24 Types of Kisses in Relationship and Their Feelings

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Various There are different types of kisses 😗 that can prove to be the best between men and women. One type of kiss can show your affection while another can show your care towards your loved one as well. If a person is kissing the top of another person’s offered hand, then it will be the most formal way of kissing. The traditional rules say that this does not show any kind of affection. But it is just to be more polite and being more respectful towards that other person as well when maybe meeting for the first time. Similarly, there are also all types of kisses like air kiss – which also shows a type of hello or goodbye, where the persons do not touch each other physically.

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What Does Kissing Mean in a Relationship?

A kiss is defined as a touch or even pressing of one’s lips against another person or even an object as well. There are various cultures, and in every culture, the connotations of kissing vary widely as well. Depending on the type of culture that you are in, a kiss(1) can denote sentiments of love, or even romance or passion as well. It can also show affection, or respect, or even peace, friendship or even greetings as well. A kiss can also denote good luck too. In some places or cultures, a kiss can mean a symbolic ritual or even a culture as well. It can indicate a form of devotion too. The word kiss came from the old English name, Cyssan.

Types of Kisses Names: 💋

Everyone at some point and from someone close has been kissed, gently and soft, passionately or raw and maybe through affection too. Kisses needn’t be only on the face, the hands or the neck, you can get adventurous and depending on the closeness and relationship with the recipient, one can plant a kiss anytime and on any part of their body.

  1. Love Kiss.
  2. Affection Kiss.
  3. Peace Kiss.
  4. Respect Kiss.
  5. Friendship Kiss.
  6. Passion Kiss.
  7. Emotional Kiss.

List of Different Kissing Styles for Guys and Girls:😘

Types of kisses will create intense magic. And there is no doubt that magic has and will always have the power to behold and blind your senses as well. Every kiss they say is the talk of the soul, and that’s why the variation of each kiss has a meaning different from the next. This article has given a list of 24 all kinds of kisses(2) on different body parts, such as neck, lips, cheek, eyes, hand, tongue, forehead, hand and more.

1. Kissing on Lips:

Lip Lock

How to Do It:

Lip to lip kiss is defined as a type of kiss where both the lips of the two parties touch against each other and therefore create a special kind of affection.

  • Meaning: Kissing on the Lips means that both parties dearly love each other, and it allows each party to feel that he or she can’t have enough of each other. The amount of attraction grows more as the intensity of the kiss arises.
  • Type: It is known as the love kiss or the affection kiss.

2. Kisses on the Cheek:

Kisses On The Cheek

How to Do It:

Lip to cheek kiss is defined as a type of kiss where the kiss is given on the cheeks of a person by another person’s lips. The affection, in this kissing on the Cheeks, is much different than love kiss. Present days it is very common to like this kissing. Some countries it is very casual kissing also which express wishing and bye.

  • Meaning: Anyone can peck on anyone’s cheek and no deep meaning to it. The cheek kiss generally means that the person kissing wants to know the other person to whom he or she is kissing. Therefore, the attraction between the parties is not developed fully and will be growing in the coming days.
  • Type: This is generally known as the friendship kiss.


3. Kisses on the Hand:

Kissing On Hand

How to Do It:

When you grasp the person’s hands using your fingers and kiss the back of the palm. This type of kiss exhibits admiration towards that person. It is one of the normal types of kisses.

  • Meaning: The hand kiss means that the kisser wants the other person on the receiving end of the kiss that he or she is lovely and is also beautiful as well. In various cultures, this type of kissing on the Hand is done due to tradition.
  • Type: The hand kiss is nothing but a show of respect, and therefore, it is the respect kiss.

4. Kissing on Forehead:

kissing on forehead gif

How to Do It:

A kiss on the forehead means you are friends with him or her; some even use it as a starter too. This type of kiss improves your relationship along with love, affection and trust.

  • Meaning: The forehead kiss is the most common kiss where the person who is kissing means to say that he or she cares about the other person. Kissing on the forehead is generally seen when parents kiss their child or someone you care about very much and want that person to be alright.
  • Type: This is known as the affection kiss.

5. Types of Nose Kiss:

Types Of Nose Kiss

How to Do It:

This kiss is also known as nose rub, where one person presses one’s tip of the nose against the another’s nose. Kissing on the nose can be seen as a relationship, greeting. Sometimes lovers also try this type of kiss in their romance scene.

  • Meaning: This kiss means that both of the parties feel that each other is very cute and beautiful. There is not much attraction or affection in this case, between the two parties, just a friendly gesture.
  • Type: This kiss can be easily categorized as the friendship kiss.

6. Types of Kisses with Tongue:

lip kisses photos

How to Do It:

This is a very deep and passionate type of kiss, where the tongues of both the kissers meet together and touch each other as well. This tongue touching is described as the first base of where the relationship between two parties has reached. The French occupied a very important place in this list of kisses. This is a very famous kiss around the world. There is a chance to burn more calories whenever you tried this kiss for a long time. Nearly 120 calories burned in a one-hour french kiss.

  • Meaning: In this kissing on the tongue, both of the parties get the feel-good factor. The parties make each other comfortable and occupied. The kiss releases endorphin and reduces the stress levels of both parties.
  • Type: This kiss is known as the lovers’ kiss.


7. Kissing on the Neck:

What Kisses On The Neck Mean

How to Do It:

In this kissing on the neck, the kisser kisses the back side of the other person’s neck with his or her lips. In this type of kiss, the affection starts to build up as the kisser progresses further. This is also one of the most famous kiss types(3) as well. This kiss needs some romantic feel along with desire. You have to try this neck kiss softly for getting romance feeling.

  • Kiss on the Neck Mean: The lip to neck kiss means that the kisser wants to explore more of the other person. It shows that affection and attraction are growing between both parties.
  • Type: This type of kiss should be categorised under passion kiss.

8. Earlobe Kiss:

The Earlobe Kiss

How to Do It:

Need we say more. It is one of the most romantic(4) kiss types, In this type of kissing on the earlobe, the kisser kisses as well as licks or bites the earlobe as well, and therefore creates a sense of love and affection. This generally happens when the kisser thinks that the other person always makes him or her feel good.

  • Meaning: The real meaning of this kiss is that the person kissing gets the feel-good factor when seeing or even physically touching the other person.
  • Type: The earlobe kiss will be categorized under the passionate kiss.

9. Types of Kisses Peck:

Types Of Kisses Peck

How to Do It:

This is a kind of short tight-lipped kiss, mainly on the lips or cheeks of the other person, by the kisser. There can be two meaning to peck kiss – either having romance or being in a friendship.

  • Meaning: This kissing on the peck means that you like him or her as a friend and thus want to show a friendly gesture. This peck kiss can quickly also spark a romance between the two parties as well.
  • Type: This can either be a peace kiss or the friendship kiss.


10. Shoulder Kiss:

Kissing On Shoulders - What Does A Shoulder Kiss Mean

How to Do It:

The shoulder kiss comprises of the kisser kissing the shoulder of the other person, just mildly and in a very soft manner as well. It is just to make the other person reminded of his or her’s presence.

  • Meaning: This type of kiss means that the person who is kissing likes to be beside the other person all the time. This can either be a sign of friendship or a sign of love and caring as well.
  • Type: Kissing on the shoulder can be categorized under either the friendship kiss or the love kiss.

11. Kissing in the Back:

kiss names pictures

How to Do It:

In this type of kissing on the back, the kisser kisses on the backside of the other person. This shows a kind of special affection between both the parties, especially for the kisser in this case.

  • Meaning: The kiss on the back means that the kisser loves spending time with the other person and also cares about the person as well. This type of kiss is only shown when the two persons have love, affection, and attraction towards each other.
  • Type: This is a passionate kiss type.

12. Kissing Inside of Wrist:

wrist chumma

How to Do It:

The wrist kiss is only shown when there is a cultural tradition, or there should be a show of respect. The kisser kisses on top of the wrist of the person, in a very gentle manner.

  • Meaning: In this kissing on the wrist, the kisser wants to convey to the other person that each part of the other person’s body is incredible. It is a compliment of the person’s beauty and grace, and also the kisser’s respect too.
  • Type: This is the respective type of kiss.


13. Jaw Kiss:

Jawline choomna types

How to Do It:

This type of kiss involves both the parties kissing each other’s jawline. Kissing on the jaw is mostly done by people or a couple, who are used to each other. This is a very firm type of kiss where the neck meets the jaw.

Kiss on the jawline, for those who are very close to one another. It would be one of the most erotic kisses in the list of types of kisses. This is the basic step of getting into a mood of romance.

  • Meaning: Through this kiss, the kisser wants to convey that he or she likes the other person’s face. This is an indirect compliment of the other person’s charm and appeal.
  • Type: It is a passion or love type of kiss.

14. Finger Kiss:

Types of Cumbana - Finger

How to Do It:

When we are reading down the list with so many types of a kiss, let us now make it a little different. This is one of the most common types of kisses, where the kisser holds the person’s fingers and kisses them together or one by one. Kissing on the finger is a very special type of kiss for both parties.

  • Meaning: This type of kiss means that the kisser wants to convey that each body part of the other person is better than the last one. This is a kind of romantic feeling and affection towards the other person.
  • Type: This is what you call a passionate kiss.

15. Air Kiss:

air ചുംബനം

How to Do It:

The air kiss is a type of kiss where it is used as a form of gesture or greeting to family or friends. This kiss is done by resting the cheeks on or even near to someone’s cheeks and then producing a sound of a kiss. All the celebrities send their love towards fans through this type of air kiss. Some naughty babies also use this type of kiss for teasing her following guys.

  • Meaning: This kiss shows the camaraderie and also the friendship between both the parties. It makes them look very close and even care for each other as well. It can also be a form of showing respect.
  • Type: This is a friendship or a respect kiss.


16. Kissing On Eyes:

Types of முத்தம் - Eye

How to Do It:

Eye kiss is also known as the angel kiss as well. This kiss is done by gently kissing on the eyelids of the other person or a spot near the other person’s eyes as well.

  • Meaning: This type of kiss shows a deep kind of affection. Therefore, it is used when saying goodbye to someone or even waking up to the one you love as well.
  •  Type: This type of kiss is mostly called either affection kiss or a passionate kiss.

17. Elbow Kiss:

kissing on hand images

How to Do It:

The last on the list and this type of kiss mean that the kisser kisses the other person’s elbow. People who know each other and are in a romantic relationship(5) perform this type of kiss.

  • Meaning: One shows affection to the other person with this type of kissing on the elbow. The kisser also wants to convey that the arms of the person being kissed are beautiful and lovely as well.
  • Type: You can categorize this kiss as the passion, affection or love kiss.

Types of Kisses and Meanings with Images:

Here you Know How many types of kisses in different kisses and their significance and techniques.

Love Types of Kisses:

love u kisses images

A loving kiss is a type of kiss that touches or presses against one’s lips to another person’s lips in a very loving manner. It shows both persons attraction and loving relationship towards each other as well. It also shows the passion, romance, respect, friendship, peace and also the affection towards one another. This is one of the most common types of kisses.

Kiss of Affection:

Types of Affection Kisses

Affection kiss is defined as a type of kiss where a person shows his or her affection towards each other. This is similar to love kiss but different. For example, a boy can kiss her mother as a way of affection towards her. Similarly, the boy’s father can also kiss the boy to show his affection towards his child.


Kiss of Peace:

Peace Type

The peace kiss or the kiss of peace is defined as a type of kiss, which is a very ancient tradition that is seen in the greeting of the Christian culture and religion. It is also known as the holy kiss, or the brother kiss among men and the sister kiss among women as well. It also marks the sign of homage as well.


Kiss of Respect:

all types of kiss pic

A respect kiss is a type of kiss that a person does to show respect towards the other person. This can be shown by giving a kiss on the forehead or the hands of the other person as well. This type of kiss clearly shows the kissing person’s diligence towards that other person, too, without a doubt.

Types of Kisses for Friends:

For Friendship One

Friendship kiss is defined as a type of kiss where a person kisses his or her friend in such a way that it shows the true friendship between both of those persons. It can be a kiss on the forehead or even on the face cheeks as well, as it shows that the person is comforting the other person. There is no such attraction or affection in this kiss.


Types of Passionate Kisses:

By Passion

The passion kiss is a kind of kiss where it comes with total surrender between two parties. It includes kissing on lips along with a different kind of feeling that is more intense than love kiss. This type of kiss is complete arousal of one’s senses as well. It can happen to any couple and the feeling can be felt anywhere and at any time.

Kiss of Emotion:

Feels Emotional

The last one on the list is the emotional kiss, which greatly shows the emotional bonding between two people, before any kind of physical bonding. An emotional kiss can happen between any persons, be it a child and his or her parents, or even a couple or even someone whom you know very well. This is the strongest type of kiss that one could perform.


First Kiss Tips:

– The first rule of kissing is that you should mean it. That is the best way to be a good kisser. If you are kissing someone just because of external pressure, then you are doing it wrong.

– A kiss should always be well-timed and should have the consent of both parties as well. Boundaries are important and therefore being on the same page is also important as well.

– Have the right setting is always very important for doing anything, and the same in the case for kissing too as well.

– Always keep your mouth and teeth fresh before kissing. A kiss will not be complete if your mouth smells like a dumpster. Therefore avoiding foods like onion or garlic should be the key factor in keeping your mouth always fresh.

– If you want to be a good kisser, then you always have to be calm in what you do. You cannot be hasty while performing a kiss, and therefore, it is also an important thing to keep in mind as well.

– You can always talk it out before kissing with your partner so that you can always be sure of his or her’s motive and also her feeling as well.

There are various types of kisses that one could perform, and this can be easily seen by the types that have been listed in this article guide as well. Each type of kiss denotes a different kind of feeling for every person and therefore, it is always recommended that you know the types in the right way possible, to avoid any conflicts of interest or even worse, embarrassment. It is not very easy to show your true feelings to the other person.

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Kissing Questions and Answers:

We compiled a list of the top questions someone asked, hope this helps.

“Basium” and “Suavium” Means?’

Basium: The meaning of basium means kiss, but only through the hand. It means that a person kissing each other, especially by using the other person’s hand, then it is known as basium. The word comes from Indo-European language and therefore sounds the same as ‘buss’ in English. The synonyms of this word are known as osculum or suavium, which all means almost the same.

Suavium: Suavium also means to kiss as well, along with some love and affection. The word also means sweetheart as well, which clearly states that the couple kissing together have a sense of attraction towards each other. This word can also be used towards someone whom you love and respect very dearly as well, like a mother towards her child.


 What Kisses Do Guys Like best?

These are a list of erotic kisses guys like, Don’t waste time while you are in romance try these types of kisses and impress your boyfriend.

  • Blown Kiss.
  • Yummy kiss.
  • French kiss.
  • Eskimos kiss.
  • Butterfly kiss.
  • Lip kiss.
  • Neck kiss.
  • Kissing earlobes.
  • Moist kiss.
  • Sparkling” kiss.

Types of Kisses Every Girl Wants?

Where do girls like kisses the most? These are the many types of exciting kisses girls like, Try this special kisses types and get a funny experience with your ladies.

  • Forehead Kiss
  • Finger Kiss
  • Back Kiss
  • Neck Kiss
  • Lizard kiss
  • Earlobe kiss
  • Single-Lip kiss
  • French Kiss


How Many Types of Lip Kisses are Theirs?

The Lip kiss occupied a very important place in this list of kisses. This is a very famous kiss around the world. There is a chance to burn more calories whenever you tried this kiss for a long time.

  • Foot Kiss.
  • Back of the Knee Kiss.
  • Eye Kiss.
  • Palm Kiss.
  • Elbow Kiss.
  • Wrist Kiss.
  • Collarbone Kiss.
  • Bellybutton Kiss.
  • Shoulder Kiss.
  • Jaw Kiss.
  • Trace-a-Shape Kiss.

Types of Couple Kisses?

These are the most romantic types of kisses in a relationship, that can express the love towards the partner.

  • Cheek Kiss.
  • Forehead Kiss.
  • Hand Kiss.
  • Eskimo Kiss.
  • The Peck.
  • Nose Kiss.
  • Butterfly Kiss.


When is Kiss Day in Valentine Week?

The Seventh Day of Valentine week (7th-14th Feb) makes a kiss day in India (i.e.) 13th February.

When is International Kissing Day?

Every July 6, the world celebrates ‘International Kissing Day’. And It was established in 2006.

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