquisite. Though grey looks sober, the use of white uplifts the colour altogether beautifully. Of course, you can vary the shade of grey you would like to use as per your preference.

19. Orange and Gray House Exteriors:

Orange can be a disastrous color for the house’s exterior if you don’t know how to use it appropriately, so you don’t find it in many homes. The above picture is a perfect example where orange with a combination of white on the rims uplifts the bright colour making it easy on the eyes. Make sure to use a natural colour, especially if you want to use a bright colour.

20. Gray, White, and Mustard Yellow Exteriors:

The combination of white with different colors is a classic color combination you can find in the house’s exteriors. In the above picture, the duplex model house has gray and silent white painted with mustard yellow in small portions. The mustard yellow makes the house look bold and stands out beautifully. The vibrancy of this house comes from the aptly painted doors and windows.

Whether you are looking to paint your new house or repainting your old house, the colours you use play an essential role in the house’s look. The different color combinations for house exteriors presented in this article will help you finalize an option for your home that suits your personality and style. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What are the Popular Colours for House Exteriors in 2022?

Ans: The combination of yellow and grey looks beautiful in both interiors and exteriors and is the year’s color in 2022. People who want a modern look for their home choose different shades of grey.

Q2. What is the Process for Choosing the Color Combination for the House Exterior?

Ans: It is a good idea to choose colours that complement each other, especially if you pick more than one colour. You can either consult a professional or use the combinations mentioned in this article for the exteriors of your home.

Q3. What are the Best Color Combinations for House Exteriors Suitable for Indian Homes?

Ans: The color combinations mentioned in this article can be beneficial in making a choice. However, you need to choose colors that express your personality or colors based on the region you live in and its temperature.

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