Kiss – doesn’t it rhyme with the word “bliss”? Yes! Kissing sparks unexplainable joy among people, who use it as a medium to communicate their affection for each other. In fact, there is nothing like a bad kiss and every kiss with the right intention is a good one. However, different types of kisses evoke different emotions and feelings.

Whether it is a passionate romantic lip-lock between partners or a warm kiss by a mother on her child, a kiss is much more than just physical touch. So, if you want to master this fine art, this article serves as a perfect guide for you. Get to know the type of kiss names and their meanings in detail.

Also, learn how, where and on whom can you try these varieties of Kisses, along with a fun questionnaire at the end.

35 Different Types of Kisses Names with Pictures:

Get a better understanding of kissing styles and their significance with our visual guide featuring different types of kisses and their meanings.

(Kisses in Relationship)–

Kristoffer Nyrop was a Danish Romantic, who put together different types of kisses in this book “The Kiss and History”, written in 1902. The original work was later translated into English by William Fredrick Harvey.

According to Nyrop, Kisses fall under different categories, based on the feelings and intentions like Love, Peace, Affection, Respect, and Friendship. Let’s take a gist of what he has to say about each of them:

A. Love Kisses:

A love kiss is the one that is filled with a desire for each other and most commonly had on the lips. It shows both a person’s attraction and loving relationship towards each other as well. It also shows the passion, romance, respect, friendship, peace and also the affection towards one another.

B. Kiss of Affection:

Affection kiss is the one that is filled with feelings of love, but the exclusion of erotic and sexual intensions. For example, a boy can kiss her mother as a way of affection towards her. These kisses are exchanged between all members of the family or even the close circle of friends.

C. Kiss of Peace:

The Kiss of peace is backed with spiritual and faithful feelings for someone. It is an ancient tradition started by Christian culture and religion. The peace kiss is also known as the holy kiss, or the brother kiss among men and the sister kiss among women as well. It also marks the sign of homage as well.

D. Kiss of Respect:

A respect kiss is a type of kiss to show feelings of respect, devotion and worship. It is also called the Kiss of Veneration for kings, Gods, altars and noblemen. To do this, the person first bows down in a humble manner and then plants a kiss on the forehead, hands, knees and feet.

E. Kiss of Friendship:

The Kiss of Friendship is a kind of gesture between two persons, who are united by strong friendship. It was a common practice among the ladies to kiss their peers, as a form of greeting them. This culture was extended to the men’s circle as well. This kiss is placed on head, hands, shoulders and cheeks.

List of Different Kisses Names for men and women with Pictures:

“The lips are not the only part of the mouth which should be joined in kissing. Every lover is a glutton. He wants everything that is part of his sweetheart, everything. He doesn’t want to miss a single iota of her ‘million-pleasured joys’ as Keats once wrote of them.”

– The Art of Kissing, Hugh Morris (1936).

It is so true that a kiss is not just about the lips or the face. It is about getting every part of your body and mind involved in it, to experience the feeling of togetherness. These different types of Kisses signify different meanings depending on whom you kiss, where is it placed and the purpose behind it.
Click on the Kiss of your interest to understand the psychology behind it:

(Kisses for Every Occasion)–

1. First Kiss:

How to Kiss the First Time-

The first kiss is filled with anxiety, mixed emotions, and fear of getting rejected. However, you can deal with them all like a cakewalk. Just hold your partner and stare into their eyes. If they respond with a smile or closed eyes, it means that they are ready for the kiss. Grab this moment and make it memorable with a smooch.

  • This kiss marks the initiation of affection or sexual desire. It can also be a plain kiss to show that you are fond of someone.
  • This kiss falls under the affection and love category

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2. Good Morning Kiss:

How To Kiss in Morning-

A good morning kiss is the sweetest way to wake up with your partner. To do this, hug them from behind and place your lips on their cheeks or forehead to kiss. You can even lie down on them for a while to begin your day with love and affection.

  • This kiss is a gesture of pure admiration for a partner. It can also happen between siblings, parents and kids or even friends.
  • This kiss falls under the relationship category.

3. Good Night Kiss:

How To Give Good Night Kiss-

A good night kiss is the best way to end a beautiful day! To do this, first lie down on the bed along with your partner. Slowly cover them up with a blanket and give a sweet kiss on their forehead and wish them a night of sweet dreams!

  • This kiss is used to make someone happy with your caring attitude towards them. It could also be a pathway to having some steamy, hot time.
  • This kiss falls under the affection and romance category

4. Sister Kiss:

How To Kiss Your Sister-

A kiss need not always be between partners. It can also happen between sisters or brothers. To do this, simply hold your sister with love and give them a tight kiss on their cheeks or forehead. You can even lift them up and hug to show your love.

  • There is no special meaning to this type of kiss. However, it was chosen as a medium to express respect, gratefulness and devotion between siblings.
  • This kiss falls under the affection and relationship category

5. Cousin Kiss:

How To Do It-

Cousins are siblings from another mother. They are your close family members, so you can shower some love with a kiss. Just kiss them on their cheeks, hands or head. Avoid a lip kiss or smooch, as it can is not appropriate in this relationship.

  • This is just like a sister kiss, where cousins show affection towards each other by using a physical gesture like kissing.
  • This kiss falls under the affection and relationship category

6. Baby Kiss:

How To Kiss Your Baby-

Who can resist the cute face of a newborn baby? However, doctors warn against kissing them on the mouth, as it can be fatal on their little bodies. So, gently plant a kiss with your mouth on their head, fingers or their back. If they develop any irritation, refrain from trying it the next time.

  • This kiss is a gesture of pure love and affection of a parent on their little bundle of joy.
  • This kiss falls under the affection and love category

7. Type of Kiss on First Date:

How To Kiss in Dating-

First dates are the best dates. So, end it with a lovely kiss to kickstart new beginnings. Just be gentle, as you could be kissing a complete stranger. Give a lip kiss, followed by a hug to make lasting impressions. Who knows if it can turn into a romantic story?

  • A kiss on the first date indicates that you like the person and wish to see them again. It is also a gesture of adoration in certain cultures.
  • It falls under the romantic category

8. Engagement Kiss:

How To Kiss for Engagement-

Gently hold your partner by the waist and give them a sweet lip kiss. You can hold it for a couple of seconds. This kiss can be finished with a hug and holding of hands.

  • The ritual of engagement indicates that you are getting to a committed relationship with someone. It also marks the official beginning of your phase as a couple. Along with exchanging rings, you can kiss your partner in public, declaring your love and admiration for each other.
  • This kiss falls under the relationship category.

9. Wedding Kiss:

How To Kiss at Your Wedding-

A wedding kiss is probably one of the most memorable moments, which marks the conclusion of the ceremony. To do this, first approach your partner with a smile. Lift up the veil on her face and give her a lovely kiss on her lips. Remember that this is your wedding day, so don’t make the guests feel awkward by taking it elsewhere.

  • The tradition of the groom kissing the bride on a wedding day was started centuries back. It was marked as a public declaration of a life-long agreement of the couple.
  • This kiss falls under the relationship category.

(Kisses on Different Parts of Body and Their Meanings)–

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10. Kiss on Eyes Meaning:

A. Lip to Eye Kiss-

How to Kiss on Eyes-

Eye kiss is also known as the angel kiss. This kiss is done by gently kissing on the eyelids of the other person for a few seconds. This can be followed by gentle stroking of the head to show your love.

  • This type of kiss shows a kind of fondness or pure love. Therefore, it is used when saying goodbye to someone or even waking up to the one you love as well.
  • This type of kiss falls under the affection category

B. Eye to Eye Kiss Means-

How To Kiss with Eyes-

The eyelash is one of the most intimate and adorable forms of kissing. To do this, simply replace your lips with your eyelashes. First, place your cheeks on the person’s cheek and bat your eyelids. The up and down strokes of the hair can stimulate their feelings.

  • This kiss suggests that you love someone dearly, but not yet ready to make physical contact. It can also happen after the game, as a gesture of love.
  • You can categorize this kiss under passion or romance

11. Forehead Kiss Meaning:

How To Someone’s Forehead-

Forehead kiss is a sweet gesture, to indicate your affection and love for a person. To do this, move your face towards their face and place your arms around the neck. Now kiss on the forehead and you can even finish it with a hug.

  • The forehead kiss can give the meaning of “I care for you” or “You mean a lot to me”. It is also used as an action of protection or care and is usually taken place between closely related people.
  • This falls under the Caring or affection category

12. Eskimo Kiss:

How to Make Eskimo Kiss-

This kiss is also known as nose rub, where one person presses one’s tip of the nose against the other’s nose. Kissing on the nose can be seen as a relationship, greeting. Sometimes lovers also try this type of kiss in their romance scene.

  • This kiss means that both of the parties feel that each other is very cute and beautiful. There is not much attraction or affection in this case, between the two parties, just a friendly gesture.
  • This kiss can be easily categorized as a friendship kiss.

13. Earlobe Kiss:

How to Do Earlobe Kiss-

Ears are also sensitive to kisses just like lips, neck and mouth. First, place your lips on the ears of your partner and gently move your tongue inside the earlobe. Use gentle teeth movements to give “love bites” to the person and make sure they don’t hurt.

  • This Kiss gives a feeling of turning on the mood for some sexual fun. It is usually between two partners who are ready to jump into a physical relationship.
  • The earlobe kiss can be categorized under a passionate kiss.

14. Cheek Kiss:

How to Kiss on the Cheek-

Simply place your lips on the cheek of the person and kiss them tight. If it is on your partner, then you can go the extra mile by sucking their cheeks with your mouth.

  • A Cheek kiss indicates platonic love, which is usually not romantic. It can be used to tell someone that you like them, whether it is a person of the opposite gender or the same.
  • This is generally known as the friendship or affectionate kiss.

15. Wrist Kiss:

Kiss on the Wrist Mean-

Kissing the inside of the wrist can give a cute beginning to a relationship. Just draw the inner side of your hand towards you and place a gentle, warm kiss with your lips. Don’t suck or go overboard.

  • This kind of kiss indicates that the person has inner feelings for you, but is not yet comfortable to reveal them. So, if someone kissed you this way, you know what they mean!
  • This is a type of Romantic kiss.

16. Elbow Kiss:

How to Kiss on Elbow-

The elbow kiss could very well be the starting step for an intense relationship. To do this, grab the hand of your partner gently and place a kiss on the inner elbow. Slowly make your advancements to suit the mood.

  • This kiss symbolizes passion and love for the other person. It can also be plain admiration for someone or their arms, in case of women elbow kissing men.
  • You can categorize this kiss under passion or romance.

17. Hand Kiss:

How To Someone’s Hand-

A hand-kiss is usually performed as a gesture of admiration or respect for the person. To do this, first, bow down and request the hand of your partner. Draw it near your mouth and gently place a kiss on the back of the palm.

  • Hand kissing is an upper-class tradition, which symbolizes a feeling of devotion or polite greeting to the opposite person.
  • It falls under the gesture category.

18. Jaw Kiss:

How to Kiss on The Jawline-

This kiss is usually followed by the French kiss to extend the fun time. To do this, place your mouth on the partner’s jawline and start kissing them. You can even use gentle nibbles to tickle or tease them.

  • This kiss can be an intense way of revealing your passionate side. It can also suggest that you like their face and want to enjoy its beauty.
  • It falls under the love and romance category.

19. Shoulder Kiss:

How to Kiss on Shoulder-

The shoulder is one of the easy to reach places of the body. You can start by kissing gently on the back of the shoulder and moving up towards the neck or down towards the bottom. Just make your moves and have spark new joys.

  • This can start as a simple gesture to tell someone that you value them in your life. It can also kick in some sexual advancements.
  • It falls under the Romantic and affection category.

20. Back Kiss:

How to Do It-

If you want to make some bold moves, choose the ‘back’ of your partner. First, pull down the shirt or top a little bit and place your lips on the upper back. Slowly start kissing the area and feel their skin. Depending on the response, you can explore further.

  • This kiss is a sign of sexual desires without being too direct about it. It can either end as a kiss of passion or turn into foreplay.
  • This falls under the romance and passion category.

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21. Neck Kiss:

How to Kiss on Neck-

A neck kiss is usually done on the side of the person’s neck to indicate their romantic desire for you. It happens when the kisser starts with a kiss on the neck using the lips and slowly leads to sucking. In some cases, it can even leave a hickey!

  • The lip to neck kiss means that the kisser wants to explore more of the other person. It shows that the person wants you now, usually for a sexual play.
  • This is a kind of romantic kiss

22. Lip Kiss Meaning:

How to Make Lip Kiss-

Place your lips on the lips of your partner and give a gentle kiss. You can even try gentle nibbles or sucking on the lip skin to kickstart some fun.

  • This Kiss indicates the underlying romantic intentions of the person. It also shows their love and fondness for their partners.
  • It is a type of tender kiss.

23. Peck Kiss Meaning:

How to Do a Peck Kiss-

The peck kiss is a kind of tight-lipped kiss, invented by the French. To do this, simply close your lips and make a pout. Just press your lips against the cheek or mouth of a person and quickly pull your face back.

  • This Kiss is treated as a friendly gesture and usually not romantic. However, it may trigger certain feelings of desire.
  • This can either be a peace kiss or the friendship kiss.

24. French Kiss Meaning:

How To Kiss with Tongues-

The Tongue kiss is probably one of the most popular forms of Kissing. It is known for its erotic effects on the kissers, as it involves the play of tongue. It is also called the French Kiss, in which the partners tilt their heads on to the side to avoid the nose from getting in between. Close your eyes and start with a normal lip kiss. Now slowly move your tongue into the person’s mouth and feel their lips, tongue, and teeth. Increase the speed based on the partner’s response.

  • This kiss indicates a sexual desire and feelings of passion for someone. It is also the starting point for most intimate relationships. French kiss also stimulates the release of endorphins which can reduce your stress levels.
  • It is a type of romantic kiss

25. Finger Kiss:

How to Kiss Fingers-

The finger kiss could be the perfect way to enjoy each body part of your partner. Simply take their fingers into your mouth and start kissing them. You can lick them, suck or even get a little naughty too!

  • This kiss suggests that you love everything about the person. It can also mean that you are quickly upping your sexual game.
  • This comes under the romance or erotic category.

26. Belly Kiss:

How To Kiss on Belly-

This is a beautiful form of Kiss, which can certainly arouse your partner. All you have to do is, lift up the shirt of your mate and bring your face close to their stomach. Now, use your lips to kiss the belly button. You can even go an extra mile with your tongue and play around.

  •  This type of kiss indicates feelings of love and desire. While it is common in sexual partners, belly kiss may also be taken a gesture of affection and care. You can notice this in the case of a man kissing the belly of his pregnant wife or a mother kissing the belly of her little son.
  • It falls under the romantic and affection category

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27. Candy Kiss:

How To Make Candy Kiss-

Candy kiss one of the most entertaining forms of kissing. All you need to do is, get a rock candy or even chocolate and place in your mouth. Slowly, encourage your partner to suck its juices by kissing you with the mouth. Keep doing it until you both enjoy its sweet pleasure.

  • This kiss is usually between partners, who want to try something different. It can also mean that your relationship is filled with syrupy happiness.
  • It falls under the romantic and love category

28. Air Kiss:

How to Air Kiss Someone-

The air kiss is probably one of the safest forms of kissing. It uses no direct physical contact with the person. To do it, simply purse your lips and kiss your fingers on the palm side. Now blow air to give an illusion of the kiss “flying” in the air and reaching the person.

  • This kiss shows the camaraderie and also the friendship between both the parties. It makes them look very close and even care for each other as well. It can also be a form of showing respect.
  • This is a type of friendship or a respect kiss.

29. Text Kiss:

How to Kiss on Text-

SMS kiss is the new way to fill your text conversations with love and romance. To do this, you can either pick the right emoji and send it to your partner. Also, you can use symbols of a kiss like “:*” or “O”, which are universally recognized in all social media platforms.

  • Depending on the type of symbol you use, different meanings are conveyed. A cute emoji can indicate togetherness or admiration while a couple of kiss or naughty ones can symbolize sexual passion.
  • This kiss falls under the love and affection category

All Types of Kissing Facts:

A. History of a Kiss:

The history of Kissing is probably as old as the history of human civilization itself. Although not recorded anywhere, a kiss might have been known to our early ancestors as well. However, the earliest description of Kissing was mentioned in the four Vedas, written in India around 1500 BC – 1000 BC. Later, a poem on this subject was written in the epic text of Mahabharata, which shows that “Kissing on lips” was prevalent in ancient India.

In 6th Century AD, Vatsyayana, an Indian philosopher accurately described the many types of Kisses in this book “Vatsyayana Kamasutram”, popularly known as “Kamasutra”. In the western world, the Roman empire came up with their own kissing practices and rituals, some of which are existent even in the present times.

B. Symbol of a Kiss?

While the traditional symbol for a kiss was a set of red lips, millennials have invented their own code for it. Today, the smarter generation uses the symbol “X” for a hug, in their text conversations. It is combined with “O”, which symbolizes kisses. So, the next time if someone sends you a message with “XOXO”, don’t panic! It means they want loads of hugs and kisses from you!

C. Is Kissing Healthy or Unhealthy?

  • How Many Calories Are Burnt With A Kiss?

It is true that kissing can burn a decent figure of calories, as it involves physical activity. While the numbers may not be as significant as your workouts, it definitely helps in some fat burning. It is estimated that a very passionate kiss burns around 2-3 calories per minute. So, the longer you kiss, the better it is for you!

  • What are the effects of Kissing On your Teeth?

Kissing is not only good for your body and mind but also a wonderful therapy for your teeth. The process of kissing stimulates salivary glands, which leads to a good production of Saliva. This is important to keep your mouth hydrated and also prevent tooth decay and damages. It also helps in better swallowing of food, which means better nutrition intake into the stomach.

D. What Are The Signals That Indicate Intentions Of a Kiss?

Asking for a kiss directly can be quite embarrassing. Especially if it is your first one, then you need to be very careful. But, how do you ask for it, without sounding too desperate? Use your body language and give them some cues:

  • Hold their hands and gaze into their eyes
  • Smile and coyly look into the face, with focus on the lips
  • Keep moving closer to them and watch their response
  • Stroke their head and caress the hair with your fingers
  • Close your eyes and go closer. If they love it, they will give it!

E. Kiss Quotes:

Here are the most popular quotes on the subject of kissing, which cover some very interesting points:

for men:

  • “Driving safely enough not to cause an accident while kissing a beautiful girl at the same time simply shows that the man is not giving all of his attention worthy of their kiss.” – Albert Einstein
  • “When you are thinking twice about kissing a pretty girl, you would do better if you give her the benefit of the doubt.” – Thomas Carlyle
  • “If you want to get what you desire, opt for a kiss rather than a whine. Kisses are way sweeter than hearing a woman whine.” – Unknown
  • “A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth – and endures all the rest.” – Helen Rowland
  • “I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I haven’t had time for tobacco since.” – Arturo Toscanini

for women:

  • “When he kissed me, he likewise drank my entire soul. “ – Unknown
  • “When he kisses you he isn’t doing anything else. You’re his whole universe..and the moment is eternal because he doesn’t have any plans and isn’t going anywhere. Just kissing you…it’s overwhelming.” – Anon
  • “Being kissed by a man who didn’t wax his moustache was–like eating an egg without salt” – Rudyard Kipling
  • “Be plain in dress, and sober in your diet; In short, my deary, kiss me, and be quiet” – Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
  • “Why does a man take it for granted that a girl who flirts with him wants him to kiss her–when, nine times out of ten, she only wants him to want to kiss her?” – Helen Rowland

F. Facts About Kissing:

Along with learning about a kiss, these never before told facts can fascinate you more on the subject:

  1. As per a study, men who kiss their women every day before leaving to work have lived five years longer than the rest.
  2. Kissing can spread germs, which can be both good and bad. A peck can introduce your body to 80 million new bacteria, which may be beneficial for your gut health.
  3. Based on an average calculation, people spend at least two weeks of their lives in kissing. This may extend in serial kissers.
  4. There is a strange law in Indiana, which bans men with moustache from kissing human beings.

G. Tips for A First Kiss:

Don’t be labelled as a kissing failure! Just follow these tips and kiss your way to glory:

  • The first rule of kissing is that you should mean it. If you are kissing someone just because of external pressure, then you are doing it wrong.
  • A kiss should always be well-timed and should have the consent of both parties as well. Boundaries are important and therefore being on the same page is also important as well.
  • Have the right setting is always very important for doing anything, and the same in the case for kissing too as well.
  • Always keep your mouth and teeth fresh before kissing. A kiss will not be complete if your mouth smells like a dumpster. Therefore, avoiding foods like onion or garlic should be the key factor in keeping your mouth always fresh.
  • If you want to be a good kisser, then you always have to be calm in what you do. You cannot be hasty while performing a kiss, and therefore, it is also an important thing to keep in mind as well.
  • You can always talk it out before kissing with your partner so that you can always be sure of his or her motive and also her feeling as well.

Yes! Kissing is a science and it’s important to sharpen your knowledge on this subject to become the “Master Kisser”

We compiled a list of the top questions someone asked, hope this helps.

H. What Do the Terms “Basium” and “Suavium” Mean?

Basium: The meaning of basium means kiss, but only through the hand. It means that a person kissing each other, especially by using the other person’s hand, then it is known as basium. The word comes from Indo-European language and therefore sounds the same as ‘buss’ in English. The synonyms of this word are known as osculum or suavium, which all means almost the same.

Suavium: Suavium also means to kiss as well, along with some love and affection. The word also means sweetheart as well, which clearly states that the couple kissing together have a sense of attraction towards each other. This word can also be used towards someone whom you love and respect very dearly as well, like a mother towards her child.

I. What Kisses Do Guys Like best?

These are a list of erotic kisses guys like. Try them to impress your boyfriend:

  • Blown Kiss.
  • Yummy kiss.
  • French kiss.
  • Eskimos kiss.
  • Butterfly kiss.
  • Lip kiss.
  • Neck kiss.
  • Kissing earlobes.
  • Moist kiss.
  • Sparkling” kiss.

J. Types of Kisses Every Girl Wants?

Where do girls like to be kissed the most? These are the many types of exciting smooches girls like, try these special types and enjoy a great time with your ladies.

  • Forehead Kiss
  • Finger Kiss
  • Back Kiss
  • Neck Kiss
  • Lizard kiss
  • Earlobe kiss
  • Single-Lip kiss
  • French Kiss

K. How Many Types of Lip Kisses are Theirs?

A lip kiss one of the most popular types of kisses in the world. While it may sound like a simple pressing of each other’s lips, there is a lot of variety involved in it. Here are some of the different types of lip kisses, when spark romantic feelings of various intensities:

  • French Kiss
  • Single Lip Kiss
  • Wet Kiss
  • Lizard Kiss
  • Biting Kiss

L. What are the Types of Couple Kisses?

These are the most romantic types of kisses in a relationship, that can express the love towards the partner.

  • Cheek Kiss.
  • Forehead Kiss.
  • Hand Kiss.
  • Eskimo Kiss.
  • The Peck.
  • Nose Kiss.
  • Butterfly Kiss.
  • Belly Kiss.
  • Breast Kiss.

M. When is Kiss Day in Valentine Week?

The Seventh Day of Valentine week (7th-14th Feb) makes a kiss day in India (i.e.) 13th February.

N. When is International Kissing Day?

Every July 6, the world celebrates ‘International Kissing Day’. And It was established in 2006.

Fun Quiz On Kissing:

Let’s quick some quick dose of fun by testing your knowledge on kissing. This is purely for entertainment purpose and doesn’t you any kisses from us:

1. What Type Of a Kisser Are You?

A. Strong and Passionate
B. Light and Gentle
C. The Noisy Kisser
D. The Lizard

2. Does Kissing Give Me Aids?

A. Yes
B. No

3. Can Kissing Cause Acne?

A. Yes, My face is ruined!
B. No, I never had it!

4. Do Kisses from Different People Taste Different?

A. Yes, My Ex tasted better than the current one!
B. No, they are all the same

5. Does Kissing Make You Pregnant?

A. No Way! It doesn’t have the right material!
B. Yes! My periods are delayed! Could it be that kiss?

7. What Is Your Average Kissing Time?

A. 5 Seconds
B. 1 Minute
C. 5 Minutes
D. 30 Minutes and I’m not done yet!

8. Which one of these is your favorite kiss?

A. Candy
B. Peck
C. Tongue
D. Eskimo

So, are you all geared up for your next kissing session? We hope this guide helped in clearing all your apprehensions about this subject and got your confidence levels back. Kissing is the best thing that can happen to a human being and it would be criminal to waste it! Keep kissing and spread love and joy!


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