The common and plain t-shirts are now replaced with funky designs and prints over it. Some come with inspirational words, some with motivational quotes, while some with merely cartoon designs, to choose from. A similar design getting popular among the t-shirt lovers is the rolling stones t-shirt designs. The basic design of the t-shirt comes with a tongue design.

Latest and Fashionable Rolling Stones T Shirt Designs for Gents and Ladies:

Here are some t shirt rolling stones patterns you might love to have in your wardrobe.

1. Flag Design With Rolling Stone T Shirt for Men:

Rolling stones t shirts men design with a plain white background is much attractive for outings. The design carries a rolling tongue in various colors with the flag design behind that also reminds the tour of steel wheels in the 89s.

2. Strip Shoulder Rolling Stone T-Shirt for Women:

A new look in the rolling stones t shirts for women design is given a single sided strip with oval neck design. The shoulder side is also given distressed strips design to make it more sensual.

3. Fringe Rolling Stone T Shirt for Women:

Fringe design in rolling stones t shirt women’s catalogue is much awarded for its ending design. The plain t-shirt in black is given a centered rolling tongue design with strip cuts in the end and open neck.

4. The Band Rolling Stones T-Shirt for Men:

Inspired by the famous brand! Here is a rolling stones tee shirt design for men that carry the print of the brand poster as a whole. The plain grey t-shirt carries the print of all the band members with a small rolling tongue.

5. Nordic Rolling Stones T-Shirt:

Hooded designs in rolling stones tongue t shirt have grabbed the attention of various men and women. The Nordic design comes with the face of a monkey showing his tongue with the titles the rolling stones.

6. Funky Rolling Stones T-Shirt:

Women’s rolling stones t shirt patterns with a loose fitting is much awaited one for women with slight weight. The design carries a semi-length with while pearl work forming the logo of the tongue hearts, etc.

7. Dragon Rolling Tongue T-Shirt for Women:

Dual color, lose fitting and semi sleeve, all combine to give a perfect vintage rolling stones t shirt design. The t-shirt comes with a circular ending and a dragon pattern that blemishes the logo of rolling tongue.

8. Gym Rolling Stones T-Shirt for Men:

Want to go with something stylish for gym! A rolling stones vintage t shirt in tank design is what you are looking for. The t-shirt is also given a good length to support your workout in the gyms.

9. Multi Tongues T-shirt for Women:

A big fan of the famous rolling tongue brand! A pattern that would expose your choice is a lose t-shirt made with various tongues in different shades and a title on it claiming rolling stone. You will get comfort for your regular use.

The rolling stone came into existence in 1967 that became a popular brand. The brand carried a logo of lips and out coming tongue, which also became famous in the form of rolling stones t shirt. The t-shirts are mostly made in cotton, but are also available in linen, terry cotton and woolen in material. College going girls and boys can surely try this pattern for their regular wear, if you are looking some unique way to describe your choice then this collection will be yours.

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