It’s fair to say that every person who builds a new ghar does so with their own unique set of goals and aspirations in mind. Ghar ka design, or house design, is a difficult and time-consuming process because it is the first step in turning your dream house into a real one. One can simply buy a house from a large-scale homebuilder, but some people go through all the trouble of building it themselves. Everyone’s reason can be different. Some of them are trying to provide a happy and secure ghar for their kids. Still others may want to build a house just so they can sell it for a profit.

60 Naya Makan Ka Front Designs 2023:

Let us go over the various ghar ke designs that you should consider if you are about to build a house.

1. Single Floor Ghar Ka Designs:

Sundar Ghar Ka Design Single Floor Save
1 Floor Ghar Ke Design Single Floor Save
Chota Ghar Ka Design Single Floor Save
Ghar Ka Front Design Single Floor Save
Ground Floor Makan Ki Design Single Floor Save
New Ghar Ka Design Single Floor Save
Single Floor Ghar Ka Design Save

There is a wide variety of layouts available for 2 and 3-bedroom houses on a single floor. One of the greatest benefits of a single-story home is the ease of access it provides to people of all ages and abilities, especially those with mobility issues or young children. Each inch of floor space is utilized to its fullest potential. Depending on the preferences of the potential homeowners, the plans can range from simple concepts to sophisticated designs for houses and high-end apartments. Sitting area, living room, dinner area, 2-3 bedrooms with either attached or common bathrooms, kitchen, and work area are some of the spaces one can choose to get for a single-floor ghar depending on the land area, family size, and their needs.

2. Ghar Ke Designs with Two Floors:

Ghar Ke Design 2 Floors Save
2nd Floor Design Ghar Save
Ghar Ke Design Two Floor Building Save
Ghar Ke Design Double Floor Save
2 Floor Ghar Ke Design Save
Double Floor Ghar Ke Design Save
Ghar Ke Design 2nd Floor Save

In India, double-floor ghar ke designs are common. Having a two-story home is desirable because it not only looks impressive but also serves practical purposes. Having two floors allows you to better organize your space by placing different types of rooms on each level. A duplex home is ideal for those who want a quiet place to relax and a more open layout for entertaining guests. You can dedicate the ground floor to a living room with calming décor, a kitchen, a chic and cozy dining area, and a spacious guest room. The upper floor of a 2-story house layout is dedicated to bedrooms. To give your ghar a modern look, keep the foyer simple and use a modern color scheme. You can also add traditional touches like Moroccan tiles and colorful wallpaper.

3. Triple Floor Ghar ke Designs:

Triple Floor Elevation Save
Triple Floor Elevation Design Save
Triple Floor Ghar Ke Designs Save
G+2 Elevation Designs Save
Triple Floor Ghar Ke Designs1 Save
G+2 Ghar Ke Designs Save
Triple Floor Ghar Ke Designs2 Save

Triple-story houses are common in joint families. They can either have independent floors similar to the apartments and flats, or they can be in a triplex form with all the floors making one common house. For independent floor plans, each floor must have bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and attached or common bathrooms. The number and size of the rooms can vary based on the land area and the needs of the houseowners. Each floor of a triplex, or three-story house, can be assigned a specific space. For example, the ground floor can be used as a living and dining area. You can add a guest room to it as well. The first floor can be used as a bedroom space, and the upper floor can serve as a work area or a kid’s play area if you have kids.

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4. Four Floor Ghar ke Designs:

4 Floors Elevation Designs Save
G+3 Elevation Designs Save
Four Floor Ghar Ke Designs 1 Save
Four Floor Ghar Ke Designs Save
Elevation Designs 4 Floors Save
Elevation Design G+4 Save

A four-storey building can be designed into a very luxurious home. A four-storey home works best for a big family. The house can be designed to feature a garage for one car on the ground floor in addition to a living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and interior garden. The second floor can feature multiple bedrooms, with the master bedroom being the highlight, and a shared bathroom, while the third and fourth floors can each feature their own living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and game room or home office depending on the needs of the homeowners. Some homeowners even convert the ground floor into an office or business store to make better use of their space.

5. Villas Ke Designs:

Villa Designs2 Save
Villa Designs 1 Save
Villa Ka Designs Save
Villas Designs3 Save
Villa Save
Best Villa Design Save

A villa is a standalone house with a yard or veranda. Villas typically have a fixed architectural plan; additional floors can be added to villas with permission from the appropriate authorities. These are typically located in areas with other villas. Similar houses or villas in the same neighborhood foster the sense of togetherness or community that apartment buildings have while also providing the privacy that bungalows promise. Villas are expertly designed and are surrounded on all sides by lush greenery. Terrace gardens and front and back lawns complement the beauty of the villas. Villas are very spacious and provide enough space for having a lawn, garage, and multiple bedrooms with attached and common bathrooms. You can get a spacious kitchen and dining area designed to make your villa look bigger and better.

6. Bungalows Ke Designs:

Best Bungalow Designs Save
Bungalows Ke Designs Save
Twin Bungalows Save
Bungalow Designs Save
Bungalow Ke Designs Save
Bungalow Save

The bungalows are small homes with open floor plans, large front porches, and lots of windows. The bungalows are generally small, easy to maintain, and they provide residents with a significant amount of privacy. They can be designed in a variety of designs and styles. The bungalow, which has two bedrooms, two living rooms, one dining hall, two bathrooms, and a store, is ideal for a small family. A bungalow-style design with lawns on either side and an elevated entrance will captivate you at first sight. The simple bungalow ka design, built amid lush greenery, provides an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Bungalows are easy to build anywhere in the country because they are made of simple but durable materials and have a sloped roof and an elevated entrance.

7. Apartments and Flats Ke Designs:

Apartments Designs3 Save
Apartments And Flats Ke Designs Save
Apartments Designs Save
Apartments1 Save
Apartments Designs1 Save
Apartments Designs2 Save

People from big cities understand this better than anyone else: that apartments are so small in area that they feel cluttered and dark. The best thing you can do with a small space is to make it appear larger. An all-white modern apartment with textured fabrics and minimal clutter is one of the most popular apartment ka designs. Attached bathrooms and an open kitchen make the apartment less cluttered and more spacious. Since people living in apartments do not have their own roof, they can transform the balcony area into a chic and cozy sitting space. Even though space is a major issue when it comes to living in apartments, you also enjoy a great deal of facilities provided by the apartment owners, such as a common play area, a swimming pool, etc.

8. Small House Designs:

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Small House Designs Save
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One-bedroom small houses are a popular choice for singles and young families, but they don’t have to be a boring, uninspiring place. In spite of the smaller amount of space available, small house designs provide a captivating street presence and are designed to accommodate the requirements of modern homeowners. Make effective use of the vertical space. Not only do high ceilings in a small home allow for a lot of natural light to enter, which makes the area appear larger, but they also make it possible to add a loft, which provides additional living space. Keep an open floor plan. In the design of a small house, walls should be kept to a minimum, as they are the enemy. Make the most of your outdoor space by installing a large wrap-around porch that connects the interior to the exterior of your home.

9. Cottage Ke Designs:

Cottage Exterior Designs Save
Cottage Ke Designs1 Save
Cottage Ke Designs Save
Cottage Designs Save

Cottage ghar ke designs are no longer solely associated with villages; instead, they are multifaceted, modern, and extremely varied in style and construction. Today’s cottage homes are frequently designed as a summer or secondary residence, ideal for waterfront or mountain living. The exteriors of cottage house plans should be lovely and detailed. Cottages can be designed to include large, open front porches where homeowners can relax on long summer afternoons. When dealing with limited property lot space, overhead lofts and lower-level basement foundations can provide that extra expansion space that is so often required. Also, include charming features like pitched, varied roofs, small windows and dormers on the second floor, and stone exterior details without losing the essence of cottage house designs.

10. Farm House Ke Designs:

Farm House Ke Designs1 Save
Farm House Designs Save
Farm House Designs2 Save
Farm House Ke Designs Save

Farmhouses provide us with a sense of peace and joy that city life does not. A modern farmhouse ka design is an excellent blend of modern and traditional details. The exterior of a simple farmhouse design can be enhanced by an accent wall. If you want to add a floral and colorful touch to your surroundings, you can use flower pots to create a cozy entrance. The large windows with wooden frames can give a luxurious look to the farmhouse living room. An indoor fireplace made of reclaimed materials can act as the main highlight. You can add velvet sofas and a vintage coffee table to add a touch of old-world charm. A modern farmhouse design features soft colors, cozy rugs, and wooden accents throughout.

Designing a new home gives every homeowner an opportunity to expand their horizons and give voice to their deepest desires. As a result of the boom in the real estate market, homebuyers have been frantically searching for simple ghar ka design ideas. So, we’ve put together some beautiful ghar ka design ideas above to help you decide between apartments, villas, bungalows, or simple houses. So, get started and make a statement with these house design ideas.


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