Christian wedding rings are worn on the left-hand ring finger [fourth finger]. The ring finger has Vena Amoris [Vein of Love] connected to the heart. Even most people are unaware of the history of wedding rings. About 4800 years ago, ancient Egyptians exchanged rings created with braided sledges, rushes and reeds.

The circle symbolise eternity with no beginning and end. The central hole is a gateway to all events. When a man gave a woman a ring, it meant giving her unending immortal love. These ancient rings were replaced with better materials like leather, bones and ivory. A more valuable ring carried more sentimental value – it declared his love for her.

Although the Romans adopted this tradition, they gave the women they possessed a ring. The ring did not symbolise love to the Roman men. They used iron rings called Annulus Pronubus and engraved names. Around 860 AD, Christians started using wedding rings with doves, lyres, or two linked hands. The Church disliked them, saying the rings were of heathen influence.

Different Types of Wedding Rings for Christian Couples:

Let us look into having some beautiful designs of Christian wedding rings for men and women.

1. Engraved Platinum Wedding Ring:

This pair of wedding rings are made of platinum. There is writing engraved on the inner surface. One ring has Loved kind while the other has Loved in patience. Both lines were originally spoken by Jesus Christ, whose teachings are in the Holy Bible. The source of the lines, both chapter and verse, is engraved on the outer surface.

2. Traditional Gold Wedding Ring for Christians:

This pair of gold wedding rings is a simple traditional band. There are no designs, etching, or engraved on any surface. It attracts the attention of the crowd too.

3. Christian Cord of Three Wedding Rings:

This pair is specially made wedding rings. The three cords of gold, silver and copper are woven together. This resembles the ancient Egyptian tradition of using reeds, sledge and rushes for braiding and weaving together.

4. Beautifully Designed Wedding Band Rings:

This wedding ring pair is gold; the other surface has oxidised metallic designs. The design resembles the ancient Celtic style. It looks simple but has a cute design.

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5. Wedding Rings with Names:

This pair of wedding rings are made of gold. On the outer surface, the names of the bride [Kathleen] and groom [William] are engraved. The Romans passed down this tradition.

6. Finger Print Wedding Rings:

This pair of wedding rings are made of gold with a photo of fingerprints. The manufacturer and designer have used modern technologies to create this special pair. If you recall, figure prints are unique for every individual. Hence, this idea implies that only he and she with the fingerprints belong to each other only.

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7. Religious Wedding Ring:

This pair of wedding rings is a religious pair for Christian weddings. One is for her and for him to be worn on their wedding day till death parts them. They would be with each other during good and bad times.

8. Spiritual Wedding Pair Ring:

This pair of wedding rings are made of platinum. Each ring has a cross with special precious stones on the outer surface. The ring meant for her has a cross made with diamonds. The ring for him has a cross made of dark precious stones like ruby or emeralds.

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9. Personalized Christian Wedding Rings:

This pair of wedding rings are made of gold engraved with Roman numerals. The ring for him has a border made of platinum. The ring for her has a border made of diamonds.

Christian wedding rings are available in several traditional and modern designs. These symbolise love measured by value.


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