If you wish to construct your own sweet home that looks plush, grandeur, and chic, in addition to looking like an architectural marvel, there is nothing better than going for duplex house designs. A duplex home looks modern, stylish, and contemporary. It has two or more floors, is spacious, and looks luxurious. It is aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, and apt for small and big families.

Today, we have compiled beautiful modern duplex-type house design ideas for you. These home designs are indeed one-of-a-kind and will stun you with their grandeur and chic looks. Let’s check them out, and you can tell us your thoughts!

Modern Duplex Home Design Ideas:

These duplex home designs are a perfect choice for all of you planning to get started with your home or want to renovate. We have both simple and elegant design ideas and grand duplex house designs. Continue reading to know more.

1. Spacious Modern Duplex House Design:

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If you have the budget and are looking forward to a high-end duplex home design, why not check this out? This is a modern architectural marvel, with the duplex home looking fascinating and grand. We see the rooftop and the outer architecture, a blend of vintage classic design along with modern paint color combinations. The house has two floors and has a garage in the front too. This beautiful home also has good open space around.

2. Dual Duplex Home With Glass:

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Glass always instantly gives a chic, edgy, modern, stylish look. We have this duplex house design with glass and are in awe. This duplex home design is perfect for small and big families searching for unique and one-of-a-kind modern contemporary design ideas. This home has one floor and is an ideal for a good countryside living.

3. Small Duplex House Design With Front Yard:

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This is a perfect choice if you prefer a simple living with a lovely, beautiful duplex home design. This residential duplex house design brings out an eye-catching and marvelous appearance. It is suitable for small families, has a beautiful front yard, and ample space for gardening. It reminds us of simple living by our older generations near the countryside, don’t it?! You can add an additional small garage and tent house too to this design.

4. Typical Vintage Duplex House Design:

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This Midwest-inspired duplex home design is yet another fabulous choice to check out. This house has two floors and ample space for big families too. It has limited open space around the home, however, the interiors are quite spacious. It gives a vintage and classic vibe with a traditional design. What do you think of such duplex home design choices? You can go with this one if you like simple and elegant architecture.

5. Mansion-style Duplex Home:

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How about a classic, high-end duplex home design? You will enjoy checking this duplex home design idea. This Western-idea mansion-style duplex home is perfect for big families, and those who love sophistication with grandeur and elegant vibes. The home has ample indoor and outdoor space, with a lawn area, open grounds and front yards. It looks chic, sleek and lovely in terms of architectural look too.

6. Traditional Brick Styled Duplex Home:

Image Source: Shutterstock

The traditional duplex home designs too look amazing if you love the vintage vibes with classic interior choices. This brick-themed, colourful, traditional duplex house design is a lovely choice in this regard. It has one floor above and has beautiful white glass traditional window openings too. The house also has open space around. What do you think?

7. Minimal Modern Brick Duplex Home:

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Alternatively, if you do not prefer grandeur or oomph, you can check the minimal duplex house design ideas. This brick minimal duplex home design is a perfect choice for modern couples. It also has a unique design with a pathway leading to two blocks within the home. The house do not have ample open yard space, however the interiors and space within the home are quite ample and perfect for families of any size.

8. Contemporary Duplex Home:

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Next up, you can also check out this contemporary modern duplex home design. The home has two floors and has a basic chic and classic design look from the exteriors. The glass windows and the simple yard space around the home also gives it a beautiful, plush design and appearance from the outside. Going with white or beige neutral similar colors also gives the home a minimal contemporary and stylish design.

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9. Stylish Luxurious Duplex Home with Garden and Pool:

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If you want one-of-a-kind duplex home, you can check this stylish and grand contemporary duplex house idea. The design looks charming and fascinating, with ample garden space. It has one floor and ample space indoors. The home also has pool area. The lush green yard and the home’s sophisticated design give it a very enthralling look. Do you agree?

10. Spacious Modern Home with Brick Sloped Roof:

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We also came across this amazing duplex home design with a lovely blend of traditionality and modernity. The home has brick roofing with a sloped design, just like we can imagine and witness in vintage pictures and old movies. In addition, the finishing touch and exteriors also look sleek, chic and sophisticated. This home is perfect for a large family, looking luxurious, elegant, sophisticated yet classic and vintage.

11. Small Colourful Wooden Duplex Home:

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This is a perfect choice if you are low in budget or prefer a small simple duplex home. The colorful home looks amazing and pretty cute in terms of exteriors but also has good space inside, sufficient for a small family. You can go with colour of your choice too to make it look vibrant and beautiful.

12. White Compact Duplex Home:

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This compact, beautiful duplex home is perfect for those looking for a modern home design with traditional rooftop elements. The white colour gives it a sophisticated and elegant finish, and the design structure with front yard or possible porch brings classic vintage vibes. The home is also compact with limited space, ideal for small families.

13. Duplex Home Design Idea for Limited Space:

Image Source: Pinterest

You can even go ahead with a duplex home with limited or small space. Wondering how? Here is an impeccable and marvelous idea we found. This lovely duplex house may not have open space around but it looks fascinating and stunning with the design choice and glass balconies. The greenery near the glass sets the home apart and gives it a classic, vibrant finish.

14. Affordable Duplex House:

Image Source: Pinterest

This small, beautiful, single-rise duplex house design is yet another perfect choice for small families. The duplex house has sufficient indoor space indoors and ample scope for beautiful interiors. It has limited space outdoors, yet looks beautiful with the glass windows and elevation design. The home gives a contemporary sleek vibe, and is a lovely choice for a low-cost duplex design option.

15. Beautiful Modern Duplex Bungalow with Arch and Parking Space:

Image Source: Pinterest

This possibility of having a modern beautiful, sophisticated duplex bungalow is itself amazing. We love the lovely arch design and practical parking space with little gorgeous greenery in the yard. The house has one floor and is suitable for small families. The front glass façade and the design add to the home’s vibrant, rich, and luxurious appearance.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful duplex house designs and ideas trending around us this year. These homes look beautiful and are architectural marvels with a contemporary, sleek, stylish and chic finish. Do you agree? Which kind of duplex home design idea did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


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