20 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For Your Wedding

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Times have changed and so has the style and aura of Indian brides. These days we see there has been a tremendous change in the bridal hairstyles too. A lot of stylists over the years have introduced different forms of bridal hairstyles. Women like copying even the dressing style and hairstyles from Bollywood movies.

indian bridal hairstyles

Different Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding Ceremony With Images:

Today we will put forward our chosen 20 best Indian bridal hairstyles along with step by step process for all types of hair that you can try out for yourself or if you are about to attend a wedding party.

1. The Open Curly Indian Long Hairstyles:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 1

This hairstyle can be created easily with some styling combs and a bit of medium hold hairspray. It can be a very nice hairstyle if you want to keep your hair open for the wedding party. A bit of back teasing can be really good as well. Adorn the center parting with a beautiful Maangtika studded with bright stones. This will enhance the look even further. Would you give it a try?

2. The Long Braided Hair Style For Indian Bride:

Different Indian Bridal Hairstyles2

Braided hairstyles are a common form of Indian Bridal Hairstyles. If you have long hair then you can try out this hairstyle look. If how ever you do not have such long hair as the picture above then you can increase the hair length with false long hair. Make a braid which is neither too loose nor too tight. Wrap the braid all around in criss cross fashion with beaded strands. You can grab hold of nice pearl beaded strands from a hair accessory store. You can additionally use some nice pins with pearl heads. Use a heavy Maangtika for the completion of the hairstyle.

3. The Curly Messy Braided Hairstyle For Indian Wedding:

Different Indian Bridal Hairstyles3

This is a messy bridal hairstyle. You can sport this hairstyle easily if you have long hair. Like mentioned earlier, if you do not have very long hair then you can increase the hair length by using false hair clip ins. Get some side bangs cut from a parlor. You can curl these side bangs to make them look even sweeter. This will add a touch of glam to your bridal hairstyle. Adorn the whole hairstyle with big chunky hair accessories. Use a frontal Maangtika and also a side hanging hair accessory. Complete the look with some flowers if needed. This can be a much loved look for a Pakistani or a Muslim wedding.

4. The Beehive Back With Open Curly Hair Looks For Bride:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 4

A simple open hairstyle for the bride can be very beautiful Try out a bridal hairstyle like this for your wedding. You can even give this a try if you have a bridal function to attend. This hairstyle can go gorgeous with your sarees and also your suits. It is best to take the help of a hairstylist for your big day. However if by any chance you have to become your own hairstylist for a party or your own wedding then also this hairstyle is easy to create with a little effort. Take two sections of hair from the crown area. Let the bangs at the side be as they are. Keep the bangs separate. Take a styling comb and tease the hair at the crown. Take a curling iron and curl up the tresses. Use a medium hold hair spray to make the hairstyle stay as it is for long. Use a Maangtika for the completion of the look.

5. Coiled Curled Bridal Half Up Half Down Indian Hairstyle For Brides:

Half up and half down hairstyles are quite a trend these days. You can try out a nice half up and up down hairstyle for your wedding. Taking the help of a hairstylist for a hairstyle like this can come quite handy. A little teasing at the crown with big luscious curls at the back is just what is required for this hairstyle. You can use floral hair accessories to give this hairstyle more style. It is one of the indian bride hairstyles.

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6. Beehive Floral Chignon Hair Style Look With Medium Hair:

Beehive Floral Chignon bridal Look hairstyle

A beehive look gives the style and elegance of vintage era. You can try out this type of a hairstyle with very little effort. Do not forget to keep some floral accessories for hair. Try teasing at the crown. Tuck the bangs at the sides of the ear and clip in with duck bill hair pins. This is the good looking hairstyle for bride indian wedding.

7. Wispy Banged Christian Bridal Hairstyle With Back Beehive:

Different Indian Bridal Hairstyles6

If you are a Christian bride, then it is more or less obvious that you would like to wear a veil on your head. If you want to go with the modern era then may be some other hair accessories will also be added to the hairstyle. You can definitely try this type of a hairstyle without much difficulty. Beehive up-dos are very in right now and you cannot go wrong while sporting one.

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8. Braided Chignon Hair With Vintage Curls For Wedding Reception:

If you are a bride or if you are a guest, trying out a clean and decent vintage bun will can never be a wrong choice. If you like sporting buns then this can be a new type of bun that you may like to try. Normal chignons have undergone a tremendous change. This rage has been mostly created by celebs sporting chignons and vintage style hairstyles at the red carpet and award shows. So we suggest if you have a wedding function to attend to next, try a braided bun with tight curls.

9. The Perfect South Indian Wedding Hairstyle With Flowers:

South Indian Floral Wedding Hairstyle9

A perfect South Indian Wedding hairstyle can never be complete without some flowers to adorn the hair. It’s almost an incomplete wedding get up if you are dressing up for a South Indian Wedding with no flowers to enhance your hairstyle. The basic South Indian Wedding hairstyle will require sporting a long braid intertwined in fresh garlands. Let’s not forget a big beautiful Maangtika. If you lack the length and volume to sport a long thick braid, then try using false hair extensions. Hair extensions are very much in these days. This is the bridal hairstyles indian for women.

10. The Crown Puffed Hair Style For Bride With Veil:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles- Crown puffed

For a gorgeous young bride with voluminous hair, there can be no Indian bridal hairstyles better than this one. It is even better if you are a Christian bride in that white, flowing gown and a bunch of flowers in hand. This pretty hairstyle is not very difficult to make also. You just need to leave some hair in the front and then divide from the crown and make a puff before you just roll and pin it at the back. Now let the hair be loose and to make it look even better just try curling the lower portion of all your hair. For a Christian maiden, you can take a side veil in a pattern and it on one side and for others take a small garland of flowers and hang from one side or maybe some chained accessory if you can.

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11. Easy Side Clipped Haircut For Round Faces:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles - Simple side clipped

If you are a person who would like to be dressed up in a very simple and elegant way and yet look very different then this is one of the best wedding hairstyles for Indian brides which you can try. Here you just need to get a side parting done complete and in a very neat way. Now roll your hair from both sides so that it does not fall on your face. To look even better be a little different from others. Take that beautiful maang tika and fix it on your side part and let it fall like a ‘chhapka’ as the Muslim brides call it.

12. Latest Half Up- Half Down Hairstyle For Indian Brides:

Simple Half up- Half down bridal hair

For the most elegant style and to look very simple yet very sweet choose from one of the simplest wedding hairstyles for Indian brides and this one sure top the list of all. This is one simple style which you can do every day while going for work or to college and you will be surprised to know that you can also do it on your big day when you are getting married. Nothing at all which is difficult and certainly no help needed because you have to make a simple half up, half down style and then fix a pretty maangtika in the centre. For a better look take that red dupatta over your head.

13. The Messy Bun Hair Styles For Thin Hair:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles - messy bun

This is one of the most common hairstyles for Indian weddings and is done when ever you are going to a beauty parlour for make up or even if it is not you but your sister who is getting married. The good part is you can also get this hairstyle done for your reception party if you have done something else for your wedding. This is a little complicated than the rest because the bun needs a lot of patience and some help too. Once you are done, your hair is going to look extremely voluminous and the bun will also be seen from the opposite side of your face.

14.  Cute Hair Cut For Exotic Indian Bride With Straight Hair:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles - The exotic Bride

If you are a bride who loves to be sensuous more than gorgeous there is definitely a completely separate set of Indian bridal hairstyles for you. This is one of the most common favorite of modern brides and even their friends and sisters. This goes best if you have medium length hair. Just let your hair loose and take the dupatta over your head for a more subtle and charming look for the bride to be. This will bring out that extra feminity and charm inside you instantly and impress all on your big day.

15. The Side Parted Hair Bun With Dupatta:

Bridal side parted bun hair

Another simple one from the list of wedding hairstyles for Indian brides, in this one you have to make a neat side parting and then take the hair to the back from the side by letting a major part of your forehead get covered neatly with the hair. Now make any kind of bun behind and take the red pallu over your head. Now, to make it even better just take a studded maangtika and hang it from the side parting to let it hang from the side of your temple of the forehead. This is also a very commonly followed hairstyle.

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16. The Wavy Bun Hair Style With Roses For Reception:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles - wavybun hair

This elegant hairstyle with an essence of vintage Indian wedding hairstyles looks glamorous on any bride who has either medium or long hair. For this one you need some patience and also someone to make you look absolutely perfect. To go on with this hairstyle leave some hair in the front and then take all the hair from your crown to the back and then make a loose- hanging bun of any sort. When you are done clip it up nicely with beaded pins. Now work with the hair in the front and make a side parting of it. Now take each section and take it to the back to pin it up loosely. Now take some flowers and fix them up at one side.

17. The Asymmetrical Hairstyle Indian Wedding Reception:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles- asymm style

This one is specially a part of the hairstyles for Indian weddings for Muslim brides and also the ones who like to be dressed up in that way. This is a very easy one but pinning patterns are necessary for this. Leave hair like a bang in front and then take the rest of your hair to the back of your head. Now make a side bun which will be low. Pin up very nicely to look neat. Now take the parting of the bang and fix the mangtiika to hang from there. Isn’t it very simple and pretty?

18. Thin Hair Makeup Trick For Indian Brides:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles - Thin hair trick

This one is specifically for the bride with very thin and receding hair in the front of the scalp. There is nothing to worry because you can now look even better than the rest of the brides out there. This wedding hairstyle for Indian brides is eye catching and attractive in all ways. Just make a loose middle parting and then tie a low bun or braid at the back. Now take a chained, flat maangtika like the one in the image and fix it in the front to camouflage the part.

19. Simple Bun Hairstyle For Indian Bride With Accessories:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles- Simple Bun style

Easiest of all the wedding hairstyles for Indian brides, this one goes with any look and any type of jewellery you like to wear. Make sure you wear a fat necklace and also nice and big earrings when you make this hairstyle. Pallu or not this one makes a bride look very gorgeous just like that. For this you need to comb your hair really well and then make a very clean middle parting and then tie a low or high bun at the back. When you are done just take garlands of flowers and tie it round the bun. You can also place a bun clip in the centre of it.

20. Double Maangtika Hair Style For Marriage:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles - Double Maangtika

This type of hairstyles for Indian weddings can usually be seen in Muslim brides. In this you just have to comb your hair really well and then take it back and tie a high bun without any parting. Now pin it up and set a mangtika in the centre and a traditional chapka at the side. Now fix your dupatta high on the bun.

So finally it is your wedding day and the most special occasion for you. You can now choose for yourself any of the Indian wedding hairstyles according to your theme and mood and then be the star of the day.

Are you like these indian hairstyles for wedding? please leave comment below.

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